No One But You

No One But You Librarian s note An alternate cover edition can be found here New York Times bestselling author Brenda Novak welcomes you to Silver Springs a picturesque small town in Southern California where even

  • Title: No One But You
  • Author: Brenda Novak
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s note An alternate cover edition can be found here New York Times bestselling author Brenda Novak welcomes you to Silver Springs, a picturesque small town in Southern California where even the hardest hearts can learn to love againStruggling to make ends meet after a messy divorce, Sadie Harris is at the end of her tether Her waitressing gig isn t enough to pLibrarian s note An alternate cover edition can be found hereNew York Times bestselling author Brenda Novak welcomes you to Silver Springs, a picturesque small town in Southern California where even the hardest hearts can learn to love againStruggling to make ends meet after a messy divorce, Sadie Harris is at the end of her tether Her waitressing gig isn t enough to pay the bills let alone secure primary custody of her son, Jayden, a battle she refuses to lose Desperate, she accepts a position assisting Dawson Reed the same Dawson Reed who recently stood trial for the murder of his adoptive parents Joining him at his isolated farm seems risky, but Sadie is out of options.Dawson has given small town Silver Springs plenty of reasons to be wary, but he s innocent of the charges against him He wants to leave his painful past behind and fix up the family farm so he can finally bring his dependent sister home where she belongs.As Sadie and Dawson s professional relationship grows into something undeniably personal, Sadie realizes there s to Dawson than the bad boy everyone else see she has a good heart, one that might even be worth fighting for.

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    1. Dawson Reed was accused of murdering his parents and after a year of imprisonment, was acquitted and released. His mentally handicapped adult sister was cared for during that time by a state institute and he wants to bring her home. Sadie Harris answers his ad to be a caregiver and housekeeper, even though she's fearful of him as the whole town believes he's guilty of the murders. But Sadie's desperate as she needs the extra money to finalize her divorce from her abusive husband who happens to b [...]

    2. Been having a crazy month, and all I want to do is to surround myself in comfort reads. *sigh*-----Wait. Did I say comfort? This book was actually super suspenseful… and scary in a #too real-kind of way. It is a good, emotional book. Here we have two characters who have the worst luck in life at the moment. My heart is utterly shattered reading what they both have gone through. I feel suffocated along with them when terrible people make them feel trapped.However, they have persevered and fough [...]

    3. No One But YouBrenda NovakReceived from NetgalleyNO ONE BUT YOU is the second book in the Silver Springs series by Brenda Novak. Silver Springs s a small town in Southern California. NO ONE BUT YOU is the story of Sadie and Dawson. Sadie left her husband one year ago and is raising their son pretty much on her own. Her husband Sly, is a police officer in Silver Springs and is making her life a living hell. He will do anything to get her to come back to him, but Sadie isn't having any of it. Sly [...]

    4. ***** 4.5 Stars *****Can be read as a standalone.Brenda Novak blew me away with No One But You. I couldn't put this down!This story is so much more than just romance. There's some mystery and suspense added into the mix. My heart was literally beating faster during certain scenes. In my opinion, I found this better than the previous book in the series. The story had a lot of layers and it was a touch darker. I also liked how there were more characters involved and it just gave the reader a bette [...]

    5. 4 Stars****A hot and forbidden romance, plus the small town setting make No One But You a delightful and entertaining story, written by the talented Brenda Novak. Dawson Reed spent a year in jail wrongfully accused of murdering both of his adoptive parents. Even though he was acquitted by the law, most of the habitants of the Silver Springs town still believe he is a murderer. Dawson doesn't care what people think, he loved his parents and after loosing everything he is only focused on bringing [...]

    6. Menacing, romantic and engaging!This is a suspenseful story that highlights the harassment and stigma that surrounds those accused of committing a crime and reminds us just how dangerous the abuse of power can truly be.The writing is clear and precise. The characters are tenacious, resilient and strong. And the plot is a captivating mix of emotion, drama, violence, injustice, obsession, trust, manipulation, jealousy, corruption, and murder.Overall this is a quick, easy, enjoyable read with a uni [...]

