Villa triste

Villa triste Quand ils passaient la nuit la Villa triste Yvonne et Victor s effor aient de ne pas remuer du tout Mais on sent bien que la s r nit n tait qu un leurre Des ann es apr s le narrateur retourne dans l

  • Title: Villa triste
  • Author: Patrick Modiano
  • ISBN: 9782070369539
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quand ils passaient la nuit la Villa triste, Yvonne et Victor s effor aient de ne pas remuer du tout Mais on sent bien que la s r nit n tait qu un leurre Des ann es apr s, le narrateur retourne dans la ville d eaux et invoque, par intermittence, le souvenir nostalgique et lucide de sa relation avec Yvonne, des gens qui gravitaient autour d eux, des extravagances de MQuand ils passaient la nuit la Villa triste, Yvonne et Victor s effor aient de ne pas remuer du tout Mais on sent bien que la s r nit n tait qu un leurre Des ann es apr s, le narrateur retourne dans la ville d eaux et invoque, par intermittence, le souvenir nostalgique et lucide de sa relation avec Yvonne, des gens qui gravitaient autour d eux, des extravagances de Meinthe, fant me qui nous guide dans les rues aujourd hui endormies Mais ce qui ressurgit avant tout, c est l angoisse inexplicable de Victor, qu il avait esp r apaiser en s journant dans cette station thermale recul e, proximit de la Suisse Modiano s appuie sur une langue fluide parsem e de petites formules moqueuses pour donner un tour grave et, malgr tout, l ger son roman Gr ce cet quilibre habile, il esquisse les contours d un homme en qu te de rep res pour supporter sa m moire, tout comme il tait, jeune, en qu te d immobilit et de racines Et si les estivants de l poque, ridicules et artificiels, ne sont pas tout fait d testables, peut tre est ce parce que le myst re qui plane donne un caract re intangible cet t lointain Sana Tang L opold Wauters

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    1. Modiano has a melancholic bent whose sentences vibrate (“like a spider’s web”) with a kind of menace. We are never really sure who deserves the most scrutiny amongst his characters, but everyone in this novel seems to be hiding some dark past or grim present. Even the dog, a Great Dane, was “congenitally afflicted with sadness and the ennui of life.” In Modiano's lavish description of the locale, a fashionable small French resort across a lake from Switzerland, even the trees are a mys [...]

    2. 1/10Υπόθεση: Νέος ζει καλοκαιρινό έρωτα με νέα σε μία γαλλική λουτρόπολη.Στο οπισθόφυλλο διάβαζα για περίεργους ανθρώπους και μυστήριο, στο εξώφυλλο πως ο συγγραφές έχει τιμηθεί με βραβείο Νόμπελ. Το πήρα στα χέρια μου έχοντας τις ανάλογες προσδοκίες. Η πλήρης απογοήτευση.Ο [...]

    3. وقتی داشتم داستان رو میخوندم،میدانستم رابطه راوی و ایون رها میشه،مثل همه اثار مودیانو،با شخصیت ها همراه میشی بدون اینکه ذره ای شانس شناختن اونها رو داشته باشی،نه از اون جهت که مثل شخصیتهایی رمان های داستایفسکی ،کارهای عجیب میکنن و غیر قابل پیش بینی ان،چون ثبات ندارند،نه چون [...]

    4. "Υπάρχουν μυστηριώδη πλάσματα -τα ίδια πάντοτε- που στέκονται φρουροί σε κάθε σταυροδρόμι της ζωής μας"Ένα τέτοιο σταυροδρόμι προσπαθεί να θυμηθεί ο αφηγητής καθώς περπατάει σε μια λουτρόπολη της Γαλλίας, κοντά στα ελβετικά σύνορα, κ θυμάται έναν μεγάλο έρωτα που έζησε στι [...]

    5. Summer of 1962. A small French resort on the shores of a lake, not far from the Swiss border. A quiet little place, forgotten by all except its inhabitants and the smattering of guests it receives during the holidays. An 18-year-old young man arrives in town, with a fake name and a made-up past. What transpires over the next few months is the subject of this strange little novel, which somehow put me in mind of the two Alains - Alain-Fournier's Le Grand Meaulnes (the book) as well as Alain Robbe [...]

    6. Тази книга е френски филм от 60-те. Тъмна, декадентска. Грамофонни плочи, цигари, уморени сервитьорки, хора, потънали в забрава и безделие. Един лъжец (Истината е сигурно необикновена. И смущаваща.), един сваляч, едно момиче, което е аспирираща актриса. Последните свидетели за е [...]

