The Archangel Project

The Archangel Project A murdered psychologist with ties to a secret CIA funded remote viewing project A haunted young Iraq War vet with a psycho discharge and a talent that has marked her for death A deadly secret that w

  • Title: The Archangel Project
  • Author: C.S. Graham
  • ISBN: 9780061351204
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • A murdered psychologist with ties to a secret CIA funded remote viewing project .A haunted young Iraq War vet with a psycho discharge and a talent that has marked her for death .A deadly secret that will rock the world.You can t hide the truth from those who can see.When the charred remains of Tulane professor Henry Youngblood are discovered in the burned out ruiA murdered psychologist with ties to a secret CIA funded remote viewing project .A haunted young Iraq War vet with a psycho discharge and a talent that has marked her for death .A deadly secret that will rock the world.You can t hide the truth from those who can see.When the charred remains of Tulane professor Henry Youngblood are discovered in the burned out ruins of his New Orleans offices, the CIA sends maverick troubleshooter Jax Alexander to investigate Joined in a reluctant partnership with remote viewer October Tobie Guinness, Jax struggles to decipher a cryptic set of clues that leads from the devastated neighborhoods of New Orleans to the power corridors of Washington, D.C Pursued by agents of an influential oil and defense conglomerate with ties to the President himself, Jax and Tobie soon find themselves in a breakneck race against time to stop a ruthless killer and avert a diabolical plot that could devastate America.

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    1. This story was a twist on the girl next door type of story. Our Heroine, October "Tobie" Guinness is a remote viewer (she sees things) who is a Navy veteran, wounded in action (by friendly fire) then discharged with a mental disorder, referred to as a "phsyco discharge". She is young, so many of her inabilities to comprehend the actions she needs to take, or not take, are forgivable on those grounds alone.Unlike other books, this does not make her a superstrong, super brainy type. She is just an [...]

    2. Tulane professor Henry Youngblood seeks funding for his remote viewing research project with test subjects from the wrong person. When he has October (Tobie) Guinness do an example of her remote viewing abilities, she sees documents that have just put the professor and herself in mortal danger. Professor Youngblood is burned in a fire and Tobie is running for her life. The CIA Director assigns Jax Alexander to investigate the professor's death, intending the assignment to be a punishment. Jax lo [...]

    3. The Archangel Project by the writing team of Steven Harris and Candice Proctor, writing under the pseudonym of C.S. Graham is an interesting concept that ultimately fell flat for this reader.The novel's protagonist is young woman, discharged from the army where she served in Iraq, on a psych discharge. October Guinness has the ability to "remote view" whereby she can focus on a geographical location and "see" what is occurring there. She participates in a university study and through her remote [...]

    4. Even though I knew it wouldn't, I was still disappointed that this title had nothing to do with Harold Saxon's Archangel network. :) That aside, I shouldn't read thrillers. The people never seem real to me (a woman with bad knees who can't run, but who can handle marshal arts?), they always have unbelievable names (October Guiness? That sounds like a type of alcohol. Jax, short for all his initials? Definite stretch.), and they always make stupid mistakes (staying in town after being told repeat [...]

    5. I liked this--all the thrillers of this sort that I've seen have been in my public library, where someone has a taste for espionage novels written by neo-cons where the moral is "get dem rag-headed commies." Boy is this an antidote to that. Since I'm on the same side of the political fence as the C.S. Graham (hint: not neo-con), I enjoyed this. If "get dem rag-heads" is your general outlook on life, then don't read it. Actually, do.The plot was a little predictable, and somewhat similar to the f [...]

    6. A predictable thriller set in post-Katrina New Orleans. Starring Jax Alexander, CIA agent in disgrace, and October Guinness, a psychic, or maybe psycho, ex-Navy college dropout. Tobie remotely views something she's not supposed to see, and then a lot of people try to kill her. Like six or seven different people. She saves herself a few times, then Jax saves her a few times, then they fly around the country trying to figure out what happened, and what the Archangel Project is. The characters' nam [...]

