Jenna What if your life was normal What if your life was okay average and mundane Then one day you realise you don t want normal okay and average Mundane is not okay any Then you are presented with a one

  • Title: Jenna
  • Author: Shay Bell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What if your life was normal What if your life was okay, average and mundane Then one day you realise you don t want normal, okay and average Mundane is not okay any Then you are presented with a one off opportunity to have a whole new life A polar opposite life to the one you have now You just have to take one little step There s only one catch You have to leaWhat if your life was normal What if your life was okay, average and mundane Then one day you realise you don t want normal, okay and average Mundane is not okay any Then you are presented with a one off opportunity to have a whole new life A polar opposite life to the one you have now You just have to take one little step There s only one catch You have to leave everything behind without the chance to say a single goodbye Would you take that opportunity Would you take that step This is the story of a normal, okay, average and mundane country girl from Queensland Australia This is her story She takes that step This is Jenna

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    1. One of the things I love about being a book reviewer is getting to discover new debut titles and Jenna was one of those titles. Going into the book Jenna , I was unsure of what to expect as all I knew was that it had a GLBT theme as well as being what the author considered a dark fiction novel. Think about your life , the way you have it right now ? Would you give it up in a heartbeat if you were given the opportunity ? If you could completely re-invent yourself with the only exception being you [...]

    2. Thank you.To all who buy, read and enjoy my books. Thank you. If you keep buying them I'll keep writing them. ♡♡♡

    3. I'm saying this outright I skipped the majority of the sex scenes. Some of the words used for people's private areas was just no, just no. I can't deal with words like 'hot box' and 'snatch'. They make me cringe. I found this book to be quite repetitive in many many places, it felt like the same things were happening over and over again. Also, Jenna should have just been called Jenna throughout, she was only pretending to be someone but it cause me to be completely confused in some parts. I do e [...]

    4. What a ride!If you ever wondered what it would be like to live another person's life, ask Jenna, she'll tell ya. When fate hands Jenna the opportunity to do just that, she doesn't hesitate—well maybe she does for a minute—and finds herself on a journey that she wasn't quite prepared for. This shy, sweet Australian girl takes off and runs into one wild adventure after another: from jewel heists, murder, and globetrotting, to finding love, her own sexual awakening, and a helluva bunch of self- [...]

    5. As a person I have ask myself a time or two what would I do if I got a chance to start over where would I go and what would I do Well in this book we get to take a ride along with Jenna who gets that chance to make that choice Yes I said a ride along because as I was reading this story I was able to picture it in my mind and believe me when I say this is a fantastic story This story make you open you eyes and heart and make you realize there is a lot bumps in the road and no one perfect. I felt [...]

    6. This is the first book I have read by this author. I look forward to reading many more. I was pulled into the story from the get go. I didn't want to put it down. This book will have you thinking about your life and if you had the chance to give it up to be someone else? Having to cut all ties with everyone you know? I am not sure I would but this story made me think about it.Jenna is in in a rut, she has never done anything exciting, but this changes when she meets Katt. I can't put much into t [...]

    7. 10 StarsOMG I loved this bookBrilliantly written.This author is one of the new authors that will fast become very popular in the future. I loved this book and absolutely couldn't not it down even when I was cooking tea I loved Jenna she's definitely one of the kind lady When Jenna has a boring life in a small town with a boyfriend she thinks is the pick of the bunch. But when she makes a trip in her car which she named Bindi her future is about to change majorly. Her life diffidently wont be bor [...]

    8. This review is from: Jenna (Kindle Edition)I received this book as a gift only. WOW! This was an interesting debut novel.Shay has the Australian slang down to a fine art, thank goodness for his Glossary at the back. A lot of people would have trouble with the slang. Personally I loved it. His personality comes through in waves. It is a fun book with great twists and turns, the ending was unexpected. Jenna was a fun read. Looking forward to more work from this author, I think he will go a long wa [...]

    9. WowAt first I was I was hesitant, the first chapter didn't really reach out and snag my attention. But I am super glad I always finish a book. The plot was very well thought of, the characters were very well described and definitely kept my attention. I love the fact that it's not a super sappy romantic book. I love the harsh words and phrases, makes it all seem more real and not a fantasy. I really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to others ;) PS, Super glad I am not single while I re [...]

    10. Great readI really enjoyed this book. It's not my usual type of book. However saying that I couldn't put this book down. It's a page turner for sure. The ending I really didn't expect and I must admit I wanted a different ending for Jenna but it does fit with the book. I would deco recommend this book and will be looking out for other books from Shay as it was really well written and a superb storylinexx

    11. Holy cow I loved this, different to my usual reads and I honestly didn't predict the ending in any way shape or form! Lovely surprise! The author is truely on the ball with a very eunique plot and one you can deffo put your self in, the twists and turns will keep you reading and it's impossible to it down for long!!! Throughly enjoyed this book, very well written and not slightly repetitive!!!!

    12. When I picked up this book, I had no preconceived notions nor expectations. I went in blind and came out seeing a colorful world of possibilities.Jenna is an amazing story of self-discovery. While loaded with action, drama and sensuality, it also exudes hope, perserverance and enlightenment.Which in the end is all we can really wish for.Quick read, about 3 hours.Shay BellW I'll be your bitch.

    13. Jenna took us on an amazing journey full of many twists and turns. Shay Bell created a fantastic book that kept you guessing until the very end!! Very well written!!! A must read!!! Would highly recommend!!!

