Mad Girl (The Chronicles of Anna Monroe)

Mad Girl The Chronicles of Anna Monroe CAUTION PITCH BLACK READ My mother was the Madison Ridge Killer and I helped her At nine I was given a new start a new life My adoptive parents did everything they could to help me forget my past an

  • Title: Mad Girl (The Chronicles of Anna Monroe)
  • Author: A.A. Dark Alaska Angelini
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 117
  • Format: None
  • CAUTION PITCH BLACK READ My mother was the Madison Ridge Killer and I helped her At nine, I was given a new start a new life My adoptive parents did everything they could to help me forget my past, and for a while, they succeeded But I was never normal I never truly forgot all I saw or did.Now, twenty years later, I work in the billing department for a sm CAUTION PITCH BLACK READ My mother was the Madison Ridge Killer and I helped her At nine, I was given a new start a new life My adoptive parents did everything they could to help me forget my past, and for a while, they succeeded But I was never normal I never truly forgot all I saw or did.Now, twenty years later, I work in the billing department for a small city newspaper And like decades before, not that far away, another serial killer is on the loose I can still see her I can still hear my mother coaxing me to slide the bright red lipstick over her beautiful victims lips But this isn t her and I m determined to figure out who it is I may work behind the scenes at the Rockford Times, but I m about to get thrown right in the middle of the biggest story our city has ever seen My name is Anna Monroe and I m full of secrets.They say you re not your past I m not so sure they re right.

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    1. 4 "fucked up murderous " starsWhat a pulsating, crazed up, fucked up ride that only Alaska can pull throughStill reeling from the "crazed up" events!!!A. A. Dark brings us another horror shockingly striking thriller with terrific detailed descriptions that will make your skin crawl from unease and some strange thrill unless you're not into that kind of thing – scary, gore, horrid notion of what the dark psyche of a human mind is capable of- you should stay away.This story is a portrayal of a h [...]

    2. Branden was useless. Give me a capable fucking hero who accepts his Mad girl. He have might accepted her as his soul mate, but who cares if he doesn't have he back. Anna and her split personality Annalise made the book. Her bi sexuality added a taboo aspect. Her rape made the horror a reality. And her virginity status because of her Christian values added the cherry on the top to such a complex, fleshed out woman. But seriously what was that ending. I felt robbed of a climax. However, very very [...]

    3. More reviews at Li'l Kit’s Reviews.Writing: ★★★★★Story: ★★★★★Characters: ★★★★★Overall rating: 4.3Anna Monroe is the daughter of Rebecca Anne Fowler, the Madison Ridge Killer, who murdered 12 women with the help of Anna when she was a child. Anna "was raised on blood and torture. Slicing up their painted faces and perfect bodies", in short, she had one fucked up childhood.A.A. Dark, (a.k.a. Alaska Angelini) is an automatic buy for me. Her books twist me up and make [...]

    4. This story proves without a is MUTE! Poor Braeden. Dude found his soul mate and she is.well.e's different. Anna endures unspeakable horror as a child. Those horrors have warped her mind. How can one live through what she has and not be affected? As an adult there is some control, some restraint. Anna meets Braeden and BOOM that uninvited pesky karma shows up and wreak havoc! That control and restraint? Gone! Woooooosa! The mind can only endure so much, ya know?!This story is pitch bla [...]

    5. *****WARNING 5 FUCKED UP STARS*****Have you ever watched something and thought "this shit is so fucked upwhy am i watching this?" That is what reading Mad Girl is like. A.A. Dark delivers, as usual, a roller coaster ride of emotions, love, heartache, rage, arousal and power. A.A. has this way of writing that transports you into the book. I could feel what Anna was feeling, see what she was seeing and her thoughts became my own. My heart raced, I thought I was going to vomit and I wanted to slam [...]

    6. A gripping read from start to finish, an intriguing insight into the dark recesses of the mind. "I was teetering on the ledge of good and evil and the devil definitely gave me a better selection."Mad Girl introduces a woman who battles the dark needs of her past. It's a thin line between victim and villain. A twisted web of dark needs. The subject matter shouldn't be taken lightly, please proceed with caution. The story is a trip into madness, yet holds a spark of romance, and the want of some r [...]

