Fifty Years of 60 Minutes: The Inside Story of Television’s Most Influential News Broadcast

Fifty Years of Minutes The Inside Story of Television s Most Influential News Broadcast The ultimate inside story of Minutes the program that has tracked and shaped the biggest moments in post war American history From its almost accidental birth in Minutes has set the stand

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  • Title: Fifty Years of 60 Minutes: The Inside Story of Television’s Most Influential News Broadcast
  • Author: Jeff Fager
  • ISBN: 9781501135804
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The ultimate inside story of 60 Minutes, the program that has tracked and shaped the biggest moments in post war American history.From its almost accidental birth in 1968, 60 Minutes has set the standard for broadcast journalism, joining us in our living rooms each Sunday night to surprise us about the world The show has profiled every major leader, artist, and movement oThe ultimate inside story of 60 Minutes, the program that has tracked and shaped the biggest moments in post war American history.From its almost accidental birth in 1968, 60 Minutes has set the standard for broadcast journalism, joining us in our living rooms each Sunday night to surprise us about the world The show has profiled every major leader, artist, and movement of the past five decades, perfecting the news making interview and inventing the groundbreaking TV expose From legendary sit downs with Richard Nixon in 1968 in which he promised to restore respect to the presidency and Bill Clinton in 1992 after the first revelations of infidelity to landmark investigations into the tobacco industry, Lance Armstrong s doping, and the torture of prisoners in Abu Ghraib, the broadcast has not just reported on our world but changed it too.Now, Executive Producer Jeff Fager pulls back the curtain on how this remarkable journalism is done, taking the reader into the editing room with the show s brilliant producers and beloved correspondents, including hard charging Mike Wallace, writer s writer Morley Safer, soft but tough Ed Bradley, relentless Lesley Stahl, ace interviewer Charlie Rose, tireless Anderson Cooper, intrepid Scott Pelley, and illuminating storyteller Steve Kroft He details the decades of human drama that have made the show s success possible the ferocious and encouraged competition between correspondents, the door slamming, the risk taking, and the pranks Fager takes on the program s mistakes and describes what it learned from them Above all, he reveals the essential tenets that have never changed why founder Don Hewitt believed hearing a story is important than seeing it, why the small picture is the best way to illuminate a larger one, and why the most memorable stories are almost always those with a human being at the center.At once a sweeping portrait of fifty years of American cultural history and an intimate look at how the news gets made, Fifty Years of 60 Minutes shares the secret of what s made the nation s favorite TV program exceptional for all these years.

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    1. Fifty Years of 60 Minutes: The Inside Story of Television's Most Influential News Broadcast by Jeff Fager is a 2017 Simon & Schuster publication. Informative, interesting and nostalgic.60 Minutes first aired in 1968, and incredibly, is still broadcast today. So, what is the secret to its longevity? The journalists have been top notch from the beginning to present day. The stories are controversial, hard hitting, have exposed scams and enormous scandals, but also made room for satire, humor, [...]

    2. 60 Minutes was a staple in my house growing up in a time with limited television options, often dependent upon how well the antenna was working. Back then there was one tv and we kids had to watch whatever our parents were watching or find something else to do. In the days before news networks and round the clock news coverage, the nightly local news was 30 minutes long and largely acceptable to watch as a family. 60 Minutes rounded out our news and views of the world, supplemented by Jacques Co [...]

    3. "'Wille Nelson?' Mike said in disgust. 'Willie Nelson? I said Winnie and Nelson--as in Mandela!' And then with real attitude he snapped, 'Heard of them?' He ended with a classic Mike Wallace line: 'Excuse me, I didn't realize I had wandered into the toy department.' Mike then left the office and, walking down the hall, shouted back to Josh, 'Good luck with your next career move!'"60 Minutes first aired in 1968, a year for news if ever there was one. It was brilliantly conceived as a television n [...]

    4. Growing up in the sixties and seventies, 60 Minutes was a rarely missed broadcast in our house. That, and NFL football, the Tonight Show, Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, Walt Disney's Wonderful World, Lawrence Welk, Carol Burnett, and Mother's daytime soaps: General Hospital and As The World Turns. Not a bad way to grow up, watching television with the family, discussing current events, imaging magical worlds, laughing, singing. Over the years, I've also made time to tune in to the news show. So [...]

