Connelly's Horde

Connelly s Horde Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN ISBN Welcome to Desmond Connelly s Horde or better known as his extended family at Wheels Hogs Garage For years these sur

  • Title: Connelly's Horde
  • Author: D.M. Earl
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 10 0692246800 ISBN 13 9780692246801.Welcome to Desmond Connelly s Horde or better known as his extended family at Wheels Hogs Garage For years these survivors have been dealing with what life throws them while trying to move forward from the atrocities in their lives Some have secrets not shared while others areLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 10 0692246800 ISBN 13 9780692246801.Welcome to Desmond Connelly s Horde or better known as his extended family at Wheels Hogs Garage For years these survivors have been dealing with what life throws them while trying to move forward from the atrocities in their lives Some have secrets not shared while others are working through problems that are continually present in their lives Follow Des as he introduces you to each one of his crew at Wheels Hogs in this short Novella Start to understand how a group of strangers become not only friends but family over the years Get a snapshot of why when life pushes you down, in this garage, you push back until you are on your feet again.

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    1. I wrote it so of course I loved it. This is a Novella to introduce readers to the main characters in this upcoming series.

    2. Desmond Connelly owns the shop Wheels & Hogs, repairing motorcycles, cars and customizing both. Over the years he has collected a motley crew of guys and girls that he has come to call family. Each one of them a survivor dealing with physical, emotional and sexual abuse, as well as heartache and illness. Some have allowed others in and asked for help, others keep their secrets hidden letting their demons eat away at them. In this novella we follow Des as we get introduced to every one of the [...]

    3. Thanks to D.M. for allowing me to dive into Des´s world before it is released.I fell in love with all of the characters described in this novella. It makes me wonder how hardcore will a villan ever be since all the characters so far are likable except for Katie but who can blame her for wanting more Des.One character that def got my interest is Wolf and my heart breaks for Cadence (even if he is a manwhore) and Doc and Fern.I cant wait to see how this series evolves and I cant wait to see what [...]

    4. This book is a great background reference for all the characters in the coming books. I liked the way you get a bit of everyone’s story so you don’t feel like you’re missing anything. Everyone has their demons and works to overcome them. Each person works things out in a different way. Great book, don’t skip it, read it!!

    5. I am truly looking forward to more Des after reading this book. The characters have great background provided in this short novella but you are also given a glimpse into a future that you want more of. Cliffhanger, but in a great way! I am excited to see how this group of people heal through all the trauma's they have had and come out the other end!

    6. Great introduction story! It introduces you to the main man Des. He tells you about each member of the family, not blood family but family none the less. It lets you get to know each one of them through Des's eyes. I recommend you read this short intro story before you start Cadence Reflection. Not required, but recommended!♡

    7. This was a wonderful way to meet all the characters from the Wheels and Hogs series. D.M.Earl did an amazing job of keeping me interested. I loved how this book was written. It is a great way to get a person hooked. I wish I had read it first. Now please write Des and Dee Dee's story.

    8. The book is quite short and is an introduction of the characters in the series. Enjoyed it and I will follow!

    9. A great short history of the characters and how they all came to be part of the family. This was a great stepping stone to the next books in the series.

    10. Overall Rating: 4 Rockin’ ★★★★Des Connelly is an amazing man that loves deeply and cares for those that are fortunate to call him friend. He has always been a caregiver to those that need him. Des raised his brother and sisters from the young age of sixteen when both parents were killed. Mother, father, teacher, friend, brother and provider are just a few of the roles that he has filled. Des was fortunate to be taken in and trained by old man Leary at his automotive shop which allowed [...]

    11. This is an exciting novella introducing us to a new series about the life of men and women who love hot cars and even hotter motorcycles. Desmond Connolly is owner and operator of Connolly's Wheels and Hogs. Des worked himself up from a sweeper, to a master mechanic and all the scut jobs in between. In the process he has become friends and brothers with local MC Clubs and their members. His reputation is excellent and the rich and famous bring their wheels to him and his crew. In this story, Des [...]

    12. This review is from: Connelly's Horde: Novella (Wheels & Hogs Book 1) (Kindle Edition)I was lucky and given this as an ARC FOR A HONEST REVIEW, well I will say it is written with so much heart and emotions that at first I thought Des was this non feeling shut off man but as you will find that May very well not be true. I will say if you love some steamy hard core sex scenes you will love this Novella, it's completely smoking hot. I love that all characters are introduced and how and what the [...]

