Kill Someone

Kill Someone From the author of the international best seller The Stone Man shortlisted for Audible UK s Book of the Year Award Here are the rules Method you can t use a gun You can t use explosives You can t

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  • Title: Kill Someone
  • Author: Luke Smitherd
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the author of the international best seller The Stone Man, shortlisted for Audible UK s Book of the Year Award 2015Here are the rules.Method you can t use a gun You can t use explosives You can t use poison It has to be up close and personal You don t have to worry about leaving evidence that will be taken care of.Victim no one suicidal No one over the age of From the author of the international best seller The Stone Man, shortlisted for Audible UK s Book of the Year Award 2015Here are the rules.Method you can t use a gun You can t use explosives You can t use poison It has to be up close and personal You don t have to worry about leaving evidence that will be taken care of.Victim no one suicidal No one over the age of 65 No one with a terminal illness.Choose your method Choose your victim.Chris Summer was a 21 year old call centre worker and a drop out A nobody, still living at home with his parents Then one day the Man in White came to his family s house, offering a seemingly impossible choice kill a random stranger one of Chris choosing within twelve days in order to save the lives of five kidnapped siblings Refuse, and they die slowly and painfully The clock is ticking, the Man in White is watching, and Chris has some very important choices to make.This is a tale of fear, indecision, confused masculinity and brutal violence a story of a coddled young man thrust into a world of sharp metal and bone.Ask yourself if you could do it Then ask yourself who you would choose.Praise for Luke Smitherd s writing For me there is no greater joy than seeing an artist excel at his craft you ll be blown away by the abundance of ideas Ain t It Cool News

    One thought on “Kill Someone”

    1. Luke Smitherd writes strange and disturbing stuff. There’s death and voices in your head and things that might be real or might be imagined. It’s mystery and it’s science fiction and it’s horror – he’s not locked into one genre, he bestrides them all.When I listened toIn The Darkness, That's Where I'll Know You: The Complete Black Room Story I knew I’d found an author with a rich imagination and an ability to draw you into a story that made no real sense, a story that defies cognit [...]

    2. The Rundown“Here are the rules. Method: you can’t use a gun. You can’t use explosives. You can’t use poison. It has to be up close and personal. You don’t have to worry about leaving evidence; that will be taken care of. Victim: no one suicidal. No one over the age of 65. No one with a terminal illness. Choose your method. Choose your victim.”Kill Someone by Luke Smitherd is aptly named. This part horror, part suspense thriller, does not waste any time jettisoning you into a wild rid [...]

    3. Imagine thisYou answer the door and find two men wearing suits, offering a seemingly impossible choice: kill a random stranger - one of your choosing - within twelve days in order to save the lives of five kidnapped siblings. Refuse, and they die slowly and painfully. The clock is ticking, the Man in White is watching.Ask yourself if you could do it. Then ask yourself who you would choose.If you decided to go through the process.Here are the rules.Method: you can't use a gun. You can't use explo [...]

    4. ”My decision was therefore this:I could afford to go into the third time block. Olivia could afford to lose two arms, if that was the cost of making sure I had chosen correctly. That meant I had until 2:59PM tomorrow to kill someone. That, to me, was fair.”Finally a thriller that is… well, a thriller. I am tired of pseudo-thrillers like Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train where nothing interesting ever happens and we have tons of mundane “action” with boring third-rate characters who a [...]

    5. a very interesting premise but falls flat as to what the point of it all is, a rich guy going to incredible lengths to make random people kill random people to save more random people who are good people the rich guy kidnapped and is going to kill unless you kill someone?plus the main character was such a whiny crybaby.

    6. Totally different audiobook for me! Didn't see that ending coming, so it made for an interesting and probablyright completion of the task??? Who's knows what I'd do if put in the same situation.

