Dark Possession

Dark Possession Manolito De La Cruz knew he was dangerously close to turning into a vampire The last thing he expected after being called back to his Carpathian homeland by Prince Mikhail was to catch the scent of hi

  • Title: Dark Possession
  • Author: Christine Feehan Jane Brown Phil Gigante
  • ISBN: 9781423340140
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Manolito De La Cruz knew he was dangerously close to turning into a vampire The last thing he expected after being called back to his Carpathian homeland by Prince Mikhail was to catch the scent of his destined lifemate in MaryAnn Delaney MaryAnn is human, but she knows all too well the overwhelmingly aggressive instincts of Carpathian males And theyre not exactly the kManolito De La Cruz knew he was dangerously close to turning into a vampire The last thing he expected after being called back to his Carpathian homeland by Prince Mikhail was to catch the scent of his destined lifemate in MaryAnn Delaney MaryAnn is human, but she knows all too well the overwhelmingly aggressive instincts of Carpathian males And they re not exactly the kind of men she d prefer to be bound to for life.A dedicated counselor for battered women, MaryAnn has a fulfilling life with no room for someone like Manolito, born and bred in the Carpathian Mountains, a law unto himself But when MaryAnn agrees to go to South America to offer guidance to a brutalized young woman, she has no idea of the trap that awaits her in the sweltering thick of the jungle She has been lured there by Manolito himself, who has seductive plans for the unaware, irresistibly human female.Once there, she will be his Once his, she never will be released He is her lover, her predator, her lifemate She is his dark possession

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    1. 4 Walking in two worlds StarsFirst read August 2012 Reread February 15, 2016***Spoilers***"I'm not lifemate material, and please don't take this the wrong way, but especially not to one of the De La Cruz brothers. They're far too difficult."-MaryAnn "What do you think he did to me? You must have, a guess. And is it reversible? Because I'm human and my family is human and I like being human. This is what comes from having a skinny bloodsucking white girl as my best friend."-MaryAnnWow did I love [...]

    2. I loved it, loved it, loved it. I just want to grab Christine Feehan and give her a big kiss! I don't know why some people complained about MaryAnn. I thought she was awesome. She cracked me up with her fashion addiction and her girly-girlness. She was adorable. It helped to give her real life as a character. And her heart was so huge and loving. I think Christine did a great job writing a Black heroine. You can tell she did her research, especially with the hair thing. I think a lot of love wen [...]

    3. In Christine Feehan's Dark Possession (book 18 of the Dark series,) we are swept away from the Carpathian mountains, back to South America, to the home of the De La Cruz brothers. At the end of the last book (Dark Celebration,) Manolito De La Cruz was wounded saving Shea Dubrinsky and her unborn son from an assassin. His injuries were so grave that his soul actually left the world, and the healers along with his brothers, had to work miracles to anchor him to life. Completely unaware that Manoli [...]

    4. Once in a while I go back to the Carpathian series to try to wrap my mind on its success. I've read quite a few books in this series, but my enjoyment has never been anything more than meh.I've hated one or two, but mostly I found them mildly irritating, with cardboard, incoherent characters, and very thin stories. Dark Possession is all that, and less. I usually skim read these books, as they are utterly boring for me. And while reading DP I realised my main nit with this author: I really disli [...]

    5. This is the first book in this series I ever read, and while I see it's number 18 in the series, most novels you pick up that are part of a series can be read as a stand alone. At the very minimum they explain some of the story world to allow unfamiliar readers some insight. Not so with this one. The story world is not shared at all, and you are thrown in to vampires, shape-shifters, and Carpathians - who I guess are sorta vampires and/but hunt "evil" vampireswhat? Add to the fact the character [...]

    6. While saving a pregnant Carpathian female, Manuel "Manolito" De La Cruz was stabbed and poisoned. He should be dead, but his brothers "held him to earth" and transported him back to South America in hope of saving him.But something appears to have gone wrongMaryAnn Delaney, a counselor from Seattle, has agreed to go with the De La Cruz family into the jungle in hope of helping a brutalized young woman. But there is definitely something off with MaryAnn and is not just the fact Manolito's bound t [...]

    7. Manolito took a poisoned knife in the chest while protecting Shea Dubrinsky and her unborn child from certain death (in Dark Celebration). He was 'held to the earth' by other Carpathians to keep him from permanently dying, and they put him in the ground so he could recover and return completely from the spirit world, but he rose too early and now he's in both worlds. I don't know why I thought this was a step too far - after all, I'm reading a series about shapeshifters, vampires, predestined so [...]

