River City Dead

River City Dead Advice columnist Aggie Mundeen and SAPD Detective Sam Vanderhoven plan their first rendezvous at a San Antonio River Walk hotel during Fiesta Week sumptuous sights sounds and festivities in the midd

  • Title: River City Dead
  • Author: Nancy G. West
  • ISBN: 9781635111330
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • Advice columnist Aggie Mundeen and SAPD Detective Sam Vanderhoven plan their first rendezvous at a San Antonio River Walk hotel during Fiesta Week sumptuous sights, sounds, and festivities in the middle of America s Venice A vacation from crime and a reset for their tumultuous relationship.But murder descends on the Casa Prima Hotel Disturbing revelations surface about tAdvice columnist Aggie Mundeen and SAPD Detective Sam Vanderhoven plan their first rendezvous at a San Antonio River Walk hotel during Fiesta Week sumptuous sights, sounds, and festivities in the middle of America s Venice A vacation from crime and a reset for their tumultuous relationship.But murder descends on the Casa Prima Hotel Disturbing revelations surface about the Fabulous Femmes, Aggie s new friends holding a convention Evil emerges at parties in La Villita Calamity plagues Aggie s debut dance performance at the Arneson River Theater, the celebration skewed by carousing, crazies, and corpses Even in idyllic River City, crime complicates relationships Books in the Aggie Mundeen Humorous Mystery Series FIT TO BE DEAD 1 DANG NEAR DEAD 2 SMART, BUT DEAD 3 RIVER CITY DEAD 4 Part of the Henery Press Mystery Series Collection, if you like one, you ll probably like them all

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    1. In this fun and relaxing cozy mystery, we find Aggie Mundeen and her boyfriend Detective Sam Vanderhoven meeting at a San Antonio hotel for the week of the Fiesta. Unfortunately, a murder victim is found in their room. Sam immediately becomes involved. As there are no other rooms available they settled for two small rooms that are floors apart. We take the River Walk and learned about its history. Sam is learning to allow Aggie to investigate and share her findings. She is trying to trust Sam. A [...]

    2. Dollycas’s ThoughtsSam and Aggie had a grand plan for some time alone in San Antonio during Fiesta Week but there is just one small problem, there is a dead woman in their hotel suite. They hadn’t checked in yet but there are no more rooms to be found and Sam has been called back to work to investigate the case. He knows he is not going to be able to keep Aggie from butting her way into the investigation and she has a pretty good record for solving previous murders so he rather than fight he [...]

    3. “A fun cozy series that showcases the beauty and quirkiness of San Antonio.” – Rosemary Smith, Librarian

    4. Prepare yourself for the adventure to begin when you open the book. Humor mixes with murder when Sam and Aggie try to take a few days off.By this time, Detective Sam Vanderhoven is resigned to the fact that as much as he wants to protect his darling, girlfriend Aggie, who meddles in newspaper advice as well as murdurous affairs, he is better to include her front the start when their planned weekend get-away goes wrong, than let her entangle herself trying to find answers without being noticed by [...]

    5. River City Dead is the first book I've read in this series.I was immediately hooked from the beginning. Aggie Mundeen is a fun character and I found her to be very believable.It's Fiesta Week in San Antonio and Aggie and her boyfriend Detective Sam are planning a weekend getaway.Unfortunately, things don't go as planned and when a questionable death interrupts their weekend, Aggie decides to do a bit investigating on her own.It seems a particular group of women are being targeted and Aggie is de [...]

    6. Another Aggie Mundeen escapade as she helps SAPD find out whodunit - this time amidst the festivities of San Antonio's Fiesta celebration. Gives a good feel for the annual 2-week celebration in and around San Antonio, its Riverwalk, the Alamo and other downtown landmarks. Always fun to catch up with fun-loving Aggie!

    7. River City Dead by Nancy G. West is the fourth book in her Aggie Mundeen Mystery series. It is the first book in this series that I have read. Fortunately I wasn't lost reading it. I know in a perfect world we want to read a series from the beginning. however, as a book reviewer / blogger that seldom happens. It is always a concern when reading a book well into the series that you will be lost or fear that you won't be able to enjoy the story. HAVE NO FEAR because River City Dead is not like tha [...]

