Tangle of Strings

Tangle of Strings A nearly tragic accident leads to a discovery that rocks the Sweeney family s worldSome families never resolve conflicts Not so with the Sweeneys Their sense of family their love for one another and

  • Title: Tangle of Strings
  • Author: Ashley Farley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Nook
  • A nearly tragic accident leads to a discovery that rocks the Sweeney family s worldSome families never resolve conflicts Not so with the Sweeneys Their sense of family, their love for one another, and their willingness to forgive have always triumphed and brought them back together Until now The latest crisis threatens to tear the family apart and crumble the foundatioA nearly tragic accident leads to a discovery that rocks the Sweeney family s worldSome families never resolve conflicts Not so with the Sweeneys Their sense of family, their love for one another, and their willingness to forgive have always triumphed and brought them back together Until now The latest crisis threatens to tear the family apart and crumble the foundation that has always proved itself rock solid At the heart of the matter are sixteen year old Annie Bethune and her boyfriend, Cooper At stake are their dreams for the future As to these dreams, no one in the family holds back when asserting an opinion Annie soon begins to feel like a puppet on strings with all those she loves telling her what to do When those strings become tangled and a family feud develops, Annie, unable to bear the pressure, runs away Straight into the arms of danger.

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    1. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. I absolutely love this series! We are used to seeing problems crop up for these sisters in their lives but this is the first time an issue has arisen that literally pits family members against one another with seemingly no end to the conflict. But, when tragedy strikes everyone is able to put all the fighting and egos aside and come together as only loving families can. This book was a very emotional and suspenseful [...]

    2. Tangle of Strings, the fourth book in the Sweeney Sisters series by Ashley Farley is a well written story about family and love and how a crisis can pull together or tear apart relationships and families. Ms. Farley's attention to background information and details ensures Tangle of Strings can be read as a standalone.I like everyone in the extended Sweeney family, even Jackie, the dramatic high strung oldest sister, and mother of Cooper. I admired Flora Bell and her daughter, Thea, who was Anni [...]

    3. A Tangle of Strings was recommended via a 5 star review from a GR friend.      I liked the sound of the book and am glad I decided to give it a try.    This is exactly the sort of book I've always enjoyed in the past and I'm glad to report this was no exception.     Although this was book 4 of the Sweeney Sisters series and I hadn't read any of the earlier books this one made a perfectly good stand alone story.      Whilst I might have been a little more enraptured with the char [...]

    4. I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I had no idea that this novel was a part of a series, but it became fairly obvious after the first few pages. Nevertheless, I decided to read this novel and base my opinions on only this one story. The Sweeneys have had their fair share of conflicts, but they have always managed to come together because of their sense of family, their love for each other, and their willingness to forgive. But the latest cri [...]

    5. Tangle of Strings is the story of Annie Bethune and her struggling through her recently reappeared birth mother, the desires and pressures of her legal guardians and de-facto adopted family, and her relationship with Cooper in the face of a family crisis. **some mild spoilers below**The novel is a rushed, confusing conglomeration of many different plot lines all intersecting and intertwining. Eli, a member of the extended family of Annie's legal guardians, is a policeman involved in a sting tryi [...]

    6. Favorite Quotes:Heidi and Hugh had talked about everything. He knew she wore a neon-pink shade of lipstick called Candy Yum-Yum, and she knew he ate ketchup on his grits and snored when he drank whiskey.They’re mean as hornets, don’t get me wrong. But my mama loves them anyway. A vision of his driving his redneck machine down the crowded streets of Manhattan, surrounded by yellow taxicabs and big city buses, caused his daydream to come to a screeching halt. Maybe New York wasn’t the best p [...]

    7. This is another wonderful book about the Sweeney sisters but this time it's the story of 16 year old Annie. Her mother abandoned her as a baby and has just come back into her life and wants to develop a relationship with her. Since Annie is under the guardianship of the family, this creates turmoil for them. As the book begins, Annie (driving too fast on main street) is in a bad accident and ends up in the hospital. The ER doctor, also part of the Sweeney family, has to ask her if there is any c [...]

    8. Tangle of Strings, by Ashley Farley, is a story about family loyalty, love, and pulling apart and together in stressful times. Although fourth in the Sweeney Sisters series, the book can easily be read as a stand alone novel. The author does a good job of filling in enough of the back stories that one does not get lost in missing details. The focus in this book is on the teenagers of the family, Annie and Cooper, and the decisions that need to be made, the dreams that need to be considered and w [...]

    9. This is the fourth book in the Sweeney Sisters series, and the members of this family now feel like my own kin. This story focuses on the younger generation, specifically Annie and Cooper. Annie has been under the guardianship of The Sweeney family, and was recently reunited with Heidi, her biological mother who abandoned her as a baby. Annie is trying to sort through all of her feelings regarding her mother when an accident upends her life, revealing something that will test Annie, Cooper, and [...]

    10. First, I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.Another amazing book by Ashley. This author had me fall in love with the Sweeney Sisters from her first book and now I am falling in love with the entire family. This book brings up real life issues for teenagers these days and really how decisions they make affect everyone around them. The author kept me in suspense through the entire story and I never saw the ending coming. I hope the author keeps writing about not [...]

