Debris Dreams

Debris Dreams The year The place Sun Earth Lagrange Point L million kilometers above the surface of the Earth The objective Survive Sixteen year old Drusilla Zhao lives in the Hub a space station used b

  • Title: Debris Dreams
  • Author: David Colby
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The year 2067 The place Sun Earth Lagrange Point L1, 1.5 million kilometers above the surface of the Earth The objective Survive Sixteen year old Drusilla Zhao lives in the Hub, a space station used by the Chinese American Alliance as a base to exploit Luna s resources Desperate to break free of the Alliance, a terrorist group from the Moon destroys the space elevatoThe year 2067 The place Sun Earth Lagrange Point L1, 1.5 million kilometers above the surface of the Earth The objective Survive Sixteen year old Drusilla Zhao lives in the Hub, a space station used by the Chinese American Alliance as a base to exploit Luna s resources Desperate to break free of the Alliance, a terrorist group from the Moon destroys the space elevator, space s highway to Earth In a flash, Dru s parents are dead and she is cut off from her girlfriend Sarah on Earth The Alliance declares war against the Moon, conscripting Dru and all the youth of the Hub Dru is forced to become a soldier fighting in the lethal vacuum of space Can Dru survive lunar terrorist attacks and find her way home to Sarah

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    1. So come on now, admit it. You've always felt, deep down inside, that the one thing that science fiction was still missing, egregiously so, was a good and thorough discussion of the pressure differential implications of farting in a spacesuit.Problem. Solved.David Colby's debut novel, Debris Dreams has such a discussion, and much, much more to offer the young adult or the supposedly grown-up science fiction aficionado, and plenty to offer the more casual reader as well. Colby has packed a primer [...]

    2. Dude, I can't believe you used sandcasters! No wonder David Colby has been contracted to write Traveller fanfic.So here is my problem with Debris Dreams. It is everything I like in a SF juvenile. It's got action, hard SF, and a fun-but-serious space-based story in a zippy plot. And it's also got that all-important quality the kids love nowadays, inclusiveness. Which I think is totally cool. Yes, please, show more girls doing stuff, and gay people existing, and reminders that "spacefaring technol [...]

    3. Remember when I reviewed Katya's World and complained that there wasn’t stuff like this when I was growing up? Add David Colby’s Debris Dreams to the list of “WTF, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?” books.How to describe it? Part Ender’s Game, part Firefly – not the hardest of sf, but no pandering to young readers either. This was one of my Read-a-Thon books, so I kind of zoomed through it, but I knew I would going in. I’ve only been waiting for this book to come out since I first h [...]

    4. Full disclosure. My son is the author. I have reviewed multiple drafts and still got caught up in the story when reading the galley proofs. Enjoyable space opera. Debris Dreams will be published Nov 13, 2012.You can support the print-run on Kickstarter (and order a paper copy if you prefer that over the eBook version):kickstarter/projects/c And now the book is available at the publisher or your favorite eBook vendor. Buy it, you'll like it.

    5. 3.5 stars.One of the most attractive sub-genres of science fiction is the plausible, just-over-the-next-hill narrative of extrapolating what we have now into what should/might/will come next, and David Colby's solid Freshman effort positions itself nicely in this orbit. It's the 2060s – humans have colonised the moon, reached Mars in a perfunctory, Apollo-esque "been there, done that" manner and are slowly building a network of function-specific space habitats. Getting to this point has been t [...]

    6. What we expected from Debris Dreams was an action-packed thriller filled with intense combat scenes and a whole lot of emotional trauma, because the setting’s in a warzone and it’s nearly impossible to escape it unscathed without any emotional or psychological repercussions. What we got was a whole lot of information dumps, confusing world building, uninteresting characters, and a rather confusing flow of events.The story is told in Dru's voice. She's a proclaimed lesbian living in space who [...]

    7. This book was awesome. The world building was so great, and very believable and interesting. I didn't find myself rolling my eyes at it, which is lovely. I really liked Dru as a character, and though the science was a bit hard, I wasn't bored at all. Can't wait for any follow ups!