    7. There's a particular type of British protagonist — I see him sometimes in American fiction, but he's particularly popular in British books and TV shows, for some reason.He's a mewling, spineless, indecisive, stammering, hapless, feckless, unfuckable loser whom we're nonetheless supposed to identify with because he's an Ordinary Joe. An Everyman whom I guess the reader is supposed to find non-threatening or, Gods forbid, able to "identify" with.I don't, and I fucking hate this guy. I hate him e [...]

    8. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.So. You need to kill someone or more people will die. All possible plans to avoid it have been thought of and rules have been put in place to make sure you either do it, or know if you don't do it you will be responsible for the death of others. The thing is, Chris is an average guy. He's no killer. He expresses the same thoughts you have as you read the book. Whats the least worst possible outcome? its something you co [...]

    9. La premisa de éste libro y el imaginar qué haríamos en el lugar del protagonista resulta ser más entretenido que la ejecución (jejeje, ejecución).La premisa es la siguiente: por circunstancias pobremente argumentadas, el protagonista tiene que matar a alguien. No a una persona específica, sino a cualquier persona que él decida. Las condiciones son: nadie que desee morir, nadie que vaya a morir de una enfermedad terminal, nadie mayor ed 65. La forma de ejecución debe ser cercana y person [...]

    10. One night, a Man In White knocks on Chris' door. Chris, a 21 year old man who works at a call center, lives with his parents and coasts along in life with no ambition.His world turns upside down when he is presented with the biggest moral dilemma of his life: to save the lives of 5 kidnapped siblings who are famous humanitarians and philanthropists he must kill a random person in 12 days. Someone random or a scum who deserves to die more than the 5 innocent humanitarians who will otherwise suffe [...]

    11. 2.5 stars.The premise of Kill Someone is as intriguing as it is horrifying and thought-provoking. Alas, while the concept of the story is fascinating, its execution is more than a little elusive.The writing is loose, replete with rambling, repetitions, and digressions in the first person POV. One short third person POV segment is thrown in for no apparent reason, except maybe for the author thinking it would be cool to include it or not knowing how to approach that part of the narrative through [...]

    12. I went into this book thinking it was a "making of a monster" kind of gory book and toward the middle, I started feeling disappointed because it wasn't. Then toward the end after the twists and turns, I appreciated the ethics and moral philosophy it provoked.What I like most about this book is that it's thought proking. Every step of the way you question whether Chris is doing the "right thing" and what you would do in his place and that was quite fun.

    13. Woah! Talk about an emotional and psychological roller coaster! The fact that it took me a few days to read says far more about what I was doing those few days and less about the quality of the book (because once the Process truly started, I did not want to put it downbut, ya know, life). You need to read this (all of you, and then let me know your thoughts!), and I need to check out more by the author!

    14. Made me question what I would doI loved the premise of this story and I wasn't disappointed. Wow! What a great story. It made you think a lot and it was filled with action. Don't be discouraged as it starts a little slow but picks up quickly. It could also have been a total copy of "The Box" but it wasn't. It was much deeper and much more realistic. Can't wait to read more from this author.

    15. This is definitely a dark story with a very twisted premise but it's really well written and fast paced and I just couldn't put it down. I started reading it after work and didn't stop (except, begrudgingly, to make my kids dinner) until I was finished. I simultaneously liked and didn't like the ending on a question, but I thought it fit perfectly nonetheless. Totally one of those premises where you never want to have to think a person could be faced with and yet it is not totally implausible wi [...]

    16. The first one l read Wow , what a great read ! Totally unexpected from start to finish - a rare thing to find for me anyway !! I've already raved about this book to my reading buddy Dawn Wheeler and l know we are both destined to be "smithereens" !! Keep em coming Luke , can't wait to get my hands on the rest !!!

    17. Kill someoneOnce I started reading I could not put this book down, it's not my normal type of book but It kept me interested to the end

    18. If you like Stephen King then you need to check out this book!! Was exquisitely delicious and fast paced. The author gives enough - but not too much - detail about the characters and the plot was bloody fabulous!!!! Highly recommend!!

