Stiletto: Poppy's Revenge

Stiletto Poppy s Revenge Do you remember your childhood Was it awesome Or maybe it wasn t so great Was there a childhood bully But that s all behind you now right You re tough and moved on But what if it was harder than you t

  • Title: Stiletto: Poppy's Revenge
  • Author: Shay Bell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Do you remember your childhood Was it awesome Or maybe it wasn t so great Was there a childhood bully But that s all behind you now right You re tough and moved on But what if it was harder than you thought This is a story inspired by true life events and real people This is what could happen if payback was made an option Because payback can be a bitch, Poppy is tDo you remember your childhood Was it awesome Or maybe it wasn t so great Was there a childhood bully But that s all behind you now right You re tough and moved on But what if it was harder than you thought This is a story inspired by true life events and real people This is what could happen if payback was made an option Because payback can be a bitch, Poppy is that bitch.

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    1. Mak is WhackI've no clue exactly what made me pick up this book, but I'm sure glad I did. Mak is a dark, erotic, psychological thriller that took me on one hella twisted journey. Mak, or Poppy, to some, is a recovering drug addict. From the start, she appears as an organized, intelligent, a bit naive, and likable thirty-four-year-old woman. As a child, she was raised by her dad, whom she truly loved. Considering she didn't have a mother, there were still enough positive role models in her life.U [...]

    2. Mak is an intense, dark read about revenge that throws twists and turns in your direction at every corner. Mak has had somewhat of a hard life, and turned to drugs to help her deal with the emotional pain of being bullied. Through Narcotics Anon and her own inner strength, she cleans up her act and is now drug free. Mak still has a few skeletons in her closet that need to be taken care of before she can be fully happy.Mak strikes up a friendship with Lottie, another member of NA. As the two get [...]

    3. FREE: US | UK | CA | AUDo you remember your childhood? Was it awesome? Or maybe it wasn’t so great. Was there a childhood bully? But that’s all behind you now right? You’re tough and moved on. But what if it was harder than you thought? This is a story inspired by true life events and real people. This is what could happen if payback was made an option. Because payback can be a bitch, Poppy is that bitch.Subscribe for free: goo/eImdom Book your own slot: t/xx2kQ7YxVt

    4. 3 stars!! Revenge is strangely erotic!!This book is a stand alone, partially true story (or so I read). I enjoyed many parts of this book. I liked the main character, Poppy and the journey she was on. I adored her Uncle Gary. I even liked Dave. But truth be told the story dragged so much the first 50% that I tried to quit a few times. Also I did not care for the reasons for the revenge. It just felt so petty. I am not sure but this book did not do it for me. I could not in good conscious give th [...]

    5. This was so far out of my norm for books that I read, but holy cow did it work for me! Mak and Lottie were awesome and I loved how they ended up in the end after all that had happened. Such a great book!

    6. ****** SPOILER ALERT Bravo Shay!!! Wow, I have to say I loved this!! The story and characters have everything I look for in a good read. Shay isn't just great as telling a story, oh no, he puts you their. My emotions ran high with Stiletto, one minute I was laughing along, one minute I felt as if I couldn't breath, the next, I wanted to throw my device out the window I got so mad. And for me, thats what I want! The main Character, Poppy, also known as Mac, Is so tormented by her past and the dem [...]

    7. Poppy got her revenge, but good. I was cheering her on. Don't mess with little girls who grow into strong, determined women. I couldn't put this book down, it was written with so much intensity.

    8. This is a good debut novel for Shay Bell. Set in Australia, Mak tells the story of Poppy (Mac), a troubled girl who is trying to rebuild her life. Growing up with no mother, and finding it hard to make friends, Mak turned to drugs to relieve her pain. After the death of her father, she decides to turn her life around and quit the habit. When we meet her, she is in a Narcotics Anon meeting, and has reached a huge milestone, being one year drug free.The further into the story we go, the more we se [...]

    9. When I first received this book I was told to keep an open mind, and by golly you certainly needed too. I am not sure what I was expecting but this book was so different but so good and it was my first book by Shay Bell AuthorI haven't read to many books about hardcore revenge but I want to now, this was a great book, some things shocked me and it really wasn't normal but I am so glad I gave this book a chance.This book had everything, violence, LGBT which I have only read m/m so that was intere [...]

    10. I have been looking for different books lately. Something fresh not your everyday same romance story. So when I was ask to check this author book out I was like why not. Stiletto is dark, raw, emotional and erotic all mix in one and I bet you thought Stiletto was just pair of women shoesPoppy (Mak) was a girl that lost her mom when she was little and all she had was a father and his friend she called Uncle Gary and his wife she called Mum. Growing up all Mak wanted was to make friends but the ot [...]

    11. This is a fantastic book which I can totally recommend to readers. Its different to what I usually read from my M/M books, but it completely held my attention all the way through. Poppy aka as Mak to her friends has had a troubled childhood and upbringing to her school days to her parents She's planning revenge A great book that his some hot scenes between the main characters There's one scene in this book that I absolutely loved at the start that had me laughing my head off.d in other scenes as [...]

