Embattled Ever After

Embattled Ever After WARNING This is the fifth book in the Lost and Found series and as always there are ups and downs Readers need to be aware that I deal with PTSD issues suicide and miscarriage But as always there

  • Title: Embattled Ever After
  • Author: J.M. Madden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • WARNING This is the fifth book in the Lost and Found series and as always, there are ups and downs Readers need to be aware that I deal with PTSD issues, suicide, and miscarriage But, as always, there is a happy ending Duncan Wilde has avoided long term relationships very well since his fianc e left him wounded in the hospital years ago That one harsh lesson that heWARNING This is the fifth book in the Lost and Found series and as always, there are ups and downs Readers need to be aware that I deal with PTSD issues, suicide, and miscarriage But, as always, there is a happy ending Duncan Wilde has avoided long term relationships very well since his fianc e left him wounded in the hospital years ago That one harsh lesson that he needed to guard his heart has stuck with him for years Besides, he s a beat up old Marine well past his time for love The fiery young doctor from Kansas City seems to think otherwise, though Too bad she s so damn young Alex Hartfield grew up as a military brat, but she sees something in Duncan that makes her think of permanence and starting a family She wants someone to come home to every night and love, and he s the first man that makes her guarded heart race with hope and excitement Now as they try to understand the dangerous incidents going on around them, they fight to find common ground But it seems as if fate has some tricks up her sleeve I urge you to read the books of the Lost and Found series in order Each can be read as a standalone, but you get a much better experience by taking them all in.

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    1. Well, this was actually difficult for me to rate. On one hand, there were things I liked such as getting to see the other characters further in their lives with happy endings of their own. On the other hand, there were things I thought were just "okay" such as the actual romance between Duncan and Alex. I was really looking forward to Duncan's book. He is always taking care of others and helping anyone in need. He deserved a HEA. I was just really disappointed in the romance portion. There was j [...]

    2. I will keep this shortI LOVE this series. I appreciated some of the follow ups with other couples in this book. Especially John and Shannon. The romance between Duncan and Alex pretty much sucked. As in there wasn't much of any. He pushed her away the whole book. She tried too hard. It felt like the author was not feeling it but she was writing something to appease the fans of the series demanding a book about Duncan. So she wrote a TON of catch up stories about the others and sprinkled in the p [...]

    3. It felt a bit like the epilogue for the series, more than the story for Duncan and Alex. Their story was in there, but the book was just as much about John and Shannon, with some chapters devoted to Chase and Lori and Mercy as well. There was lots of content about all of the protagonists from the previous books. So in a way it was a love letter to the fans. I did enjoy it, I just wished we had a bit more of the protagonists for this book. Looking forward to the spin-off series.

    4. This is the book we've been waiting for ever since Embattled Hearts. Duncan Wilde finally gets his story. Ms. Madden has done a superb job at depicting real life situations for her characters in her Lost and Found series. When I first discovered her books a few years ago I was astounded to find that she had no military background, yet she writes as though she has lived the military lifestyle. Being a military brat and spouse of a career military veteran, I found myself drawn to her books like a [...]

    5. I've waited ages for Duncan's book but it left me disappointed. The other couples feature a lot as does a story for a character in the next book. I wanted to read more about Duncan and Alex's romance but they ended up just being side characters. The author could have done a lot more with their story than she did after fans have waited so long.

    6. Three men started out on an Embattled Road which lead to more men joining their journey and to each finding their ever after with the women who came to love them. It seems so long ago when we were first introduced to 3 men who after their time in Iraq after had suffered severe damage to there bodies. Over the course of this series we had gotten two of those mans stories along with other disable vets who'd joined Lost and Found Investigative Services but were patiently waiting to get Duncan Wilde [...]

    7. Major disappointmentReally disappointed in Duncan's story, he consistently wavered back and forth with his feelings about Alex . She wasn't any better. How many time does a man have to tell you to get lost before you show a little pride. While it was nice to read about John and Shannon, Chad and Lora I purchased this because I believed it was Duncan's story.

    8. I was looking forward to Duncan's book, but it wasn't my favorite. I still wasn't clear why the h kept coming back. I didn't feel anything between them. I liked the Aiden story line and that kept me engaged.

    9. First things first. I read book one in this series some time ago and found the box set to download as a freebie the other day. I remembered the first one was okay - not mindblowing, but a decent read - and thought I would get some light entertainment out of the series. All was going well until this bookDear god. What sort of people are you? Read this: (the men are discussing small daughters)“Don’t give in to all that stereotypical bullshit. She plays with cars and stuffed animals Give her a [...]

    10. I have been highly anticipating Duncan's story. But this was like, so totally not cool like no. Like it was like written by like a teenager and stuffSeriously! This book has an identity crisis. Way too much going on. Everyone else has their own stories but the one we are all waiting for barely has one. Duncan and Alex were in about 25%. I liked catching up with everyone but why not make the book after Duncan and Alex a "where are they now" story??? I did not like that Alex was always the aggress [...]

    11. I am not sure where my thoughts are after reading Embattled Ever After (Lost and Found #5) by J.M. Madden. I loved that series from the beginning on and I was looking forward to Duncan’s story as much as anybody else I guess. But somehow now when it came something went wrong a little and it was something I would have never expected. It was Duncan’s age. I never gave it much thought as Duncan was always present but never the focus of the other stories – so I am not sure how my mind got sett [...]

    12. This is one of my favorites series. While the men often see themselves as broken the women don't, they see them as the good men they are, just with some extra things to deal with.I loved that the Lost and Found people wanted to do something good for Duncan and they brought Alex around to see if the spark was there. With how Duncan reacted I wanted to slap him and had the weather not came into play that would have been the end of it. It was interesting to see how Duncan reacted when Alex came alo [...]