    8. I have a love/hate relationship with Christine Feehan's Dark series, but I always have a compulsion to read the books.I sort of like this book because it seemed more sexy than the others. Furthermore, the wolf angle made it more interesting, and the mentioning of other species opens the idea of other future characters. However, there is too much mystical elements to it, that after a while it can get boring.The reason I finished the book is because I listened to it, and I love the readers' voices [...]

    9. "Dark Possession" is the story of Manolita and Maryann.If you've read the previous Dark books, you can already predict the plot.-A Carpathian hero on the verge on giving up and becoming a vampire-A seemingly innocent heroine who later turns on to have psychic abilities, to name a few-Blood sucking sex-Evil vampires-Some hidden revelation adding to the Carpathian universe-Secondary characters being hurtst-HEANothing interesting or new, but good to pass your time or read when you are not into anyt [...]

    10. Uhis book was pretty dumb. For the life of me, I can't see the appeal of romance books where the most important aspect are repetitive sex scenes that go on for way too long and waste a ton of my time. And I think you could play a drinking game for all the times this book mentioned "womb" having to do with arousal-lots of "womb tightening", that's her uterus, right? I'm sorry, the word womb sort of just applies to babies in my head, which are so not sexy. Speaking of babies, does anyone in romanc [...]

    11. I love CF books, but I wanted to strangle Mary Ann in Dark Destiny, Mary Ann wasn't this shallowI loved her character and i wanted her to be someone's lifeboat/ mate! But now ahh iOMG, poor Manilito, I'had rather be a vamp than being with her!I don't have powers, I might have powers, I don't think I do???Do I have powers???I don't know if I have powers???WTF???!I love the De la Cruz brothers, but someone should Stake Mary Ann!!!! I need a break from the Dark Series. Mary Ann Rubbed me the wrong [...]

    12. I honestly wasn't expecting this book. It is in my mind probably her best in this series. The author gives us two main characters with flaws yet the desire to do whatever is necessary to overcome. The deisre to face down whatever is thrown at them. Yet she keeps humor and laughter under the surface as their relationship blossoms in the midst of unknowns.I completely enjoyed this book and read it through in one sitting.

    13. Someone gave this to me because they thought I'd like it. I have since punched them in the face and broken off all ties.

    14. I loved this book, the 18th in Christine Feehan’s “uber” fabulous Dark Series – more about MaryAnn Delaney, the caring human counselor and Colby’s friend we first met in Dark Secret and fell in love with….YAYYY!!!What a lovable character!! Love her love of fashion…e shoes, the clothes, the nail polish…besides her caring nature, wanting to give and help others. And seeing her going from the fast life in the city to the jungles of South America, where the males are domineering, pos [...]

    15. Rating 3.5 stars (rounded up to 4)This has a ton of reviews, so I'll skip the summary. What I will say is that stars were lowered for me for it being too much of the same, formal, dark language. The stories run together on that. I have given up and gone back to this series several times. The phrasing within a book and across books gets very repetitive, but I think this is the longest running series I have read so perhaps that is just plain inevitable in something this long. What brought it up a [...]

    16. This is the first of her books that I read. I found it to be a Harlequin romance with vampires and werewolves and jaguar-people. The storyline was fine. It was a glimpse into a single relationship and hinted at reading the other stories to know the whole of the book. I found the title character "Mary-Ann" to be great because she is stubborn and wants to come to her own decisions, but underneath she is passionate and wants the domination. It took me a while to finish it and I found myself distrac [...]

    17. SPOILERS!!!! I probably should have stated this before, but this is the fourth or fifth time that I have read the Dark Series. The only difference this time is that I am typing my reviewsDark Possession is the story of Manuel "Manolito" De La Cruz and MaryAnn Delaney. The couple first encountered each other in Dark Celebration when Manolito made his mark on MaryAnn without anyone being the wiser. Manolito had planned to tell his brothers what he had done but was fatally injured saving Shea and h [...]

    18. Manolito was ok, but MaryAnn was annoying as shit. With her designer clothes and high heels in the jungle. I wanted her to get eaten by a jaguar.

    19. I Like Christine Feehan because she doesn't use a cookie cutter mold for each book and the featured characters. Dark Possession is very different from the other book. We meet Mary Ann Delany in Dark Destiny and Dark Celebration. She is a counselor for Abused Women in Seattle, Wash. She has became friends with Destiny and has come with her to the Carpathian Mountains for a Christmas celebration, where Manolito De La Cruz see her and knows she is his lifemate. Manolito is mortally injured and his [...]

