Robot Santa: The Further Adventures of Santa's Twin

Robot Santa The Further Adventures of Santa s Twin Dean Koontz kicks the holidayseason into high gear with a wildly inventive and wickedly funny sequel to his perennial Christmas bestseller Santa s Twin The Claus family s bad seed Bob is back and di

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  • Title: Robot Santa: The Further Adventures of Santa's Twin
  • Author: Dean Koontz Phil Parks
  • ISBN: 9780060509439
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dean Koontz kicks the holidayseason into high gear with a wildly inventive and wickedly funny sequel to his perennial Christmas bestseller Santa s Twin The Claus family s bad seed, Bob, is back and dishing out a second helping of holiday havoc and headaches for his twin brother, Santa Exactly a year has passed since Bob kidnapped Santa and visited Charlotte and Emily inDean Koontz kicks the holidayseason into high gear with a wildly inventive and wickedly funny sequel to his perennial Christmas bestseller Santa s Twin The Claus family s bad seed, Bob, is back and dishing out a second helping of holiday havoc and headaches for his twin brother, Santa Exactly a year has passed since Bob kidnapped Santa and visited Charlotte and Emily in his stead, bearing gifts of mud pies, cat poop, and broccoli After his defeat at the hands of the two brave sisters, Bob has worked hard to redeem himself in Santa s eyes Unfortunately Bob s spare time has been spent secretly building a robot Santa Claus Super Santa One was designed to help Santa halve his delivery time, but Bob has left a screw loose on his creation several screws, actually , and this Christmas Eve, a badly malfunctioning robot Santa Claus is coming to town.

    One thought on “Robot Santa: The Further Adventures of Santa's Twin”

    1. This is the second of the Santa books. I waited for it like a 4-year-old waits for the big day. As soon as I took the packaging off I was delighted. I saw the Phil Parks illustrations on the cover and on every page as I flipped through and knew I would love this book as much as the first (Santa's Twin). It is once again the night before Christmas and once again Santa's twin brother, Bob is in the mix. The difference is that this time the poor, inept but no longer evil twin is trying to help Sant [...]

    2. "Beside the sleigh waits Santa Claus-- not quite. This Santa is weird, he is not at all right. He smells of oil and , stronger, grease.He wears cheap velvet and moth-eaten fleece. Soon the real Santa will be much annoyed.This is a machine! A robot! Android!A robot Santa, a super charged sleigh, mechanical reindeer, a lounge singing, e'clair baking, pilot gorilla named Kieth, Jack Frost has a jet, a cow become dog and a serious wiring short or perhaps software glitch set the scene for this wacky, [...]

    3. Second in the children’s Santa stories by Dean Koontz. In the first, “Santa’s Twin,” Bob Claus, the Evil Twin, had tied Santa up and gone on a mission to ruin Christmas (think of the Grinch), but with the intervention of two sisters, Emily and Lottie, redeemed himself.WELL, fans, this time, Bob just wants to be helpful, so he uses his questionable engineering and electrical skills to fashion a “Robot Santa” along with robot reindeer and a gorilla sleigh driver named Keith, so as to t [...]

    4. "Robot Santa" tiene el mismo formato grande y apaisado de "Santa's Twin", también está escrito en verso, y comparte al mismo ilustrador, Phil Parks, pero la historia es mucho peor (y los dibujos no tienen muñecos de nieve escondidos que haya que encontrar como a Wally; lo que le quita mucha diversión).Durante la primera parte, Koontz va preparando los momentos, para que imagines que se va a armar una buena, pero a la hora de la verdad, se queda en muy poca cosa.elrincondecarlosdelrio

    5. I don't think this sequel is quite as good as the original, Santa's Twin. It's still fun with great illustrations but lacking that "amazing" element that the first one had.

    6. Being a Dean Koontz book, I had to have it. But it was not impressive. This was my first taste of a children's book by Koontz, and I just didn't like it. I found the cadence of the rhyming very mish-mashed. The story jumped back and forth and at times seemed forced in order to find rhyming words. Oh wellI'll still read anything he writes.

    7. Since Dean Koontz's children's books can be so hard to find, being out of print, I didn't even realize this book exsisted! I'll be ordering it from another library and greatly anticipating it! Updated 3/10/09:Due to the lyrical rhyming and poetry-like flow of these stories they are always fun to read. But this paticular book just didn't seem as intriging as the first. Santa's brother Bob is supposedly reformed from the previous year's christmas fiasco, and somehow wants to help fix everything wi [...]

    8. It was only a matter of time before Santa’s reformed twin struck again. But this time he’s got a notion to help his dear brother with his annual toy delivery. (Oh, the road to hell is just paved with good intentions…)The poem is occasionally filled with nonsense rhymes. But that’s fine; this is a nonsense poem. The titular robot is a good idea but it quickly starts malfunctioning and that’s when the mischief starts. Throw in mechanical reindeer, a rocket-powered sled and a gorilla with [...]

    9. Not quite as good as Santa's Twin, but much better than 'Trixie & Jinx'/'I Trixie, Who Is Dog'. Been wanting to read these books for years and finally got my hands on them, so what better way to catch up with my 2013 target? The pictures in Robot Santa and Santa's Twin are beautifully painted. I was disappointed that this one didn't have a game at the end to find all the angels (but I think there was one on every page like the snowmen in the first book).

    10. I read this story to my kids every year at Christmas, and it's so sweet and funny! What a hilarious spin on Christmas. Santa's twin brother creates a bad robot and it turns out to be rather entertaing to the end. The story is a little long, and somewhat complex, so I'd recommend this to older children. My 6 year old had trouble sitting through the whole thing, but the other kids didn't.

    11. Another cute christmas story to go along with Santa's Twin. I love the illustrations in these books - you never know where you'll find a little reference to one of Koontz's other stories. It's also fun to find the hidden things in each picture - in Santa's Twin it was snowmen, in this book it's angels. A fun, easy read.

    12. I had a hard time getting into this book. It might have been the gorilla 2 pages in. Or maybe just that this is the 2nd book in the series and the library has never heard of the first one and it really isn't my style for silly, humorous or whatnot.

    13. Okay, so these books look HORRIFYING. I saw Robot Santa on the shelf and I knew that I needed to put it in my eyes as quickly as possible.Cute stories, rad drawings (which were just the right amount of creepy for me), and a quick read to add to my yearly count.

    14. More of the same fub for Santa's younger brother Bob, who this year decides to help Santa out with robot reindeer and a robot Santa so he only has to do half the work! With a gorilla named Keith driving the sleigh it's up to Lottie and Emily to put things right once more

    15. I don't understand why everyone liked this book. I thought the prose was too long and as a result i tended to forget the rhymes before they were complete. Likewise, the story was too complicated for the short format and as a result many parts were underdeveloped.

    16. Ok, but not as good as Part 1, less inspiredbut the first one also had a great premise to start with - and for those few of you who don't know what I'm talking about, pick up a copy of Mr Murder's here it all began :)

    17. Reread this for my book set during Christmas for the Reading Challenge 2015. I meant to reread it during Christmas, but had not unpacked it yet. I still love the polar bear police.

    18. A Christmas story as only Dean Koontz could tell it. All in rhyme with hilarious illustrations. A Christmas story for those who don't like Christmas stories.

    19. I have read both of these to my kids and I think they like this one the best. I love both of them, and it makes me want to re read Mr. Murder.

    20. I've ordered this sequel, to Santas Twin, for the kids for Christmas. Im looking forward to reading it with themrry up !

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