    13. FOR. EVER. That's how long I waited for this story (it seems) and the author knew exactly how to take care of it for me. Anyone who has read the series knew that Duncan was going to be a hard story to read. He's a hardened man, with little hope, but those surrounding him keep him alive. When he met Dr. Alex when in KC to help a vet (because that's what he does) he knew there was a spark of something. So did she. BOY did she. She's not stopped thinking about him since, and spending a holiday in C [...]

    14. Just finished reading this long awaited book in the LNF series (Yeah, Duncan at last!). It was like a family or school reunion meeting up with all sorts of people you have not seen in a while and at the end of the day you wish there was more time to spend together We catch up with lots of the people from the earlier books, so this book is not 100% Duncan and Alex, but that was quite okay.Would have liked the epilogue to have a bit more focus on them, especially if indeed this is the last book in [...]

    15. 2⭐️Oh, I'm so sad! I was loving this series but this book crashed. The characters have all faded into same-same. There's really not much that defines any of them from the others anymore. They all 'talk' with the same voice and intention. They are all extremely 'hallmark' now too. These tough military men have just become those string pull dolls that parrot the appropriate cheesy phrase when instructed. There were parts of this book that had me thinking it was a bit of an infomercial. I know [...]

    16. With the fifth installment in the 'Lost and Found' series, we finally get the main main, Duncan's story. He is the oldest of the bunch, pushing close to 50, which his age plays a big a factor in his story, or well I should say the heroine's age is as she is 32. Alex was first introduced in a previous Los and Found book (#3 I believe) where she meets Duncan at a Kansas City hospital she works at. Immediately they feel a connection upon a meeting but Duncan doesn't act on it a he feels she is too [...]

    17. I was expecting that this book would be the greatest of them all. And I feel very disappointed.My interest wavered quite a bit. The climax of the story wasn't very climaxy. I expected something dramatic and I expected a stronger bond between the two. Maybe it's just me but I'm sadly disappointed.

    18. I found this series a while ago and fell in love with it and the men of LNF. They have one by one started finding their significant other and having families. Duncan the founder of LNF and a huge employer of wounded vets. He cares so much for the men who have served and is a total sweetheart to the women who love them. That is part of the reason they decided to surprise him with Dr. Alex Hartfield, that Duncan met back at a hospital in Kansas City, for Christmas. She is beautiful, smart, loving [...]

    19. Every time I read one of J.M.'s books in this series I remember why I love her writing. She gives us a wonderful story while dealing with the reality of what happened to our wounded warriors after they come home. We become involved with the set of characters we have come to know and love. Getting to see one we have known deserved someone finally get his other half was just outstanding. While there are some hard scenes in this book it's real life as unfortunately things that are tragic do happen [...]

    20. I fell in love with Duncan & Alex. I didn't want their story to end. I loved visiting with everyone again. John. Shannon. Zeke. Ember. Chad. Lora. Duncan& Alex are perfect for each other, but do they know that?! The issues in this book were handled beautifully. Great writing. Highly recommend. Can't wait for more, especially with the 'twist' towards the end!!

    21. Having read the first four books in the "Embattled" series including the prequel, I was anticipating Duncan's story and wanted to read about him connecting with Alexandra "Alex".That said, I was disappointed by this story. It was far longer than the first four stories but that was due in large part to chapters devoted to updates on characters from previous books, which I found mostly unnecessary.The book opens with Dr. Alex Hartfield traveling to Colorado, at the request of Duncan's friends, for [...]

    22. I don't hesitate to give this one 4 stars at all. As I read over some of the other reviews I see there were many disappointed with Duncan's story. I'm not really sure why. Was it as suspenseful as some of the other? No. But it was so very Duncan. Duncan is the founder of LNF Investigative Services, a company that hires wounded warriors and integrates them back into civilian life while giving their lives purpose. Duncan took care of his troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and he found a way to continu [...]

    23. Embattled Ever Afteris another good story set in the “Lost and Found” world; but for readers not already familiar with the series, this is not the place to start. This is not a standalone read. Duncan and Alex’s arc is carried over from ‘Embattled SEAL’; and several of the main couples from previous books have prominent storylines that will mean nothing to anyone who is not a regular reader of the series.If you are keeping up with the series, however, this book is a treat. Not only doe [...]

    24. I went back and read my review where I gushed over the first book "Embattled Hearts" in this series. Since then, I've been a faithful reader and have waited patiently to see who would capture Duncan's heart. Sigh. I loved this book. I enjoyed catching up with the characters that have developed through the series, and loved how Madden set the stage for the next series. But I can't recommend this book for everyone. This is a 3rd in the series book that depends heavily on knowing the backstories of [...]

    25. Loved, loved, loved! I have adored this series, and this last installment was everything I wanted it to be. As expected, I thoroughly enjoyed Duncan and Alex's romance. It felt authentic and powerful, and I was really happy with how it turned out. Also, I was thrilled that we got to see so much of John and Shannon. They are my favorite couple of the series, and it was fantastic to see them navigate these new changes. I also loved the twist near the end of the book--I didn't see that coming at al [...]

    26. Duncan and Alex!!!!I have had this book on my kindle since it was released. It took me a while before I was mentally ready for this book. It was the last ones in the LNF series and my favorite character to boot. So I finally read it and it was everything and more than I expected. A story of finding love and going for it. These two made my heart swell and they made it beat faster. I lived everything about it. JM madden is an automatic one click author for me. She never ever disappoints. Highly re [...]

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