Τα τείχη του Βυζαντίου

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  • Title: Τα τείχη του Βυζαντίου
  • Author: James Heneage
  • ISBN: 9789601651842
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book 1 in The Mistra Chronicles , , Book 1 in The Mistra Chronicles , , , , , , , , , Heneage Tom Holland

    One thought on “Τα τείχη του Βυζαντίου”

    1. Filed under Teenage Melodrama got to about pg 115 & also read the endingAweful characters, no historical content whatsover, it could really be an episode of a teenage soap & Suleyman is portrayed as well words fail me a pantomime villian. Im sorry its really poor & there's apprently going to be SEVEN books in the Mistra Chronicles.The best bit were the historical notes at the back of the book, now if the tale had revolved around that as promised I would have liked it, a great period [...]

    2. Αυτό το βιβλίο είναι λιγάκι "άοσμο" κατα την γνώμη μου. Δεν είναι κακό, δεν είναι καλό, έχει κάποια αρνητικά, έχει κάποια θετικά, σε κάποια σημεία σου τραβάει κάπως την προσοχή, σε κάποια σημεία γίνεται λιγάκι βαρετόΌπως το βλέπω εγώ, στα θετικά είναι οτι διαδραματίζεται σε μι [...]

    3. Reading the first 100 pages of Walls of Byzantium and you could believe you are in a standard epic fantasy series first volume that just happens to be set in our history, while having hints of possible magic too: destined boy, doomed love (maybe?), straight-out villains and heroes (again who knows), hidden magic treasure that may save (or doom) an empire if found, and a writing style that occasionally borders on bestseller blandness and predictability, All this balanced against very interesting [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book. But I didn't love it. It's fantastically researched, and the authors passion for this period and for Byzantium really comes across in the writing. The tensions and flavour of Europe at the time really shine through aswell. It's made me want to read more on almost everything the book touches on. But I don't know if I want to read this series. The characters are uninspiring and melodramatic, and the Dan Brown esque storyline is pretty vomit enducing, it really detracts from th [...]

    5. Θα έβαζα 3.5 αςτερακια αν υπήρχε τέτοια βαθμολογία.Οπως και να'ναι έχουμε να κανουμε με ένα Ωραίο παραμυθάκι.Σπαθιά,ιππότες,Βυζάντιο,άλογα κι ένα σωρό αλλα ωραία.Καποιες στιγμές είχα την αίσθηση ότι διάβαζα ένα παιδικό βιβλιο αλλά τελικά αυτο δε μου χάλασε τη γεύση.Θα διαβάσ [...]

    6. Reading half way through this novel I would have given it a happily surprised 4 - 4.5 rating. I enjoyed the fast-paced plot, the well researched historical background, the action, the characters, the way the potential for clash was being laid out. After the book's final chapter my rating drops to 3 because the characters remained relatively flat, their incentives rather vague and thus the whole plot rationale somewhat weak. Some things I found out of sync with the world and mindsets of late the [...]

    7. I'll start with a short disclaimer that I'm an absolute sucker for this time period and region. Anything set in the late medieval Mediterranean will get my attention. I hope my four stars reflects that this book also kept it.James Heneage obviously has a passion for the Greek Isles and history, so he's chosen to set his Chronicles of Mistra series based around that epic time of history that saw the fall of Constantinople, the rise of the Ottomans and the Renaissance. I applaud him for this, beca [...]

    8. This is a period of history about which I know little and so I was instantly drawn to this book in my never ending quest/thirst to expand my historical knowledge. It is quite clear that the author has done his research and that comes across well without bogging the reader down in unnecessary and cumbersome facts.Aside from the fact that I had trouble remembering some of the difficult Greek/Turkish names, I found some of the characters easy to empathise with yet others lacking in detail and about [...]

    9. I enjoyed this, unlike some reviewers. I think it got better as it went on, though I must admit everything seemed to go just right for the hero. I will certainly read the next one.

    10. The Walls of Byzantium is an epic novel, the first of a new series, set at the end of the fourteenth century and mapping the decline and fall of the Byzantine Empire. I don’t know much about the period, but I was relieved to find that everything I need to know to grasp what’s going on is provided in the text. There’s an easy to read map at the start of the books but we are spared a glossary or distracting notes. James Heneage is a first class storyteller and he sweeps you along from page o [...]