    7. Well Hello Darkness!! Just a warning, this book is totally Black and White… No Grey matters here… You will be drawn in with zero questions asked about what is happening!!! The details are there, bloody and gory with nothing left out. An absolute page turner that leaves you wanting more when you finish. Although this is a standalone, it is part of a series. You could stop after reading this BUT…why would you want to do that! Anna Monroe, her life started out on a murderous path. Trained to [...]

    8. Title: Mad GirlAuthor: A.A. DarkSeries: The Chronicles of Anna Monroe #1Genre: horror/suspenseThemes: law enforcement, revenge, serial killerHeat: 2/5Rating: 4/5Murder was who I was. It was what I had been raised on and the temptation was one I was going to fail without choice.Although written by A.A. Dark, this isn't as horror-oriented as 24690. It follows a much more thoughtful, suspenseful and psychological pathway, whilst still containing the detailed blood, gore and rape which keeps it firm [...]

    9. Mad Girl by A. A. Dark combines suspense, psychological, murder, mystery, slasher- you name it, Mad Girl has it. You really feel for Anna Monroe/Annalise Fowler. Ms. Dark creates a character who, while deeply scarred and monstrously conditioned by her mother's manipulations, still makes you want her to overcome and somehow make it in the end despite her flaws. Anna is tortured by her mother's sins and struggles with who she has been trying to be and who she feels she is, inside. Anna finds her o [...]

    10. Its an all out quarrel between Anna Monroe and Annalise Fowler. They're both same person , different facets. Her mother made her into a monster and then No one just fed that monster. What a mad talent Alaska is . The vehemence of violence in the story stunned my mind. It's gory, gross, Bloody and grisly. So prepare to be head bricked!! It's actually a battle between two monsters and Anna is caught in between. NO ONE and Annalise, let's see who'll win. The writing is very vivid and detailed. Plot [...]

    11. Read this in one sitting. That hasn't happened in a long while. As I have just finished, my brain is literally hurting trying to sort out the horrors contained within this crazy tale. What a wild ride this one was! Gruesome is an understatement. I'm going to have to let this soak in for a while.If you are not familiar with dark genre books, then do not attempt to jump in the pool with this one! Stay out of the water, my friends; it's murky, actually bloody!I'm rambling. My brain is fried. Wow. I [...]

    12. I just love it. I like how the author narrated the story alternating between the three main characters' point of view. And there was a revelation in the last part of the book about a character who is mentioned at the start. That was a shocking bomb because I never for any moment gave much thought to that character. And I would love to read more of them because I want to know how their lives turn out to be after Book 1.

    13. I just finished my ARC of Mad Girl! Wow! A.A. Dark did it again. I was sucked into the darkness within the first chapter. When she said this book was going to be dark she was not joking. If your a fan of dark reads then this should be at the top of your must read list. Alaska did an outstanding job creating a complex character in Anna that I couldn't get enough of. There were parts of this book that my heart broke for her and Braden both.

    14. This had me at the prologue. Anna has a dark past. Her mother a killer. But now she's grown up and another serial killer on the loose.I don't even know what I was expecting but omg once in I was hooked and needed answers. Especially from the letters the killer wrote. AA Dark has done it again totally pulled me into this story and holding my kindle for dear life. At times I had no idea what to expect. Now adding another fave to my 2016 list. Five addicting stars.

    15. 4 stars for the h. I just loved her. Crazy, but so so dark, unique. Lol I think Dark's books are affecting me😂

    16. Another 5 star read, another jaw dropper and another "what the hell"! Dark, twisted, brutal No One is a sick f**k!

    17. Sick sick sick, and creepy, and oh so dark. I shudder, but it must have been good because I'm looking for part two.

    18. This book is brilliant. It is a mind messing, stomach churning, gripping ride, that will leave you wanting more. The story line and characters draw you into the book and keep you hooked to the very end. It has definetly become another one of my favourite books by A.A Dark!

    19. MAD GIRL, by A.A. Dark was deliciously, gruesome and awesome!!! I mean look what the first sentence in the description reads, "My mother was the Madison Ridge killerd I helped her." And this coming from a 9 year old girl. I immediately thought, WHAT?!? Oh, this is going to be so good! Okay, this is the story of Annalise Fowler, who is known as Anna Monroe since being adopted as a little girl. So Anna's life has consisted of, her real mother a serial killer, her adoptive mother a super religious [...]

