The Dangerous Art of Blending In

The Dangerous Art of Blending In Seventeen year old Evan Panos doesn t know where he fits in His strict Greek mother refuses to see him as anything but a disappointment His quiet workaholic father is a staunch believer in avoiding a

  • Title: The Dangerous Art of Blending In
  • Author: Angelo Surmelis
  • ISBN: 9780062659002
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Seventeen year old Evan Panos doesn t know where he fits in His strict Greek mother refuses to see him as anything but a disappointment His quiet, workaholic father is a staunch believer in avoiding any kind of conflict And his best friend Henry has somehow become distractingly attractive over the summer Tired, isolated, scared Evan s only escape is drawing in an abandSeventeen year old Evan Panos doesn t know where he fits in His strict Greek mother refuses to see him as anything but a disappointment His quiet, workaholic father is a staunch believer in avoiding any kind of conflict And his best friend Henry has somehow become distractingly attractive over the summer Tired, isolated, scared Evan s only escape is drawing in an abandoned church that feels as lonely as he is And, yes, he kissed one guy over the summer But it s his best friend Henry who s now proving to be irresistible It s Henry who suddenly seems interested in being than friends And it s Henry who makes him believe that he s than his mother s harsh words and terrifying abuse But as things with Henry heat up, and his mother s abuse escalates, Evan has to decide how to find his voice in a world where he has survived so long by avoiding attention at all costs.

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    1. I am so sorry, but I am not giving this review a fair introduction or summary. Two things. One, I'm slightly bothered that Evan’s entire character arc is driven by romance, which is shitty itself in a book about abuse. Two, I'm bothered by the fact that the romance itself is an on fire garbage can. I want to get into the romance as a character arc thing first. Because guys, Evan doesn’t have an arc in this book beyond the messily written one he has because of Henry. And obviously, that’s a [...]

    2. Oh wow this was both heartbreaking and hopeful and brutal. I knew it was going to be an emotional one but afjdsakfld the ending basically had me feeling at least 4 things all at once which is RIDICULOUS as I am a Vulcan and emotion as bread. It's full of art and abuse and hiding who you truly are and the absolute craving of love. Someone get me a bucket. I'm cosplaying a waterfall.+ It's about domestic violence and it's so so heartbreaking.Evan's mother basically hides her (not named but very ob [...]

    3. I spent the entire afternoon reading this and it really broke my heart. This book is brutal and devastating. This book is definitely not for everyone, and you can see that by looking through some of the other reviews, but it spoke to me and made me feel deeply.

    4. "Here's the deal about never being authentically loved by your parents: The most fucked-up gesture or morsel of compassion is like a warm blanket."I haven't made my mind up completely about this book. One the one hand, it is a truthful and painful novel that makes it hard for you to swallow. On the other hand, it feels like big chunks of characterisation and plot were missing. Let me try to elaborate:Evan grows up in a strict and religious household. His mother abuses him mentally and physically [...]

    5. Esse é um livro sobre abuso doméstico (psicológico e físico), que conta a história de um menino gay tendo que lidar com a constante rejeição de sua mãe.Sendo (infelizmente) um homem que passou por isso, desde a inadequação dentro de casa por causa dos conflitos religiosos até a agressão física, esse é um tópico que geralmente me deixa dividido. Porque, por mais que eu ache extremamente importante que a literatura YA aborde temas assim, eu sempre acabo sendo lembrado de situações [...]

    6. I desperately wanted to love this book and I’m actually wondering if 3 stars is too high of a rating. First off: major trigger warnings for physical and mental abuse as well as homophobia. I couldn’t connect with Evan. He seems like a good guy in a shitty situation, but it felt like I never actually got to know him. I hated Evan’s mom and his dad isn’t any better as he just lets it happen. As much as I wanted to love the romance part of things, it was very dramatic and over the top. Plot [...]

    7. Books like this hit me right in the heart, because the stuff that happens in this book happens every day in real life. It might be happening in your own home, or your neighbours home, or your best friends home. Somewhere, someone right at this minute is struggling with their identity, or their sexuality, or acceptance from those who are supposed to love and protect them. The Dangerous Art of Blending In dealt with such a wide range of topics. All of them intertwined and impacted on the other. Bu [...]

