Dead Ground

Dead Ground When my old friend Jim Walker asks me to fly up to Canada and take a look at a strange murder case it sounds like a good excuse for barbecue and brewskis But the party gets crashed by a pit load of d

  • Title: Dead Ground
  • Author: Adam J. Wright
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When my old friend Jim Walker asks me to fly up to Canada and take a look at a strange murder case, it sounds like a good excuse for barbecue and brewskis But the party gets crashed by a pit load of demons and things take a turn for the worse Throw a faerie queen and a couple of ancient vampires into the mix and you ve got a recipe for disaster Time to sharpen the stakeWhen my old friend Jim Walker asks me to fly up to Canada and take a look at a strange murder case, it sounds like a good excuse for barbecue and brewskis But the party gets crashed by a pit load of demons and things take a turn for the worse Throw a faerie queen and a couple of ancient vampires into the mix and you ve got a recipe for disaster Time to sharpen the stakes and start slaying the undead Because if you gaze long into a vampire s eyes, the vampire gazes also into you Then it glamors you And kills you.

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    1. Dead GroundHarbinger P.I Book 4By: Adam J. WrightNarrated by: Greg TremblayThis continues this great supernatural series! I have loved everyone! Each one is full of witty dialogue, great plots, wonderful characters, twists, turns, action, suspense, and they are all fun to listen to or read. This one is no different. This book adds the fae to the mix. Just can't have a day off. Oh, and the witches help with travel arrangements.The narrator continues the wonderful performance! Thanks!

    2. It took me a few days to finish this one, but I still thought it was another good addition to the series. My inability to read it in one sitting have something to do with my mood of reading more romance-y read. Because the pace itself was pretty fast, and it was quite action-y.Felicity's on-time screen is a little less here (she's in England), so I was actually VERY happy to see more Leon helping out Alec this time. They go to Canada to help Alec's old mentor, to deal with murders and end up hav [...]

    3. Dead Ground felt a bit all over the place compared to the first three books. The addition of Felicity's POV added to the discombobulated feel. Still, the story was good and the overarching theme has been solidified. I look forward to the next book.

    4. This series gets more and more intriguing. The series unfolds with plenty of secrets and surprises. Can't wait for Book 5.

    5. Dead Ground, a Harbinger P.I. novel (Book 4)by Adam J. WrightSOME SPOILERSAgain, a very short book, very quick read. I like the characters in this series, and that single "like," in all probability, will keep me reading any future installments. In this episode, Felicity has gone home to England to help care for her ailing father. Mallory is off, who knows where, evidently still searching for Mr. Scary. But Alec and Leon, plus Leon's butler, Michael, and the Blackwell Sisters are back and joined [...]

    6. I liked that this one was a bit longer then the first three. That way the story didn't feel rushed at the end. Other then a few spelling errors, I wish there was more action during the action parts. They seem a bit short. But still good. Great series. Will definitely keep reading them. Can't wait for the next book to come out

    7. Rushed with to many maguffinsI like this series. I do, but the more I read it the harder it is for me to ignore the sheer amount of maguffins. Impossible circumstance where the protagonist is gonna die? Let's unleash a mysterious power that he doesn't understand or control to get out of trouble. Every. Freaking. Time. The investigations part of the character is almost completely ignored, and when it is utilized the breadcrumbs magically appear in his lap.

    8. Dead groundJust like the previous books in the series, this one is a page turner like the others. There I'd always something going on to keep your attention and keep you wanting more!!

    9. Where’s the next one?My reviews went from a 5 to a 3 and back up to 5. I hope the next one is due soon. I think the character, or our knowledge and familiarity of him, has deepened. The other characters have come into themselves.

    10. Very good supernatural storyIt was never boring. Very enjoyable. Anyone who enjoys reading about the paranormal. Would certainly enjoy these stories. I like stories an Detective hunting supernatural beings.

    11. Excellent! Kept me glued to the story throughout and it feels like each book is better than the last. Can't wait to read more.

