The End of the World Running Club

The End of the World Running Club Perfect for fans of The Martian this powerful post apocalyptic thriller pits reluctant father Edgar Hill in a race against time to get back to his wife and children When the sky begins to fall and he

  • Title: The End of the World Running Club
  • Author: Adrian J. Walker
  • ISBN: 9781492656029
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • Perfect for fans of The Martian, this powerful post apocalyptic thriller pits reluctant father Edgar Hill in a race against time to get back to his wife and children When the sky begins to fall and he finds himself alone, his best hope is to run or risk losing what he loves forever.When the world ends and you find yourself forsaken, every second counts No one knows thiPerfect for fans of The Martian, this powerful post apocalyptic thriller pits reluctant father Edgar Hill in a race against time to get back to his wife and children When the sky begins to fall and he finds himself alone, his best hope is to run or risk losing what he loves forever.When the world ends and you find yourself forsaken, every second counts No one knows this than Edgar Hill Stranded on the other side of the country from his wife and children, Ed must push himself across a devastated wasteland to get back to them With the clock ticking and hundreds of miles between them, his best hope is to run or risk losing what he loves forever.

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    1. Looking back is was a pleasant surprise, good quality apocalyptic read.Imagine your country (in this case the UK) is hit by a catastrophic asteroid strike. By chance you realize this in time, take your wife and two kids into the cellar, grab some food and water, and survive. And when you finally get out, the world is full of death and destruction. And then a long road of survival begins in a desolate and destroyed country, you meet some people along the way and form a team, and head for Cornwall [...]

    2. I enjoyed reading this one but it was nothing spectacular.The story was entertaining but had a few holes in it due to badly explained moments.(view spoiler)[Grimes was my favourite character but her death was ridiculous to me because she was a skilled soldier but managed to be the only one killed by some strongmen with guns. (hide spoiler)]Most of the characters annoyed me especially the protagonist which I think was the point because he had a loving family and his health but he still managed to [...]

    3. I'm DNFing this book because the main character is a whiny man child and I can't listen to him any longer.

    4. Ed was asleep when it started, still feeling the effects of a drink it two too many, and by the time he worked out what was going on it was already almost too late. Grabbing the only shelter he could think of he secreted his family (he, wife and their two children) away into their cellar while asteroids worked their horrors. I must admit that I was drawn to this book by its title: apocalyptic events and running had ticked a couple of boxes before I got to page one. I also liked the fact that it [...]

    5. (Review originally from my blog: markmatthewsauthor/201)I don’t really do running clubs. I run as I dream—alone. But if I did join a club, it would certainly be to run through a post-apocalyptic wasteland with some new found mates, trying to reach my family before they shipped off forever. This is part of the scenario in the book, “The End of the World Running Club," a novel by Adrian Walker. The novel is a wonderful, harrowing, epic, witty, and emotional story of the apocalypse and one ma [...]

    6. I received this in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. Thank you to the author, Adrain J. Walker, and the publisher, Ebury, for this opportunity.I was so excited to begin this book. A dystopian fiction without a teenage girl protagonist, you say? Count me in. Unfortunately, what inspired me to read this also became the reason for my dislike. I found it so hard to connect with this story when faced with my own hatred of the protagonist.The protagonist in question, Edgar Hill was basical [...]

    7. A really fantastic book that I would highly recommend. I don't want to spoil it, but this is a really emotionally intelligent book, full of dark humour, excellent plot twists and a certain kind of empathy and sweetness. If I hadn't been summer gallivanting, I'd have read this in a day. Defo going to check this author out for his other books.

    8. Before reading "The End of the World Running Club" I'd heard a few things about it, both good and bad, turns out that it gets points from me mostly for addictive quality and for its main character, Edgar, who seems to have divided opinion - but who I loved because he was so utterly whiny yet absolutely determined.Poor Edgar. Really. He drinks a fair bit and is not that fit, he's not particularly happy with his lot in life, finding family life somewhat mundane. Cue fiery asteroids from outer spac [...]

