The Other Woman

The Other Woman Shortly after Christmas a message arrives at Sophie s house scrawled across her own round robin newsletter He s Going To Leave You Let s See How Smug You Are Then You Stupid Bitch Perhaps she shoul

  • Title: The Other Woman
  • Author: Laura Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781786485212
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Shortly after Christmas, a message arrives at Sophie s house, scrawled across her own round robin newsletter He s Going To Leave You Let s See How Smug You Are Then, You Stupid Bitch Perhaps she should ignore it, but she ignored the last one And the one before that Now it s time to take action.But when a simple plan to identify and confront the other woman goes drastiShortly after Christmas, a message arrives at Sophie s house, scrawled across her own round robin newsletter He s Going To Leave You Let s See How Smug You Are Then, You Stupid Bitch Perhaps she should ignore it, but she ignored the last one And the one before that Now it s time to take action.But when a simple plan to identify and confront the other woman goes drastically and violently wrong, Sophie must go to extreme lengths to keep her life and her family together while never letting on her devastating secret.

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    1. In the depths of rural Norfolk live Sophie and Leo Hamilton and two of their three children. Poppy and Zac are typical opinionated teenagers, given to surliness, selfishness and tiresome arguments, whilst Archie is away at university. Life is perfect. Or is it? No indeedy, it is not. Bad Things are about to happen.Sophie has the nauseating habit of sending all her friends and acquaintances – well over one hundred and fifty of them – a round-Robin letter at Christmas. Someone is sickened by t [...]

    2. What I love about Laura Wilson is that she’s never afraid to mix it up a little within her preferred genre. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I read and adored Hello Bunny Alice a few years ago now. She then wrote a series of historical crime novels, one of which I loved was A Capital Crime which was based on the real life case of serial killer John Christie. A couple of years ago I noticed that she had gone back to writing modern day psychological thrillers with The Wrong Girl, a tale of dysf [...]

    3. With thanks to Netgalley and Quercus for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.Sophie Hamilton lives in Norfolk with her husband Leo, teenage kids Poppy, Zak and Dexter the labrador. Sophie lives a comfortable middle class life with a Romanian au-pair and a cleaner. As a hobby she owns a high class gift store called Hamilton Dr Witt with best friend Melissa.Every year she sends a round robin letter in her christmas cards to over 150 friends and acquaintances. For the last two years [...]

    4. Have you ever seen the comedy series “Worst Week of My Life”? Or even “Meet the Parents” where Ben Stiller’s character just keeps getting deeper and deeper into trouble and it’s excruciating but hilarious? That’s exactly how I found this book: one minute reading through my fingers and cringing, the next wiping away a tear of laughter.I loved it! Sophie, the central character is so believable with her keeping-up-appearances lifestyle and careful planning of the yearly Hamilton famil [...]

    5. I loved this book. Sophie lives in a bubble, she thinks that everyone wants to know how well she's doing, and doesn't seem to ask anyone about their life. When Sophie received a letter saying Leo and I have been having an affair for over two years and now he's going to leave you. Let's see how smug you are then, you stupid bitch. If her husband Leo was having an affair who could it possibly be. Sophie goes through the list of possibilities. I didn't see the twist coming and that's why I recommen [...]

    6. I didn’t like this book. At all. But. I can’t give it one star because it wasn’t badly written. The plot wasn’t bad. I just didn’t like it. I think it was supposed to be funny? I’m not sure. Not the book for me! But the author can write!!!!

    7. A really excellent addition to the ranks of "Domestic Noir" here from Laura Wilson, a writer whose previous novels I have also loved - she just does characters so well, layering in little gems of motivation and influence, the kind that affects us all.In this a husband is suspected of an affair after some rather nasty poison pen letters - unfortunately things go rather awry, what follows is a twisted yet authentic tale, a true family drama with added oomph that keeps you involved all the way to i [...]

    8. This latest entry into the domestic noir/psychological suspense stable by Laura Wilson gets us straight into the action with a mysterious note threatening to shatter the idyllic home life of diligent 'suburbicon' housewife and mother Sophie. Wilson lulls us into a false sense of security before delivering a sucker punch about a third of the way through, propelling Sophie into a gut-wrenching predicament. But that is nothing compared to the second major twist nearer the end of the book, one that [...]