    19. Like that episode of Black Mirror "Shut Up and Dance" except that there's no motivation for the wafer thin "plot", the writing is unsophisticated, drawn out, dull and predictable; the characters unsympathetic and overall just wholly unoriginal and boring. So basically nothing like that episode of Black Mirror other than the fact that there's a young male protagonist being coerced and antagonised by an all-powerful villain. Christ, even the title of the book is utter shite.

    20. This book asks the question made most famous by "Spock" in "Star Trek - The Wrath of Khan": "Is the good of the many more important than the good of the few--or the one" (paraphrase)? And, if it is, is it the moral/right/decent/human thing to "Kill Someone" to make it so?The main character, Chris, is given this very dilemma. He is just a normal young man--maybe a little lazy, maybe not too ambitious, maybe a little lost-- when he is literally forced to grow up and make choices no one should have [...]

    21. Truly human; terrible, dark, and wonderfully sinister.What is the value of one human life? What about five lives? Could you weigh the worth of one person against another, and decide which of them should die?The latest offering from Luke Smitherd is a story quite unlike anything I’ve read before. Narrated by Chris, a perfectly ordinary man living a perfectly ordinary life, Kill Someone takes us by the hand and leads us—despite our resistance—into situations perhaps far darker than you’d e [...]

    22. Kill Someone by Luke Smitherd is an intense, psychological thriller. Smitherd introduces us to Chris, a 20-something black man who lives with his parents, has a dead-end job in a call center and friends he doesn't have anything in common with. On one fateful early morning, Chris, home alone as his parents are away, is awakened by a knock at the door. Upon answering it, his life changes forever. The Man in White and Klaus enter his home, tell him a fantastical tale and then gives him a choice - k [...]

    23. If you like psychological horror and books that make you think as well as scare you, this book is for you. The author is a true professional and this reader can tell that he knows his craft, his pacing and character development. The book never lags. The characters live and breathe and feel very intense emotions that draw you in and make you sympathize. The internal monologue is handled deftly as well, without bogging down the reader in Chris’s agonizing decisions, but giving us enough to allow [...]

    24. So the point of the story is you need to kill someone or lots of people die. This is a very thought-provoking book and very dark in its nature. It doesn't have the usual humour that is in the author's other works but that takes nothing away from the story and it wouldn't have been right in this context. This is so well written that you feel every emotion of the character of Chris. The sinking feeling in the pub and with his boss made the scene so realistic and that is what a great book should do [...]

    25. I saw this advertised on audible, and whilst it isn't a book I would normally be drawn to its tag lines intrigued. So I went over to to read the sample pages, and was hooked. I immediately bought the book and devoured it in a matter of hours. This is a strange and utterly bizarre concept, but if you suspend incredulity it grips you. Very well written, tightly paced and with wonderfull characters, You will find yourself analysing yourself as you read it though. I now have an basket full of Smit [...]

    26. Suspenseful thrillerA man in a white suit knocks on your door, says you have to kill someone or someone else will die. You can't break the rules or that other person will die. If you quit, that other person will die What do you do????? Chris Summer makes the mistake of answering his door when the man in white comes knocking. Come along on his journey as he tries to do what is right. Could you do what he does?? Suspenseful, heart pounding, twists and turns . Spookishly delicious. Luke Smitherd at [...]

    27. This story grabs you from the start and drops you into the middle of a nightmare. Luke makes us see a part of the real would in a way we otherwise ignore. I found myself asking, what would I do if I was in the heroes position? Luke Smitherd portrays realistic character traits in our hero and at the same time makes the story coherent and sufficiently paced to keep you on engaged and on edge. In true Smitherd style the punches aren’t pulled and the outcome is unexpected.

    28. Absolutely Wonderful (as always!)Mr. Smitherd's works of art are definitely twisted and thoroughly thought provoking! His ideas force me to think "What would I do?" Yet, I am still surprised at the ending! This particular book made me feel some of the anxiety, pain, and terror that Chris felt. Well done! I have also read The Black Room Series, and The Physics of the Dead. wonderful! I certainly plan to read more!

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