    7. "Novak is at the top of her game and keeps the amazing stories coming, especially with this latest installment! This is a story about a man trying to get his life back after being wrongfully accused of a heinous crime and a woman trying to make it on her own after a divorce. Each is facing shame and scandal. Novak makes it so readers feel every emotion the characters experience: the anger, the passion, the fear. She is a magician of words, and continues to deliver books that draw readers in"(4 1 [...]

    8. Great story. I'm glad to start a new series by BN. I loved Whiskey Creek and was sorry to see it end. So somehow I missed the first of this series but I will go back and find it.This was an interesting story that kept me interested and turning pages. At first you think the major part of the story is going to be about the hero's problems. He had an interesting back story as a man acquitted of the murder of his parents. But of course he is tarred with that brush since the real killer is unknown. B [...]

    9. This review was originally posted on (un)Conventional BookviewsNo One But You had all the romance, the suspense and the strong characters I've come to know and love when I pick up a Novak novel.Jayden and Dawson weren't very likely to become romantically involved, and that just made their romance better in my opinion! No One But You showed that the one person who may seem respectable on the outside may be far from it, while the one other people think badly on have mostly good qualities and can b [...]

    10. Sadie Harris is desperate to find a job that makes more money than her current job of waiting on tables. She is going through a messy divorce from a controlling and manipulative man who happens to be a police officer in town. She is willing to take any job so that she can better support her young son who she is hoping to get primary custody.Dawson Reed is desperate to start his life over. He just spent one year in prison for his parents murder. He didn't commit the crime, but the town does not c [...]

    11. This wasn't a bad book; it just wasn't what I was looking for at the time I started it. I enjoyed the storytelling style of the author and the multiple povs through which the story was told, but I largely found this book to be boring. It was definitely more of a character driven story, featuring two characters who are struggling to put their pasts behind them. Ms. Novak did a good job conveying the fear and helplessness that the h felt toward her soon to be ex husband. But it was so overwhelming [...]

    12. I don't know how to account for the lack of negative reviews except that I guess everyone but me knew better than to read it in the first place. This is really bad, guys. Like "how do I politely tell my friend that she's not a good writer" bad.It over-explains everything, always telling and never showing. The characters are one-dimensional and constantly tell each other things they already know for the sake of exposition. Dependent characters (a kid, a mentally disabled sister) are used to signi [...]

    13. Being such a big fan of Brenda Novak's it pains me to give one of her books such a low rating. I really think this one didn't work for me mostly because of the issues addressed. The writing as expected was stellar, the characters well developed, and the story moved along nicely. What I didn't like was the abusive ex husband Sadie has to deal with. I wanted her to stand up to him so she really frustrated me. Dawson was just as frustrating to me. Why did he want to stay in a small-minded town that [...]

    14. Predictable crazy ex husband. Romance? "I'm attracted" but "I must not let myself care."It was pretty dang boring.

    15. Very good book about two people who are trying to put their lives back together. Sadie is in the midst of a difficult divorce from her controlling and abusive husband. Her job as a waitress isn't enough to make ends meet and desperation has her accepting a job working for Dawson. Dawson has spent a year in prison as he stood trial for the murder of his parents. He's been acquitted, but the people of Silver Springs still believe that he is guilty. He is trying to get the farm and house fixed up s [...]

    16. I had liked the previous book in this series, but this one snatched my heart. Impossible not to be sensitized by the story of Dawson and Sadie.Beginning with Sadie's story, who was divorcing from her abusive husband (he hadn't YET beat her, but violence came in the form of words and some actions). He was not facilitating her life. Living in a small town, people did not want to go against him and offer her a better job where she could pay her expenses, especially with lawyer since she was fightin [...]

    17. Story had a helpless victim feel.Sadie filed for divorce and left her husband Sly who is a vicious mean bully cop. Other cops believe Sly, not Sadie. Sly sabotages Sadie's job attempts because he wants her back and dependent on him. She gets a job working for Dawson on his farm. Dawson was accused of killing his parents but acquitted. The locals and cops still believe he is guilty. Sly wants to do bad things and frame Dawson. Throughout the story I felt helpless and worried. I prefer books where [...]

