Poe: Stories and Poems: A Graphic Novel Adaptation by Gareth Hinds

Poe Stories and Poems A Graphic Novel Adaptation by Gareth Hinds In a thrilling adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe s best known works acclaimed artist adapter Gareth Hinds translates Poe s dark genius into graphic novel format It is true that I am nervous But why will

  • Title: Poe: Stories and Poems: A Graphic Novel Adaptation by Gareth Hinds
  • Author: Gareth Hinds
  • ISBN: 9780763681128
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In a thrilling adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe s best known works, acclaimed artist adapter Gareth Hinds translates Poe s dark genius into graphic novel format It is true that I am nervous But why will you say that I am mad In The Cask of Amontillado, a man exacts revenge on a disloyal friend at carnival, luring him into catacombs below the city In The Masque of the RIn a thrilling adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe s best known works, acclaimed artist adapter Gareth Hinds translates Poe s dark genius into graphic novel format It is true that I am nervous But why will you say that I am mad In The Cask of Amontillado, a man exacts revenge on a disloyal friend at carnival, luring him into catacombs below the city In The Masque of the Red Death, a prince shielding himself from plague hosts a doomed party inside his abbey stronghold A prisoner of the Spanish Inquisition, faced with a swinging blade and swarming rats, can t see his tormentors in The Pit and the Pendulum, and in The Tell Tale Heart, a milky eye and a deafening heartbeat reveal the effects of conscience and creeping madness Alongside these tales are visual interpretations of three poems The Raven, The Bells, and Poe s poignant elegy to lost love, Annabel Lee The seven concise graphic narratives, keyed to thematic icons, amplify and honor the timeless legacy of a master of gothic horror.

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    1. Hinds is one of the premier graphic adaptors of great literature for young people. Here he adapts the core of stories and poems from Poe most children read in school, so it's good for helping us see the horror Poe intends, dark, swirling art to get at the dark emotions Poe explores. Included: Masque of the Read Death, The Cask of Amontillado, Annabel Lee, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Bells, the Raven with a concluding illustrator/adaptor's note on Poe and the lit included. [...]

    2. I never turn down a good excuse to pick up a story or two of Poe's, and this collection has the utmost horror classics, naturally: The Masque of the Red Death, The Cask of Amontillado, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Bells, Annabel Lee, and The Raven. The artwork in this adaptation is gorgeous and feels so fitting to Poe's particular brand of horror, as it's understated yet gruesome. I am definitely interested in picking up a hard copy of this adaptation in the future, and can [...]

    3. Edgar Allen Poe has always been one of my favorite authors. This collection of Poe's Stories and Poems are adapted to the comic medium by Gareth Hinds. Hinds, in the past, has done creditable adaptions of other classic tales. For the most part this continues in this volume dedicated to Poe.Generally speaking I am not a fan of abridged versions of tales, unless you're a child, as it distorts the author's original ideas to make room for modern sensibilities. For the most part, this edition does th [...]

    4. The stories included in this book are: The Masque of the Red Death, The Cask of Amontillado, The Pit and the Pendulum, and The Tell-Tale Heart. The poems included in this book are: Annabel Lee, The Bells and The Raven. Amazing illustrations! Even if you've already read these stories and poems by Poe you really need to take the time and read them with the visual delight that is Gareth Hinds' illustrations. I'm not going to review any of the stories or poems here because I have read them all befor [...]

    5. Poe: Stories and Poems: A Graphic Novel Adaptation by Gareth HindsStar Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 starsFormat: ebook galleySummary: A selection of short stories and poems by Edgar Allan Poe presented in graphic novel form. Review: I received an advanced galley copy of this book from NetGalley for review. I love the gothic genre, and really no one author encapsulates that genre quite like Edgar Allan Poe. So I was pretty interested in a graphic novel using his stories. I wasn't sure how it would [...]

    6. I can’t rave enough about this graphic novel. The artwork is beautiful and the style changes for each work to perfectly fit the mood. It’s an excellent introduction to Poe’s works for the younger set and even includes a theme guide at the beginning of each work. In the back is a piece on each story or poem that gives vital information into both its creation and Poe’s life in general. I can’t recommend this enough!Five enthusiastic stars.This unbiased review is based upon a complimentar [...]