    20. After being wounded at the Carpathian Christmas party, Manolito De La Cruz was taken back to his home in the South American forest. He had found his lifemate, the one person that could save his soul, but upon his rising the confusion he felt left him with wholes as to who she was and why she was not there with him. For some reason, MaryAnn Delaney felt the death of Manolito, she had never even been formally introduced to him, but she felt connected to him and could not shake the sorrow of his de [...]

    21. I love IR books. This one had its moments. The premise wasn't the best but new characters were introduced and the the series new direction which I think will lead to the end was cemented. I've read post where the heroine Maryann was either loved or hated. No in between. Well being the perpetual fence sitter, I am still unsure if I liked her or not. There were times I could not stand her. She is definitely all girly like Raven and Savanna but not nearly as irritating because there was a down to e [...]

    22. I liked it. Like the heroine I have more bottles of nail polish than I can count and believe looking good = confidence/feeling good. A good pair of shoes that perfectly coordinate with your outfit and the right accessories can do wonders. She also cracked me up with her bottle of pepper spray.The hero was likeable as well. Dominant/overbearing yet very caring and protective of Mary Ann.I have a feeling my mediocre rating is a symptom of overload. Too many of these books in succession. really jus [...]

    23. I had mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, I am completely grateful for C.F. for having an AA heroine because we are absent in this genre. I went into this really pulling for MaryAnn because of all of the harsh reviews I had read about her being shallow. I was determined that I would love her. However, in the end, it did not matter to me whether she was black or white, she annoyed me. Seriously, as powerful as she was, her focus kept going back to fashion and clothes. REALLY!! In the [...]

    24. 4 1/2 stars. This is Manolito and Mary Ann's story. Mary Ann alternated between annoying and very likeable. I liked her excessively except for the fashionista bit. I also varied on liking the whole shadow world bit. I didn't like it at the beginning but it stopped being quite so psychomessedup after the first quarter. Again, I like the dominating males so th De La Cruz brothers are right up my alley. I don't want to add any spoilers here so I'll just say that I loved what Mary Ann introduced to [...]

    25. What a passionate sizzling readThis is my favorite of all the Carpathian books by Christine Feehan. MaryAnne and Manilito's story was one filled with passion, intrigue,suspense and and quite sensual. I believe this is the strangest book that she has ever written from the Dark Series. Ms Feehan also tastefully wrote a very well written interracial love affair. I was delighted that MaryAnne was an African American heroine. OMG Manolito De La Cruz would fight to the death to claim and protect his d [...]

    26. I'm really enjoying these newer bookse series went stale for me about midway through. It seems that maybe Feehan has softened up her Carpathians just a tad. I can see they are still extremely alpha, but they seem to have a little bit more fluff and understanding than those in the earlier books.I really liked Manolito and Mary Ann, and the way their unique blend of wolf and vampire turned out in the end. I can't wait to find out what happens with Jasmine and her baby, Luiz, and even Solange.

    27. This is my favorite of the series. Probably because the main characters are different than I expected. A Black woman and a Latin man as main characters certainly surprised me. I loved the werewolf angle. I did ask her if she would re-visit the characters. It would be interesting to see how the Carpathian and Werewolf merger worked out. But she said that she has so many characters she would like to write about that once she has written about a couple they will never be the main focus of a book ag [...]

    28. The first of Christine Feehan's Carpathian books that I read. I really liked this one, which is why I gave it 5 stars. I also started reading all of the series because of it. Unfortunately, as I read through the other books I lost interest at a certain point because she was using the same old formula. They were all too similar. Not a way for an author to keep their readership. Plus, she used some cringe worthy descriptions over and over again, like "molten lava."

    29. Las pinceladas que nos dejo Christine en el libro anterior sobre los protagonistas prometían mucho, pero en eso se quedo, en promesas. De todos los libros de la saga, este es el que más me ha costado terminar. No he llegado a conectar con los protagonistas, me parecía más interesantes las historias de los secundarios, que las de ellos. Una pena :(

    30. I'm usually a HUGE fan of all Feehan's books. For some reason I just didn't enjoy this one. At all. Maybe b/c I listened to it instead of reading it. I don't know, I just felt it was missing her usual creativeness. It seemed kind of boring to me! Which is hard for me to say about a Christine Feehan book! She has written some of may all time favorites very let down.

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