Buffalo Music

Buffalo Music Inspired by pioneer Mary Ann Goodnight Fern and Castillo offer the story of how one woman helped to save the buffalo in the late s Full color

  • Title: Buffalo Music
  • Author: Tracey E. Fern Lauren Castillo
  • ISBN: 9780618723416
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Inspired by pioneer Mary Ann Goodnight, Fern and Castillo offer the story of how one woman helped to save the buffalo in the late 1800s Full color.

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    1. CIP summary: " After hunters kill off the buffalo around her Texas ranch, a woman begins raising orphan buffalo calves and eventually ships four members of her small herd to Yellowstone National Park, where they form the beginnings of newly thriving buffalo herds. Based on the true story of Mary Ann Goodnight and her husband Charles."I have read about the buffalos being hunted out west, but this book really helped to show how quickly the herds of buffalo were wiped out by the 20th century. This [...]

    2. How interesting -- two picture books about the preservation of the American Buffalo in one season! I enjoyed the text of this one MUCH more than that of the Bruchac. There is a liveliness to the telling and energy that match the characteristic of a woman who would devote her time and energy to a nature cause. The illustrations serve the text well but that's it.

    3. I grabbed this one at the used bookstore because I saw the seal of an award but this would be worth every penny brand new. Fabulous illustrations and historical detail about the national herd of buffalo. I'm absolutely enchanted.

    4. Fern, Tracey E. and Lauren Castillo, Ill. Buffalo Music. PICTURE BOOK, Clarion, 2008.The main character, Molly, is a fictionalization of Mary Ann Goodnight, who actually settled in the Texan Panhandle in 1876 when buffalo were still numerous in the area. Molly loves hearing "buffalo music" as the massive herds graze nearby. Within about six years, however, buffalo hunters have slaughtered the animals, and Molly is grief stricken. When a fellow settler brings her two orphaned buffalo calves to ra [...]

    5. Based on the true story of Mary Ann Goodnight and her husband, Charles, this historical fiction picture book tells the story of a woman’s love for animals and her determination to save the buffalo from extinction in the late nineteenth century. After hunters kill all of the buffalo around her ranch in Texas, Molly starts raising orphan buffalo calves. Eventually she sends four of her animals to Yellowstone National Park to help start herds there. This would be a good book to share with kids, e [...]

    6. Originally rated G+ by Linda LaffertyHas some historical value, but it’s also a sweet story based on a true person named “Mary Ann Goodnight" a pioneer who settled in the Palo Duro Canyon in 1876. At that time, enormous herds of buffalo still roamed West Texas. Within a few years, hunters had slaughtered nearly every one.” There’s an author’s note in back, and a bibliography if young readers want to learn more about the buffalo. Molly, based on Mary Ann, finds two scrawny buffalo calve [...]

    7. Set in Texas during the 1870's, a period in the nation's history when buffalo were being hunted to near extinction, Buffalo Music provides a memorable supplement to parallel textbook readings. Author Tracey E. Fern narrates in the voice of a Texas pioneer woman, whose character is modeled after real-life hero Mary Ann Goodnight. Fern's closing author's note provides factual details about Goodnight's role in saving the species from extinction. A helpful bibliography of additional sources is also [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book. The alliteration coupled with the descriptions of the historical period were great. I felt like I was engrossed in that particular era. The illustrations were sweet and added so much personality to the story. It was also interesting to learn about the woman who worked to save a species and where some of the buffalo ended up. I found it especially cool because I've visited both of the places mentioned at the back of the book. And a part of me can't help but think I saw [...]

    9. I appreciate a story where the main characters solve a real world problem. I'm always amazed by how eager Americans were to shoot anything that moved. Owls in trees? Use them for targets. An interest in nature? Collect bird nests complete with the eggs. Prairie dogs? More target practice! And the buffalo they were so big a person could shoot them from the window of the moving train. Even as a child, this wanton destruction distressed me. I'm glad to see that some people felt differently.(Miss R [...]

    10. This is one of those books that you hope a lot of people read because you see how much good and what a difference one person can make. Gentle and evocative writing that doesn't draw attention to itself and made me feel like I was right out in the wide open spaces with her and the bison. The illustrations are unique and beautiful and they fit the tone of the story. Makes me want to go back to Yellowstone and see bison. Also, educational because I didn't think of buffalo being in Texas. from the f [...]