    9. This book was a little surprising - it starts out with a bang, a character who is a bit miserable, yet relatable, who is struck by tragedy along with his family. For a short period in the book (say 30% in?) I started to lose interest, thinking it was going to be a run of the mill post-apocalyptic book. But then shit goes down. It's one thing after the other - and as most fans of post-apoc fiction will admit, we kind of like that sort of thing. Having the SHTF is a good thing in these kinds of st [...]

    10. The only good thing about this book is that it had spectacular pace and I only wasted around 5 hours of my life reading it. And yeh I am going to give it a whole two stars because it is at least semi exciting and zombie-run esque. The characters are paper thin wispy shreds of dialogue some of which have beards. Most of which are men. In fact I wouldn't say there are any "characters" who are women. Even the protagonist Ed's wife Beth who occupies his thoughts in a tiringly circular manner(and onl [...]

    11. The apocalypse has arrived and a man is forced to run (pretty much) from Scotland to Cornwall to find the family which has been evacuated ahead of him. There’s a decidedly metropolitan middle-class viewpoint to this end of the world story. I suppose I should have expected that from the title, as a running club is a particularly middle-class pursuit. It’s made more noticeable though by the fact all the human threats they face come from either the working class or country folk. They come from [...]

    12. The End of the World Running Club is the first novel by British author, Adrian J. Walker. Edgar Hill is a husband and father of two, albeit not a very good one. He is quick to shift responsibility for care of Alice and Arthur on his hard-working wife, Beth. Ed is pretty lazy, if he can get away with it; he also drinks too much, eats too much and he definitely does not like running or, for that matter, physical exertion of any sort. But now he is running. He is running from Edinburgh to Cornwall. [...]

    13. The first four chapters would make an amazing short story about an asteroid(s) impact on Earth. I rate those four chapters 5 out of 5. And then the rest of the book comes and ruins the magic. The world is scorched, people die, horribleness ensues, and through it all our annoying, whiny lead character (an overweight, disengaged father of 2) leads us on his painfully boring trek. I'm actually not sure why I kept reading The End of the World Running Club to the end. So let's look at what was good a [...]

    14. A normal fellow finds himself a country and an apocalypse away from his family, with time running out. What will one person do to fix the mistakes of the past and have a chance at a future? I think this does a good job of contemplating the differences between living and surviving, and how what seems muddled in one state is crystal clear in another. I read this from start to finish in one day. Partially as a palate cleanser after the megathon that was Dragonbone Chair and partially because I foun [...]

    15. See my full review and much more on my blog KissinBlueKarenThis story was such a fast paced read for me. I felt the clock ticking the whole time I was reading this. At first, it is just about survival and then it was about Edgar getting to his family safely. The story starts off with a bang as the asteroids are hitting his hometown that morning. The received almost no warning and the panic was something I actually felt for him. Edgar has a wife and two small children. The youngest is still breas [...]

    16. I waffled a bit on my rating for this book. I definitely had some grumbles while reading it, but then I got to that ending, one of the most perfect endings I've ever read, and my earlier protests felt petty. (view spoiler)[A good friend of mine has grumbled, "There's no happy endings with you, is there?" about my writing and my taste in books, shows, and films, and it's all too true. I thought this ending was bittersweet perfection. Tragic, but hopeful, and I love that. (hide spoiler)]There were [...]

    17. Well this was great fun. After the country is decimated by meteors survivors must cross the UK by Christmas to escape to the Southern hemisphere. The lead character is a worthless husband and worse father and when separated from the family finds his only recourse is to run to safety. They meet various people en route, most not very nice, and there is a nice twist at the end. I note some runners have complained about the lack of authentic running content but they have missed the point. Good, dece [...]

    18. Originally reviewed here: thequeenofblades.u3.75 Stars*I received an e-copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Ok, so you are an overweight, lazy, almost alcoholic 35 year old father of two. Your kids annoy you, your wife tolerates you - god knows why - and you are a failure. A failure as a man, a failure as a father and not much of a husband either. And then the worlds ends.Well that escalated quickly. Naturally, I disliked Edgar from the very start. He is a lazy, [...]