    8. ‘River City Dead’ by Nancy Glass WestPublished by Henry Press 17 January 2017. ISBN: 978-1-63511-133-0 Aggie Mundeen, she of the ‘Stay Young with Aggie’ column, has arranged a rendezvous with Detective Sam Vanderhoven at the San Antonio River Walk Hotel. They have booked the penthouse suite, and Aggie is looking forward to a blissful crime free romantic long weekend. The news of the body of a dead girl found in their penthouse puts paid to Aggie’s romantic ideas.The girl is identified [...]

    9. (I am voluntarily reviewing this book)“Tell me your ideas. We can devise a plan together. Can I trust you to do that?” I looked at him dead on. “Yes.” “That way,” he said, “I can keep you safe.” “You want to keep me. Safe.”Aggie Mundeen is up to her eyeballs in yet another mystery. This one focuses on death at the San Antonio Riverwalk Fiesta celebration. She and Sam, her boyfriend, get quickly mixed up in what could turn out to be a dangerous situation for the entire communi [...]

    10. River City Dead by Nancy G. West is another exciting mystery. I cannot get enough of Nancy G. West's main character, Aggie Mundeen. She's an older woman, clever, clumsy, and lovable. I find her funny. There is never a boring moment where Aggie is found. Readers will be laughing-out-loud and enjoying this new tale. Danger, murder, and complications once more follow the star, Aggie Mundeen. Just when she should be enjoying herself with Detective Sam Vanderhoven, things go haywire. Murder, mayhem, [...]

    11. Aggie Mundeen is planning her first rendezvous with the love of her life, SAPD Detective Sam Vanderhoven. He's gotten them a suite at a San Antonio River Walk hotel during Fiesta Week when everything will be festive, noisy and fun. The only problem is there's a dead body in the suite they were supposed to have, and there's not another one available in the entire city. So Aggie and Sam, who's involved in the case now, have to make do in separate cubbyholes until the case is solved.While Sam wants [...]

    12. Setting is extremely important in River City Dead. The title refers to San Antonio, TX, and the story focuses on the River Walk there during Fiesta week. The author has done her homework in researching the historical and cultural background, and a lot of it is shared with the reader as Aggie, the heroine of this cozy mystery, takes her boyfriend Sam on a tour of the River Walk area. Some readers may feel the inclusion of this much background is too pedantic, but I enjoyed and appreciated it.Aggi [...]

    13. It is Fiesta time in San Antonio and Aggie and Sam have planned a getaway to reconnect and stabilize their relationship. The getaway is supposed to remove them from the day-to-day routine and get them out of the line of crime solving, if only for a few days. Staying at the hotel is a group of women known as the Fabulous Femmes. When one of the Fabulous Femmes is found murdered in her penthouse suite, all thoughts of Sam and Aggie's rendezvous are pushed to the back burner. As Sam and Aggie work [...]

    14. Finding a body in your hotel room on the first night out with your boyfriend is not a good sign But Aggie and Sam, instead of returning home, they decided to investigate the murder and try to enjoy the Fiesta! Will they succeed and enjoy a little bit of couple time? Start reading to discover it!This is the second book I have read of Aggie Mundeen Mysteries, and I have to say Aggie has grown with personality and confidence. She knows what she wants, doesn't doubt to investigate a murder or try to [...]

    15. Naturally, I was drawn to a new Aggie Mundeen mystery (Book 4), River City Dead. Cozy mysteries can be delightful. And while I'm normally not a mystery reader, this one set in is set in my hometown San Antonio, Texas. Author Nancy West will have you rolling with laughter from the very first pages. It opens with Aggie browsing the Romance section of a local bookstore. The descriptions of the covers of the “bodice rippers” portend the fun to come. While it's contradictory to speak of murder st [...]

    16. I just love the gently age-obsessed/advice columnist character Aggie Muldeen. She's so human and relatable and you just find yourself cheering for her. Another short delay on the way to romance with Sam in what should be the perfect setting at the San Antonio River Walk, but as usual crime finds Aggie without her even trying and sends her off on a detour. These books make me laugh--I was laughing from the start at Aggie's trip to the bookstore where she is perusing the romance titles and ponderi [...]

    17. R E V I E WWest, Nancy G. RIVER CITY DEAD, Henery Publications, 228 pagesIf you have followed the rollicking adventures of Aggie Mundeen through FIT TO BE DEAD, DANG NEAR DEAD, AND SMART BUT DEAD, there is a treat in store for you when you pick up the latest—RIVER CITY DEAD. Nancy West brings back Aggie, who has moved to San Antonio, Texas. Aggie and her man, Sam Vanderhoven have known each other for many years off and on. Now their friendship has blossomed and they are planning to celebrate d [...]

