Not Yet: A Memoir of Living and Almost Dying

Not Yet A Memoir of Living and Almost Dying Framed by Wayson Choy s two brushes with death Not Yet is an intimate and insightful study of one man s reasons for living In Wayson Choy suffered a combined asthma heart attack As he lay in hi

  • Title: Not Yet: A Memoir of Living and Almost Dying
  • Author: Wayson Choy
  • ISBN: 9780385663106
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Framed by Wayson Choy s two brushes with death, Not Yet is an intimate and insightful study of one man s reasons for living In 2001, Wayson Choy suffered a combined asthma heart attack As he lay in his hospital bed, slipping in and out of consciousness, his days punctuated by the beeps of the machines that were keeping him alive, Choy heard the voices of his ancestors waFramed by Wayson Choy s two brushes with death, Not Yet is an intimate and insightful study of one man s reasons for living In 2001, Wayson Choy suffered a combined asthma heart attack As he lay in his hospital bed, slipping in and out of consciousness, his days punctuated by the beeps of the machines that were keeping him alive, Choy heard the voices of his ancestors warning him that without a wife, he would one day die alone And yet through his ordeal Choy was never alone men and women, young and old, from all cultures and ethnicities, stayed by Choy s side until he was well When his heart failed him a second time, four years later, it was the strength of his bonds with these people, forged through countless acts of kindness, that pulled Choy back to his life Not Yet is a passionate, sensitive, and beautiful exploration of the importance of family, which in Choy s case is constituted not through blood but through love It is also a quiet manifesto for embracing life, not blind to our mortality, but knowing how lucky we are for each day that comes.

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    1. Kad ti nije vrijeme, nije! :P Ocekivala sam "vise" o susretima sa smrcu. Dobila vrlo mlaku i na momente dosadnu Pricu o nezanimljivom zivotu. Ali, to sam samo ja! ;)

    2. Wayson Choy has a really lovely way to describe, and a lovely prose. This book is a memoir, and we follow him from his first encounter with death, through his evolution as he's getting better, to his next near-death episode. He is at times reliable, and at times unreliable as a narrator (although I'm not sure if there is ever a reliable first person narrator), and we are, like he is throughout the ordeal, confused in time and confused about his real clinical situation, so every page has a bit of [...]

    3. I met Wayson Choy recently at a book club meeting for The Jade Peony and bought Not Yet from him. I realized that while e-readers may be the way of the future, you need an ACTUAL book for an author to sign it :O) Choy's writing is like a warm, well-worn sweater. You lose yourself in its secure, relaxed and familiar scent. So lyrical, so flowing. Even when describing the life-threatening medical emergency that forced him to learn to walk and write again in his early 60s.

    4. Not a great book for the reader, but more intended for the author to deal with his 2 near-death experiences- the first as a result of his neglected asthma&allergies, leading to a severe attack, compounded by several cardiac complications which are not detailed; the second being acute coronary insufficiency rquiring a quadruple bypass. He describes these from a somewhat detached perspective, and intersperses various other details of his general tendency to accumulate belongings in an untidy w [...]

    5. A sensitive and touching memoir of Wayson Choy’s two brushes with death. The first in 2001, found him suffering a combination asthma/heart attack of serious proportions that hospitalized him for over two months. The second heart attack would come four years later in September 2005 resulting in a quadruple by-pass. Drifting in and out of consciousness in the intensive care unit at St. Michael’s hospital in downtown Toronto, Choy experienced hallucinations of fiery spirits, dragons and darknes [...]

    6. Could have been so much better. He had a great foundation for a compelling story of triumph over adversity; the love and support of his “chosen” or “adopted” family; insights into his battle on death’s door. Instead we get an almost unbelievable account of implausible medical phenomenon -- he was awake and aware (and remembers) when hospital staff calls “Code Blue” on HIMSELF, TWICE. Right. There is no depth to his analysis or even any insight into why he “let himself go” after [...]

    7. "Rethink family, love and life"Not Yet is a beautiful and honest story of a man's journey through close encounters with death truly reinforced his belief and experience of love and life. Within Not Yet, I am most touched with the image and vision that inspires us to look around ourselves, to see our care and love transcend the boundary that of race, nationality and circumstance - people that love us are our family. I had the privilege of meeting Wayson at his talk and chatted with him while havi [...]

    8. It is with deep appreciation that I read this tender memoir piece not so much about a near-death experience narrowly avoided, not so much about the stages of illness and recovery, but instead, about the emergence of a well-lived, well-loved life. The book is about the humble and happy acceptance of friendship where it was both offered and found. As a young scholar in a new city, Mr. Choy welcomed the offer of a home with a colleague, a man with a wife and toddler children. Mr Choy invested in th [...]

