One by One: Welcoming the Singles in Your Church

One by One Welcoming the Singles in Your Church There are now single adults than married adults in the United States yet the evangelical church continues to focus primarily on serving couples and families with ministries geared toward their partic

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  • Title: One by One: Welcoming the Singles in Your Church
  • Author: Gina Dalfonzo
  • ISBN: 9780801072932
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • There are now single adults than married adults in the United States, yet the evangelical church continues to focus primarily on serving couples and families with ministries geared toward their particular needs This can lead, however unintentionally, to the marginalization of adults who are single by choice, divorce, or death, or who are simply not yet married FamilThere are now single adults than married adults in the United States, yet the evangelical church continues to focus primarily on serving couples and families with ministries geared toward their particular needs This can lead, however unintentionally, to the marginalization of adults who are single by choice, divorce, or death, or who are simply not yet married Families are a good thing, but so are all of God s people, and singles long to be lovingly integrated into the Body of Christ.In One by One, Gina Dalfonzo explores common misconceptions and stereotypes about singles, including the idea that they must be single because something is wrong with them, and the subtle and not so subtle ways they are devalued, like when sermons focus overmuch on navigating marital relationships or raising children She shows how the church of Paul, who commended those who remained single, became the church where singles are too often treated like second class Christians Then she explores what the church is doing right, what unique services singles can offer the church, and, most importantly, what the church can do to love and support the singles in their midst.

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    1. Because the subtitle of this book is Welcoming the Singles In Your Church, I assumed this book was going to be full of practical ways that church leaders and members, particularly the married ones, could begin to include single individuals in the "regular" life of the church, and explain why those things would be helpful. (For instance, having intergenerational and multi-stage small groups, so we can all learn from each other's different experiences and be challenged rather than reinforce the i [...]

    2. Hmm, it’s hard to know how to sum this up. As a single person close to 30, I resonated with many of the feelings expressed by the single interviewees in this book. On the other hand, I have had relatively few negative encounters in either of my churches (current and growing up) related to being single. I have often felt very supported as an individual, and I’m so thankful for that. For me, a lot of the difficulty in being single comes from comparing myself to my peers. I appreciate how Dalfo [...]

    3. Singleness, in church, is a wide open opportunity for the church to mend a great divide between those who feel included and those who show up to church for Advent, and don’t feel a part of the family.“What happens when the church – consciously or unconsciously- elevates married people over single people” (Dalfonzo, 37)?One by One shines a light from the other side, where Gina points out the language our church leaders use without taking into account how it hurts the singles in our church [...]

    4. As the tagline for this book says, there are now more single adults than married adults in the United States. But you might not think that from looking at typical evangelical churches, because many still seem to cater primarily to couples and families. I can attest to this, as a member of the "Focus on the Family" generation, and having spent several years in the church as a single adult. The first section of this book shares a lot of stories from singles in the church, and corrects some unfortu [...]

    5. Very helpful perspective for church ministers and other leaders, as well as any other married folks in the pews. It probably could have been 30-40 pages shorter, but overall an easy and thoughtful read.

    6. Excellent book for any married or single Christians involved in the church. Insightful and honest without being conceited or whiny.

    7. I married young at 22, and my church attendance and involvement was touch and go for most of my college years, so I didn't truly experience adult singleness within the context of the church. Because of that, I was eager to read Ms. Dalfonzo's take on the issue. I hoped it would open my eyes and help me tune in to those with perspectives and experiences different from my own. It did not disappoint. With a blend of traditional research and personal experiences, Dalfonzo presents the problem (socia [...]

    8. Today's evangelical churches are overwhelmingly family oriented. Where does that leave singles?Dalfonzo has written a book to help churches understand singles and create a welcoming climate for them. She reveals what the church looks and feels like to singles, sharing her own thoughts and her interviews with others. I was appalled at some of her quotes from books and preachers. No wonder singles feel awkward in a church culture that thinks singleness is a negative condition and that not being ma [...]

    9. I devoured this book in one sitting. I actually intend to do a second, slower reading in order to spend more time thinking about and studying some of her points & ideas in greater depth. While others may find the "anecdotal" evidence to be insufficient, for me, it was entirely relatable - so many of them were similar or reflective of my own experience. I found the section of the explosion of the courtship culture etc in the 90s and the damage it has done to the church very intriguing - I hop [...]

    10. One by OneWelcoming the Singles in Your Churchby Gina DalfonzoBaker BooksChristianPub Date 20 Jun 2017 I am reviewing a copy of One by One through Baker Books and Netgalley:Being Single is now more common than being married in the United States. There are now more single adults than married adults in the United States. There is often a stigma and judgement that comes with being a Single Adukt, a Stereotype. This book reminds us that being Single does not mean we have sinned.As Christians Men and [...]

    11. This is a clear, engaging, and enjoyable read. Although I would have read it anyway (given my life experience and interests), since I have my own book on singleness and the church releasing soon(ish), I was especially interested to see 1) whether Dalfonzo and I cover similar ground, and 2) if we handled the issues in the same way. I'm pleased to note that while we do start with similar premises, our paths widely diverge in development. I respect how open and honest Dalfonzo has been, and how muc [...]

    12. A refreshingly honest look at what it's like to be single in the evangelical church. I couldn't stop saying Amen over and over. It's a shame that very few married people will probably ever read this book because it is completely full of truths and ideas that I so wish would be put into practice. I can't say I related to every single thing. Section 2 lost me a little (although the parts on I Kissed Dating Goodbye and the Christy Miller series were certainly thought-provoking). But for anyone who [...]

    13. It's refreshing to read a book which highlights the plight of singles in being a vital part of a church body. The author describes primarily the challenges for single women and the stigmas they face in the church today. One of the important takeaways was the challenges that women have with internet dating and the challenge to stay chaste. The book could have been trimmed down to make a more compelling argument, but the main points are sound.

    14. I got this book in a first reads giveaway in exchange for a review. This is a very timely book. As a single Christian who is not likely to get married anytime soon I would like to thank the author for writing it. I especially l like her points about singles being more familiar with loneliness than married folks and how they are in an especially good position to teach the church about that!

    15. This book tells you how singles feel isolated in the church that is so often geared to married people. Even though it is very straight forward that author is not trying to accuse or blame married people for all the church problems regarding singles. It just shows that singles have been isolated and rejected in the church. If you love singles or are singles I recommend it.

    16. Valuable insights about singleness. I'm glad I read the perspectives of a Christian single. The church can do better in understanding how to serve them. Paying attention and listening is a great way to start!

    17. Great book! "All are welcome" is an essential value in the life of the church. So I love that Gina presents a way for us to welcome this oft-overlooked group. Gina's writes beautifully and with great heart and wisdom.

    18. Eye-opening, challenging, and full of practical advice on how the Body of Christ and better include singles, as well as, minister to single adults in our churches.

    19. While many books on singleness proliferate the market, this might be my favorite one. As a lifelong single, Dalfonzo understands the life singles are seeking to navigate. She knows firsthand the mixed messages and bad theology many Christians hear from well-intended married folk. In fact, the first section of her book is dedicated to these "Stigmas, Stereotypes, and Shame" (her words) many singles hear over and over again, including being seen as problems and as projects. Instead, she argues, it [...]

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