    7. Warning: I will admit I have not read a lot of Poe's prose work (though I definitely intend to and I have read The Tell-Tale Heart and The Raven before) so if you want to know how true to the original material this comic is, I honestly don't really know.What's it about?This is a collection of various Edgar Allen Poe stories told in comic book format.Pros:Most of the stories are fantastic!The art is just perfect for the story-telling.The tone of this book is really creepy and cool. Sometimes olde [...]

    8. This collection of Edgar Allan Poe stories and poems begins with The Masque of The Red Death. In this story, Prince Prospero has a party in his castle, so his friends can escape the red death that is happening in the city. He has 7 different rooms, each decorated in a different colour. But when the clock strikes 12, an unusual guest makes his way through each of the rooms to the Prince. This is a very illustrative tale, because of the colours in each room. I loved the way that the colours even r [...]

    9. Confession time. I kinda sorta maybe don't really like Edgar Allen Poe. As a self described fanatic for all things macabre I live in mortal terror of having my membership card in the freaky deaky we love dead things and sad poems club revoked entirely based on this fact.I just don't get him. All of his stuff sounds like a whiny emo boy and I always picture Kris Kattan's character Azriel from Saturday Night Live whenever I try to envision him. Like he's sitting at a rikkety wooden table writing b [...]

    10. So, Catherine became obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe at the very exact same age that I did while growing up. While we were in Philadelphia, we visited the National Park of one of his homes; we visited the home where he wrote The Tell-Tale Heart and The Black Cat, also the place where his wife died. Since being in that house, listening to a pretty scary rendition of The Black Cat and getting totally spooked because of an old A/C unit kicking on (we were in a back room, just Catherine, Charlotte, an [...]

    11. 'Poe: Stories and Poems' adapted and illustrated by Gareth Hinds is a pretty impressive work. I really liked the illustration as well as the adaptations.There are 7 stories and poems in this collection. They vary from the lesser known, like 'The Masque of the Red Death' and 'The Bells' to the more popular, like 'The Tell-Tale Heart' and 'The Raven.' The adaptations are superb, using Poe's own words. There is a key at the beginning of the book, so the reader will know if the story features things [...]

    12. I am an over the top Edgar Allan Poe fan. From Poe tattoos to a room in my home devoted to the man, I eat up everything that I can with his name upon it. When I saw this graphic novel of Poe's works available for early review, I knew I had to request it. Poe's work pairs beautifully with the visual design of this graphic novel. The images brilliantly portray the horror, despair, and Gothic feel of Poe's stories, as well as the sadness and longing of his poetry. Since "The Cask of Amontillado" is [...]

    13. 4 StarsGareth Hinds's illustrations were definitely chilling enough to match Edgar Allan Poe's original tone. I also enjoyed the key at the beginning of each story which had a list of motifs to look out for in the particular passage. This is one of the better adaptations of Poe's work I have read, but it still doesn't quite live up to the standards that Poe set. Sorry, Hinds.

    14. This review can also be found on my blog: graphicnovelty2/2017/11/1I have been looking forward to this graphic novel adaptation by Gareth Hinds that recently came out, for his previous adaptions of classics such as Beowolf, Macbeth and The Odyssey have received rave reviews. I was not disappointed, although I didn’t feel it was a home run either.The Masque of the Red Death– Using vivid imagery, this story incorporates the theme of “death comes for us all” quite effectively.The Cask of Am [...]

    15. Seven of the master’s most famous works rendered in visual form. Being a huge Poe fan might skew my opinion, but since my very favorite story isn’t in here, I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Was going to try to keep my comments to just the graphic novel’s depiction, but as usual my questions about the stories crept in when I wasn’t looking.Masque of the Red Death:Starts, appropriately enough, with a depiction of what the plague does to a human body. This is easily the most colorful o [...]

    16. After tackling graphic novel adaptations of many classics such as Beowulf, The Odyssey, and various Shakespeare's plays, Gareth Hinds ambitiously takes on the challenge of reimagining the famous poems and stories of Edgar Allan Poe. The short stories in the graphic novel includes "The Masque of Red Death", "The Cask of Amontillado", "The Pit and the Pendulum", and the "The Tell-Tale Heart". Hinds also visualizes three of Poe's poems: Annabel Lee, The Raven, and The Bells. Before each story and p [...]

