Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil Kade Kingsley is sick of hiding out in the middle of nowhere He should be having a good time partying and living it up not playing bodyguard to his best friend s runaway witness girlfriend When he d

  • Title: Speak No Evil
  • Author: Jordan Ford
  • ISBN: 9781541358935
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kade Kingsley is sick of hiding out in the middle of nowhere.He should be having a good time, partying and living it up, not playing bodyguard to his best friend s runaway witness girlfriend.When he decides to leave the mountainside he s called home for the last two months, he promises to be careful He knows the stakes are high, and he knows that the makeshift family he sKade Kingsley is sick of hiding out in the middle of nowhere.He should be having a good time, partying and living it up, not playing bodyguard to his best friend s runaway witness girlfriend.When he decides to leave the mountainside he s called home for the last two months, he promises to be careful He knows the stakes are high, and he knows that the makeshift family he s leaving behind is counting on him to come back.What he doesn t count on is getting mugged and left for dead.And he definitely doesn t count on being rescued by a girl with secrets of her own secrets that rival his.As Julienne Bishop, a down on her luck girl hiding from an abusive ex boyfriend, nurses Kade back to health, an uneasy bond forms between them They need each other, even if they don t realize it, and even if they have a hard time accepting it.Because danger is coming at them from both sides, and they must figure out if they can trust each other.Before it s too late.

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    1. I received a free copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed itAfter reading the first book I could hardly wait to start the second book, but I have to admit I was a bit hesitant as well. Speak No Evil follows the point of view of Kade, who in the first book was my least favorite of the three boys, but he really grew on me in this book. Once I started reading I got sucked into the story and had to know how it ended. It has a low key suspense feel, where you just know things are going to go wr [...]

    2. Speak No Evil was the second book in the Brotherhood series. As much as I loved the first book, I loved this one even more. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewIt focused on Kade after he left his "family" to find some excitement. He ends up in Reno working as a maintenance guy at a local ice rink/restaurant/bar and playing for the local hockey team. Julienne Bishop is working in the kitchen of the restaurant. She's a pregnant runaway, hiding from an abusive ex-b [...]

    3. 3.75I liked this one better than the first but it still took me a while to get into it. I didn't enjoy hearing about his 3 ONS (no details) or the fact that the heroine was around for one of those - the H and h had only seen each other, never talked, when the 3rd ONS happened. BUT knowing that Kade had ONS fit his character. He was def the playboy of the guys. Plus, our heroine isn't exactly pure as the driving snow considering she's pregnant. So, they are kinda equal in that aspect. Kade and Ju [...]

    4. This is the first book I read in 2017! And what a great start it was!Since I read the profile of Kade I felt like I was going to enjoy this book very much. And Jordan Ford didn't let me down at all! I didn't just fall in love with Kade only, but Jules too! She was such a sweet young, strong girl just trying to do what was best for the safety of the baby, and that really touched my heart.Getting to see a different side of Kade, that he actually has feeling and the capacity to care so deeply for s [...]

    5. I feel like this book has taken forever to get here, but FINALLY - it's live! What a privilege working on this story was. Jules has got to be one of the sweetest characters I've ever written and to watch her and Kade fall in love it was so beautiful.Kade grows so much in this story. I think that's what I love most about the book—watching him grow from a self-centered kid into a man. You'll have to read the story to see how that happens, but if you doI REALLY hope you enjoy it :)Thanks so much [...]

    6. *Read more of my reviews at Whoo Gives A Hoot*I generously received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review!Speak No Evil is the second book in the Brotherhood Trilogy written by the extraordinary Jordan Ford (Melissa Pearl)! I thought that nothing could ever compare to the first book, but the author did it again. Even though I loved the first book in this trilogy, Kade’s story has managed to wedged its way into my heart, leaving me with the ultimate book hangover!The book [...]

    7. Awesomeness Julienne Bishop, a down-on-her-luck girl hiding from an abusive ex-boyfriend, and father. She's sweet, caring, a little naive, friendly, overall lovely.Kade Kingsley is a manwhore, who is sick of hiding out in the middle of the mountains, where nothing ever happens. According to him he needs action, needs people to party with. Since his brothers are so focus in keeping Anna safe, his the only that feels this way.That's why he decides to leave the mountainside he’s called home for t [...]