    20. Outstanding and very exciting. I had a difficult time putting this book down. This author, who is quickly becoming one of my favorites, is brilliant at creating horror that chills you to the bone. The characters were built well and changed as life happened through0ut the book. They made me contemplate how I would change when faced with similar situations. Although this is a story containing love, this is not romantic or sappy. This is not a story for someone looking to feel wrapped in a warm bla [...]

    21. Anna has a mother who is a serial killer she killed woman that remind her of the woman the love of her life left her for all in front of Anna. Anna now is working at a Rockford times billing department with a new last name and still thinks about all the sins her real mother has done. Anna prays to God for forgiveness and tries to keep the darkness away. One day Anna meets detective Braden Casey. Braden is always busy with work so until he meets Anna never considered a relationship because it nev [...]

    22. **SPOILER FREE**MAD GIRL is disturbing and morbidly atrocious. So much so, it borders on the brink of horror. If you have no qualms with that, then I urge you to read this book! I have become enamored of this darker side that the author is manifesting.Is a killer born or a production of circumstance? Mad Girl is a story where it is really hard to decide whether a person’s development is in his/her DNA, or a majority of it is influenced by life experiences and environment. Anna/Annalise from th [...]

    23. Mad Girl is the story of Annalise Fowler/Anna Monroe. She has lived a very disturbing violent life since a very young age. Starting from her biological mother who was driven to insanity due to her husband leaving her for another woman then her adopted mother being a religious fanatic. She is like two conflicting personalities trying to find a balance. She's in her late twenties and has really never found love until Braden Casey comes crashing into her. Braden is a detective who's instantly attra [...]

    24. ARC REVIEWEDA.A.Dark never fails to deliver a dark full on brutal read, this author means what she says and will not shy away from the full horrors involved in writing a top class dark read.Anna lived with her mother until she was forcefully removed but the impacts of what she lived through and dealt with have always stayed within her. Anna is now devoted to God and attends church weekly, prayers daily and believes her past sins have been forgiven and is saving herself for the right man to live [...]

    25. Not every story that you read is black or white.A story of nature verses nurture is the soul focus of Mad Girl. What happens when the whispers in your mind take control of your actions and eventually you just don't know who you are any more. This is what happens to Anna/Annalise. From a young age her mind has been trained to think only one way when it comes to love. A mother influence is so strong that is stays with you forever, no matter what it is, Love verses Hate, Good verses Evil, Right ver [...]

    26. The ultimate suspenseful mind f&&kery, and I loved every word!Phenomenal, disturbing story line, raw and gritty writing that had me hooked from beginning to end. Detective Casey literally bumps into virginal Christian, Bible pounder Anna Monroe, and it's insta love. Except Anna has issues socializing with men due to a tragic past full secrets and demons. Casey has his own demons and secrets but he believes she's the answer to his lack of love, and he's determined to maker her his.But the [...]

    27. Rating: 5 stars!ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewMad Girl follows the story of Anna Monroe, a not so normal girl at the billing department of the local newspaper. Her dark past continues to torment her. This a story full of dark and gritty situations that will leave you feeling crazy for sure! It's bloody and raw to the core so be prepared. I'm not going to go into details but if you're into books that are out of the norm, then you're in for a treat!The amazing A [...]

    28. WOW what the hell just i just read!!!!!!This story will stay with for awhile. It was twisted, dark suspenseful and did I say twisted. As always the author keep me hooked from the first page and I just could not put it down. This is the tale of Annalise Fowler/Anna Monroe who, by all accounts had a terrible childhood. Her mother was the Madison Ridge Killer. That's right her mom was a serial killer, and she helped. Yep you read that right!Please please read the warring as A A Dark spares nothing [...]

    29. Wow.WowWow!! Did I happen to mention Wow?!?! A.A. Dark has done it again, she's actually outdone herself with this was. Anna has a difficult past, being the daughter of a serial killer will do things to a girl. Detective Braden Casey has secrets of his own. The two literally collide together and the sparks are undeniable. Things change when Anna's past comes back to haunt her. She barely survives the initial attack, who will survive the second one? Dark, twisted and oh so disturbing.(I voluntari [...]

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