Seven Years Bad Sex

Seven Years Bad Sex Sex isn t everything At least that s what rock singer Casey and drummer Alex tell themselves when they are strangely unable to consummate their marriage on their wedding night Or the following night

  • Title: Seven Years Bad Sex
  • Author: Nicky Wells
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sex isn t everything At least, that s what rock singer Casey and drummer Alex tell themselves when they are strangely unable to consummate their marriage on their wedding night Or the following night Or, in fact, any night They simply can t do it any , and it s not for lack of trying Ever inventive and increasingly desperate when tried and tested strategies fSex isn t everything At least, that s what rock singer Casey and drummer Alex tell themselves when they are strangely unable to consummate their marriage on their wedding night Or the following night Or, in fact, any night They simply can t do it any , and it s not for lack of trying Ever inventive and increasingly desperate when tried and tested strategies fail them, Casey and Alex experiment with every trick of the trade, with accessories and other aids even with sex therapy But it s as though they ve been cursed Will their love and friendship prove strong enough to withstand the trials and tribulations of a sexless marriage Join Casey and Alex on a wild ride of self discovery, love, laughter, and tears, where friends old and new produce a twist in the tale that will leave you breathless Cover changed August 2016

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    1. I was lucky enough to be one of the Beta Readers for this book so was able to read the book as each stage was completed. It was a real thrill to be part of this process, particularly because the book was totally amazing! I waited with bated breath for each installment and devoured each chapter. 7 Years Bad Sex is such a fantastic book that had so many laugh out loud moments and so many cringe-worthy moments that it was just so difficult to put down. Over-riding all this, is a beautiful love stor [...]

    2. I was given an ecopy of 7 Years Bad Sex by Nicky Wells the author in exchange for an honest review which I'm more than happy to give.This is another 'rocktastic' book written by the lovely Nicky Wells. Once again Nicky has presented characters that are both plausible and realistic. With scenario's that are both hilarious and sensitive but believable. The main couple Alex and Casey work and play together as part of a band and couple. They are considered by their friends to be a match made in heav [...]

    3. What does a newly married couple do when their fairytale wedding turns into a honeymoon disaster with a curse of 7 years bad sex? Rockers Casey and Alex have a fairytale wedding on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of St Tropez in the south of France, but when it comes to their wedding night, a strange curse befalls the honeymooners and they are unable to consummate their marriage. And if you think that is bad, the curse is 7 years bad sex oh hell no! From their honeymoon to their [...]

    4. "7 Years Bad Sex is a witty, intelligent and hilariously funny romantic comedy that aims to please or not, as the case may be. A must read!"Kelly, Perusing Princesses'A toast. To the bride and groom.'Famous words and ones that many of us know all too well. Casey and Alex have it all. A beautiful friendship, a great band, supportive friends and a healthy sex life. One glorious sunny day in May, off the coast of St. Tropez, on a yacht, the Blue Heart's singer and drummer seal the deal as they say [...]

    5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. It made me laugh out loud in the middle of a restaurant while I was reading on my phone. (Waiting for the person I was meeting to arrive.) It was that good I couldn’t stop myself from having a little read while I was out…I don’t make a habit of reading in restaurants as much as I would love to. I read the whole book in less than 24 hours.I loved the characters and connected with them straight away especially Casey. She was a down to earth real chara [...]

    6. I'm very ashamed to report that I - in my long years of reading and reviewing books - have come across Nicky Wells only lately. How have I missed her stays one of the biggest mysteries in my life, really, but thanks to Twitter and some very funny short interactions with Nicky I signed for her blog tour, and not only was lucky enough to be a part of this BT, but to run Q&A with the author herself. And let me tell you, Nicky is one of the funniest, warmest and open persons EVAH, and I though, [...]

    7. I thought the title of the book was quite amusing then I read the synopsis and thought it sounded quite a nice story line I liked the way it was written showing both perspectives, it added a little bit more to the story. I think Nicky does really well in the way she writes as you can almost picture the scenes and feel the atmosphere of her characters.So down to the story. One wedding. One curse? Disaster ever after… A seven-years-bad-sex curse? Surely not! Yet something went wrong when rock si [...]