    12. Wow what can i say about this amazing book! This was a new author to me and thought why not give it a go after another Author I respect had promoted this book G was I hooked very early on to the strong woman that is Poppy. She had been through so much and recovered a strong indepent woman on a mission, I wont spoil the book by giving away the plot as you really need to experiance the emotional rollcoaster for yourself, not for the faint hearted as its very suspencful, dark and violent at times a [...]

    13. Revenge & romanceI have to say this book was not only erotic & full of guessing at what Poppy went through as a child, it was damn good. The author caught you within the first few pages & kept your attention throughout the whole book. It is very well written & flows easily. I highly recommend this book to any & all that enjoy this genre. An author that is worth following & a must read. Thank you Shay Bell for sharing your work with us all! !!!

    14. OMG!Brilliant! Thrilling! Blushing! Suspenseful!So brilliantly descriptive you see the story in your head!Poppy is one intense female! There are so what WTF just happenAnd OMG moments throughout this whole bookAdhere to the warnings .is book is not for the faint of heart,But this book was titillating, nail biting, and just wow!

    15. Absolutely one of my favourite books of 2016!!! Stiletto was raw, emotional, dark and erotic!!! Shay kept me intrigued from page one. I loved every twist and turn in Poppy (Mak's) journey. Love Shay's twisted mind and the wonderful characters he has created!!! Would highly recommend Stiletto to all my friends!!!

    16. So much going on in this book to where it was a page turner. I really loved mak . shay did well with this and I look forward to more from this author. Make was dark intense everything I love in a book boyfriend. This story is packed where you're never dull.

    17. Good BookI gave it five stars because it's a great book couldn't put it down. Every chance I got I was reading it.

    18. I almost gave up on this book within the first couple of chapters for reasons I will describe below but decided to see it through to the end. I should also point out that I did not choose this book for myself it was given to me as a "blind date", and its not something I would have chosen for myself. The positives: I liked the character of Poppy/ Mac, smart ,sassy and well able to stand up for her self. I also thought the story had a lot of potential with plenty of dark drama to keep me intereste [...]

    19. Meet Poppy (Mak) from the start you know she is tough and there is a history as to why, this is definitely not your sweetness and light romance we would all love to have. It is however an extremely well written, dark, full of suspense, passion, strength with added genuine soulful love and understanding. Poppy turns to drugs when her father dies and has to deal with her past as well, she isn't a young girl she is 34 so you will get how much the sadness, loneliness, isolation and revenge has been [...]

    20. After the death of her Dad, Poppy(Mak) takes some wrong turns in life, deciding that she needs take back her life. After meeting Lottie, they become fast friends. Poppy decides to take revenge on those that have wronged her though out her life. With everything that has gone on in her life, Lottie tells Mak that she’s been living in a time warp and sets out to help bring her to the present.Mak sets off and stars seeking revenge, and you find out what happened to her as a young child, although w [...]

    21. I was torn with this book. I didn't realize that there was a revenge plot (other than the blurb telling me) until about halfway through. There was some reference to things that had happened in the past, but not what they were or that they were serious enough to seek revenge. Once that was established, though, I really got into it. I liked Poppy, even though she was an odd duck, and loved learning what made her tick. It was an interesting storyline that had me thinking about it even when I had to [...]

    22. This is not something I would typically choose to read but I'm so glad I did. The author has artfully told the story of Mak and her desire for revenge . There is so much going on in this book I really hate to say more for fear of spoiling the book. The characters are interesting, likable and a little quirkyThe author did a great job of setting the scene, I felt as though I were watching the character interactions unfold. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

    23. Awesome story though not a sweet fairy tail.Bad things happen to many of us in our lives. Very few of our real live nightmares are exposed to the light of day. If you have suffered at the evil hands you know the lasting scars it brings. I loved this version of how justice could be served. Cold has always been the way I believed it should happen. Yet with the beauty of a love formed and happy endings too.

    24. This book was twisted oh so good a new author to me and i have to say i like it. I would recommend this to readers who are looking for something twisted, suspenseful, and sexy sexy! Poppy aka Mak is an abused soul that is yakking control of her life and exacting revenge. With a little help which makes it even better

    25. StilettoThis book is about Poppy (Mak) who has lived a good life, but was ruthlessly picked on when she was young. She became an addict after her father died, got clean, and is trying to live her life. Something is missing and she's bitter. She sets out for revenge.A good read. Not a normal for me, but I'm glad I decided to stick with it and finish it!

    26. All I can say is wow and I think I wanna find out the true life events that inspired this story!! This book does have quite a few steamy scenes so be warned about that. The suspense will keep you guessing all through the book. This is the first time I have read anything by this author and I must admit that I am going to be following them from now on!

    27. It's a good read.Overall, it's was a great read, thought the ending felt a bit rushed. Maybe it's because I have so many unanswered questions. I don't want to give anything away so, I'll just say, will there be more books featuring Poppy?

    28. found this book to have an interesting storyline but there was a disconnect somewhere within the writing style. Maybe it was me but it made for a less than enjoyale experience

    29. This Is my first Book, formally know as Mak. Thank you to all those that have bought read and reviewed any of my books <3

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