Monsters Unleashed

Monsters Unleashed A monstrously fun new series from John Kloepfer author of the fan favorite series The Zombie Chasers Freddie Liddle has a big problem Monsters Giant fire breathing electric shocking bone crunching

  • Title: Monsters Unleashed
  • Author: John Kloepfer Mark Oliver
  • ISBN: 9780062290304
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A monstrously fun new series from John Kloepfer, author of the fan favorite series The Zombie Chasers.Freddie Liddle has a big problem Monsters Giant, fire breathing, electric shocking, bone crunching monsters are attacking his town Even worse, it s Freddie s fault After drawing monsters based on the meanest bullies in his class, Freddie used his school s 3D printer toA monstrously fun new series from John Kloepfer, author of the fan favorite series The Zombie Chasers.Freddie Liddle has a big problem Monsters Giant, fire breathing, electric shocking, bone crunching monsters are attacking his town Even worse, it s Freddie s fault After drawing monsters based on the meanest bullies in his class, Freddie used his school s 3D printer to make models of them But the last thing he expected was that the monsters would come to life and keep growing, and GROWING, and GROWING.There s just one way to stop these oversize beasts recruit the bullies, since only they know how the monsters think But teaming up with his worst enemies is Freddie s worst nightmare Can Freddie make friends with his bullies and save his town, or will the monsters have the final ROAR

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    1. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineManny and Freddy are working on a monster movie based on Freddy's drawings. They just want to print out some plastic models on the art room's 3-D printer, but their teacher tells them it isn't working properly and has to be returned. Undaunted, they sneak in and print the models which come alive. Their first thought is to ask for help, but they are already on the principal's last nerve, so want to lay low. This is even harder when the monsters get wet, and [...]

    2. Monster's Unleashed is a fun story about bullies and friendships.Freddie is a really tall boy who only really has one friend Manny and he is always picked on by three bullies. Jordan the jock, Nina the popular girl, and Quinn the super nerd. So he draws these monsters of them and each portray how he sees them. Manny and him are going to use them to make monsters for their movie. The science teacher has a 3D printer and was going to let the boys use it but he told them that it wasn't the right on [...]

    3. Picture itMiddle School art class and you're stuck with all the people you never really want to see face to face because, welllet's face it, they're bullies. Outside the peer pressure cooker, Manny and Freddie were planning on making a monster MOVIE and were REALLY excited about utilizing the teacher's 3D printer to make Freddie's illustrations COME TO LIFE. Thing is they didn't actually expect it to breath life into them, and yet did. Yepd that's only the beginning because once MONSTERS are UNL [...]

    4. Freddie's way to deal with the bullies is to draw them as he sees them, as monsters. Freddie and his one and only friend, Manny, want to make a Monster movie, so they decide to 3D print Freddies monster drawings from the art rooms 3D printer. The printer seems to have some weird new ink but it doesn't deter the two boys and they set about printing the 3 drawings. But things take a turn for the worse and the printings come to life, and when they get wet, they grow!! How can they stop these monste [...]

    5. Kloepfer, John Monsters Unleashed, 189 pages. Harper Collins Publisher, 2017. $17.00. Language: G (0 swears 0 f); Mature Content: G: Violence: G.Freddie is in the 6th grade. He is a good artist and has one friend. There is one thing he is scared of and that is bullies. But soon that won’t be the only thing he is scared of. If he doesn’t figure out how to solve this the world might end.Monsters Unleashed is so laugh out loud funny you might not want to put it down unless you drop it from laug [...]

    6. Freddie is a too-tall middle schooler and all he wants is to disappear so the jock, diva, and nerd bullies will leave him alone. Then when he and his friend Manny sneak into the art teacher's office to use the 3D printer and create these monster figures that represent the big bullies, things don't go as planned. The creations come to life! Freddie and Manny need to team up with the narcissistic jock, primadonna diva, and know-it-all nerd to defeat the monsters and save the town. Science Fiction. [...]

    7. I got this book through a free giveaway. It was a really quick read, and a pretty cute story. Bullied kid makes up some monsters by accident, they end up growing and destroying the town. Now he has to join up with a team of his bullies to take down the monsters. In the end they become friends. Pretty clever monsters, and interesting story. I got an uncorrected Proof. So it's missing art and some mistakes. I'm interested in seeing the final product. Would recommend for kids who are just getting i [...]

    8. A quick fun read with quirky art. Kids will be entertained with the idea of monsters attacking their school. It was a fun idea to have the bullies and the bullied work together to defeat the monsters but there could of been better development of the characters and their growing friendship. Science Fiction

    9. I received this book free through First Read.A fun read for any upper elementary/middle school student. Nice black and white pencil artwork throughout the book. I loved how it used the 3D technology in the story. A good story that shows that anyone can become friends.

    10. Pretty cheesy dialogue but I can see how it would be fun for middle graders to read. The illustrations were fun and helped bring the monsters to life.

    11. Science Fiction - A fun quick read about some boys who create monsters with a 3D printer. They spend the book trying to contain them and making friends with their enemy’s.

    12. Science Fiction book #1: Very fun book for older elementary school children. It's not wonder so many children love this book. The way they deal with the monsters is unique and intuitive.

    13. Such a fun and interesting context would have liked the emotional change between bullies and victims to be more fleshed out and realisitc not just them working together.

    14. The writing definitely could have been better, but it will be a super accessible 4th grade boy book. It should be a pretty popular series.

    15. Very cute story. Perfect for young kids. Not so much for adults like a lot of these kind of books are but very appropriate for the young and young at heart.

    16. Quick read for fans of Captain Underpants and Last Kids on Earth. Creating real monster with a 3D printer was a unique premise but the story lacked any real substance. It was funny, though some dialogue jokes felt cliche and outdated, and full of problem solving to defeat the monsters. Good for reluctant readers who need a quick fix of action and humor, but don't expect heartfelt or big resolutions.

    17. Now I want to read The Zombie Chasers. So expect that review at some point. Anyhow, this book is about monsters, and it's a proven fact that middle school kids love monsters. This book is mind candy of the best sort and is just what we needed around here. I want to tell you enough so that you'll read it, but not too much to spoil it. Here's the elevator pitch version: Manny and Freddie are making a monster movie and sketch up some monsters. They want to use the school's 3D printer, but their tea [...]

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