The World Turns Round and Round

The World Turns Round and Round Whether you say mjomba or uncle chachi or aunt jidd or grandfather you will recognize the love in the pages of this book Whether your relatives live in Maine or Mexico Colorado or Kenya they are

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  • Title: The World Turns Round and Round
  • Author: Nicki Weiss
  • ISBN: 9780688172138
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Whether you say mjomba or uncle, chachi or aunt, jidd or grandfather, you will recognize the love in the pages of this book Whether your relatives live in Maine or Mexico, Colorado or Kenya, they are linked to you and you to them The cultures that distinguish us and the families that connect us are cause for celebration in this book that shows that the world is smaller tWhether you say mjomba or uncle, chachi or aunt, jidd or grandfather, you will recognize the love in the pages of this book Whether your relatives live in Maine or Mexico, Colorado or Kenya, they are linked to you and you to them The cultures that distinguish us and the families that connect us are cause for celebration in this book that shows that the world is smaller than we think.

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    1. This book represents so many cultures and mixes in poetry! It is as diverse as many of our classrooms are becoming today. The story depicts children living in America getting presents sent to them from family members back home. Every present is an article of clothing that represents the culture. I had never heard of some of the clothing mentioned, so it was nice to have a description and the pronunciation provided to me in the back of the book. I think this book could help build a culturally acc [...]

    2. I think this was a very unique book, Nicki Weis showed in this book that even though this world seems so very big at the same time it is very small. In the pages of this book weis brings all our differnece together to show how truly similar we are. For example people from all over the world may have different names for their family members , but regardelss of what we call them we all are connected to one another. The illustration of this book is very simple and it shows images of children from a [...]

    3. I thought this was a beautiful book that displayed so many different cultural clothing. This could definitely be used in a classroom that just learned about these different cultures and their clothing. However, there is so much unfamiliar and foreign vocabulary in this book it could be difficult for children to understand. I myself had a difficult time understanding at some points. The foreign word that describes the clothing is illustrated on the page but is not pointed out specifically. It wou [...]

    4. This is a cute book about the different cultures that you can find in just one classroom. It shows different cultures from around the world and introduces some words in many different cultures. At the end, we find out that all of the people in the book are in the same class and it shows just how diverse a classroom can be. I loved it and thought it was a very cute book. I would definitely use it in my classroom.

    5. Age of readership: Ages 4-8Genre: Picture BookDiversity: Cultural Illustrations: Colored pencil drawingsMy response to the book: Relatives worldwide send gifts to their grandchildren and nephew around the world. Wonderful examples of clothing from various cultures with words for many languages sprinkled throughout the book. There is a glossary of words and a map with countries highlight in the story found at the end of the book. Curricular/Programming connections: Use this book as part of a unit [...]

    6. This book introduced places around the world such as the states in the United States, and country like Mexico, Kenya, Japan,Russia, India, Egypt, Vietnam, and Haitian. This book embraces other cultures by introducing some pictures about the clothing styles from different country. The classroom diversity is being connected as the world turns round and roundassroom, diversity, country, clothing,

    7. * Describes gifts children receive from all over the world.* Be wary of stereotypes. Could use as part of a culture study* Help/allow students to be critcally literate* "From Kyoto came a kimono of green."* Students could research a country and put together a travel brochure (country's major landmark, holidays, historical events, etc.)

    8. I appreciate this book beacuse it introduces the reader to many different cultures. The language and the dress of the culture are shown. In order to incorporate diversity into my classroom, I want to have a variety of cultures featured in books in the class library.

    9. How fun it would be to read this book and then have our students draw a picture of something they might get in the mail for a relative! We have so many students from around the world, they could share something special from where they are from and create a new book as a class!

    10. I think this book is awesome!! It displays lots of diversity and gives great pictures. It provides great examples of people and places from around the world. The examples makes you feel like u can relate because they used people and things that most people are common with.

    11. Told in question/answer style, this cute book asks what a child received from someone in a particular part of the world. The answer is in rhyming poetry form and is always some form of clothing.

    12. A child from a different part of the world each receives a gift from a relative in this book that shows how similar we all really are.

    13. This is a book about people around the world and facts about different countries. This is good for children to see how we all function together as one- even people who are around the world!

    14. Published: 2002This multicultural book is about clothing items and where each piece comes from and what exactly it is and what it is used for. This is good for students to see what other cultures wear.

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