    18. River City Dead sees Aggie Mundeen and her beau, Sam, SAPD detective attempting to have a romantic get away.The only problem is that when Sam gets to the hotel there's a dead body there and all hopes for getting their relationship off to a romantic start are pretty much put to an end to that.When the dead girl happens to be someone Aggie knows she has to help with the investigation. Aggie is getting really smart in her investigation.She really finds some great ways to get information on Monica P [...]

    19. This was a fun cozy mystery that was set on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. It was like taking a vacation while reading a mystery. I love the Riverwalk and have been there several times.This mystery took place during Fiesta. Aggie's friends are holding a convention and Sam is there as a detective because there has been a murder in the penthouse. Aggie wants so bad to help Sam, but she knows Sam hates for her to get involved. Of course, Aggie can't help it, she just wants to help.A fun, entertainin [...]

    20. Aggie and Sam do have trouble getting together. Their vacation on the San Antonio River Walk is no vacation. I have visited the River Walk. I wish I had read this book first. Lots of interesting information along with the mystery. Nice addition to the series. The publisher provided an advance reader copy via NetGalley. I look forward to reading more about Aggie and Sam.

    21. Aggie is excited but nervous. Her boyfriend Sam has booked a suite in a hotel right on San Antonio’s River Walk during Fiesta Week. This is the first time they are going to actually spend the weekend together. Aggie cares for Sam and wants to be with him, but this is the first time she’ll actually be spending a night with a man since her ex, whom she refers to as Lester the Louse.Sam is nothing like Lester. He is a San Antonio police detective. The bad news is Aggie keeps sticking her nose i [...]

    22. Title: River City Dead - Aggie Mundeen Mystery Book 4Author: Nancy G WestPublisher: Henery PressPublished: 1-17-2017Pages: 224Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & SuspenseSub-Genre: Amateur Sleuths; Cozy Mystery; Women SleuthsISBN: 9781635111330ASIN: B01MA6NALNReviewed For NetGalley and Henery PressReviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.5 StarsAggie Muldeen, an advice columnist is just beginning to settle in San Antonio, TX. even as a romance between herself and Detective Sam Vanderhoven grows. The have plans to [...]

    23. This is the 4th book in a wonderful cozy series (Aggie Mundeen Mystery). Aggie and Sam are finally getting together for a weekend getaway during San Antonio Fiesta week. When Sam gets to the hotel to check in they find a dead body in their suite. The hotel is also taken over by the the Fabulous Femmes, a philanthropic group that likes to party. Murder has a way of interfering in the best laid plans and Sam and Aggie must improvise before she ends up dead in the river. You don't need to read the [...]

    24. A cozy mystery that takes place in San Antonio during Fiesta reminiscent of my cozy mystery, The Purple Egg Mystery, which also takes place in San Antonio during Fiesta. Nancy West's character is unpredictable, likeable and fun.

    25. ****Copy from NetGalley in return for an honest review****It pains me to say that I didn't like this, but I didn't. I can see that a lot of other people have liked it, but it just didn't work for me. Maybe it was because I hadn't read the other books in the series, but I didn't warm to the characters, who seemed quite erratic and irrational at times - with Aggie straying into Too Stupid to Live territory in places. The dialogue didn't always flow and when the characters were walking around the t [...]

    26. This is a great book; this is the fourth book in the Aggie Mundeen Mystery series written by Nancy West. Advice columnist Aggie Mundeen and SAPD Detective Sam Vanderhoven plan their first rendezvous at a San Antonio River Walk hotel during Fiesta Week—sumptuous sights, sounds, and festivities in the middle of America’s Venice. A vacation from crime and a reset for their tumultuous relationship. But murder descends on the Casa Prima Hotel. Disturbing revelations surface about the Fabulous Fem [...]

    27. I enjoyed this book months ago, but my review went to . Now here's one for . Nancy G. West expertly presents San Antonio's Fiesta time and River Walk blended with a murder. Aggie and Sam blend their expertise after following many false leads in a breathless climax, a happy solution. We learn a lot about San Antonio's history along the way, a bevy of new characters, and a most ingenious method of committing murder. I highly recommend this book as relaxing and enjoyable reading.

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