Don't Close Your Eyes

Don t Close Your Eyes A gripping novel of psychological suspense centered on two sisters whose lives have taken them apart and the shocking family secrets that bind them together Twin sisters Robin and Sarah haven t spoke

  • Title: Don't Close Your Eyes
  • Author: Holly Seddon
  • ISBN: 9781101885895
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A gripping novel of psychological suspense centered on two sisters whose lives have taken them apart, and the shocking family secrets that bind them together.Twin sisters Robin and Sarah haven t spoken in years.Robin can t leave her house A complete shut in, she spends her days spying on her neighbors, subtly meddling in their lives But she can t keep her demons out foreA gripping novel of psychological suspense centered on two sisters whose lives have taken them apart, and the shocking family secrets that bind them together.Twin sisters Robin and Sarah haven t spoken in years.Robin can t leave her house A complete shut in, she spends her days spying on her neighbors, subtly meddling in their lives But she can t keep her demons out forever Someone from her past has returned, and is desperate to get inside.Sarah can t go home Her husband has kicked her out, forcibly denying her access to their toddler Sarah will do anything to get her daughter back, but she s unraveling under the mounting pressure of concealing the dark secrets of her past And her lies are catching up to her.The novel takes readers back in time to witness the complex family dynamics that formed Robin and Sarah into the emotionally damaged, estranged young women they ve become As the gripping and intricate layers of their shared past are slowly peeled away, the shocks and twists will keep readers breathless long after the final page.

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    1. Seriously.Do NOT close your eyes on this one. You might miss a strand of this tangled web entrenched in extremely strange family dynamics.Ah, the neighbors. Our kids go to school with their kids. We have picnics together and fun sleepovers. Our values seem to mesh with theirsuntil they don't anymore.The Marshalls and the Grangers share so much in common. Hilary and Derek Granger have a young son, Callum. Jack and Angela have a lively set of twin girls, Robin and Sarah. Robin would do anything fo [...]

    2. "Don't Close Your Eyes" for one minute when reading this or you really will miss something interesting and engrossing!Told from the points of view of the two main characters - twin sisters Robin and Sarah - in the past and present, this story will definitely have you gripped from the first page, I loved it and found it very compelling.I thought the 'Rear Window' part of the story with Robin and her curtain twitching was fascinating, we all probably notice what our neighbours do along with any ch [...]

    3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this!! 5+++++ stars!Tightly woven, character driven, edge of your seat, page turner that is a MUST READ for anyone who loves psychological suspense at it's best.Family drama is center stage, told from 2 POV, twins Robin and Sarah. The chapters are short but powerful, bouncing from past to present and covering the same time period, but of course being told from each twin's perspective. This way of unfolding the past and building up the tension to present day was BRILLIANT! So mu [...]

    4. 3.75 Stars* (rounded up)A Dysfunctional Family & Psychological DramaThis is a story about a dysfunctional family, relationships and siblings: specifically twin sisters Robin and Sarah, and their step brother Callum, and their parents - whose intertwining relationship fractures the family to its core. The siblings’ relationship has never been an easy one. Though they love each other desperately, there have been rivalries, a myriad of secrets and a ton of animosity brewing between the lot of [...]

    5. Here's the thing about his book: it was a slow, slow burn for the first 90%, then the last 10% slapped me in the face and had me questioning everything I thought was true. I did NOT see that twist coming!While this book read like a coming of age story, I felt it was lacking in the suspense that I crave with my psychological thrillers. It felt slow and drawn out in parts, but it all came together like a bulldozer in the end. There are many serious topics addressed here, this story is chock full o [...]

    6. I'm on a winning reading streak lately! Let's face it, choosing a book can be a crapshoot (even with GoodReads) and I feel lucky when I win!C'mon snake eyes, keep those good books coming in!I listened to DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES through a new site called Scribd. I keep trying to find something cheaper than Audible. Scribd works much, much better than the other one I tried (and hated), Playster. It is very easy to stop and start the audio in the place you left off, much like Audible. I'm not sure ho [...]

    7. After reading Holly Seddon’s first novel Try Not to Breathe, I eagerly awaited her new book Don't Close your Eyes and I was not disappointed. A brilliant psychological thriller that gripped me from the first page. I could not put this book down.I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.