    9. My thanks to Alexis for recommending this book. It's a memoir of Wayson Choy's experiences from the time of his first brush with death in 2001 to his second, four years later. I LOVED his novels "Jade Peony" and really liked "All that Matters", so I was eager to learn more about the author himself.What is so remarkable about Choy (and it says a great deal about the man) is his ability to form, and retain, close friendships. Although he did not appear to have a family to support him through his d [...]

    10. Canadian author,Wayson Choy, tells his story of coming in and out of consciousness, attached to endless monitors and medical machines, following an attack of asthma and a fall that nearly killed him. Fortunately for his readers, he survived and lived to bring us this vivid picture of life in the Intensive Care Unit. He comes in and out of consciousness, searching for clues as to what has happened to him. Uppermost in his foggy mind is his mother's concern that, because he had no wife, nobody wou [...]

    11. Wayson Choy's memoir of nearly dying of an asthma attack, recovery and subsequent quadruple bypass over a 4 year period.Strangely, overall this book is funny and a great reminder to take care of your health. I get the impression Mr. Choy is hilarious - his ability to manipulate those odd thoughts we all have into a narrative is genius. Mr. Choy's strong powers of emotional self-observation are at exact odds to his oblivousness to his physical self and health.I always read acknowledgements to get [...]

    12. As a huge fan of Choy's fictional books "The Jade Peony" and "All That Matters", I was drawn to his non-fictional story of his challenges with respiratory and cardiac illness. He documents the most intimate experience in life that all of us will share at some point; the process of dieing. As a healthcare practitioner, I see people in the ICU and rehab beds and now have a glimpse into the thoughts and hopes patients and family experience as we rush about them. The inclusion of the past voices of [...]

    13. I am a fan of Wayson Choy's work- finding his writing to be thoughtful and insightful. I was not aware that he was having significant health problems as he was writing All That Matters. This memoir casts a glimpse into Choy's mind as he comes to grips with almost dying twice from a combined asthma/heart attack. We all wonder just how our end will come about,how much pain we will have to endure and how we will deal with the experience emotionally. Choy's book Not Yet grants us access to his mind [...]

    14. This is a different book from all the other books he wrote. More of a autobiography of the author having two brushes with death. How he had neglected his health, then over time, had a second heart attack.At times it dragged on a little bit.Overall, I enjoyed his first 3 books more than this one. However, this one, was also very well written.

    15. I'm a Choy fan Also I know his goddaughter who he refers to frequently in his book. We live in the same housing complex in Arizona. Book is about Choy's experience after almost dying following an asthmaic attack. States "family are the people who love and support you". I believe tht also. Well written. Choy teaches writing at Humber College.

    16. Worth reading and I will follow up to read at least one more of his. There was a self-deprecating sense of humour that accompanied his exploration of what it was like to suffer cardiac arrest/severe asthmatic attack. The support of 'family' as well as exploring his own Chinese roots a little also added to an enjoyable read.

    17. Exactly as it says as part of the title, "A Memoir of Living and Almost Dying." Enjoyable read. Learned some things about Wayson Choy I did not know, and learned some things about what it might feel like to recover from a life-threatening event. Met his family of choice as that is who is family is.

    18. A gorgeous book about life, death, family and love. Wayson Choy details his life and recovery from two heart attacks. I liked the detail and grace in his writing. This book also lifted me up and reminded me that we all have and can create our own families, independent of the ones we are born into.

    19. Excellent work about dying and surviving. Personally I love books that deal with near death experience, but this one added to the experience of life and death through authors eyes that are culturally different than mine.

    20. Lightly written(less than 200 pages and easily read in an afternoon) but much food for though in this meditation/essay/memoir on Choy's brushes with death. The man has am amazing capacity for attracting love and friendship.

    21. Mr. Choy writes from his own personal experiences about the people that are important in his life, and to his survival from asthma and heart attack. During his recovery he contemplates his gift of life. I found his words inspiring.

    22. Poignant. Beautiful language. Interesting read. Very slow, but it's a memoir about nearly dying so you don't expect action - more philosophical.

    23. Sensitive. Funny. Beautifully written. It remind us to take care of your health and to live your life when you can.

    24. The fluidity of Wayson's Choy's writing carried me through this book in one day.I cannot wait to read some more of his writing.

    25. Wayson, as he likes to be called, did it again. For anyone who has been through a life changing experience this book is a must read.

    26. A reflection on what it is like to "almost die". This well-written book bares all and is a very intense read.

    27. Quite a remarkable book detailing the author's experiences of being heavily sedated after severe asthma attack and heart attack. It is amazing to know how much a person can hear when in this state.

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