    11. Illustrator: Lauren Castillo Publisher: Clarion BooksDate: 2008Genre: Historical FictionStrength: Captivating and enriching account told through vivid imagery and dynamic words usage that depicts the loss of Buffalo herds in the 1800’s and how one woman with great compassion was able to save them. It helps illustrate to children that one person doing one thing can make a big difference. Interest: I am a firm believer in saving the environment and caring for the cretures of our earth. It is goo [...]

    12. The narrator, Molly, and her husband Charlie live in Texas on land. They always watch the buffalo pass and note the noises they make. Hunters came and over time ended up killing all of the buffalo along with the noises, or music, that they made. Later on they find two starving buffalo calves and take them in. They raise the buffalo with their cows and eventually the buffalo begin to reproduce until there are too many buffalo on the farm. Molly and Charlie release the buffalo and listen to the mu [...]

    13. A feisty, self-aware pioneer woman, the man who knows and loves her and the coddling of a cabin full of beautiful baby bison — what more could a pet-deprived young reader ask for?Based on the true story of Mary Ann Goodnight’s determination to save the Texas buffalo and told with humour and a Texan twang, this is an inspiring story of hard work and simpler times.You can listen in on our chat about this book on ourJust One More Book! Children's Book Podcast.

    14. This is the story of the bonneted pioneer, Mary Ann Goodnight and her work in the recovery of the American buffalo--bos Americanus. While Mrs. Goodnight was instrumental in the buffalo's salvation, that she 's visually 'fenced in' (she is, after all, frontierswoman of Western expansion), it's no less ironic that the orignial orphaned bison calves are transported via rail--the very means which caused their near-extinction. Still, there are some very pretty pictures here by Lauren Castillo.

    15. Interesting. It's a good way to introduce a younger audience to this particular issue and that time in our history. I like that the author based the book on the true events surrounding the life of Mary Ann Goodnight. The writing in terms of the word choices, the length of the sentences, and the amount of words per page seem extensvie considering this is a book for children. Many of the illustrations didn't draw me in the way most do in a children's book. But overall, not a bad read.

    16. I have mixed feelings about this book. I really liked the illustrations, but do not know how much a child would appreciate them. This book would be best suited for an elementary school classroom, perhaps to compliment a lesson on the westward expansion. It's not a story time book and would be an odd choice for a personal collection (unless one was very into buffalo conservation or 1800s Texas or both).

    17. This is a beautiful book. It tells the story of Molly, a woman determined to save the buffalo after she watches their slaughter on the plains. The pictures are beautiful and the language is beautiful and lyrical. It also demonstrates reasons for conservation. A wonderful book of K-6 libraries, and one that can even be used in curriculum connections for any age of students.

    18. Buffalo Music is based on real people and events that saved the endangered buffalo species. The story encourages learning about buffalo, the plains and rescuing species. The illustrations beautifully capture the story. My children loved the animals in the book and they asked a lot of questions about buffalo which were easily answered using the resources that the book's afterward provided.

    19. Very disappointed in this book. The writing isn't very good- not a fun read, or a funny read, or even an informative read. I don't see why it was put on a list for any sort of nomination. Surely there is an interesting way to tell this tale. Good if children have to read a book that is based on history and can't read chapter books yet. Art is ok.

    20. Ok so any book that has the name Molly in it is Awesome. And a Molly who wants to save the Buffalo. That is awesome. This is a sweet story about someone trying to change the world just a little bit.

    21. Tells fictionalized version of true tale: how a Texan pioneer woman named Mary Ann Goodnight brought together a herd of orphan buffalo to save them, then eventually populated many other U. S. refuges, bison ranges, zoos and Yellowstone National Park (circa 1880's).

    22. Though I like the illustrations, I feel that the they don't quite match the beauty of the author's pros. But this book spoke deep down into my heart. Sometimes I love books even more than the children. This was one of them!

    23. Great history of saving the buffalo for us today;share with teachers in early grades looking forendangered species books

    24. Inspired by the story of Mary Ann Goodright, who helped to save buffalo from extinction by raising several orphaned calves and later sending several of her orphans to Yellowstone in the late 1800's.

    25. Surprising find based on a true story! My girls loved it! Fun to see where some of the Yellowstone buffalo herd got its start!

    26. A good fictional telling of Mary Ann Goodnight's life on a Texas ranch and her attempt to rebuild buffalo herds.

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