    8. This book tells the story of twin sisters Sarah and Robin and also of their dysfunctional family. It is told from the alternating points of view of the twins and the timeline is divided between the present and the past.The novel is interesting and easy to read, and as you progress it reveals the events that have shaped the characters. The more you read the more you want to know. Callum, the step-brother is completely lovable and became the character I was looking forward to get to know more. Eve [...]

    9. Holy moly! This book literally just blew me away. It started with a slow rumble before becoming an avalanche unable to be stopped. The last two chapters had me in shock, open mouthed, no sign of the freight train coming.This is straight into my Top 17 Reads of 2017. Skipping the long and the short list. It deserves to be there! It's so bloody good! This is family drama plus plus plus and dysfunctional broken characters that you will have so many mixed feelings about.It tackles some hard topics a [...]

    10. 4.5 stars for Holly Seddon's Don't Close Your Eyes.Don't Close Your Eyes is billed as a thriller, but I think it's more of a coming of age story centered around an extremely dysfunctional family. The last few chapters were indeed thrilling, but the rest was a wonderfully well-written family saga with short chapters (LOVE) in each twin sister's voice and back and forth in time between past and present. The characters were well-developed, and Callum was most definitely my favorite. As with any dys [...]

    11. Having not read Holly Seddon’s debut novel, I have few expectations ahead of Don’t Close Your Eyes, but the premise of exploring how one set of twins circumstances in adulthood have diverged so vastly, leaving them estranged and effectively in different worlds, has long fascinated me. The answer usually lies somewhere in the past, and in this character-driven and compelling story of family dynamics, the children are the collateral damage when a series of decisions, out of their power, turn t [...]

    12. I stayed up way past my bedtime last night to finish this. Just couldn't stop reading.Told from the points of view of twins, Sarah and Robin, and switching between the present and the 1990s when the girls were growing up in the South of England, this was an intricately woven story of two families whose lives became intertwined. I'm intentionally vague because I think this will be enjoyed more the less you know about it before you start. It's full of drama and the short chapters and frequently sw [...]

    13. I liked Holly Seddon's first book, Don't Forget to Breathe, and this one did not disappoint. The story revolves around twins, Sarah and Robin, who are physically and emotionally separated at a young age. This is not Disney’s The Parent Trap. The novel is filled with lots of drama, surprising twists and some difficult topics. I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves fabulously written psychological suspense.

    14. Twin sisters Robin and Sarah have not spoken in years.Robin can't leave her house. She spends her day spying on her neighbours. Sarah can't go home, her husband has put her out of the house, denying her access to their toddler. Sarah will do anything to get her daughter back.This novel takes us back in time to complex family dynamics that made Robin and Sarah the emotionally damaged and estranged young women.The story is told in alternating chapters by the twins and covers the past and present d [...]

    15. Don't Close Your Eyes is my second book by Holly Seddon, but I would say I preferred the first one, Try Not to Breathe. This book had an intriguing premise and characters, but it was, for me at least, very slow moving and when the big reveal came, I almost didn't care anymore. It's a shame, because a lot of readers seemed to get a much more thrilling ride from this novel, unfortunately that just wasn't the case for me. That being said, if viewed as more of a domestic suspense, and not a psycholo [...]

    16. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley, in return for an honest review.An intense examination of the damage caused by one wrong decision in life.I do so love it when I read a book without any idea as to what it's about, then it exceeds my expectations. To say I was thoroughly gripped by Don't Close Your Eyes would be an understatement. The story follows two narratives, split between the past and the present - Sarah, and her twin sister Robin. They're completely different kids - Sarah is p [...]

    17. I just said that I don't like writing unfavorable reviews and here I am again very unimpressed with yet another popular book. Slow, boring and brimming with loads of family drama, this one got interesting on page 292 and then it ended. This is the second book in a row that felt very reminiscent of another book (though not the same one) so it also lacked originality. 2 stars.

    18. Excellent psychological thriller from author Holly Seddon.Twins Robin and Sarah weren't the closest of twins, they weren't even that similar. But they loved each other dearly. Until, in the cruellest of domestic twists, they were taken from one another. Both now in their 30's, Robin lives alone, agoraphobic and suffering from panic attacks, she spends her days pacing the rooms of her house. The rest of the time she watches the street, the houses, the neighbours. Until one day, she sees something [...]