    11. As with the three previous books in this series, "Tangle of Strings" is a real page-turner. The Sweeney sisters are back, and as always, drama is right around the corner. This installment is filled with real-life issues that will make you stop and think, and possibly shed a tear or two. No other explanation is needed, as too much information may spoil the plot. Readers of this series will not want to miss this one!

    12. Review was originally posted onThe Writer's InkwellConsidering they come from a small town in South Carolina, the Sweeney sisters have no shortage of drama in their lives. Finally taking the focus off of Sam, this new book allows the readers to get some insight into the minds of Annie, Cooper, Sam's new husband, Eli, and Heidi, Annie's mother who abandoned her. This actually proved to work out well, because it allowed the story to expand in regards to the type of attachments the reader can make [...]

    13. This is such a great series and this is no exception. It is heart wrenching in places, keeps you on the edge of your seat in others and gives you a ringside seat into family squabbles where everyone is right and wrong but too stubborn to see the other side.The main focus of this book is Annie, who is a half sibling to Jamie (Samantha's son). She is 16 and has a streak of bad luck that sets up the story in this book. She is put into some situations that many teens face on a daily basis and I felt [...]

    14. Whose love is most supportive?There's lots of stark opinions in this book but they all come from the heart of love. Everyone cares about Annie but through personal interests, all those conflicting concerns serve only to confuse and antagonize her position in the family. Who is her mother when she desperately needs one? Many questions about relationships are investigated, answers are slow to come but they do eventually and even if the outcome may be sad, united family love wins out.

    15. Tangle of strings This book follows several family members. Mostly about Annie and her long lost mother. This book is fast reading because of it being hard to put down. I really was involved with the characters, I wanted to tell them what to do, they were real to me. I was given this by the author for an honest opinion. This is part of a series, would be better to read the whole series but I have only read the one before this one and I still loved it.

    16. Can't wait for Book 5In a matter of a couple of days, I have zoomed through all 4 books. I love the Sweeney sisters, especially Sam since I, too, was a single parent for many years. This series is well thought out, well written and quick to read. I seriously cannot wait to find out if Faith gets her baby, if Jackie finds happiness in Charleston or if Jaime makes it big in baseball.

    17. Thank you to Ashley Farley first for the advance copy of this fabulous book. I feel in love with this author’s books from the first one I picked up. I love the Sweeney Sisters because they seem just like your own family when you are reading the stories about the. This family sticks together through everything that life seems to throw at them.In Tangle of Strings Annie seems to be in so many close calls with death that it is crazy but she always makes it. On top of this she finds out that she i [...]

    18. Sweeney sister sweepThis series is the first time I have read of this author. All four books were very good. Just swept me into the Sweeney family. Very real and likable characters. Emotional. Laughed out loud and also very sad at times. I will definitely read more of Ashley Farley,s books.

    19. InterestingAnnie wants nothing to do with Heidi after she finds out she is her mom. Annie is involved in a bad car accident and finds out she is pregnant. All the family has a plan for Annie and the baby. Eli is chasing the Bell brothers and Annie ends up in the crossfire . Very good

    20. I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE SWEENY SISTERSTHe series, based on the relationship between three sisters, told of the different strengths each woman had, and how together they realized that each other and family was what they needed. Interesting characters were introduced to make the story deeper, giving it SALT. A great series.

    21. Sweeney camilyI love these stories. In a way I relate to them. My foamy used to be very close like them, then my mom passed and things fell apart. We still talk and see each other during bad times,we just aren't as close to each other anymore. Or maybe it is just me n o t wanting to go thru so m etching like that again. Who knows.

    22. Downer book all aroundThe characters in this series are continually attacked by psychotic people for a storyline. In this book the characters, themselves are evil, picking on a teenage girl who gets, pregnant at age seventeen. It was really a waste and these are people I wouldn't want to meet, or an author I would read again.

    23. Carrying on with a good storyYes, I was too hasty with my last comments, the story did go on and stayed very enjoyable. What little there was about Bitsy still had her acting way younger than the seven she was supposed to be. All four books are well written except for the parts about Bitsy.

    24. Families stick together The whole series were stories about sisters who were always standing by each other no matter what crisis they were going through. I give each book five stars. I hope everyone will enjoy them as much as I did. Thank you Ashley, and hurry with the next book about the Sweeney Sisters!

    25. Waiting for more Sweeney SistersLoved the story line and how it can reflect real life. While reconnecting with the Sweeney Sisters and their family facing real life drama, I zipped through the story not wanting it to end but nonetheless not being able to read about what would happen next.

    26. Elitist drivel! I really cannot relate to these characters. They have money,homes, expensive cars and really shallow values. Very unrealistic characters. The author is very telling about herself with the Jackie character.

    27. Oh the strings that binds our heartsAnother of her books I really enjoyed. It was to short, I wanted it too to on. I was saddened to learn this is the last book of this series. I will miss the Sweeney families they have become engrained in my heart and mind

    28. Added suspenseThis was, again, a delightful addition to the series. Was a delightful read, and I loved the "mystery" it included. So much of these books shows a glimpse into real life.

    29. Very enjoyable seriesIt was a pleasure to read this last book in the series. Ashley has done a wonderful job writing these books.I recommend them to everyone.Ashley,keep up the great work!!

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