    14. Couldn't put it down. Prepare yourself for a sexy hot journey in untouched territory. Even if it's once in lifetime I'm sure we all want/wanted to be Jenna for at least a day. Loved everything about it

    15. A fast-paced, page-turner, for sure!! I think Jenna made some decisions that all of us would make, if we could. Maybe not to such an extreme, but especially taking on a whole new identity. She just did not even come close to realizing what all of that entails! Sitting here, I am still trying to absorb the ending, but I love that Jenna ended up being so much stronger than she thought that she could be. She followed through with her decision(s), even if they were not always comfortable, despite th [...]

    16. Heading back home after selling her Grandmother’s pendent, because she hated her grandmother, and she hopes to have a nice wedding with her fiancé, hoping that Chris is worth it.When picking up a hitchhiker that has a life very different to Jenna’s, after an accident and a split-second decision, Jenna wonder’s what it would be like to live Katt’s life, and decides she has nothing to lose. Deciding it’s worth it to have a break from her life, Jenna heads on Katt’s adventures and pret [...]

    17. What an Amazing Book!!Shay Bell keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to the end!!! Awesome Job!!!The Characters were unbelievably fantastic!I followed Jenna, Katt and Lock through their amazing journey. Jenna feels she is living an average life with an average boyfriend, which she finds in bed with her friend, and wants something more.She is given the chance to change her life and grabs on to it!. She goes on the ride of her life. Wow!! what a ride!!!This book is full of action and [...]

    18. Jenna is thinking her life is boring and really doubting her fiancé is going to stay faithful even after knowing he cheated. So she is on her way back from selling her grandmother's pendant and offers a hitchhiker Katt a lift not realising how much this is going to change her life This has plenty of twists and turns, laughs , shock, tears and so much more emotions throughout it really makes excellent reading and the characters are brilliant. I really don't want to say anything to ruin it but wi [...]

    19. I was not sure whether to review this book as a high octane thriller with a love story towards the end or as a romance that somehow avoids being a romance until the very end. It is certainly different and I really enjoyed it. This is a no-nonsense cross-genre romp with a fair share of straight and sometimes rough sex en route and a tender F/F love story as its destination. I enjoyed it, it was compelling, and once I had digested the huge twist at the end I got it. Well done to Shay Bell for tick [...]

    20. New author to meThere is a warning written in this storyAnd a glossary for the Aussie slang terms(which I needed i am not from Australia)This book wasn't like I was expectingTold in the third personJenna a sweet country girlpicks up a hitchhikerLet us just say it starts from there!!!!Exciting, nail biting , steamy, and oh did I say steamy!!!!If you like something different , new, unexpected .adke now!!

    21. If you are looking for a book with plenty of action and drama then look no further. The disclaimer gave me a hint of what to expect in this book and I came away from the journey that this story took me on feeling not only a little shocked and surprised at the outcome but having thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. Shay Bell is an author that certainly loves a twist whilst providing the reader with a thoroughly interesting and entertaining read.

    22. Oh my where to start This is an amazing fast paced story that will take you on a fabulous journey of discovery for Jenna which is fraught with danger mystery and suspense that will have you jumping out your seat shouting and screaming at the book d oh my god didn't see the ending coming what a shocker well done Shay bell a wonderful story that kept me gripped

    23. First book I've read of Shay's. So you don't make the same mistake as me Heads up. Shay is a male author 😁So, this book is totally not what I expected . Quite a few twists that I never saw coming . Thoroughly enjoyed Jenna. Great character interaction and I'm off to read his next one .

    24. I floved this book! Jenna decides to live a different life than she has. Feeling unappreciated by her family and stuck in an engagement to a man that does not excite her, life takes a left turn with a twist, and Jenna takes on a little more than she can handle. Or did she? I highly recommend this book for its intrigue and suspense.

    25. Truly well woven story. So many fantastic and exciting thing happening the whole time. I love the twists and surprises. Incredibly hot sex and sweet love all included. Definitely a great read for the adventurers at heart. Not recommend for those who may be tempted beyond their own limits. Giggle

    26. EnjoyableThis is the second of Shay's books I've read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bit disappointed with the ending but can't spoil it for those of you who haven't read it. Suffice to say I liked the sound of Lock! Good story with believable characters. Well worth a read.

    27. So glad I expanded my horizon and picked this up. This was a new author to me and at fist I was leery to read it. It started a. It slow. It man when it picked up did it pick up!! I am so glad I stepped out of the box and gave it a chance!!! I will definitely be reading more from this author!!!

    28. I received a free e-book from the author in return for an honest review.I had no clue what this book was about but the picture on the front of a white girl with dreadlocksmade me curious. Jenna is a young woman that decides everything in her life is boring so she takes off in her faithful little car to see how other people live. Driving is boring too, so when she sees a female hitchhiker about her age she picks her up. From that moment on her life is changed forever.I loved the story line but I [...]

    29. I will admit, this book started off a little slow for me, and then it took a turn and suddenly became very interesting! Lots of drama with ups and downs throughout, and a little bit of sexiness thrown into the mix as well. And I loved the ending! I don't want to give anything away, because I think it would ruin the story, but basically, Jenna is in a bit of a rut. Her life is decidedly average and she's never really done anything exciting. Then she meets someone who completely turns her world up [...]

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