    7. patrick modiano, the 15th french nobel laureate for literature, is rather adept at creating a fictional milieu, but his characters and plotting leave much to be desired. he certainly writes well enough, which only compounds the frustration of a novel which leaves the reader wanting for more. the words that make us feel someone's disappearance more deeply are the passwords that once existed between us and them and have suddenly become empty and useless.*translated from the french by john cullen ( [...]

    8. Наистина ли това е най-силната и ярка творба на Патрик Модиано? Започвам да си мисля, че с нобеловите академици никак не ни съвпадат литературните вкусове. Поне напоследък. Е, сега не беше толкова страшно разногласието както при Орхан Памук (той държи личния ми рекорд, за най [...]

    9. Three characters meet in the 60’s in a small French town located on a lake across from Switzerland, and everyone seems to be living in the past. Victor, the main protagonist, and Yvonne, an actress, (although they all appear to be acting) and Dr. Menthe… we learn his father was a martyr of the French Resistance. The description of the hotels and cafes in this small town, as well as the automobiles, the way the people dress, it all appears more like the ’40’s when there was danger from th [...]

    10. Είναι από τα πρώτα βιβλία του Modiano (1975). Απέχει από την ωριμότητα των τελευταίων του βιβλίων (που τον οδήγησαν στο Νόμπελ). Επίσης, είναι το μόνο από όσα διάβασα που δεν έχει σαν σημείο αναφοράς το Παρίσι, δηλαδή το δυνατό χαρτί του συγγραφέα. Παρ' όλα αυτά είναι ένα ευχάριστο β [...]

    11. Η ιστορία είναι απλή. Δυο νέοι ερωτεύονται, ζουν με την ένταση που επιτρέπει η ηλικία τους και η δεκαετία του 60, στην Άνω Σαβοΐα, (ΝΑ Γαλλία, στα σύνορα με την Ελβετία) σε ένα θέρετρο που μαζεύει ασημότητες και διασημότητες κάθε χώρου, ανθρώπους του χρήματος, αριστοκράτες αλλά [...]

    12. not unlike Young Once which I really loved (see my review here: /review/show) and with the storyline well covered in the blurb, Villa Triste didn't quite gel for me though I read it fairly fast; maybe it was the changing in narrative voices, especially the use of 2nd person narration which i highly dislike, maybe the "so what" ending, maybe the main character which we get to see in a narrow slice of his life and at fairly young age, so we don't get to see him really maturing, developing etcovera [...]

    13. This felt nicely familiar to me, the characters felt familiar, like that particular friendship threesome is a classic trope maybe, i'm thinking of The Dreamers but with less fixation on bodily-functions. This was quite a slight novel in some ways, but i loved it, i'm a whore for nostalgia , and the French do nostalgia so well, Modiano is right up my street. This novel was lovely but also incredibly sad. Not because of anything that happens in it especially, just because it is about the fleetingn [...]

    14. Ο Μοντιανό ζωγραφίζει τις εικόνες που περιγράφει με τα πιο ζωντανά χρώματα. Μας ταξιδεύει σε ένα καλοκαίρι του '60, στη νότια Γαλλία και πιθανόν στο Ανεσί, όπου συγκεντρώνονταν άσημοι και διάσημοι για να περάσουν το καλοκαίρι τους με τον τρόπο που επιθυμούσε ο καθένας. Ο 18χρο [...]

    15. This is still to date the most beautiful book Modiano has written. It is a dirge to young love, doomed to be sure but so intense that you know you will never feel that way again. There is nothing spectacular about the story: on a vacation, bored, two young people, both with a past already and some secrets, are going to meet, fall in love and eventually leave each other. Each word is simple but carefully chosen, each character is endearing for their colorfulness and tragic flaws alike. This is re [...]

    16. >3,5 starsΒιβλίο μυστηριώδες και αινιγματικό με μια τάση μελαγχολίας. Έχει έναν τόνο νοσταλγικό για την δεκαετία του '60 και τον (μυστηριώδη) έρωτα που έζησε ο Βίκτορ Σμάρα (ο αφηγητής και πρωταγωνιστής) με την αισθησιακή και περίεργη Υβόννη Ζακέ. Το τέλος πολύ αινιγματικό (αυτέ [...]

    17. Lesson learned. Read a book all the way to the end before jumping to conclusions about its meaning.This is a well-written book of one young man's heart-breaking "coming of age" summer in a small French provincial town for somewhat desperate, old moneyed blue hairs near a lakeside border of Switzerland. Yeah, we've all been there in one form or another. But Modiano captures the misty, amorphous nature of memory so incredibly well. At times, this novel reminded me of the deeply impressionistic wri [...]

