Race Against Time

Race Against Time Sometimes fate brings you togethery to tear you apart Growing up in the foster system Quinn O Meara made a point of never getting involved But when she discovers a crying baby amid a fiery crime scen

  • Title: Race Against Time
  • Author: Sharon Sala
  • ISBN: 9780778319979
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Sometimes fate brings you togethery to tear you apart Growing up in the foster system, Quinn O Meara made a point of never getting involved But when she discovers a crying baby amid a fiery crime scene, she knows she has no choice Suddenly in way over her head, Quinn turns to the police, unintentionally positioning herself in the crosshairs of a deadly human traffiSometimes fate brings you togethery to tear you apart Growing up in the foster system, Quinn O Meara made a point of never getting involved But when she discovers a crying baby amid a fiery crime scene, she knows she has no choice Suddenly in way over her head, Quinn turns to the police, unintentionally positioning herself in the crosshairs of a deadly human trafficking ring.The last time homicide detective Nick Saldano saw Quinn, she was still the young girl he d shared a foster home with The girl who d loved and cared for him when no one else had Now here she was, gorgeously all grown up and in terrible danger.Unwilling to lose her again, Nick insists on keeping Quinn close, especially when the bond they once shared heatedly slides into desire Quinn finally has someone worth holding on to, but what kind of future can they have when she might not live to see tomorrow

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    1. **ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review**"Finding you again feels like an apology from the Universe for separating us the first time."This book started out really strong, I was really excited for all the action and suspense. I enjoyed the first half of the book more than I did the second. I was looking forward to seeing how two kids who shared a foster home would reconnect again. I liked Nick and Quinn's personalities a lot, I especially loved when they realized they knew ea [...]

    2. Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an fair and honest review.First off I want to say that I do not like romantic-suspense books centered around human trafficking, it is nothing less than slavery and unless and until everyone views it that way it will continue to exist unimpeded. I chose this book from NetGalley because I really like the author, Sharon Sala. I especially like her books featuring the Appalachian part of the county. This se [...]

    3. I thought this book started out with a bang but the last half of it seemed to drag some. There were a couple of inconsistencies that kind of bothered me but the whole human trafficking aspect of it was heart breaking and so sad that it almost had me in tears. I'm generally not a fan of a book that is from different POVs but it definitely worked here. There is a lot of suspense and I found myself gripping my Kindle for dear life on numerous occasions. I loved the romance between Quinn and Nick an [...]

    4. When I pick up a Sharon Sala book I always know my love for reading will be satisfied, tenfold. Her books are so intriguing and her characters become so real, that I believe I'm reading a true life story, not fiction. Sharon Sala has a talent that few authors conquer, the ability to draw you in immediately and keep you in suspense until the end. Race Against Time is definitely one of those type of books. Nail biting until the shocking conclusion.Abducted as a teenager, in a deadly human- traffic [...]

    5. Great story with plenty of suspenseful scenes that will keep you grabbing the edge of your seat. I really enjoyed the characters, but I would love to see a story for Starla. Happy reading!

    6. It’s been a few years since I’ve read anything by Sharon Sala, but I remember loving them. I’m particularly fond of Shades of Desperado. So, Race Against Tim popped up on one of ’s recommended upcoming release lists, I decided to give it a whirl.The good news is that the tight plot and engaging characters kept me turning pages and I finished the book in just a little over 12 hours. The down side was that while the author is clearly trying to find the balance between both romance and susp [...]

    7. Not Sala's best, but not bad at all. I'm feeling generous with four stars because this story reminded me a lot of my favorite Sala story: Next of Kin. Quite a few similarities. But I didn't love this one, mainly because page time was split between three different parties - the victims, the bad guy, and the good guys. Also, the romance happened way too quick. I mean, everything about it just moved too fast. And the dialogue between the H/h was kinda corny.Still, Sala rarely lets me down and even [...]

    8. Another excellent effort by Sharon Sala. Quinn is a kick-ass heroine, doing what’s right and saving a child’s life in the process. Nick is a lovable hero, strong and caring. Their backstory makes them perfect for each other. And I liked that one POV is that of a victim of the trafficking ring. This was a suspenseful, scary story. I couldn’t put it down.

    9. I received this via Giveaways in exchange for an honest review. All my opinions are my own:).---Good plot idea but ultimately not for me maybe I'm just a more critical reader and/or I've outgrown these types of stories. *shrugs*Not you book, its me.