    8. As is a little typical when I read YA books, part of me just cannot imagine much less relate to some of the issues the teenagers are facing. But then there is that side of me that just wants them to triumph over those issues, even if I am surprised by how they do it. This series is definitely one of those where I've been uncertain how these kids are going to get through being on the run and the fact that they ask that same question is one of the reasons I like the series and cannot wait to see w [...]

    9. Speak No Evil is the second book in the Brotherhood Series! Kade has spent the last two months hiding out from everyone and is need of some excitement in his life. When he makes that decision to leave the cabin, he promises that he will be safe and careful of who he gets around. As he makes his back into civilization, Reno is the place that will change everything for him when a job and a skating rink will lead him to Julienne.Julienne is a pregnant runaway hiding from her parents and a abusive b [...]

    10. I couldn‘t wait for Kade‘s story and I absolutely enjoyed his book. Maybe I love it even more than the first one in the brotherhood trilogyjust a tiny little bit ;)because Julienne is the sweetest, loving girl and well, like Julienne states it Kade just „makes it impossible not to like him“.I felt Kade‘s restlessness in the beginning and Julienne‘s fear made my heart beat fasterShe‘s alone and scared. I understand that feeling. I know exactly what it‘s like to have no one willing [...]

    11. Speak No Evil is definitely more intense and more deep than See No Evil. Both have deep meanings but this story is way more emotional and heartbreaking yet beautiful all at the same time. I fell in love with their story even when things get hard - especially when things get hard. Jules have suffered so much yet she's still strong and brave. I admire her for that because she doesn't give up. The moment she's determined to stop dealing with boys, the perfect guy comes along. Talk about timing, rig [...]

    12. This is the remarkable Brotherhood Triology Series Book 2. This one follows Kade Kingsley as he is sick of hiding out in the middle of nowhere, he decides to leave the mountainside he's called home for two months, he promises to be careful & come back. He then meets Julienne Bishop's with secrets of her own & danger coming from both sides will they trust each other. I am completely in love with this series & it's character's. This novel is just as good as the first one. A Beautifully [...]

    13. Another great story by Jordan Ford.The story of these three brothers/friends who do everything to protect Anna is beautiful. And in this book, knowing a little more about Kade, there's no way we can't fall in love with him. He's a very interesting character and has matured a lot throughout story.Julienne is already a mature teenager for everything she's had to face despite her age, and when she finds out she's pregnant with her ex-boyfriend, she does everything to get away from him and for him t [...]

    14. I was privileged enough to receive a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.Loved it! This is the second book in The Brotherhood trilogy. While I'm not a fan of series,(because authors take too long between books) Ms. Ford manages to turn them out quickly and thoroughly. All the while fleshing out a solid story that sucks you in and doesn't let go. This is Kade's story. What I loved was while reading this book, I saw Kade go from an immature teenager at the beginning to a mature [...]

    15. Awesome! This series is going to be a hit. I can not wait to read the next book. This book is full of so many "Feels" I loved it. This book is complicated and the characters so richly developed. Jordan hit a Homerun! I couldn't put it down. This story is mostly about Jules and Kade. Both are running from outside sources, Kade is doing so to protect someone and Jules is doing so to protect her unborn baby. This is a fantastic read! So many different parts, so compelling. The only part I wished fo [...]

    16. Tired of being isolated in the mountains, Kade has decided to leave his "brothers" in hiding and set off on his own adventure. He ends up in the same town as Julienne, who is in hiding to escape an abusive ex-boyfriend. Kade and Julienne become friends, but choose not to share the details of their pasts. Sharing their secrets may put both of them in great danger, but keeping them threatens to destroy their friendship. Speak No Evil is a great addition to the Brotherhood series. I look forward to [...]

    17. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this bookThis is book two of the Brotherhood Trilogy, and picks up right where book one ends. with Trey, Kade, and Riley along with Chris at the cabin, Kad is starting to get cabin fever and decides he needs to go and find himself, he winds up in a small town near Reno Nevada, Where he finds work in a local ice rink/restaurant/bar and also plays hockey, Jules works in the restaurant and is a runaway who is pregnant with her abusive ex boyfriend [...]