    17. Original de: El Blog del Gato - El Extraño Gato del CuentoLas ilustraciones de Gareth Hinds son bastante buenas, les dan vida y emoción extra a las historias, tanto así que algunas se me hicieron difícil de leer porque me generaban ansiedad, o sea, The Pit and the Pendulum fue demasiado para mí.Pero tengo que aceptar que Edgar Allan Poe no fue hecho para alguien como yoTwitter • Tumblr • Tvtime • • Instagram • Blog

    18. Four stories and three poems of Edgar Allan Poe are presented in graphic novel form in Gareth Hinds' newest adaptation of classic literature. Detailed mixed media illustrations rely on dark colors and deep shadows to produce a satisfyingly creepy effect. I especially enjoyed the visuals for "The Telltale Heart." The reader can watch the smug murderer lose his composure and descend into insanity before their eyes. Another clever touch is Hinds' "Poe Checklist", which is a list of twelve themes pr [...]

    19. Poe: Stories and Poems is a graphic novel adaptation of seven works by Edgar Allen Poe. Most of these stories and poems will be familiar to readers, yet even as a first introduction to Poe, it is great. Hinds has added depth and details to these vivid tales and brings them to life beyond a personal imagination. The author mentions that the original narrators are not described and encourages readers to think of their own narrators while enjoying his version. A great book for readers new to Poe or [...]

    20. I loved this. The artwork is gorgoeus and well suited to each story and poem selected. There are helpful footnotes to explain classical references and different spellings without taking you out of the story. The index even has a guide explaining what goes on each story like scary noises or guilty consciences, as both a trigger warning and indicating themes and motifs. Highly recommended.

    21. I already loved stories by Poe, but seeing it in the format, all dark and eerie rather than just seeing the words on a page made for an astounding reading experience.I will definitely be buying this when it comes out. Thanks to Netgalley for the review copy!

    22. Gareth Hinds brings to visual life seven of Edgar Allan Poe's short stories and poems in graphic novel format. Some of them are very well known, others are more obscure. Included in this collection are: "The Masque of the Red Death," "The Cask of Amontillado," "Annabel Lee," "The Pit and the Pendulum," "The Tell-Tale Heart," "The Bells," and "The Raven." At the start of each story or poem, Hinds highlights Poe's favorite themes which are displayed in that story or poem with symbols he gives a gu [...]

    23. Last week, to honor him on his 209th birthday January 19th, we read Poe: Stories and Poems, a Graphic Novel Adaptation by Gareth Hinds. I still remember the thrill of reading The Tell-Tale Heart when I was in 5th or 6th grade, and I couldn't get enough Poe after that. I was curious to see how my young readers would react to this graphic work about some of Poe's more famous stories. They loved this book and now I have a list of kids who want to borrow it it reread. I think, Poe's horror is so muc [...]

    24. My crush on Gareth Hinds continues with this lovely and horrific retelling of some of my all-time favorite Poe texts. I remember reading Poe throughout my academic career. And loving his morbid slices of life and death. The Poe horror of my childish imagination are amplified here by Hinds’s sumptuous illustrations. Reading this collection, I feel both haunted and at home - a distinctly Poe-specific combination for me.

    25. When I began to think how to review Gareth Hinds’s unusual rendition of Poe: Stories and Poems, I thought of the old bridal tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. The old was obvious since Hinds takes the classic poems and short stories of Edgar Allan Poe for his graphic representations. Poe lived from 1809-1849 so there’s no question that these creations written more than a hundred years ago are aged. The new is what he does with them. As he adds [...]

    26. When anyone mentions Gothic Horror, I think of macabre and Edgar Allan Poe. And, Gareth Hinds has translated Poe’s work into 7 graphic narratives in this classic graphic novel format. Gareth is certainly great at drawing disturbing scenes and anguished subjects. The illustrations for the cover and each narrative are created differently. In additional to digital, we see watercolor, ink, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, and pastel and color pencil. The use of light throughout the narratives was awesom [...]

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