Enigma: The Life of Knut Hamsun

Enigma The Life of Knut Hamsun None

  • Title: Enigma: The Life of Knut Hamsun
  • Author: Robert Ferguson
  • ISBN: 9780374520939
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “Enigma: The Life of Knut Hamsun”

    1. I always thought Hamsuns own personal screwiness imposed itself onto the characters of his books. Depending on who you talk to he is either overrated or underrated as a writer. I find him to be a very good but not quite great writer. I find it ironic that so many Hitler heads and Euro "new right" types are so into Hamsun because he said he thought Hitler was cool when he was like 90 years old but with the exception of Growth of the Soil he is a very Jewy type writer and was even more so that way [...]

    2. Thorough, densely written but very insightful biography of the great (and deeply flawed) Norwegian writer.

    3. I had never heard of Knut Hamsun before I saw a movie biography several years ago - and he is fascinating character. Very influential writer of the early 20th century (but very anti-American and anti-British, which may be why I had not heard of him) at least a fellow traveller with the Nazis. He was very old by the time of Norway's occupation, and there are legitimate questions about whether he truly understood what he was doing. (He did get tried for treason after the war, most people felt he w [...]

    4. I don't read many biographies and only read those I would especially enjoy. At any rate, this is a well-written account of Hamsun's life. This book really accents the dedication with which he wrote and sought to become a writer.

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