    8. I really wanted to love this book. I really did. I mean, it was OKAY, but I was expecting something far more powerful and moving. I think the main thing that made it hard for me to love this book was just how confronting it was. I understand that it's necessary to read confronting books sometimes, but the homophobia and abuse was really difficult to read. I'd definitely recommend keeping clear of this book if those are things you're triggered by.Also, I found it hard to connect to the protagonis [...]

    9. The Dangerous Art of Blending Inis a new take on the standard "Gay in a small town" narrative, because it's not about coming out as gay, but coming out with the truth about an abusive parent. I use the phrase "at it's core" a lot in reviews, because I find that the core of the story needs to be strong enough to build a story around it. Soft/weak/boring cores lead to lackluster stories and I found The Dangerous Art of Blending In's core to be spectacular. However, I found the summery misleading. [...]

    10. Pretty excited to get to post one of the first reviews for this wonderful book! Angelo has written something that is so impactful, heartbreaking and needed in our world (and on YA bookshelves). I cannot recommend this book more highly. It is so damn good.

    11. I have never felt bad about DNFing a book until now -_-TW: All abuse - Emotional, Verbal, Physical, Mental. Bullying. The Dangerous Art of Blending In was a book I was really looking forward to reading when HCC Frenzy brought it to my attention. Especially since it's an #ownvoice book. But I've been struggling with this book for weeks and I'm normally a quick reader. I feel so bad having to DNF this book because I feel like it's an important story. I won't be giving this a star rating as I haven [...]

    12. DNFI really wanted to like this book! It's own-voices, and I'm here for all of the queer contemporaries. Unfortunately, though, I couldn't mesh with the narrative voice at all. The writing feels disjointed and in need of serious refining, and Evan is just not an enjoyable character to look through the perspective of. It's not that he's a bad kid - it's just the writing. I'm also really not fond of the romantic subplot of the book, and when I was told by friends that it only got stronger througho [...]

    13. Want to see more bookish things from me? Check out my Youtube channel: youtube/channel/UCfer*I was sent a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review* TW: abuse of all kinds, homophobia 17 year old Evan is the son of very strict Greek immigrants. His father would rather stay quiet then cause conflict between Evan and his mother. He is feeling very lonely, the only solace Evan can find is going to an old abandoned monastery. During the summer, Evan is sent to bible camp [...]

    14. The Dangerous Art of Blending In is a really tough book for me to review because it is about such a dark subject matter and also, without going into too much detail, it hit very close to home and it was triggering. I had to keep putting the book down because Surmelis' wrote certain scenes so well that I had to step out of the story for a bit.The main character, Evan, is Greek-American, gay, in the closet, and is being raised in an abusive household. I loved Evan sooo much. He is the sweetest per [...]

    15. I wanted this to be My Book. The one that I can't wait to get into the hands of kids who need to see something different and need to see themselves. This is that book. It's a tough one - it's HARD and there's no easy answer found at the end but it is true. Evan is like so many kids and yet he's singular. The trials he goes through are not simple and not everything gets solved. His story in a lot of ways begins at the end for him. Very very good.

    16. 4.5 stars! Thanks to Harper Collins for sending me a copy of the book for review.I want to start off by saying that this was a really hard and confronting story to read about some really dark subject matters. If you find these topics triggering (abuse and homophobia), then just be aware of that. However, I really enjoyed the read.Evan was a great character to tell this story; he's going through an extremely tough time at home and within himself. His mother abuses him, and his father stands by an [...]

    17. Before I get into talking about my thoughts on this book I would just like to give a HUGE content warning for child abuse and violent homophobia in this book. This is a very emotionally intense book, this is a difficult book to read at times, but I think it does a really good job of exploring what it’s like to be in the situation that Evan is in. He’s from a very religious Greek family and his mother is so concerned that he has some kind of evil inside him, that he’s going to be gay, that [...]

    18. Rating: 3.5 StarsThe title of this book eludes to advice the author was given as a small child, that in order to be loved, he had to hide his true self. Reading that broke my heart in half, and so did many parts of this book. This book is about abuse as well as homophobia and is quite painful at times, so be prepared for a little darkness and a bit of weeping.•Pro: I cared so much for Evan. I was incredibly amazed by how he was able to have any shred of decency left in him after the years of a [...]