    18. Sadie, a waitress who has left her verbally abusive husband, has custody of her son, Jayden. Her waitressing job is not helping her to make ends meet.She sees an ad for a job and goes on the interview. She is hired by Dawson to help him get his house in order and to eventually be a caregiver for his sister. Dawson has spent the last year in jail for supposedly killing his parents, but was found not guilty. He is the town pariah and Sadie's soon to be ex-husband is not happy. He is trying to win [...]

    19. Oh, I just devoured this book! Sly was utterly awful, and yeah, really enjoyed them together! Need to read more!

    20. Determination becomes obsession and then it becomes all that matters. - Jeremy IrvineDawson Reed has just been acquitted of murdering his adoptive parents - with a hatchet. He has spent a year in prison and most people in Silver Springs, California still think he is guilty of the crime. He comes back to the artichoke farm that his parents owned and now that he owns to restart his life. He wants to get the house cleaned up (there was a lot of vandalism over the past year) and get it ready to brin [...]

    21. This book just might be my absolute favorite book by Brenda Novak! Shhhh. I know I say that after every book of hers that I read. This one though. I LOVE a good suspenseful romance story. Sadie Harris is trying to finally put an end to her marriage but she's struggling financially and her ex is doing everything he can to make it harder on her. She ends up working for Dawson Reed and all you-know-what breaks loose. I didn't want to put this book down once I started it. Of course, I'm like that wi [...]

    22. received in exchange for a honest review.As per a Brenda Novak novel the writing was wonderful. The intricate web she creates around the characters and how she fleshes them out is amazing. Here we have some great character development. Dawson I melted for immediately. He was strong yet vulnerable and determined. Determined to make his life where everyone doubted him. Determined to get his sister home and determined to show everyone he didn’t kill his parents. He was also determined to make his [...]

    23. In Ms. Novak's latest book, we are introduced to a new series that takes place in Silver Spring, a town in California.It is a small town with a population of about five thousand people and most of the residents know each other. Sadie Harris, is in the middle of a messy divorce with her husband, Sly, who is a police officer in the town. Sadie has no family or friends she can tell the main reasons she wants a divorce as everyone in town thinks "Sly" is wonderful person. Unfortunately, Sadie is lik [...]

    24. This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart  Read It, Rate It and Record   A short review to update challenges  I am a big fan of Brenda Novak. She writes contemporary romance / romantic suspense with great characters and some plot beyond romance. I was seriously in suspense, constantly worried for Sadie and then also Dawson. In this case, some of the "evil" characters were a bit cliche but at least not completely. Dawson and Sadie had more than ordinary difficulties in their live [...]

    25. FINAL DECISION: Really enjoyable small town mixed with mystery and crime romance.  These are two wounded people who have no reason to open up and trust one another -- and yet they do.  They have a sweet romance combined with an exciting storyline for each of themE STORY: Sadie Harris is struggling.  She is separated from her husband who doesn't want to let her go and is trying to sabotage her efforts to be self-sufficient in order to driver her back to him.  When a job opens up with helping [...]

    26. *4.5 Stars*My second visit to Silver Springs was utterly satisfying. No One But You delivered a compelling story with fully-realized characters. I was tense, worrying over how things would work out, but I also was "melty" over Dawson, Sadie, and Jayden. *sigh* Sadie Harris is doing her darnedest to gain her independence, her freedom, from her soon-to-be ex-husband and create a life for herself and her 5 year old son, Jayden. It's not easy since she's been unable to find a decent paying job and h [...]

    27. Enjoying this series very much. It's #2nd in Silver Springs. When Dawson Reed gets out of prison he needs help in order toget his sister home to live with him. But with the town condemning him of his crime which he didn't commit it might not be easy. So he hires someone, because he also needs the help to care for her. The only problem is the women he hires is a police officers wife. He's been warned now about hiring her. But when he meets Sadie Harris he takes the risk. She also has a son. Sadie [...]

    28. Another Brenda Novak winner! I loved the first book in this series and knew I was going to enjoy this one, so much so, I put off reading it until I knew I had the time to sit and enjoy it! And that's just what I did. This book kept me on the edge of my seat for most of it. Dawson, our H, has returned to Silver Springs after being accused and standing trial for the murder of his adoptive parents. He was found Not Guilty but most of the town has turned away from him thinking he must be guilty. Sad [...]

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