Di Marcello's Secret Son

Di Marcello s Secret Son The challenge to leave your billionaire lifestyle behind for two weeks Italian tycoon Antonio Di Marcello relishes a challenge but running into Sadie Parker while undercover as a mechanic rocks him to

  • Title: Di Marcello's Secret Son
  • Author: Rachael Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780373060641
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • The challenge to leave your billionaire lifestyle behind for two weeks Italian tycoon Antonio Di Marcello relishes a challenge but running into Sadie Parker while undercover as a mechanic rocks him to the core Four years after their fevered fling stripped away his iron guard, he s confronted with the shocking consequencesSadie gave up hope on her desperate attThe challenge to leave your billionaire lifestyle behind for two weeks Italian tycoon Antonio Di Marcello relishes a challenge but running into Sadie Parker while undercover as a mechanic rocks him to the core Four years after their fevered fling stripped away his iron guard, he s confronted with the shocking consequencesSadie gave up hope on her desperate attempts to contact Antonio Now she has to face the day she s both dreaded and longed for Yet Antonio s claim over her and her son is hard to resist especially because he ll use a sensual onslaught to get what he wants

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    1. 3 Stars!This was an okay read for me, there is a great story here, but it gets lost a little in the choppy writing and unclear indications as to what is happening at points. Sadie fell pregnant with Antonio’s child after one wild weekend together; he was betrothed to another, and left her after that weekend for his familial duties."We have a past…"Four years on Antonio finds out he is a father, and after two weeks working incognito in the garage Sadie works at as a challenge from an old frie [...]

    2. The heroine Sadie was a strong young woman who didn't take shit from Antonio. I didn't like Antonio all that much because he put his "duty", to his F up parents ( who didn't even love him ) and his lesbian best friend Eloisa, before his love for Sadie. What kind of man marries a woman in order to be her "beard" ? His parents were snobbish assholes, Eloisa was a selfish c***t for wanting to have her girlfriend and also have a husband to use as a shield to hide her lesbianism from the public. I am [...]

    3. Di Marcello’s Secret Son by Rachael Thomas is one of a series involving four men, members of an extreme sports club, of whom one of their number has already found his match and wishes to see his friends happy as well. That man, Sebastien, dares his equally wealthy and powerful friends Antonio, Stavros and Alejandro to live incognito for two weeks without revealing their true identities. If they all succeed, he’s promised to fund a search and rescue foundation, dear to all their hearts after [...]

    4. Heroine was cold and bitter and she held onto her grudges fiercely. Her anger and resentment towards the hero was just too much. I like my heroines sweet and vulnerable. Sadly this heroine ruined a well written book for me. Also for those who care sex scenes were lame.

    5. Rachael Thomas is not an author that I am familiar with, but I will remember her work after this book. It was a great “secret baby”, “unrequited love”, “alpha-a**hole” story. The H is a billionaire who is challenged to live for two weeks as a regular guy. He take a job as a mechanic in Milan and on his first day see’s the one woman he regretted walking away from. She see’s him but doesn’t recognize him in his disguise of a beard, a hat and some dirty work clothes. He soon learn [...]

    6. Adult romance novels are a guilty pleasure of mine. I now that there are problems with some of them and that most contain love at first sight (which I usually hate), but there's just something about these novels that is so addicting.I enjoy romance novels where the girl is hard to get throughout at least half of the novel and it seems more realistic instead of falling for the guy the minute you see him. Does that even happen in real life, is that even possible? Also, I've noticed that the couple [...]

    7. This is a story of friends, friends who are billionaires they are set a challenge from another friend and this challenge sends them on a journey to perhaps find happiness and love and first of we have Antonio Di Marcello he is going to be undercover working in a garage in Milan, this brings him back in contact with the only woman English girl Sadie Parker, that he has ever felt anything for, this journey is going to take him and Sadie on an up and down sensual ride that will keep you turning the [...]

    8. Di Marcello's Secret Son (The Secret Billionaires #1) by Rachael ThomasAntonio Di Marcello loves a good challenge and when presented with one that means he leaves his billionaire lifestyle behind, his credit cards, and his name behind for 2 weeks he does it. He walks into what will be his home for 2 weeks and finds different clothes, an older styled cell phone with a few preset phone numbers and what his job will be for the time frame. He shows up with his new look and starts are the mechanic wh [...]

    9. First book of what I believe will be an amazing series.  The Secret Billionaire's a trilogy about best friends who love the life of extremes.  All billionaires in their own right and all up to any challenge .  Antonio is the first of the friends that is presented with a challenge to leave behind his billionaires life style for 2 weeks,a life without credit cards and all the trappings of wealth he is given a different name and changes his appearance.  First day on the job as a mechanic he [...]

    10. Di Marcello’s Secret Son by Rachael Thomas is the first in The Secret Billionaires series. In this series, three friends are challenged by their group’s founder to go undercover for two weeks. Giving up their names, credit cards and power they must go where Sebastien sends them or lose their favourite toys. This book kicks it off with a bang! When Antonio Di Marcello is sent undercover, he discovers that the challenge is not as simple as it seems. He encounters a previous lover, one he has n [...]

    11. SUPRISE !!!!!!THIS is my first book of RACHEL THOMAS ' ! I found this very explosive in emotions of two people that had once shared something very intimate and gained something so precious out of it. Antonio Di Marcello was one of three friends that were quite the Charmer and very very rich. So, the three got together and made a choice to give it all up for 2 weeks. No money, no credit cards, and NO NOTHING. Toni Adessi, aka. Antonio changed his name to fit his new lifestyle only to find out the [...]

