The Crystal Prison

The Crystal Prison When the Deptford Mice flee to the countryside they never expect to find themselves embroiled in a series of murders The country mice suspect that headstrong city mouse Audrey is the culprit But th

  • Title: The Crystal Prison
  • Author: Robin Jarvis Martin Shaw
  • ISBN: 9780750017879
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Audio Cassette
  • When the Deptford Mice flee to the countryside, they never expect to find themselves embroiled in a series of murders The country mice suspect that headstrong city mouse, Audrey, is the culprit But the truth is far sinister for Jupiter now reaches vengefully from the dead.

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    1. In this second installment in the Deptford Mice Trilogy, Audrey makes a deal with the mysterious Starwife that she will journey to the countryside, taking the mad rat Madam Akkikuyu with her, in exchange for the Starwife saving her friend Oswald’s life. The two of them set off with her brother Arthur and friend Twit to visit Twit’s family and stay with the fieldmice of Fennywolde. Once there, however, the countryside proves to be far less idyllic than Audrey had anticipated. Many of the coun [...]

    2. I think I liked this book even more than the first--but be warned that it is fairly dark, and sometimes violent. It starts right after the end of Book One, and reading "Dark Portal" first is probably a good idea. ******Small Spoiler********I found it exciting and creepy--a lot of the scary stuff comes not only from magic and "horror" elements, but also from the mouse community's "mob mentality." ***********It's also kind of sad towards the end--I'm a little concerned about how the trilogy will e [...]

    3. I like that Jarvis writes darker material for children and doesn't shy away from themes like death, the occult and sacrifice, but his writing is lacking. Everything is laid out plainly for the reader and redundant descriptions abound. It's not enough that we get a reaction, we also get an analysis of that reaction, explaining that character x doesn't like character y because z just happened (after we watched character y doing z). There are additional pacing problems, particularly in the middle o [...]

    4. I liked this trilogy in middle school, and this book is still really engrossing years later. I liked:-everything about the relationship between the Starwife and her squirrelly minions-that Jarvis lets his characters get themselves deeper into trouble through their own actions-the general storylineI did not like:-some of the characterization just doesn't quite work for me. Alison Sedge, in particular, seems like someone that Jarvis just wants us to hate, and who is never really given room to be a [...]

    5. The second book in the Deptford Mice trilogy is darker and even more exciting than the first. A wonderful tale of the power of evil and redemption. Audrey, Arthur, and Twit are commanded by the Starwife to take Madame Akkikuyu to Twit's home of Fennywolde. But evil comes with them and affects everyone in the field. Mice are murdered, evil magic abounds, and the mice struggle to find the source of all their troubles. But have they found the real culprit? A great sequel, can't wait to read the thi [...]

    6. this book was very boring i have to say the story line didnt really catch my attention even though i read i couldnt really tell you detail by detail fo what was going on in the book of what was going on with these mouses so i wouldnt reconmend this book to anyone who is really interested in reading a good book.

    7. This second outing of the mice was a real jump. There's a real level of emotional turmoil in this one for our heroes, as well as all the normal dark magic, evil villains and what-not.Still one of my favourite children's series. You can read more of my thoughts on this one over therobinjarvisportal.wordpress.

    8. This is a dark book series in feeling and imagination. It does, though, have a wonderful story and adventure waiting to be discovered inside. I loved this book for the characters are animals and they live in societies like humans. This book gives personification to these animals and that is what I would like my students to learn more about.

    9. Man, I love this series. So much intensity and weird cults. So spooky. I adore this book and it's series and I did not expect that ending. Audrey was definitely having a hard time and that mouse brass maker gets on my nerves. Love it and highly suggest it. Madame Akkikuyu is a wonderful character and what happens to her is unexpected, but it fits the theme.

    10. This book was a good book but it didn't quite satisfy me, but I still recommend this book to be read. his book is about a gang of mice in a country place where they will have to learn to live, uncover a murder, and stop an evil rising.This book showed me the impoance of friedship because in the end, the mice were saved by a friend with an unfailing loyalty.

    11. While it was an enjoyable story, something left me unsettled about this story. Obviously, the ending was left open for another book to come, but I really didn't like the "resolution" of so many of the plot points. Maybe I just want the ending to have been closer to happy?

    12. The excellent second book in the trilogy carries on the adventures of the Deptford mice and their battle against the evil Jupiter. Some more fantastic characters are introduced, as is a whole new village. First rate storytelling.

    13. I liked Book 2 better than Book 1, but still am bothered by Jarvis' deus ex machina style of story telling and the personality inconsistencies of his primary character Audrey (the mouse). Nevertheless, I'm going to pick up Volume 3.

    14. This was the first of Robin Jarvis's books I read, and I still remember how genuinely dark and creepy it was. A great addition to the series with a very different setting that shows how adaptable Jarvis can be.

    15. It was AMAZING! But the storyline was kind of dull. Nothing happened for a while. It wasn't like the first one where various things were happeneing at once. No, it was just Audrey, Twit, Aruther. The book is REALLY slow at first, but it picks up at the end.

    16. I loved this book as an early teenager and read everything of Robin Jarvis I could get my hands on. It was magical and mysterious. It will stay with me forever. I still have the old copies in my loft somewhere to give to my daughter.

    17. Great continuation of the saga - did not go where I expected it to at first - which is probably why I enjoy Jarvis' novels so much.

    18. ust got reminded of these by the fact they're doing a live version at wimbledon theatre. it was one of my favourites as a kid, i read all these deptford mice books multiple times. great stuff!

    19. Very interesting, a bit darker than Redwall or other rodent novels I like, but still follows the tradition of mice and rat stories, with heroes, villians, and hearts that change.

    20. its so hard to understand this audio book at start I think I`m first time listening audio bookand if you guys repeat this audio book, you guys will be better to understand this book.

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