    10. Quinn O'Meara finds it hard to trust people after experiencing tough times while growing up in the foster system. However, the moment she comes upon a fiery car crash, and finds a crying baby, she's determined to get the baby to safety. Except she never imagined she'd find herself hunted by a bad man involved in human trafficking. Luckily, her long-lost friend, Detective Nick Saldano, is determined to protect her at all costs. Will Nick be able to win Quinn over, so they can have a second chance [...]

    11. 3.5 this book was interesting and i will read the author again. but i felt like it was light on suspense.

    12. 3.5 stars - Race Against Time is a stand-alone romantic suspense novel that kept me on the edge of my seat as the story progressed. It started out very fast and kept that pace for most of the book.The seedy underbelly of Las Vegas is explored in the world of Anton Baba, a casino kingpin with his hand in assorted related ventures (not the least being human trafficking). When Baba decides to make some changes his world begins to collapse in ways he’d never imagined. He won’t rest until he take [...]

    13. 3 and a half stars.Human trafficking is very much a tragic and horrifying fact of life. That’s why I found Sharon Sala’s description of how Starla was abducted and sold into sex slavery so hard to read because she made it sound so real! I had to check the book summary to make sure that I was not reading a non-fiction.Race against Time is very fast-moving and very well written. I could not put my Kindle down till I reached about 60 percent! Then, surprisingly, I couldn’t get into the slow a [...]

    14. Starla, as a lot of seventeen-year-olds do, felt guilty about lying to her parents regarding where she was going, but she did it anyway. Instead of hanging out with her friend as believed, she was meeting a guy she'd met online. Seven years later, Star as she is now called, has outlived her "usefulness" to her owner, Anton, and he is trying to find a new buyer for her. However, their two-year-old son, Sammy, will not be going anywhere. Star, overhearing Anton's plans, knows she needs to escape, [...]

    15. Race Against Time is inspiring, heartbreaking, hope springing story that kept me on my toes. It has a well-balanced mix of heartening human connections and deadly, savage suspense. The story is told from several different points of view, giving a panoramic, layered picture of the events and a portal to the evil, disturbing thoughts of the criminals. The story starts off with a point of the matter type of telling of the tragic tale of human trafficking. While it broke my heart, and the ease of it [...]

    16. 2.5 stars!I am sooooo disappointed with this.It started off so strong with such a brilliant storyline. I found myself not wanting to put it down and then around the 45% mark it just stopped being brilliant and I found myself contemplating about giving up with it.There is no shortage of characters in this, the main being Star who starts off as a young girl who is kidnapped and sold off within the human trafficking system. Then it fast tracks a few years and we see Star as an adult, still in her h [...]

    17. I received an Advanced Reader Copy from Net Galley, and I am leaving a voluntarily review.This is the story of two women, Quinn O’Meara and Starla Davis. Starla Davis was kidnapped by human traffickers when she was a teenager. Seven years later, she escapes from her captor with her young son and some federal agents. Unfortunately, the captor’s men overpower them and the car blows up in flames. The agents die, but Starla and her daughter are thrown out of the car and live.Without the federal [...]

    18. This was quite a story and there were two very strong female characters, Quinn and Starla who battled they way from being victims to being warriors. Quinn saves a baby from the dessert when she stops at the scene of a firey car crash. Unbeknownst to her the baby's father is a wanted criminal with connections everywhere. He will stop at nothing to destroy Quinn and Starla, the baby's mother. Both need help and Quinn finds help when she rides away from the dessert with a bad guy on her tail, a 2 y [...]

    19. Great concept, but poor execution - SPOILERSThe only thing that kept me going to the end was that in the wide scope it's a great concept for a romantic suspense story which is my fave kind of novel. However, this is very poorly written in my opinion. The characters were not consistent throughout and while some overcame issues it wasn't realistic the way they did. Someone who has such a visceral reaction to water like in the hospital scene to then be fine with it only a few showers later is just [...]

    20. Very intriguing story! Starla Davis doesn't want her parents to know about her plans, so she lies to them about where she'll be. Then sets off to met a boy she'd been chatting with online. Starla didn't make it home that evening. Little did she know, she was going to become a target for human trafficking.Starla, now known as Star, was bought by Anton Baba. Star learned that she was pregnant, something that Anton didn't permit, but she convinced him by his ego that a son would be a good idea. Whe [...]