    18. Η Βίλα της Θλίψης είναι το 4ο βιβλίο του Μοντιανό (1975) αλλά το πρώτο στο οποίο αρχίζει την ενασχόλησή του με την μνήμη η οποία θα τον οδηγήσει το 2014 στο Νόμπελ. Όποιος έχει διαβάσει λοιπόν κάποια ή όλα από τα επόμενα βιβλία του και είναι γνώστης του ύφους του συγγραφέα θα βρει [...]

    19. This is a sweet french book that has been translated into English. It's a story of a man who finds himself hiding (from anxiety it seems) in a small French town where he meets and befriends a young woman and an older man. He falls in love with the woman and they are very good friends with the older man and the three of them enjoy the summer for what summer is - lazy afternoons, dining al fresco, parties, etc. This book is more of a "lookback" on that time in the main characters life as told by t [...]

    20. Začínam mať pocit že knihy od Modiana sú všetky podobné. Aj v tejto ako v tej predchádzajúcej,ktorú som od neho čítal sa všetko točí okolo spomienok,neurčitej melanchólie,minulosti a všetkého čo čo človek môže v priebehu života stratiť. To všetko je napísané veľmi francúzsky. Francoise Saganová v nohaviciach. Dobrá kniha na dušičky.

    21. Η διακριτική κι αβάσταχτη ennui της κοσμοπολίτικης μπουρζουαζίας. Σαν ξεχασμένη γαλλική ταινία των 70's. Εξαιρετική η πρώτη γνωριμία με το φετινό Νόμπελ. Θέλω να διαβάσω περισσότερα.

    22. Although, I am never sure what is the purpose of a Patrick Modiano's book, I enjoyed this one very much. Modiano is a master in the art of memory. His minimalist style always leaves the reader guessing what is not said. This book brings us back to a different time. A time when summers were made to be enjoyed. Reading this book is an intellectual exercise. Recommended!

    23. First published in 1975, Patrick Modiano’s Villa Triste is a short, hypnotic novel steeped in a sense of nostalgia for an all but vanished milieu.As the story opens, a man is revisiting a summer he spent as an eighteen-year-old in a town in the Haute-Savoie region of France. Winding back to those days in the early ‘60s with the Algerian war rumbling away in the background, our narrator flees Paris where he feels unsafe, an uneasy, police-heavy atmosphere being firmly in evidence. Going by th [...]

    24. As stated before I’m in thrall of Modiano and now find that I’m compulsively working my way through his novels. Why is this? I’m not sure but his writing is so marvellous that somehow you feel that just as his characters are trying to find out about their past, you will too. It could be a memory that you can’t quite recall but after reading Modiano it will all come back to you. It doesn’t of course but he weaves a sort of magic that I am only just starting to comprehend. In Villa Trist [...]

    25. Точно след като четох Нобеловата реч на Модиано публикувана във в."Култура", която ми се стори много топла, човешка, без никакви надувки, реч на търсещ, лутащ се човек, не по-различен от всеки обикновен човек на изкуството, а и не само, и така се случи, че се озовах за няколко дн [...]

    26. Some have said that Modiano keeps writing the same book, and that is partly true, but only in the way that Monet kept painting the same haystacks. Some also say that this novel is one of Modiano's most accessible, meaning "easy to comprehend". I will argue with that, but understand that it contains most of the elements that one finds in his other works—it takes place in France, there is flight and hiding, it's about memory and an unnameable dread, and the shame of the German occupation during [...]

    27. It's one of those books that keeps you wondering whether something's going to happen right until the very end. Nevertheless, it's a pleasant wait - at least it keeps you reading.To me, the book tells a plain story about some people who lied way too much for no apparent reason. I didn't particularly enjoy it because I had little to learn from it and it did not have a main event around which things are going.I did take a personal remark from "Villa Triste" though - when I experience a story, I sho [...]

    28. Ta ksiazka jest jak zamglone wspomnienie lata, az sie odczuwa na wlasnej skorze powiew wiatru i cieplo zachodzacego slonce. Mialam wrazenie ze jestem uczestnikiem opisywanych zdazen, momentami bylam pewna ze stoje tuz obok bohaterow i mnie tez ogarniala ta sama bloga lekkosc leta.“Willa Triste" choć opisuje o zakochanej parze, tak na prawde nie opowiada o milosci i uczuciu dwojga ludzi. To książka o tym jak atmosfera lata, nas uwodzi, z nami flirtuje, zakłada nam na oczy różowe okulary, [...]

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