    8. When rock singer Casey and drummer Alex get married on a beautiful yacht surrounded by their closest friends and family, the night is picture perfect. Their maid of honour surprises them with a beautiful display in the sky, the food is great, and the atmosphere breathtaking. There's only one problem- after the wedding Casey and Alex find themselves unable to consummate their marriage. Despite having *ahem* consummated their relationship many times prior to the wedding suddenly they are unable to [...]

    9. This review was originally posted on Star Crossed ReviewsOne wedding. One curse?  Disaster ever after…A seven-years-bad-sex curse? Surely not! Yet something went wrong when rock singer Casey and drummer Alex got married on that beautiful yacht anchored off St Tropez in the south of France. Something went badly wrong. For even on their wedding night, the young couple discovers a complete and somewhat surprising inability to make love. Muddling through their honeymoon with a string of thin excu [...]

    10. I have to say (as I suspect a few people will) that as soon as I saw the title of this book I simply had to read it. The first question in my mind was: 7 Years Bad Sex? How? Yes, I was wondering how a newlywed couple (who incidentally had a healthy sex life until the earth moved in a not so good way on their wedding day) would survive seven years without sex. More, though, I was wondering how an author could sustain it: keep the reader engaged and write about failed sexual exploits without writi [...]

    11. Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me this eBook to read and share my honest opinion. How could I not be looking forward to this book? I love Nicky’s writing (my previous reviews can be found on my blog) and the title of this one just screamed ‘you must read me’! I admit I had high expectations for 7 Years Bad Sex and I’m glad it didn’t disappoint.Giggling like a schoolgirl was pretty much the ongoing theme for me whilst reading this book. Picturing each scene, each pre [...]

    12. AMAZING! Oh this has a bit of everything. I cringed and cried and laughed! Nicky Wells is at it again! Simply marvelous!Let me just start by singing Nicky's (she and I are on a first name bases cause I love to stalk her) praises! I love this gal's writing. It's scary though because you never know if your favorite authors are going to deliver.But deliver she did!!! Fabulously.This is such a cute premise. Scary though! I was cringing while reading but I love how the couple, Casey and Alex, try so [...]

    13. Alex and Casey are celebrating their fairytale wedding on a yacht moored off San Tropez, in the company of their friends and family. They have no inkling of the traumatic weeks ahead. As they toast each other their attention and focus is drawn to a display in the sky. There’s a strange rumbling noise from the sea, like thunder, as they make the toast, eyes skyward, but only Casey and Alex seem to notice. Something very mysterious has happened and it seems to have an adverse effect on Alex and [...]

    14. 7 Years Bad Sex by Nicky Wells is a 2015 publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Well, with a title like this, one simply can not help but be curious, because this is the stuff nightmares are made of. The thought of it alone is enough to make a person break out in a cold sweat. But, for Alex and Casey, the nightmare is a terrifying, and as you can imagine, frustrating reality. Alex, a rock musician and Casey, a singer, are the perfect couple. They are dee [...]

    15. *Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*First of all, I’d like to thank Nicky for sending me a copy of the book. I got to know her writing last year and fell in love with her style, so I was really excited for this one. The blurb sounds great and Nicky is always up for a little surprise.The book starts at Casey’s and Alex’s beautiful wedding in France. They seem like such a great fit and they had a lot of chemistry from the start. During the wedding something weird ha [...]

    16. WHAT CAN I SAY ABOUT THIS BOOK WELL YOU GOT TO READ IT FANTASTIC TO READ AND SO FUNNY BUT HAS A LOVELY LOVE STORY TOO I was hooked i got to see what was going to happen next i loved all the humour and the witty ness i was laughing so much it would be a fabulous TV show or film i was so pulled into the story it became a page turner it a very fun light hearted read i loved it Cassy and Alex were both fab characters they were in a band they seem to have a very happy life with a great sex life till [...]