    9. All of my reviews can be found at: hookedfrompageoneblog.wordpreThe Other Woman is the first book by Laura Wilson which I have read and I can certainly say that I’ll be looking out for more from Laura. The Other Woman makes for a compulsive read and it will keep you reading well into the night. It is taut and full of suspense. I highly recommend it to fans of psychological thrillers.Sophie lives a comfortable, middle class lifestyle. Her husband, Leo has a successful career in the city; they h [...]

    10. The other woman by laura wilson.Shortly after Christmas, a message arrives at Sophie's house, scrawled across her own round robin newsletter: He's Going To Leave You. Let's See How Smug You Are Then, You Stupid Bitch. Perhaps she should ignore it, but she ignored the last one. And the one before that. Now it's time to take action.But when a simple plan to identify and confront the other woman goes drastically and violently wrong, Sophie must go to extreme lengths to keep her life and her family [...]

    11. Sophie had the perfect life - a successful husband, three high achieving children, a beautiful house, an apartment in London and trips to glamorous holiday destinations. Every Christmas, she details her family's achievements, New purchases and exciting holidays in a round robin letter. When one of her letters is returned, calling her a smug birch and implying that her husband is having an affair, Sophie does not react rationally. Instead of ignoring the letter or confronting her husband, she dec [...]

    12. Sophie Hamilton has it all. Lovely house in Norfolk, 3 children (one backpacking in Borneo); husband, Leo, who works in the City and lives in his London pad during the week; a shop she runs with her friend Melissa, au-pair, cleaner and of course the obligatory black Labrador. Every year she sends out a round robin letter enclosed in Christmas cards to 150 odd people telling them how wonderful their life is, how the children are doing at their exorbitantly expensive schools, what wonderful holida [...]

    13. And the prize for marmite book of the year goes to!Well, that's what I think anyway. I finished it a fair few days ago and I am still not sure whether I enjoyed it or not. The basic premise is a wee bit on the daft side and what follows just plain old degenerates into farce going hand in hand with some delicious black comedy. I am going out on a limb here but some of it was rather Ortonesque in nature but not quite as close to the knuckle as what dear old Joe would have written. If I judge a boo [...]

    14. The Other Woman is an odd book.It started slow, for me, and i thought it was going to be a tale of a privileged house wife whining and moaning about her husbands potential affair. It quickly took a dramatic turn and hooked me in, so I was really excited to keep reading. But it soon became disjointed again. It was funny in parts, where I'm not sure it was supposed to be, and downright disgusting in others, though perhaps that's testament to good descriptions. I certainly could picture it all.Didn [...]

    15. I'm going to be honest in my review as after all that is what I review the book for. To give my honest review. I always hate to give less then sparkling reviews. Buts sadly you can't get along with every book you read. The other woman for me was just one of those books which I didn't click with. For me I felt that it was a little slow and I didn't really feel any emotional connection with the characters. There are lots of great description in this book and the tension was there when needed. All [...]

    16. The Other Woman is one of those books you find yourself racing through to finish and enjoy the process of reading but argue whether it's just so you can discover the conclusion?This is a good book. It's not great and it's certainly not terrible. If you're a fan of domestic noir it's one to check out but if you really need a relationship with the character then maybe give it a miss.Positives:Pacing, despite being set against a quiet rural background with fairly domesticated not too exciting chara [...]

    17. The question is how to review the book without giving too much away. So the title tells you that there is another woman involved, the two-page first chapter takes place six months after the main story opens and tells the reader that at some point in the book someone will die. And there we have it because much more and I will spoil the book.The main character is Sophie and she is the epitome of the smug, wealthy woman often found in these thrillers, she has it all but doesn't seem to realise it. [...]

    18. This book is about Sophie. Sophie leads a quite comfortable life with a rich husband, a business she doesn’t take too seriously and two children. Sophie sends round robin letter every Christmas telling everyone about her achievements that year. Sophie gets one of these letters sent back to her with a nasty remark on it each year for three years. The last one upsets her the most and outs into place a sequence of events which changes everything.I was really disappointed with this book. I was exp [...]

    19. The other woman.t quite sure if I liked this or not but after a couple of days from finishing it I have decided that I did I just wouldn't class it as a psychological read more comedy/thriller!!!The story sets off well and then it changes into a slightly comedic read. Sophie is a lady of the manor type 3 kids, a loving husband, a cleaner and a live in helper. The most she seems to do is a couple of hours in her shop every week and walk the dog!! Until her smug red robin letter that she sends to [...]