    7. I love the St. Cyr series, and thought the other books by the author would be as good. The plot was too convoluted, characters stiff and emotionless, action predictable.

    8. Fast-paced and quite entertaining. I tend to avoid conspiracy thrillers these days as I often find the plots just too over the top. (Or maybe I just read too many of them back in the '60s and '70s)I picked this one up because one of the authors writes one of my favorite historical mystery series. I wanted to see what she could do in a modern setting.Full points to the authors for crafting a fairly plausible plot and very likable main characters.I've got the next one on hold at the library.

    9. I enjoy another series by this author. As I remember it took a few for my to get into the story. I would like to read more in this series.

    10. This was a typical "pretty innocent girl stumbles unknowingly onto bad guy plot." But this girl is a "remote viewer" and these bad guys are an oil tycoon with ties to the President. These stories basically always follow the same sort of plot structure, bad guy strikes, innocents are involved, there's a few deaths, good guys follow the trail, good guys win. The difference between these stories is the content and the subject that is written as well as the enjoyment of the characters. For this book [...]

    11. Finally, a fast and entertaining read with believable characters who react in a believable manner. There weren't too many overt stereotypes, and the setup was plausible and well executed, which definitely says something for the writing team- who should be able to execute this story given their combined knowledge and backgrounds.The names verged on ridiculous here and there but overall kept it good- and since I lived down the street from 2 sisters named September and December, I can deal with a c [...]

    12. I somehow find this series by C.S. Graham irresistible. It may be the high quality of the writing, with its vivid descriptions and razor-sharp pacing; or it may be the two highly sympathetic main characters, Tobie Guinness and Jax Alexander; or it may even be the unabashedly left-wing politics. The remote viewing, complete with Tobie's sincere doubts and Jax's ironic mocking, is also undeniably an element.This book is the first in the series, but the characters and formula are already pretty wel [...]

    13. The Archangel Project (2008) 359 pages by C. S. GrahamRemote viewer October Guinness stumbles on to some secret information during a remote viewing session which could spoil the plans of Adelaide Meyer, the CEO of one of the world's largest corporations. Tobie doesn't even realize that anything she saw had any meaning. That doesn't stop her from becoming a target. At first it's all she can do to avoid being killed. The more the likes of Lance Palmer and his associates come after her the more she [...]

    14. Compelling characters and a believable & thrilling plot. I did not know how much I missed fiction that delves in conspiracies 'til I read CS. Graham's The Archangel Project. Its an exhilarating read - has scenes which made my heart beats faster and even lighthearted ones that made me laugh as well. The main protagonists Jax Alexander and October Guinness are irresistible. They have this chemistry which makes them a good pairing. Not sure if it will end up in romance but somehow I find a hint [...]

    15. In the style of of your typical espionage-adventure novels, this one involves a dedicated male hero and a female character thrust into the action. However, this book takes two slightly unique bends from the norm, both of which made the book more interesting to me. First, the female protagonist (yeah, her name is October.) is an Iraqi War Vet who is now training through the New Orleans University psychology department in a oft-mocked "remote viewing" program. The subject matter, while easily hook [...]

    16. This may not be the best thriller in the world, but it's one of the fastest paced books I've ever read. I started this last year and only put it down because of books that came out that I'd been waiting for, and then I kind of misplaced it And then I found it last week and finished it in two days. This is fast paced and the chase scenes are pretty good.It's not the deepest most complex book out there, but it's fun and fast and has some enjoyable moments.Fun book but I thought the end was really [...]

    17. 7-7-11: I am loving this for entirely personal reasons. I grew up (well, ages 9-15, 1960-66) in New Orleans, living on Freret Street--first house off the Tulane campus--in the house that now is the Law Annex. I am enthralled by the city -- which is a integral character in this book. Using Google maps I am following Tobie throughout the city--revisiting my grade school (Allen) and junior high (McMain)and dozens of other streets and locations. And the vocabulary! Neutral ground.One of the scariest [...]