    5. Five decades of 60 Minutes in 300 pages - that's a sprint! I was in high school when the series began, so this retrospective covers all my adult life and brings back lots of memories. My beef with this is that was too short. Surely 100 pages per decade would not have been too much. As it was, each story, or personality, or mistake, or triumph was mentioned briefly and then left behind as the next story was again briefly covered. But it was fun and quick to read.

    6. Fifty years is a long time. In TV time, it’s an enternity.The book is a good read in part because the TV show has served us well over the half century. It’s also a good read because the book covers so many different pieces of US and world-wide issues and people. The pictures alone make the book worthwhile.

    7. This is a great summary of the last 50 years of 60 minutes. There is obviously not enough space for a lot of in-depth retelling of any of the segments. There are tons of pictures! I rented a hard copy from the library and I'm glad I did because of the pictures.

    8. As a baby-boomer, a good majority of us grew up watching 60 Minutes, this is an excellent retrospective of their 50 years.

    9. Stories, details, gossip verified, the backroom details of one of my favorite shows. I was captivated from the first page, took it on the treadmill and kept going through the first three chapters. My legs were crying but I was entertained. The format is also interesting--narrative, then actual excerpts of shows, mixed with pictures and other tidbits. I wish more non-fiction books were structured this way, but I suspose one should expect the best form the producer of 60 minutes (Fager is the prod [...]

    10. A decade by decade look at "60 Minutes," with lots of short transcripts from many episodes. I recommend it to anyone who likes "behind the scenes" books. This book sent me back to watching the show again, after a 10-15 year hiatus, as well as searching out segments on Youtube. I was surprised at how many of the shows I remembered. My only criticism is that I wish it had spent more time on the earlier decades, but I guess it only makes sense that the author spends most of the book on the years th [...]

    11. An engaging read about the history and impact of the 60 Minutes program. Unfortunately it is written by the shows current producer so it tends to emphasize the high points and gets really defensive about the low points of the show's output. Nevertheless it was fun to revisit those stories that had a lasting impact to the national dialogue, and to learn more about the personalities involved (Andy Rooney suffered from dementia towards the end of his career and kept forgetting he planned to retire) [...]

    12. The history of 60 Minutes came to life in this book with stories of shows that were produced, with descriptions of the reporters, writers, and producers, and with loads of pictures. Most interesting to me was the author’s frank and friendly expression of the characteristics and personalities of the interviewers we have seen for years. They are and were interesting people who knew how to make the stories they discovered fascinating and insightful to us. Of course, the book itself wouldn’t be [...]

    13. This is an entertaining history of the program, especially if you're a "60 Minutes" fan, abundantly laced with pictures of the show's correspondents, producers, and subjects (interviewees). Because "60 Minutes" has dealt with many, if not most, of the key issues and events since 1968, it is also a kind of history of the past half century. An easy but worthwhile read.

    14. What an amazing insight into a show that I have followed off and on for, well for fifty years! I had forgotten some of the correspondents that have been on it over the years and it was interesting to read about them early in their careers.

    15. Terrific read. I was given the advance reader copy by a sales rep and both my husband and I read it. We are fans of "60 Minutes" and watch often. Jeff Fager's commentary on the producers and influential reporters on the show were wonderful to learn. The good and the bad.

    16. Brought back programs I remember and new ones with some behind the scenes tidbits.Lots of good pictures. Very enjoyable.

    17. I won this book through a Giveaway. I really enjoyed reading the stories about 60 minutes and the people involved with the show.

    18. I first gave this 5 stars, because it was a rather quick and fun read. Then subsequently read a book on 60 minutes written by David Blum (and published BEFORE this book), and I realized a whole bunch of this book’s content (including excerpts of interviews of interest) seems to have been lifted from the Blum book. So I dropped my rating for this book from a 5 to a 3.

    19. I love 60 Minutes and this book turned out to be much better romp than I thought it would be. Written by insider Jeff Fager, a longtime producer for the show, it catapults into the highlights and lowlights of the decades long show. From its early stumbling of Don Hewitt not supporting his female journalists time with her child (Meredith Veira) to its many life changing stories, including some who got innocent people out of jail and sent guilty people to jail, its strength continues on. Mike Wall [...]

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