    19. Have you guys ever reblog those tumblr post about books that tear your heart being your favorite? The one about the mom asking the person what their favorite book is? the sad one? they say, and the person replying, “WHICH ONE?” You know, because there are so many favorite, sad books?Yeah…I can’t relate.I’ll 100% admit it. I am the biggest wimp in the world. I just can’t. Listen, I could read it, but I probably won’t ever pick up the book again. And I could totally have a hearbreaki [...]

    20. *SPOILERS, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.*If I'm being completely honest, this book does not deserve the three starts I gave it. If I were to judge the book solely on its context, on what it actually is, I'd say it barely deserves two. The only reason why I'm giving it three is because from what I understand, this is basically the Author's story given to another character - he gets the one extra star from me for actually putting this out there, for informing people that, yes, situations like these are real [...]

    21. I AM TOTALLY EMOTIONALLY FINE STOP LOOKING AT ME*wipes eyes**wipes nose**wipes whole face*I AM FINE I SAIDcw: child abuse, homophobia

    22. ♥ Find my reviews here: Literary Meanderings- - -This book triggered the shit out of me. It made me angry. It made me sad. I am so torn on how I feel about this book. Even now, after sitting on it for a day, I am still torn. Upon finishing the book, I rated it 4 stars. I had to take a step back and really think about the book OVERALL, and I lowered my rating to 3. Part of the problem is that I enjoyed the fact that the ending wasn't expected (for me).Where to start? I guess we can go with the [...]

    23. DNF @5%Yeah, I know it's incredibly early to DNF this book but I have a couple reasons.1. Homophobia mixed with religion. I'm not up to reading something that demonizes religion. Me myself, I am not a religious person and (unfortunately) I know that some religious beliefs really treat homosexuality - or queerness in general - as a sign of the devil. I don't really want to read a book that inscribes itself in this very harmful discourse. Literally the first scene is Evan's mother having a ritual [...]

    24. The Dangerous Art of Blending In turned out to be a very personal reading experience for me, so I'm not sure my review will be a good gauge of whether you will enjoy this book. The trigger warnings are flying on this site about this book, but my favourite novel is A Little Life, so this was a YA tale in that same genre of brutal reality. But Blending In is not without some unevenness. Yet, despite any qualms, I can without a doubt say that reading this book felt like truly reading a life. I know [...]

    25. Initial response:Too much of an emotional mess right now to write a review but allow me to say that EVAN AND HENRY ARE THE CUTEST DARN THINGS IN THE WORLD AND I AM MENTALLY CHUCKING MORE STARS AT THIS BOOK BECAUSE IT DESERVES THEM ALL. More composed response: I flipping love this book with all my heart and soul. Okay? I haven't read a book like this since All The Bright Places, which was around this time of year THREE YEARS AGO. I absolutely fell in love with the characters right away. Evan is a [...]

    26. I'm not going to rate this one because I have a lot of complicated thoughts on it. It was definitely a well-written and complex novel but it is very intense and heartwrenching. I do recommend it, but there are some very intense scenes that merit content warnings (see below). Despite the heavy nature, there was also an adorable romance (that does almost stray into "love interest saves the main character" territory but luckily it does not go there). I would normally give it a high rating but those [...]

    27. Evan is a cinnamon roll, a Tess Durbeyfield-like character in the midst of a cast of so many hateful, Wuthering Heights-worthy characters. I can't even remember the last time I cursed this much reading a book. His parents are awful in different ways and his closest friends are absolute assholes to him in different parts of the story. It took me a while to get used to the romantic development that happens with one of these friends because he was really hard to swallow in the beginning. Overall, t [...]

    28. This book was a great, real life contemporary read. It focuses on so many real issues which teenagers face (or may face) in life including coming to terms with their sexuality, physical abuse and family difficulties. Evan was a very loveable main character who struggled with acceptance not only at home, but at school. This book is an emotional roller coaster which I feel did bring to light so many issues which may be sensitive but it was done well. The romance for me was a bit meh, but I think i [...]

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