    19. 🌟🌟🌟🌟Captivating StarsReviewed By Beckie Bookworm beckiebookwormSo this is the first book I have read by Holly Seddon and what a ride this was.Thoroughly enjoyed all that is "Don't close your eyes"So, in a nutshell, this is the story of twin sisters Robin and Sarah and how events of the past can echo down into the future, poisoning lives and destroying relationships.When the seeds are planted young it's easy to see how they can gather momentum, snowballing out of control as time passe [...]

    20. In 2016 I read Try Not To Breathe and instantly become a fan of Holly Seddon. In 2017 when I found out Holly Seddon had her second novel out Don't Close Your Eyes I knew I just had to read it. Don't Close Your Eyes is an excellent novel you all must read. I was literally hooked from page one. What I love about Holly Seddon's writing is that she always has exciting characters with an amazing story line that makes me keep turning the pages to see what happens next. That's what I call a big five st [...]

    21. What a brilliant book. Childhood looms large into adulthood as this beautifully-written psychological drama reaches its horrifying climax.

    22. Heart breaking and heart stopping in equal measure.Review closer to publication. But this following on from Try Not To Breathe puts Holly Seddon right up there on the must read list. Genuinely clever and beautifully written psychological drama. Proper writing innit ;)

    23. I thoroughly enjoyed Holly Seddon’s debut novel Try Not to Breathe (review here) and when I saw on Twitter that her new book Don’t Close Your Eyes was being read by some bloggers obviously my FOMO kicked into action and being me, I messaged Holly and her lovely publishers sent me a copy via Netgalley to read. Don’t Close Your Eyes grabbed me by the throat from page one and kept me gripped until the very last page. With short chapters alternating from past to present and fascinating charact [...]

    24. Having read and loved Try Not To Breathe, I was super excited to be given a copy of Holly's latest book, Don't Close Your Eyes, to read and review. I went in blind, as I do lately, so that I have no preconceptions or echoes of the blurb running around in my head when I start reading.Don't Close Your Eyes introduces the reader to twins Robin and Sarah, who seem to be estranged when we meet them. They lead very different lives, so I was intrigued to see how the author was going to bring them toget [...]

    25. This has alternating time periods & characters & at times I had to backtrack to figure out what I was reading. One of the most dysfunctional family stories I've ever read but I couldn't stop turning pages til I could find out what happened with everyone.

    26. Don't Close Your Eyes is a story about sisterhood, about love and acceptance, and about the struggles of family dynamics. Robin and Sarah Marshall are twin sisters who haven't seen each other in years. Robin suffers from agoraphobia, keeping herself locked away, people watching, and somewhat instigating drama in her neighbors lives. Sarah on the other hand, is dealing with relationship problems with her family. She has been kicked out and excommunicated from both her husband and her daughter, Vi [...]

    27. Thank you Netgalley and Randomhouse-Ballintine for the ARC of Don’t Close your Eyes in exchange for my honest reviewDon’t Close Your Eyes is a chilling tale about the fractured relationship between twin sisters Robin and Sarah. Living in their own turmoil, Robin and Sarah as adults are leading completely disparate lives and have been estranged for decades. Robin is a severely introverted, leading her life inside her house and outside vicariously through the windows of her neighbors. Sarah is [...]

    28. This is my first book by this author and now I will keep my eye out for her in the future. I gave the book 3.75. The reason I did not give it a full 4 is because at times the dialogue got confusing. Do not get me wrong it flowed nicely but at times the confusion came from the author jumping from past to present, from first person to third person, and sometimes even between the sisters themselves. But once you get the hang of the author's writing style it begins to flow a lot easier.The two main [...]

    29. I loved Holly Seddon's first novel but I actually think this one is even better. At the heart of the story is a family saga, a story about two families torn apart.about siblings and the complex web of relationships and secrets that can sometimes manifest in step family situationsd then layered on top of that is a very, very cleverly layered plot that you'll think you'll have all figured out, but you'll be wrong. The ending is perfect. A total surprise and yet when you look back you'll realise th [...]

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