    17. 7 Years Bad Sex is a light chick lit read best suited for the younger market of reader in their 20's and 30's. It's a fun read surrounding the wedding and subsequent months of honeymoon era surrounding newly weds.Casey and Alex are members of Rock group Blue Heart and we meet them on a Yacht in the Mediterranean toasting their marriage day, when they feel the earth literally moving, believing it's just them who felt it they look forward to their wedding night only to be extremely turned-off by e [...]

    18. Both witty and poignant in equal measure, 7 Years Bad Sex is a gem!Alex and Casey make up half the band, Blue Heart. And they own each others' hearts. The story begins at the wedding - a beautiful affair. However, once their honeymoon begins they realize they have a problemey seem to be having issues getting completely physical.7 Years Bad Sex chronicles Alex and Casey's start to married life and their trials in intimacy. While neither believes in such things as curses, it's hard to deny that so [...]

    19. I don’t normally read books of this genre, but the title intrigued me. Once I started I really wanted to know what was going to happen. I'd say the story is original, intriguing, funny and heart-warming.It’s an extraordinarily original idea: a couple who love each other who, for whatever reason cannot cross the physical barrier, when prior to marriage there was no problem.Ms Wells has a great talent for creating warm, likeable, realistic characters and I immediately warmed to Alex and Casey, [...]

    20. In a yacht off the coast of St Tropez in the South of France, a young couple, very much in love are getting married in front of all their friends and family before setting off to cruise the Med alone on their honeymoon. Nothing could be more perfect for them. However, mysterious forces seem to collide at a critical point during the celebrations leaving the newlyweds under performing in the bedroom department. It doesn't seem to matter what they try or where they try it, odd things occur to put p [...]

    21. Ha! What a genius idea for a book! I'm not even sure what I was expecting, but Nicky Wells brought out surprise after surprise in this story, and I loved it all.It's certainly not a traditional romance, because the main characters, Casey and Alex, are already happily together from the start. But what happens when they get married and find themselves unable to consummate their union leads to a veritable how-to guide for every "fix" imaginable. Plus a new appreciation of "for better or for worse." [...]

    22. After the marriage rock singer Casey and drummer Alex finds out that they can't have sex. Altough that wasn't the case before the marriage it starts to bugger them completely. There's always something that devides them appart so that they cannot complete the 'task'.Hearing about the 'seven years of bad sex curse' they dismiss the possibility with a wave of their hands. Still they try everything, but it just doesn't happen when they are together. And after several months, several different attemp [...]

    23. I received a review copyI say this in all my reviews for Nicky Wells – I loved this book! What a fascinating concept this was. This book is definitely more on the mature side, as well, the book was basically all about sex! But it never got raunchy or on the erotica side of things, instead, it explored the relationship between the newly married Alex and Casey, and if indeed they were suffering from a curse that caused them not to be able to have sex. Some parts in here were kind of hysterical [...]

    24. I started reading this book on a dull and rainy afternoon desperate for an uplifting read. I had definitely picked the right book to lighten my mood. So much so, that I finished 7 Years Bad Sex in pretty much one sitting.The storyline is hilarious and by the end, I literally had tears of laughter streaming down my face. Casey and Alex are a brilliant couple and their predicament is surely an, um, let's say an unusual one. As always, Nicky's writing style is superb and it is so incredibly easy to [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this book, any book written by Nicky is brilliant. It is a romantic comedy that is truly funny. The main characters are Casey and Alex who have just got married and are finding it hard to "perform", they both have many excuses but when tomorrow turns into a month, they are aware something is not right. So they try everything they can to spark it again with some very interesting results. There are many things that this book highlights, the power of love and the understanding of l [...]

    26. I pre-ordered this latest 'Rock Star Romance' having read Nicky's previous works and I wasn't disappointed.Casey and Alex are befallen by an age old curse that prevents them performing in the bedroom department. Wacky decisions - and not for the best - add to the fun and misadventures along the way.A great summer read and many laugh-out-loud moments throughout.

    27. Loved itCasey and Alex's relationship is a fun read. Loved the witty dialogue, the crazy plot, and the easy friendship of all in the Blue Heart band

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