Share, Big Bear, Share!

Share Big Bear Share Big Bear s forest friends eye his berries hungrily but he doesn t notice as he digs into his delicious snack When the old oak tree says Share Big Bear share he thinks the tree has said Hair Big

  • Title: Share, Big Bear, Share!
  • Author: Maureen Wright Will Hillenbrand
  • ISBN: 9781503951006
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Big Bear s forest friends eye his berries hungrily, but he doesn t notice as he digs into his delicious snack When the old oak tree says, Share, Big Bear, share, he thinks the tree has said, Hair, Big Bear, hair One comical scene follows another as Big Bear keeps misunderstanding the old oak tree s message until things finally get sorted out Whimsical illustrationsBig Bear s forest friends eye his berries hungrily, but he doesn t notice as he digs into his delicious snack When the old oak tree says, Share, Big Bear, share, he thinks the tree has said, Hair, Big Bear, hair One comical scene follows another as Big Bear keeps misunderstanding the old oak tree s message until things finally get sorted out Whimsical illustrations highlight the humor in this gentle story about the importance of sharing something special with friends.

    One thought on “Share, Big Bear, Share!”

    1. This a cute story about a bear told to share. He doesn't always listen to what he's told so he's reminded again and again. Thanks for the free copy! My kids need this as a reminder to always share.

    2. Big Bear is back and this time he has a big bucket of beautiful blueberries to eat. And they sure do look good, at least that’s what Big Bear’s forest friends think as they watch him dig in without offering any to them. But Big Bear is so busy with his blueberries, he doesn’t even notice his friends as they gather around him and wonder why he isn't offering any to them. In fact, he is so intent on enjoying his blueberries that each time the Old Oak Tree tries to remind him to “Share, Big [...]

    3. This book is amazingly adorable! I think it really catches the essence of a toddler and is a perfect read for them and great for tutoring new readers. Perfectly set for the enjoyment of young children and written in a manner that they might hold attention long enough to get to the end. There are no complicated words so it is perfect for new readers to help them progress (as a literary tutor and a provider for a toddler, I am always looking at books for context and learning). I am really impresse [...]

    4. Maureen Wright and Will Hillenbrand have collaborated again to bring us another wonderful Big Bear book called Share, Big Bear Share. Kids will love repeat the chant from the old oak tree over and over and will gleefully help you read this again and again. Hillenbrand's illustrations are endearing and Wright's rhyming text is fun to read out loud. It would be perfect for a pre-school story time on manners, bears, forest creatures, or just for fun. For ages 3 -6.

    5. This fun, rhyming picture book teaches young readers important lessons about listening, friendship, and sharing. Big Bear has a huge container of blueberries that he's very excited to enjoy. But each time he settles down to eat his tasty treat, the Old Oak Tree tries to give him an important reminder. Young readers will have fun finding out if Big Bear will ever get the message. Warm, colorful illustrations make this a lovely book to have on a primary bookshelf.

    6. My 2 year old granddaughter loved it.I was looking for some books to read with the granddaughter on the new Kindle. We had read several before I found this one. She loved both the story and the illustrations. She kept pointing at all the different things she could find in the picture. We read it through the first time and then two more times. Each time she seemed to be as thrilled as the first.

    7. This is a beautifully illustrated short book for children with a great message about sharing. I found the illustrations and the the writing to be a perfect combination. A parent can show all types of animals and colors to their child while reading the book, creating a longer experience of learning about sharing.I recommend to mothers who are looking for children books about sharing. 

    8. Lesson on sharingThe book was fun to read out loud to my 3 year old grandson. The illustrations went along with the storyline and kept my grandson's attention. The book also was about listening skills since the bear wasn't hearing what the tree was saying. I thought that part could have been developed a little more.

    9. Annoying rhymes, and trite story. Thank goodness for Hillenbrand's adorable artwork that pulled this one out because I was not feeling this. (C'mon the tree was shouting! Why could the bear not hear it? The tiny mouse was covering HIS ears for Pete's sake!) May be good for caregivers who are at their wit's end and cannot get their precious ones to listen? Otherwise, hard pass.

    10. Big Bear has picked himself a huge basket of blueberries. He's enjoying eating them all himself when the big oak tree admonishes him to share. Bear repeatedly misunderstands him which leads to many hilarious adventures. But in the end Bear finally learns to share.Great story for introducing the concept of sharing.

    11. I won an ebook from a giveaway. The message of this book is important for everyone to remember and is told in a fun way with excellent repetition, rhyme, cadence, and gorgeous illustrations. Bear is a very likeable character and I can't wait to get a hard copy of this book too.

    12. Big Bear misunderstands the old oak tree's admonishment to share his blueberries. Instead he thinks he hears 'hair' 'chair' even 'lair'. But when he finally realizes what the tree is saying to him, Big Bear apologizes to his friends and shares his big pail of blueberries.

    13. Others in this series have been preachy, but here the message gets through with giggles courtesy of the repeated failures of Bear to correctly hear the word "share." Bears and berries always go well together, the art is up to Will Hillenbrand's high standards, and the rhymes rhyme. A winner.

    14. There, Big Bear, ThereA sweet and well-drawn tale of a gluttonous bear who keeps mistaking requests to share for words that rhyme. Beautiful art, cute story, and of course the standard simple lesson for kids. Note: I won this ebook as part of a giveaway.

    15. Very entertaining story and wonderful illustrations. This is a great book to teach the joy of sharing with young readers. Bear's misunderstandings will have children laughing and asking to "read it again!"

    16. A bear keeps mishearing the old oak tree that keeps telling him to share. Each misunderstanding rhymes with share and is very funny. The end does get a little preachy and the story is a little on the long side. Would make a good read aloud story for elementary children.

    17. Bear has trouble hearing the oak tree telling him to share. The art is cute, but something about the text just didn't do it for me.

    18. A good rhyming story for phonological awareness. Children ages four and five will understand and appreciate the humor. And, the illustrations are simply adorable!

    19. The rhyming kept the story light and bouncy. Felt like it made the bear look bad because he could not understand the oak and it got a little repetitive as the story progressed.

    20. Silly story to help young kids remember to share. Good read aloud and perfect opportunities for kids to chant the refrain.

    21. Readers will delight in the silly plays on words that Big Bear mishears during this story. It encourages interaction from young audiences and helps reinforce the concept of sharing.

    22. Great for rhyming, phonological awareness, and vocabulary. This one is bound to get some giggles from preschoolers. Cartoony and fun

    23. Great book on sharingLove the Big Bear books - great lessons for kids in a humorous way! I highly recommend this adorable book!

    24. Nice story about sharingIt's always nice to share but big bear doesn't pay attention. Will he ever share his blueberries with his friends?

    25. Great!My son and I love the Big Bear stories! The rhyming is cute but not cheesy and the illustrations are detained

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