    12. Antonio Di Marcello accepts the challenge of his friend Sebastian. To leave his life, wealth, and the rich trappings he is used to behind or two weeks. To find what money can not buy. Undercover as Toni Adessi, he gets to get down and dirty working on cars and engines. Not the normal pastime of a billionaire, but a task he intends to succeed at. Until he discovers that the brief weekend fling he had just before he married is working at the same garage. And she has a son. One with his eyes.Sadie [...]

    13. I love the concept behind Di Marcello’s Secret Son by Rachael Thomas, the first book in The Secret Billionaire series. It is a fresh, satisfying story and the entertainment level will leave you awed a good way! The author leads you on a riveting journey from chapter one with picturesque prose and scintillating passion simmering between the pages. Of the two main characters, I found the hero to be my favorite. Antonio Di Marcello charmed me the moment he took up the ‘challenge’ which set hi [...]

    14. Di Marcello's Secret Son, Rachael ThomasReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre:  Romance, Women's FictionSo, every now and then I want a dip back to an old fashioned, easy to read romance, usually after reading several intense contemporary romances or a string of fantasy/paranormal. Its kind of like palate cleansing between courses, something fairly innocuous to clear the taste. This was just too innocuous though, too bland. I felt I was reading the same scenes over and over again. Sadie [...]

    15. Sebastien ,a self-made man, was almost lost in an avalanche in the Himalayas.His 3 friends- Antonio, Alejandro and Stavros, rescued him.Now happily married to Monika, he challenges the three men ,who have inherited their wealth.Sebastien dares them to live for two weeks without credit cards, smartphones, laptops etc and do a regular job.If they forfeit ,they are to part with something dear to them,if they win-Sebastien donates a huge sum to global search and rescue program.Antonio is the first.H [...]

    16. DI MARCELLO’S SECRET SON by author Rachael Thomas is a May 2017 release by Harlequin Present series. Antonio Di Marcello took the challenge thrown by his friends and took a job as undercover mechanic. What he hadn’t envisioned was coming face-to-face with Sadie Parker, with whom he’d had a scorching fling four years earlier. But now Sadie has a son. Would Antonio be able to recognize his own son? And what would Sadie say? Would she agree to letting Antonio meet her son? After all she had t [...]

    17. The gripping 1st book in The Secret Billionaire's series.I love Rachel Thomas's stories, they are written with such fun flair, emotional drama, wonderful locations and excitement of a fun and action-packed story.Di Marcello's Secret Son, just by the title you can work out the basic plot but the story packed in those few hundred pages makes for a fantastic story that i tried to read in one sitting, it was highly entertaining and the characters of the future stories were touched on enough that I c [...]

    18. Secret Son story-line. This book has a bit more of a complicated story, secret under cover work and her being unable to contact him.It's a good story the secret child has been re-hashed several times but the under cover adds something a little bit different.Antonio Di Marcello is dominant and arrogant and all about duty and family obligation. Sadie is hurt and desperate not to fall for Antonio again.As always is they had communicated they could have resolved things quicker.A good enough story.

    19. Di Marcello's Secret SonWhat starts off as a challenge between four friends evolves into one finding out he was a father to a son he knew nothing about. The couple had a weekend fling. In the end he left and within a few weeks he married. But the marriage only lasted a month. And the scandal that went with it lasted longer. He was to work like a regular guy for two weeks. He finds her working there also. Will she let him into her life again? What if her son? What if the challenge?

    20. I have enjoyed reading this book as part of the series of The Secret Billionaires. The premise is old friends casnnot go without taking high risks. One of the friends almost lost his life in an avalanche, has since married and settled down so he bets the other 3 that they cannot live for 2 weeks without their names or their wallets. This was a fun book as the friend set Antonio up as a mechanic with a prior flame. There is a happily ever after, but I really had trouble with the hero as he tried [...]

    21. Great way to spend an evening in lieu of TV and the first of a cute series. I enjoyed this book as pure escape from an exhausting day. Before the book starts, Antonio and Sadie had a passionate affair that resulted in her getting pregnant. He disappears back into his rich family and her efforts at informing him of his approaching fatherhood are thwarted by his cruel parents. As book starts, Antonio discovers the truth. Fireworks ensue.

    22. "Di Marcell's Secret Son (The Secret Billionaires #1) by Rachel Thomas is a wonderful, quick read. Antonio Di Marcello goes incognito for a friend as a mechanic for a friend. He runs into his past with Sadie Parker working at the same shop. Sadie tried to get a hold of Antonio a month after their relationship fizzled, but other people got in her way. When Antonio reveals himself to her she is the one with a surprise for him.

    23. I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review via Netgalley.Ah, Antonio Di Marcello, you annoyed me rather a lot at times with your selfishness. I enjoyed parts of this book, but despite knowing the hero's past he still behaved badly in the past and in the current of the story. Sadie tried to make the best of it for her son, but it was the attraction between them that both held them together and pulled them apart, so much so it was hard to see the romance.Sebastien is something o [...]

    24. I won this book from . I enjoy reading fast moving romantic books like this one. Antonio and Sadie had a wild weekend 4 years ago. They then each went their separate ways. Sadie tried to contact Antonio when she found out she was pregnant with Leo. What happens now that they meet again? This is a page turner which I enjoyed reading.

    25. I have to admit that I liked this book more than I've like other books by this author. Sadie wasn't my favourite heroine, she was a little too bitter for my taste. Good start to the series though.Now, on to book 2!

    26. Boring, and predictable.The book started off well but I soon found it didn't hold my attention. I wouldn't read it again. Sorry.

    27. The concept was interesting, but somewhere along the line, the story kind of fizzled out for me. The author talked about the passion between the two, but there really didn't seem to be much of that.

    28. I found it to be a fun read but there was some inconsistencies that got annoying. I'd still recommend it though.

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