Roland the Minstrel Pig

Roland the Minstrel Pig Roland sets out to see the world armed with his lute and his sweet voice but a scheming fox almost roasts him before he is rescued by the king

  • Title: Roland the Minstrel Pig
  • Author: William Steig
  • ISBN: 9780060257620
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Roland sets out to see the world, armed with his lute and his sweet voice, but a scheming fox almost roasts him before he is rescued by the king.

    One thought on “Roland the Minstrel Pig”

    1. Roland is a particularly talented musical swine. His singing and his lute playing impress his friends, and he is content until one of them suggests he seek fame and fortune with his talent, and he sets off to do so. He encounters Sebastian, a fox who pretends to be his friend and offers to take him to the queen where his talents will be appreciated. But the fox has no intentions of keeping his promises; instead, he makes plans to eat poor Roland, and tries several different ways to kill the pig. [...]

    2. This paperback reprint includes the original text and illustrations. Steig’s storytelling skills are apparent even with his first picture book, as he creates memorable characters and uses humor to tell an entertaining tale. The full-color illustrations feature expressive characters that enhance the text. A nice biography of the author and a note from his daughter are included. Children ages 4-8 will relish this story in which the good guy is rewarded and the bad guy gets his just desserts.

    3. William Steig really likes to write about pigs and foxes (pigs good, foxes bad). The premise of this story is that the lovable yet naive pig is being led though the forrest by the crafty and hungry fox who keeps trying to kill him (best method is when the pig wakes up with a lute string around his neck). Best picture detail is a lovely rendering of a hippo in formal masquerade gear.

    4. Yet another book by Steig that has a fox scheming to eat one of the characters. While this plot may be redundant, I still think children would enjoy this book. I liked the illustrations, and I have come to appreciate the humor that accompanies many of Steig's books. I can see myself purchasing this book for my classroom.

    5. An incredibly talented lute-strumming minstrel pig meets a wily fox who is thinking only of how this little piggy will make a most delightful dinner - in Steig's world such silly foxes are always foiled!

    6. The charming tale of a talented singing pig who sets off to make a name for himself, but is almost waylaid by a sly fox. I remember my mom reading me this book, so I have fond memories of this story.Steig's illustrations are excellent, per normal.

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