One thought on “The Lion Warriors”

  1. I came to this book with high hopes. I love Harrison's The Spartan, and while I was less than impressed with his second novel (The Alexandrian Drachma), The Lion Warriors promised a return to the Ancient Greek setting of The Spartan. Alas, it was not to be. Though the beginning of the book hinted at the return of the themes of The Spartan: vengeance and a journey through Greek society, all was soon for naught, as the book collapsed a vast mess of plots and a smorgasbord of characters: the vampir [...]

  2. There must be a brilliant way to mix the vulgar and flowery prose, but this isn't it.I'm giving up after less than 100 pages. The last book I read had very little pay-off; I can't be bothered reading two bad books in a row.May the next reader have better luck.

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