    11. As an avid reader of historical fiction James Heneage's new series set in the 13th Century was one that captured my attention as soon as I read the blurb. The decline and eventual fall of the Byzantine Empire is told through four main characters; the development of which I found surprisingly realistic and engaging for a debut novel. The relationship of the characters is one which begins at a quite skin-deep level, but I was very pleased to see that Heneage develops them over the course of the no [...]

    12. *3.5 Stars*While it was an enjoyable book, decently written with a good plot, there was something missing in the character development and the relationships amongst the characters. More time and nuance, to show rather than tell the reader how the characters were feeling and what they were thinking, would have elevated this book to four and a half stars, but, as it is, I feel four stars is actually a bit generous and three a bit low, so wish I could give it three and a half. To me, thoroughly-est [...]

    13. Although the writing itself left something to be desired (particularly in the dialogues), the story was so engaging in the end I didn't really mind it! It's a good tale of trying to resist the inevitable Turkish invasion and conquest of what was left of the Byzantine Empire, with only Mistra (on the Greek Peloponnese Peninsula) and Constantinople remaining.Some adventure, some mystery, a little romance (a bit week there) and a hint of the mysterious figure of Timur or Tamerlane in the orient who [...]

    14. I'm really excited about reading the follow up to this. This novel warrants the praise quoted on the cover by other illustrious authors of historical fiction. Heneage draws on real characters and events to create a story that bounds along through the lands of the Aegean. The Crusades are an interesting time in our history, but this shows them from a different angle by placing it in the courts of the Eastern rulers waiting for the Christian invasion. The book contains plenty of action and excitem [...]

    15. The end of the Byzantine Empire is one of the great transitional periods of medieval history yet while the author is evidently passionate about the people, he seems a little timid in this first entry. Opting too often for a middle line he manages to set a book in medieval Greece with almost no Greeks. So there's no characters pining for the loss of the country and reviling the turkish islamic occupancy. Admittedly, this could become more of a feature later on but there exists no real sense of th [...]

    16. This was fun and seemed to be very well researched. I don't know much about this time period so it was very interesting to read about it. My rating would really be 3.5 stars for two reasons. First, I think it started really well, but the two 'main' characters were a little too flat to really get me attached to them. Second, I felt that there were a few unrealistic parts that jolted me out of the wonderful world the author was depicting. But I think I'll pick up the second book because I want to [...]

    17. OK, but patchy. I liked the setting - the later/last years of the Byzantine Empire, with the competing Italian states and Turks as main players. But, I just couldn't quite get into it for large chunks throughout the book - it picked up in the final third (although again some bits drifted). Some of the characters were underdeveloped and often stereotypical (the baddies - boo - the wise old but enigmatic man - yay - and our well intentioned but ultimately bland leadI'd probably try another book of [...]

    18. Once the characters and their situations were sorted out the book became more and more interesting. This unusual story turned out to be a very good read and I am now looking forward to reading the follow up which is supposed to be in the book shops soon. I particularly enjoyed the informative historical notes at the end of the book which, for me, added substance to the novel.

    19. Interesting story set on a fairly epic scale moving across four empires and a number of characters.ending leaves more questions than answers , obviously to lead into the next part.History is very accurate and good use made of the existing big players of the time.Not perfect and a little sprawling at times but very interesting none the less.

    20. Took me a while to get into this. I enjoyed it partly because of the information about the middle and near east which crosses into other spheres of interest. Some of the characters seem a bit one dimensional perhaps the next book in the series will be more attention grabbing.

    21. Characters are generally one dimensional and story reads more like a hollywood blockbuster movie script however kept me to the end as I am interested in this part of history. Was an easy read for me sick in bed for a few days.

    22. Thoroughly enjoyed the sweeping historical backdrop to this tale, which at its heart is a love story. The story of Luke and Anna had me hooked from the beginning. Perfect holiday read.

    23. Still reading Currently hooked. Has that right balance of history and fiction with some great characters to get you wanting more. Loving that Zoe is keeping me guessing!

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