House of Glass

House of Glass Casting StonesLily s marriage to Daniel had pitted brother against brother And now the raging hate fueled desire that had tormented Lily for two years had come full circle with her husband s death Da

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  • Title: House of Glass
  • Author: Michelle Reid
  • ISBN: 9780263780277
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
  • Casting StonesLily s marriage to Daniel had pitted brother against brother And now the raging, hate fueled desire that had tormented Lily for two years had come full circle with her husband s death.Daniel s brother Dane had made her life hell He d aroused a tumult of sexual hunger of wanting, needing and knowing it could never be She d been living a lie and now waCasting StonesLily s marriage to Daniel had pitted brother against brother And now the raging, hate fueled desire that had tormented Lily for two years had come full circle with her husband s death.Daniel s brother Dane had made her life hell He d aroused a tumult of sexual hunger of wanting, needing and knowing it could never be She d been living a lie and now was the time to tell Dane the truth Confession was the only chance Lily had to make him understand to make him WANT her love

    One thought on “House of Glass”

    1. Re House of Glass - Michelle Reid reminds us that people who live in glass houses probably shouldn't throw stones. This book starts with the death of the h's husband. She is in the hospital waiting room, injured and covered in blood. There was a drunk driver and a car crash, her husband died pushing the h out of harm's way. The H is up next and he comes home to a naked redhead in his bed - the H isn't too interested, we learn he has a thing for the h and punishes the h accordingly -mainly for ma [...]

    2. A hard one to rate. Michelle Reid concocts of story of a marriage of convenience between the hero’s brother who is gay and the heroine. The brother is deep within the closet and in 1993 that was deemed necessary to keep grandpa from stroking out and for the family’s reputation. In 2017 it’s hard to believe that being out was so risky back then, but MR conveys the homophobia of the day by the hero’s reaction to hearing this info after his brother’s death.Hero is in denial. Says that the [...]

    3. Michelle Reid's books are usually very readable. This one is not an exception. However, I found Dane very unlikeable. He was mean and judgmental towards Lily from the get-go. He didn't like that he felt so strongly for her, and made her pay for it, especially since she was marrying his brother. Also, he didn't seem to see very well, as Lily told him. I figured out the truth very early on. I think Dane was caught up in his ideas of masculinity and machismo, and didn't see his brother for who he r [...]

    4. Okay one of my favorite all time HPs was a book called 'Somewhere to Lay my Head' by Lillian Peake. This is basically the same story but with a twist. I hated the H for most of the book and while this was an okay read for me it just didn't thrill me. Perhaps if I re-read STLMH again I would feel the same now. I might try that. But come on he was so convinced that she was the one having an affair that he overlooked so many other things that would have told him the shocking (NOT) twist but no he h [...]

    5. Lily sits in a small hospital waiting room. Blood is drying on her face and throat, and she’s ignoring the pain in her arm. She’s alone and she’s waiting. She’s waiting to learn whether her husband, Daniel, has survived the car crash they were in a few hours earlier.He hasn’t. Lily, in shock, mentally cycles through who the hospital should call. She settles on Daniel’s older brother, Dane.In another part of London, Dane is arriving home after a flight from New York. There’s a naked [...]

    6. For a brilliant business man, he was really rather stupid. For the life of me, I can't understand why women fall in love with men who are verbally abusive and demeaning. She also, was a little too self-sacrificing for my taste.I could probably have worked past all of that, had he been forced to openly acknowledge his feelings and work hard to get her back into his life. However, all he does is send a one line command through a fax, and she goes running back. This is a story of he says jump and s [...]

    7. MR never cease to amaze me. Although this book is not one of her best, it's clearly show that she has a way with words and passionate story.This passionate story is about Dane and Lily. A man and his brother's wife. Intriguing, right?Lily and Dane met at first when Lily's already Daniel's fiancee. At first, cynical as he was, Dane stamped her as a gold-digging whore, but also he wanted her fiercely. He was so fed up with bitterness he made a mess with his brother and stayed away from them the tw [...]

    8. I would have liked a little more growth on the part of Dane. An apology would have been nice, too. I know he loved her/was tormented by the fact that she was married to his gay brother. He didn't know, but I can't believe the rest of their close knit group bought the story.

    9. This was a longer than usual romance with the heroine alienating the hero by marrying his brother despite their strong connection. The story picks up after the death of the brother. The hero blames her, his hatred as fierce as his desire had been, still was.A net of lies and deceit will have to be untangled before they can see each other clearly. There is a lot of pain and emotional angst in this story and the HEA often seems impossible.

    10. Like another reviewer said I would have liked a little more growth on the part of Dane which never happened. Still I enjoyed the angsty parts and there is good chemistry between the hero and heroine.

    11. I actually enjoyed the love-hate chemistry between the main characters. A bit too melodramatic, but well, they're grieving for the loss. I like that the heroine is quite strong-willed and could argue her way with the hero (though not enough).But again, maybe the love-hate sparks tend to be more hate than love. That and the way the hero behaved throughout the story was fricking childish and.let's just say he was stupid. I mean, even I would suspect that the "love triangle" between the heroine, th [...]

    12. Oh. Wow.I really didn't expect to like this book. After having read several reviews, and coming across the spoilers, I was almost prepared to dislike it, except that I loved the premise too much to not give it a go.Consider Lily - a woman who was physically attracted to her soon-to-be brother-in-law, Dane, when she met him the first time at her engagement party. A woman who loved Daniel, her soon-to-be husband, but unable to fully distance herself from her attraction to Dane. And then consider D [...]

    13. I got this for 99 cents today on . It was a Harlequin so I was expecting ridiculous melodrama but this was bad even for Harlequin.First, Dane, the male romantic hero/love interest was hateful to Lily, his sister in law/forbidden love interest. He is insufferable right to the very end. He’s verbally abusive and often grabs and gropes her. While we never meet his brother Daniel (killed unexpectedly at the beginning) it’s obvious he is the normal well adjusted brother. Anyway, not only is Danes [...]

    14. I´ve gotten to the conclusion that I should stop reading this relatively old romances. They´re not that good, a bit frustrating, and they´re just making me feel jaded towards the whole romantic love affairs. Guess I´ll have to delete a lot of books now This book. Ok, but not that great.

    15. Tiene demasiado romance y una protagonista muy prototipica, pero aún así para la edad en la que lo leí, fue una historia muy bonita y la metáfora de las casa de cristal me encantó (ojala hubieran dejado ese título en español en lugar de "Verdades a medias").

    16. I HATED THE HERO. The story was great but the hero, [teeth gritting] he bugged me to no end. Couldn't like him.

    17. I am Michelle Reid fan. This book just didn't seem at par with some of her other works but still it's a decent read. (This is the second time I have read this book)

    18. He seduces her and tells his brother to break them up but it backfires.She marries his gay brother. Brother dies and he starts to pursue her.

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