    18. This was an awesome, action packed read. October "Tobie" Guinness is on her way to work and is almost there, when the building on campus she works at explodes. Killer her employer and mentor Professor Henry Youngblood. Soon Tobie realizes that she is a target as well. Why, she is just a simple womanwell almostjust trying to put her life together. Eventually she ends up teaming with Jax Alexander, a CIA agent on the tale end of his career and pissing people off left and right as he tries to prote [...]

    19. I found this book to be quite a little gem. It is a fast paced page turner of a book! C.S. Graham may be a voice to be reckoned with in the coming years. The characters of October Guiness and Jax Alexander are a great team and I think they have quite a future together thwarting evil! The Archangel Project takes place in and around New Orleans, LA in the post-Katrina, post -9/11 world. It is a very realistic suspense thriller of the the "that could really happenuldn't it?" genre. The action takes [...]

    20. The first of three books (so far) featuring Remote Viewer Tobie Guiness and CIA agent (and black sheep) Jax Alexander, the book does a good job of introducing the characters, the world of the novel, and the problem for this novel. It starts off with a bang and the action keeps moving. What I particularly enjoy in this series is that the authors (C.S. Graham is a pseudonym of a writing duo) provide a list of topics, entities and events from the novel that are rooted in fact, and provide suggestio [...]

    21. Read this because I have read a lot of Candice proctor's other book (st. Cyr mysteries and her historical romances) and loved them. She is simply just a good writer. So I figured I had to check these our too. As I figured it was pretty good. Some of the government stuff was a little over my head (I know I should really be more up on it). But I think half of it was me just worrying that I wasn't making connections that I should with their fake character to real people. I liked both characters but [...]

    22. I received this book through Goodread's First Read program. Despite the Victorian stained glass on the cover, the book takes place in modern-day America, primarily in Washington, DC, and the slowly recovering New Orleans. Short chapters keep the story rolling along at a brisk pace, yet the authors do not sacrifice logic or setting or characterization for pacing. I particularly appreciated the setting details, which made the book feel very realistic. I enjoyed this book even though I am not a fan [...]

    23. The action that takes place during 3 days is almost overwhelming -- especially trying to keep track of who all the various players are. A lot of people died in this story but the two main characters, Jax and Tobie, were alive at the end, to be featured in another story. They were likeable; the bad guys were despicable, especially since some of them were high in the echelon of DC politics. The fact that Armageddon, another code word for the Archangel Project, was thwarted by Jax and Tobie, was pr [...]

    24. Post 9/11 post Katrina thriller, set in Louisiana. October Guinness is a remote viewer in an undercover research project by Dr. Youngblood. She inadvertently 'sees' a project that was 'eyes only' for the criminal faction of private security firm hired by the government for various black operations. This is the second novel in as many weeks that I have read dealing with black ops contractors drumming up business by creating crisis. Kinda chilling. If you like fast paced, visual, action packed boo [...]

    25. Fast-paced, girl on the run from bad guys book. Bad guys are Republicans. The president is a thinly-disguised George W. Bush who has his minions fake a terrorist plot so he will have an excuse to invade Iraq. The bad guys are helped by a megalomaniac, ruthless woman who made all her money in oil. Oh no! "Girl on the run" has been part of a "remote viewing" project who has "seen too much" and "must be silenced" before she can spill the beans. Pretty melodramatic stuff but a page turner if you can [...]

    26. Good exciting page turner. Not anything extraordinary but it would be a good book to read if you want easy entertainment with a lot of action. Similar to many books of this genre in that there is a normal everyday citizen that stumbles on a government conspiracy. The bad guys try to kill her and the good guys try to save her and expose the conspiracy. The unique twist in this story is that it deals with remote viewing which gives it a small taste of the paranormal.

    27. Excellent adventure novel. I downloaded this while on vacation as it sounded interesting and was based out of New Orleans where we were headed. The authors did not disappoint at all. The pace was good with enough interesting fact within the fiction to keep my interest. The characters truly came to life as you followed them through the storyline. Just downloaded the next novel and can't wait to get into it.

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