    18. *I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.*Seriously, I don't know what to say. I'm speechless.This book is really awesome!The chemistry between Jules and Kade is something from out of this world. They're so sweet together!I really loved it. From the beginning 'til the end. Oh, and the end? Oh My It was just perfect!I highly recommend it.

    19. Loved it!This book did not go the way I thought it would. I'm not going to spoil it, but don't put it down until the end. I didn't find this book as action packed as the first book in the series, but the story was too good to make that an issue. Now I just have to wait for Riley's book.

    20. Oh my goodness! This series us getting better and better. Speak No Evil is book 2 in the series. This is Made and Julienne's story. The book picks up where it left off in book one and it is just as wild as the first book. If you loved book 1 you'll love book 2 even more!Jordan Ford has struck gold with this series.

    21. Great bookThis is turning into a good series. Now I'm stuck waiting for the third book. At least it will be out in February. Not to long now. Lots of drama going on here. I can't wait for the third brother to find love also. I feel sorry for him.

    22. Great ReadWhat a terrific read. The plot is exciting and sweet all at the same time. Ms. Ford does a great job of making a sweet story enjoyable.

    23. I didn't like this one as much as the first. The characters felt very naive despite the adult situation they were in, especially Jules. Kade is a really good H. He's confident and loyal, but he was missing something in this book. Spunk maybe? I was expecting more from his character. Jules was just naive. HUGE SPOILER AHEAD! (view spoiler)[ She's pregnant and doesn't go to a doctor until she's 20 weeks because she thinks that her ex is somehow going to find out even though she's 18 and legally no [...]

    24. Speak No Evil is the second of the Brotherhood series, and focuses on Kade as he decides that he can't stay on the mountain any longer. He needs to live he's only 18 years old! This obviously brings a rift between him and Trey, as Trey can't believe that he would abandon them. Riley is stoic throughout, he doesn't want Kade to go, but knows that he will anyway so why make a fuss? Kade has a couple of epiphanies during this book, mainly because of something that Jules has said or done. Jules is a [...]

    25. Book two of this trilogy continues on with Kade being unhappy stuck in seclusion, trying to keep Ana safe. He decides to leave and finds himself settling into a new town and falling for a new girl, Jules. Jules comes with her own baggage. Just when you think things are going well, disaster strikes for both Kade and Jules forcing the two to flee together back to the cabin. Bringing Jules back is a risk to their safety, and Jules’s pregnancy is going to cause worry , but with Trey, Ana and Riley [...]

    26. > Book review - Speak No Evil>I am an independent reviewer. This is the second book in the Brotherhood Trilogy and ends in an HEA. Kade is hiding out with his "brothers" and Ana until the threat to Ana is gone. He goes a bit stir crazy and gets a bit horny, causing him to take off. He changes his name to protect the others and meets a pregnant waitress in a small town. Kade helps Jules and protects her from her abusive ex. When Kade's problems find him, they both travel back to Ana and the [...]

    27. A three star review, Kade wasn’t a very likeable character and Julienne came off pretty pathetic. The story line also wasn’t very strong and every situation seemed like it could be avoided. Julienne ran away from her abusive father and abusive boyfriend. She is also pregnant and trying to start over. Kade left his friends and the cabin because he wanted to party and have a normal eighteen year old life. What ends up happening with Julienne is the opposite of what Kade went in search of. It j [...]

    28. Ford does it again!A great second novel to a wonderful beginning.I can completely understand one's need to find him or herself and Kade does what any normal teenager would do. He leaves behind his family and ends up in a completely new place trying to navigate everything life throws at him while trying to stay under the radar. Jules' character is in a realistic situation that no teenage girl wants to face but a lot do. Running to save herself and protect her most valuable possession, she stumble [...]

    29. Book 2 in the brotherhood series. I love this series about these teens that escape for their lives.This is Kade's story, he feels trapped and lonely after putting his life on hold for his friends and living in the middle of nowhere. He takes off for a while and meets Jules, she has a secret and he is a playboy and not her type. Will they manage to come together? A series of events has them connecting and then running for their lives. There is plenty of action, drama and love in this book and I t [...]

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