    20. Not really sure how to classify this book : the first half is really quite a gripping thriller with the central character, Sophie, living in the fear of her comfortable middle-class life collapsing around her after receiving hate mail in the form of a returned Round Robin Christmas letter. Wilson deals with Sophie's shock excellently and I found that I empathised with this character. Then the story took on a different tack and was written in the style of a slapstick comedy. I found it difficult [...]

    21. The Other Woman is not what you would normally expect from Laura Wilson, where previously her crime novels and Stratton series set during the War have a more gritty feel . Her last outing The Wrong Girl was a psychological thriller which I really enjoyed but this is a cosy crime with a strong dose of farcical humour and was not what I was expecting. I'm sure the author had enormous fun writing this novel and for the most part her readers will do so to. Readers will also not be disappointed by th [...]

    22. Spellbinding, gripping and utterly brilliant!This wasn't my usual book of choice, but I'm so glad I bought it. It's funny as well as enthralling.What would you do if you thought your husband was having an affair? Especially when you receive repeated notes saying: HE'S GOING TO LEAVE YOU. LET'S SEE HOW SMUG YOU ARE THEN, YOU STUPID BITCH.Sophie Hamilton's life was perfect until the third of these menacing notes arrived. Seeded with doubt and suspicion. Her angst of those letters begin to tear her [...]

    23. Received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Found this to be quite an odd book- difficult to talk about without giving too much away, but by the end, you will find yourself questioning exactly who "the other woman" in the title truly is. Wasn't quite how I expected- I'd anticipated a lot more action, but instead there's a greater focus on the minutiae, which in hindsight rather suited the protagonist and her home setting (wealthy, rural, very quiet). None of the characters are part [...]

    24. "Meet the parents" coupled with a Sophie Hannah thriller is exactly what this book is. I read most of it cringing, I couldn't believe what happened near to the start as I thought this would be a psychological thriller of sorts, figuring out who is behind the smug letters. No's so much more than that. It's almost 'so bad' it's good, amazing in fact. At points it was even extremely funny! I have to say despite it being cringe inducing I had to keep reading to find out exactly how the main characte [...]

    25. I really wanted to like The OtherWoman, but sadly it was one of those books that didn’t hook me in.Initially I found the book quite slow going with characters I couldn’t gel with. Half way through the pace picked up and I was sure it was going to become a book I could get engrossed in but sadly, for me, it didn’t deliver. Yes there were some tense parts but the didn’t seem to last.However this is only my opinion as others have loved this book but unfortunately it wasn’t one of my favou [...]

    26. This book will take you through a real rollercoaster of emotions which will keep you gripped throughout. Sophie is certain her husband Leo is having an affair and starts to check up on him and his week-day life in London. What then transpires is breathtaking and moves at a really fast pace right up until the end. I can't say too much more about the story without spoiling it but I will say this is a fantastic read and I highly recommend it. Thanks to NetGalley and Quercus for sending me an advanc [...]

    27. Very different!I downloaded this as a freebie and I'm glad that was the case. The story starts comfortably and sets the scene. Then it gets to a stage where I could not decide whether it was supposed to be a comedy scene, a Miss Marple style mystery or a true thriller. Even so, I read to the end just to see! The final twist seemed to bring in concepts that weren't mentioned before and appeared to be quite convenient as an end to the line. Not one I would recommend but an easy read.

    28. A domestic noir that left me virtually on the edge of my seat.The Other Woman completely subverts your expectations, while proving shocks and surprises in plenty. It kept up the pacing and the growing tension. Best of all it felt completely plausible and it was easy to project yourself into Sophie's enviable life and its gradual disintegration. Surprises to the very last page. An author I will look out for.

    29. Awful trashy writing. Started off ok and I thought maybe a half decent thriller. But then I started to think sophie had an over active imagination and the story started to lose a bit of credit before finally I concluded the author had lost the plot with a load of old bollocks about cross dressing, murder, the local busybody and the Truman show !!One of the worst things I’ve read !! I do not recommend this book !!

    30. As a long time fan of Laura Wilson's books, I love her psychological suspense novels and also the Stratton series. But this is something different. Offbeat domestic noir, black comedy or sinister farce - I'm not sure what to call it. All I can say is that I was gripped from start to finish. Do read it.

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