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  1. this is a very funny play. the major theme is the greatness of theater, and the lack of recognition that greatness has in today's society, due mostly to the fact that we are raised on instant gratification. many people nowadays, myself included, have a lot of trouble sitting through Shakespeare's "Hamlet." we don't really know how to do it anymore. also i think that it wants us to know that truth is overrated, and that sometimes one must embrace absurdity. no one can be dignified all the time.

  2. My book club is reading a play for July 2013 so I'm in a bit of a theater reading frenzy. I Hate Hamlet was amusing. It's about a TV actor who loses his job and, somehow, lands the lead of Hamlet in Central Park's summer Shakespeare series. The actor, Andrew Rally, knows that he's not a great actor. Thankfully, he's living in the old NYC apartment of John Barrymore, legendary for his portrayal of Hamlet. Even better, the apartment is haunted by Barrymore who is more than happy to give Andrew act [...]

  3. It was pretty interesting, but I am sure better to see. I was lookign to read it to support the Hamlet unit I teach. I'll let kids know it exists, but it're really not a wonderful teaching tool. a 20 minute lesson, maybe, but not a full unit.

  4. Amusing play. The SCSP might be able to pull it off. Biggest challenge is teh set if you do it as written, it is quite elaborate some thought would need to be giving to reshaping the set.

  5. I did NOT read this play but I did see it on Broadway with Nicol Williamson and Evan Handler. Written by the clever Paul Rudnick, it was an amusing evening about the ghost of John Barrymore and an american actor but what made the show so memorable was Nicol Williamson's hatred of Evan Handler. You could feel it. Several evenings later I read that Williamson actually stabbed Handler with his sword. Handler then left the production. He was awful anyway.

  6. I saw I Hate Hamlet at a college in Mississippi.The acting was terrible.The set was terrible.The direction was terribleBut the play was still a lot of fun.Now THAT is good writing.

  7. It's not as good of a take on Hamlet as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, but it's still a nice little read. I'd like to see it performed.

  8. An actor finishes a successful run in a T.V. medical show and decides to go to NYC to try his luck at theater. The only stage role he is able to get is Hamlet in a Shakespeare in the Park production. He moves into an apartment formerly inhabited by the great actor John Barrymore. The ghost of Barrymore appears to him and teaches him a thing or two about acting (and about living). In the meantime, a new Television comedy series is about to make an offer to him. He must decide between stage and sm [...]

  9. I really love this play and would like to play the part of Barrymore someday. Odds are that I'd have to direct to get it on stage where I'm at though.The characters are funny but realistic and it strikes a cord with the actor in me. Obviously, this is a script, meant to be performed, not read. That being said, it was very well written. Nice tight plot with just the right amount of humor mixed with some of the realities of being an actor.See the play or read the script. Either way, I hope you are [...]

  10. Beyond a five-star. This one had be cracking up from beginning to end. It is chockfull of lunacy and merriment. The Barrymore created by Rudnick is charming, engaging and a total p*ssy-hound. Everything I imagine the true Barrymore to be. I would love love love to see this performed.

  11. A funny and engaging comedy. Rudnick’s frequent allusions to Shakespearian quotes and his various plays add depth, in the same way that Shakespeare made references intended only for the educated. But it’s wholly grounded in present day vernacular and current humour.

  12. I don't, though, of course. Hamlet and I have been the best companions for years now, but I can understand how he can be overwhelming. Hilarious play; I'd love to see it live!

  13. A truly delightful play. It celebrates acting, theatre, and of course the Bard. If you are a fan of any or all, I would highly recommend this play.

  14. I thought this was a fun play. the characters are great, one of them seems to disappear without a trace, but overall, I liked it.

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