    21. RACE AGAINST TIME is a stand-alone romantic suspense novel by Sharon Sala! This story is actually 2 stories in one. *This story starts out with us meeting Starla. She is a typical teenager sneaking out of the house to meet a boy. Only in her case, it goes horribly wrong and she is kidnapped and sold. She knows that she won't rescued as her parents have no idea what she's up to or where she is going. She is on her own!! It is up to her to survive.*Starla, whose name gets changed to Star, is sold [...]

    22. Fate will find a way. - VirgilStarla Davis was a young, virgin 17 year-old girl who made a bad choice and she's ending up having to live with the consequences of that mistake for the rest of her life. She finds herself put on an auction block and sold to the highest bidder - a Las Vegas crime boss. And for the next seven years she lives at his bidding.But she finds she does have reasons to want to stay alive, and with help, escapes his clutches.Because of her escape, others get pulled into the n [...]

    23. I don't get the title, but the book was great. Quinn is strong, but a survivor of abuse, and has learned not to trust anyone. She finds a baby in a wreck and takes him to the police, but gets shot in the process and faints. She wakes up to find the only person she ever trusted, her friend from foster care, Nick. Nick is a cop who's there when she brings in the boy she found, and this embroils them both in a crime boss' story. The baby is, in fact, the criminal's son, and he's after the woman who [...]

    24. I have enjoyed many of Sharon Sala's books, and I was excited about trying this one. Quinn was a foster child who never ended up anywhere good. Her luck hasn't changed. She is riding along minding her own business when she encounters a scene which will change her life, maybe for the better, maybe not. One thing it does is reunite Quinn with the only person in her life who ever protected her, Nick. Quinn is stronger now and can protect herself though Nick is not going to leave her to fight alone. [...]

    25. I've been reading Sharon Sala for a long time and this book, Race Against Time is a very suspenseful story. Ms. Sala always has strong woman leads and this book has two. Quinn O'Meara is a loner who makes it a point to ignore the world around her until she hears a baby crying and steps into the middle of a child trafficking ring. When she goes to the police, Nick Saldano recognizes her, they were in foster care together. Starla will do whatever it takes to save her son Sammy and when her life in [...]

    26. This story starts out with a bang and grabbed my interest right away. A young girl is kidnapped and sold into slavery. Fast forward and she has had a child with her captor who is thinking about selling her and keeping the child. She decides to run. There is plenty of action in this book that will keep you interested but there were a few discrepancies with the history of some characters that should have been caught when the book was proof read. This took a away from the enjoyment of the book. I d [...]

    27. Excellent Book!Another excellent book from Sharon Sala. The storyline was well developed and actually became two parallel stories in one: the accident and subsequent events which changed the lives of Quinn and Starla. The primary characters of Quinn and Nick were memorable, as was Starla’s. The secondary characters of Nick’s family and Starla’s family were woven seamlessly into the story and even Anton (the antagonist) was exceptionally done. The story has two women who fought the odds and [...]

    28. This was a great romantic suspense. It chilled the soul with human trafficing. Startla, a 17 year old girl finds that the boy she sneaked out to meet has betrayed her innocent trust. She finds herself in a hell she could never have imagined. A Las Vegas cop meets again the little girl he had to leave in foster care when his Aunt & uncle rescue him. All grown up and riding a motorcycle with a baby in her arms and a bullet in her back.Add in a big bad crime lord ,Las Vegas, the inept FBI and y [...]

    29. Let’s put it this way, I will be looking to read all of Sharon Sala’s works.I am very pleased that God is mentioned in this book.Not everyone is an atheist or objects to God being included in book. It is actually more realistic than to never mention Him. And by God I feel that He comes in many different colors, in many different languages and whatever name His followers choose to call Him, it is as it should be.This book is not preachy one tiny bit but just includes these references as they [...]

    30. In the beginning of this book, I found it exciting as I followed Star and her plight to stay alive. The excitement continued as Quinn and Nick meet by chance. However midway through the book the focus switched from mystery and suspense to an unrealistic quick love story between Quinn and Nick and Stars plight seemed less important. I also found the introduction of Justin a bit too unrealistic and Stars readjustment too simplistic. I felt this Author should have stuck to one main story rather tha [...]

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