    8. Although I typically like sci-fi dystopian fiction, I often struggle with things related to space. I often find the plots to involve too much science, the storyline to be too far from anything that could ever happen and the characters to be far from relatable. That was not the case with this one, friends.Instead, you find a character in her late teens with a spot on voice. Colby is almost at the “John Green Level” where he understands how teens think and talk and can put that onto paper. The [...]

    9. Debris Dreams by David Colby starts in a place where I don’t often find myself: the future world of space. The story begins with Drusilla Zhao (Dru), a girl living over one million kilometers above the surface of Earth, video-chatting with her Earther girlfriend, Sarah. While they are talking, a disaster occurs that shatters the lives of people in both space and on Earth. Both Dru and readers quickly learn that the disaster was caused by a radical group of settlers on the moon, using violence [...]

    10. Debris Dreams is a traditional scifi story set far in the future, when the USA and China have basically joined forces to be one country. Other state entities have gotten together to make other national powers, but The Chinese-American Alliance is by far the most powerful. Our hero, Drusilla "Dru" Xao is a teenager, born on a space station, to engineer parents whom she has not seen in person for 10 years because they work someplace else. A terrorist attack kills a lot of folks, including her pare [...]

    11. Drusilla Xao has lived her entire life in space. Her parents have told her all about Earth and she's yearned to see it with her very eyes some day. That desire has not been dampened, yet she wonders if she'll ever get to know what it's like to live on the planet itself. Granted, she knows it's wishful thinking, but she can't help but to fantasize what life down there is like.An unexpected attack on the colony by a rogue faction cuts off her only chance to make it to Earth. They've also taken her [...]

    12. I always feel weird when someone I highly respect loans me a book that they really enjoyed and Ididn't so much.Regardless.I didn't like this book because I didn't feel like I knew any of the characters or what was going on at any point. Disclaimer: that could have been my fault. I suspect that I may have read too many books of the same-ish genre in a row and by the time I got to this book I just wasn't feeling it anymore. But I don't think that's the whole story here.The action starts on page on [...]

    13. In year 2068 Drusilla Xao's hopes of reaching Earth, where she has never been, are jeopardized when a terrorist group destroys the space elevator Earth to the moon--this means instant war and Drusilla is forced to take part. Despite catching my interest via book description, Debris Dreams barely kept my interest long enough to finish it because of flat characters whose survival didn't particularly matter to me and clunky world-building which didn't quite convince me. That said, the book could sa [...]

    14. There was something wonderful about this book. It rang true with a possible future- one that I don't think I'd want to be a part of. I loved how David developed his characters.Dru is an amazing girl with a whole crap-load of the universe dumping on her. But she handles it great! She doesn't break and end up in Heaven - which, by the way, is an awesome name for such a place. This girl rolls with the punches, and isn't afraid to give some back. Her relationship with Sarah is her anchor which seems [...]

    15. Debris Dreams is a futuristic young adult novel set in space. The story follows Dru, a teenage spacer girl who finds herself conscripted into military service after an act of terrorism launches a war involving moon colonists, spacers, and people on Earth. Author David Colby has created an intricate setting with vivid details about life in space, and has clearly spent a serious amount of time thinking about how the space environment could affect both daily life and combat. There’s a smattering [...]

    16. Debris Dreams is an enjoyable early work which manages to avoid many of the pitfalls commonly found in both science fiction and books aimed at young adults. It is not perfect, with some underdeveloped interactions and inconsistency in event density, but it is a highly recommendable book with good ideas and better heart.Drusilla Xao is just a Spacer in orbit, pressed into military service following the destruction of the space elevator by Lunar Separatists. One girl, her form in space, far from h [...]

    17. The most remarkable thing about Debris Dreams is its realism. Dru, the main character, is a teen girl trapped on the Hub between Earth and the Moon and forced to join the military and defend both from a violent separatist group. Author David Colby manages a difficult balance between detailed near-future aeronautic science and believable emotional nuances in his characters. It's a tricky and rare feat, and all the while Colby offers a high-impact tale of adventure, terror, and even humor. Highly [...]

    18. I really kind of hated the CAA, for conscripting teenagers, they really shouldn't have had any right to do that. And from what I read, the Loonies had a point, they just went about it in the worst way possible. Really enjoyed this book!

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