    13. I'm ready for a wild ride after this novella. Connelly's Horde is an awesome introduction to the Wheels & Hogs series. Narrated by the hot and sexy Des, you get a great introduction to each character and their secrets, drama, troubles and worries. But author D.M. Earl doesn't give to much away. I myself can't wait to meet the rest of the Horde in the books to come. Especially Doc and Fern. Their book will be my tear jerker. So could you say I'm hooked. Yes!! I am so excited to have found ano [...]

    14. Leaves you starving for more!!!This book was a great introduction to the "horde". You learn about their current situation and how they got where they are! The dynamic of their relationships becomes clear and when the book is over you just want MORE!I am definitely looking forward to the next books of this series! All of the characters are so intriguing that I found it hard to pick a favorite one. I liked them all equally and want to know all of their stories! Well, okay, maybe I liked Des a litt [...]

    15. It was a great beginning to a really good new author who is just at the very beginning of her career. Oh and what a START this isis sets up what is to come and offers up tidbits into the lives of these AMAZING people. Truly this author has something to offer everyone. This start to a new series is worth your time and investment it will leave you wanting more and looking to the author for news on when the next installment will be released. JUST WOW!!!

    16. Great introduction to a series from new author D M Earl.This novella introduces characters that will feature throughout a new series. definately the type of novella & series that will appeal to readers who enjoy books with strong characters, alphamales and who like storylines that centre around a 'family' of troubled individuals all brought together. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series x

    17. I wrote this Novella and love the story forming within this garage. This short Novella gives you the background on the main characters without disclosing too much information. Connelly's Horde has the right mix of intrigue, sex, character development. This gives you enough to want more from this series Wheels & Hogs.

    18. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy from the author and I loved this book. The characters are well developed & intertwined. D.M has a great series starting with this book. I am really looking forward to reading book 2.

    19. This is a great Novella. I like how the author introduced all the main characters in her Novella. Definitely the type of Novella & series that will appeal to readers who enjoy books with strong characters. I can't wait to read the series.

    20. I read Cadence Reflection 1st, so I didn't know a lot about Des, after reading Connelly's Horde, I can see that Des is a good guy, trying to take care of his adopted family.

    21. Great story, great writing and a fabulous cover. I can't wait to read the next in the Wheels & Hogs series. I won this book through .

    22. Desmond Connelly owns Wheels & Hogs garage. He is extremely happy with the group of guys and ladies that he has working for him.In this story the reader meets everyone in the garage and learn a little about Des's love life.I liked meeting all of the different characters and I am really interested in getting to know them at a more personal level in each of their books. I do really hope the reader gets more Des as well.I am hoping we get to see more between Dee Dee and Des as well as this one [...]

    23. ripeforreader/20This is a great introduction story. Des Connelly tells us the story of his misfit family or horde as he refers to them. Each of the workers at Wheels & Hogs garage have their own story and reason for ending up here in Indiana.Des has been the caregiver of his family since losing his parents in a horrible accident. Being the oldest he just stepped in and did what was needed. Finding work at the garage was what started it all. Eventually has was running the place with the curre [...]

    24. I am fairly new to D.M. Earl's work and found myself pleasantly surprised by this one. I very much enjoy the genre and Connelly's Horde is the start of her Wheels and Hogs series. This is a novella, and I generally prefer a more in-depth book but I felt that her intent with this was more of an introduction to the characters we will see in future books within this series. It also is not a complete story with a clear beginning, middle, and end. I would say that it's more of an extended prequel. It [...]

    25. Connelly's Horde: Novella is an introduction to each of the characters that will be featured in the series. This group of outcasts are apologetically themselves and don't care how the rest of the world sees them. They have their family of choice and that is what matters. One of the downsides of novellas is how fast you're exposed to information and how disjointed it can read. I felt like this, while a great introduction to the series, fell victim to that. There was a lot of repetition throughout [...]

    26. I was given a copy by the author in exchange for a honest review.This was a great quick read as an introduction to this series. I was impressed with all the details and look into the lives of each of the main characters. It is very well written and I am intrigued enough to go and read the other books in this series. I look forward to it.Review was done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official. For more information regarding our reviews please visit our fansite at facebook/nerdgirl

    27. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Connelly's Horde is a good introduction into the world of Wheels & Hogs, the shop where the characters work and have become a family. While I wasn't completely entralled by this book, it did make me look forward to reading the series. There are several interesting stories waiting to be discovered here. I already feel attached to Des, the head of this ragtag family. He's a gruff guy with a good heart, and I look forward to lear [...]

    28. This is a quick read. It lets you get to know all the characters that will be involved in this series. A little background to where they came from and what their history is. Des and Dee have history from high school and him taking care of her and her two kids get away from an abusive husband. You learn about the Murphy's and what they have been going through and many more. I love getting a quick preview of what the characters you'll be reading about before you start the series.

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