    12. Very enjoyable readI love this series and cannot wait for the next installment. If you are a fan of supernatural or mystery read these books

    13. Really enjoyed this story. As our main character is realizing he has a new family/group of people he can count on. Can't wait for more.

    14. Ripping good yarn! When numbers next?Best in years. Near breathless for the next. Hope Harbinger goes on many many more and he soon finds himself and Felicity.

    15. Exciting book. Can't wait for the next. It's part of a series, so you really need to read them in order. Vampires, fairies, demons, witches and assorted monsters are involved. Fast paced.

    16. Though I do enjoy these books, the plots are bit on the thin side and this particular story needs some minor grammar editing. Still a pleasant way to spend some reading time though.

    17. Rate the book!Another great book! I love Mr. Wright's stories. I can't wait for the next one about Alec, PI to the paranormal.

    18. Good readI have enjoyed all the Harbinger books. Like the story and character development. One of the good fantasy writers. Good read.

    19. 4-Star, but unsteadyNot quite as solid as the first three in the series, it just seemed a little fractured and rushed or perhaps it was there was so much thrown in to transition the main story arcs forward. There just seemed to be a lot of hinting of what was to come, no solid resolutions, and little moving forward of the main story arcs until near the end - only to then be left waiting for the next book for answers. Still, even saying this it was an enjoyable read. The characters are interestin [...]

    20. Last one so far in the continuing Harbinger PI series. So far I've been saying these are a pleasant if quick read that offends no one and entertains enough. Obviously the books are self consciously written to appeal to a certain audience, (yes, obviously Harry Dresden, and equally obviously not close to that urban fantasy juggernaut of Jim Butcher's) and the writing style is pleasant if a little immature, but I honestly felt this was a step up. The plot is more involved, locations across the Wor [...]

    21. I saw the twist coming but it was really well executed! Can't wait for more!Crosspost from my book blogThis series, in general, has been a very pleasant surprise for the end of 2017. It’s nothing epically spectacular but it's fast-paced and well written and I already love the characters a lot. I am definitely looking forward to more!The development of a certain relationship felt a little rushed for my liking, especially considering all four books take place in about the span of 1-2 months. Sti [...]

    22. Another entertaining tale in the Harbinger P.I. seriesThe Harbinger P. I. Series is a well written fantasy set in the modern world. Each of the first four books is a good tale in its own right, but is even better as part of the developing story. The main characters remain consistent and are supported by a changing cast of secondary characters. My only complaint with the series is that some of these secondary characters are almost duplicated from book to book. The names may change, but the basic [...]

    23. Fast paced and fun seriesI read many exceptional best selling novels but bc of my disability I read a lot and sometimes i want to read a series that's a quick read, a fast paced story line, fun series with enough complex plot and likeable characters. This series is just that. I have tried a number of series and along with Michael Richan and S. langrel this series has become one of my favorites of the kindle unlimited adult urban fantasies. Another big plus Wright's books come out fairly regularl [...]

    24. Like the rest of the books in this series, Dead Ground was a fun quick read that didn't require much thought and provided a nice simple escape. Where it shined was in the choices the characters made, especially Felicity. Her sensibility when it came to her relationship with Alec and her handling of a strange man purporting to be from the Society really proved her strength of character to me. Leon also got to step up and take some more of the spotlight here and he continued to be great back up fo [...]

    25. The Harbinger P.I. series.This is fun! These four books(so far) are great entertainment and very different yet similar to Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series. If you like Dresden, you will like these. Lots of magic and derring-do as well as complex personal and professional relationships.All in all, these books are a great pleasure to read and enjoy. I recommend that you get hold of them and settle back to enjoy yourself.

    26. Gets better and betterI don't know how many books are going to be in this series but I intend to read each and every one of them. I've come across a lot series on and this is definitely one of the good one. Can't wait for the next book.

    27. Great seriesFrom book one the characters develop and the story gets better along with more plot lines. There are many twists and turns in the unraveling of the mysteries that are converging to become a major ending to the series

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