    19. I have seen this book lurking about the past few months. I even got it for a "deal" on my e-reader. I don't know why I choose to read these kind of stories on airplanes, but I do. I even got up at 5am to finish this story so the family would not bother me. I do not know what I was expecting. I cannot tell you what to expect. Once you start reading it, the Title makes perfect sense. I can say that I along with Edgar hate running. I really feel the same way he does about the whole subject of runni [...]

    20. I am officially an Adrian Walker fan! The End of the World Running Club sounded like a good read. It was so much more than that.ln just the last few pages, Walker made me realize what he was planting in my mind for the previous 300 something. Self reflection, strength, pride, loyalty, etc.!I can't even write anything else. This book was amazing and I am sure I will pick it up to read more than once.

    21. Ein Meteoritensturm hat die britischen Inseln verwüstet. Ein Jahr zuvor schon wurden von Astrophysikstudenten verdächtige Veränderungen in der Nähe eines Jupitermondes beobachtet. Die folgende Hitzewelle fackelte das Land förmlich ab. Selbst Zahlen der Toten und Überlebenden könnten das Ausmaß dieser Katastrophe nicht begreifbar machen.Der Icherzähler Ed konnte sich allein in ein Haus retten, das kurz davor ist, ins Meer abzurutschen. In seinem begrenzten, winzigen Universum könnte er [...]

    22. Enjoyable dystopian novel where our hero Edgar is confronted with a world part destroyed by asteroids. His family become separated and he must make the long journey from Edinburgh to Falmouth by the only available mode, running.  The story is full of sadness, and endeavour as Edgar tries to discover his inner self and realize, hopefully not too late, that when everything is stripped away what is left and what really is important is family. The author regards Edgar's journey as an opportunity t [...]

    23. It was fluently written, so I stuck with it to the end.But it never really sucked me in. I didn't really care for any o the characters - and when they were in danger I shrugged it of, instead of holding my breath.The main character is a whiny male, who is so unfortunate as to have a wife and to children, and a job - so of course he has the hardest life possible No wonder he has to whine and drink. *rolls eyes*It read more like a drama with some occasional action sequences - and if that is what y [...]

    24. 'The End of the World Running Club' by Adrain J. Walker is one of the best books I've read this year. It's about a family, Edgar and Beth Hill, and their children, Alice and Arthur, and what happens to them after asteroids crash into the earth. The main protagonist is Edgar, thirty five years old, admittedly not much of a father, making a living, 'at computers' and generally not committed to anything but filling up on booze most nights. Oh yeah, he also eats too much and he's far from fit.The da [...]

    25. This book seemed made for me: running, apocalyptic events, family so when my co-worker brought it back from Book Expo I snapped it up and read it in just a few days. A good summer diversion, the book had a style and tone similar, if less optimistic, than "The Martian". And as with "The Martian," I have a feeling this one will be made into an equally entertaining, maybe even better movie.Overall, the writing in this book is solid but unspectacular. However, I liked this description of the first t [...]

    26. End of the world running clubLet's get this straight from the start: I enjoyed this story and read it in a matter of days which is good for me. So I do reccomend it even though my review might suggest otherwise.From page one I disliked the narrator which made reading the story difficult. And I was supposed to dislike him, I get that, but why read on if I don’t care whether he survives apocalypse or not.Strangely enough the plot kept me going. The twists and turns were enough, but I never got t [...]

    27. Not your average running club, and not your average dystopian fiction. The book hits the ground running (ahaha), with the destruction of society due to a meteor shower hitting Earth, and then we follow a family trying to survive the aftermath of the life-changing events. The main protagonist is more of a Joe Bloggs character than I've previously encountered in end-of-the-world reads, with him being a disenchanted, lazy lout of a husband and father, who tries to step up to the mark when catastrop [...]

    28. Imagine the end of the world. A load of asteroids strike the earth and the UK is pretty much fucked near enough everywhere. Now imagine that your family has been taken to the south of the country, Cornwall, from Scotland by an international task force while you were out collecting supplies with a handful of others. What would you do? Well duh, you'd run the entire way.I really enjoyed the way this was written. The way the aftermath of everything was described was so realistic and honestly brilli [...]

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