It's My Birthday, Too

It s My Birthday Too A short story that first appeared in Many Bloody Returns It is also included in the Side Jobs collection Set between White Night and Small Favor

  • Title: It's My Birthday, Too
  • Author: Jim Butcher
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 174
  • Format: None
  • A short story that first appeared in Many Bloody Returns It is also included in the Side Jobs collection.Set between White Night and Small Favor.

    One thought on “It's My Birthday, Too”

    1. Heading back to Harry's apartment to clean up Slime Golem muck off of them (see Down Town), Harry suddenly remembers it is Thomas' birthday and he wants to give him a gift. Dragging Molly along, they find him at a mall involved in a vampire LARP (I couldn't stop laughing at this one).The party gets crashed by Black Court Vampires, one of which had been shunned by the LARP group several months back. Some very cool uses of gravitational earth magic by Harry, a surprise spit of garlic powder to the [...]

    2. This is a funny short story with Harry, Molly and Thomas. And real vampires among humans pretending to be vampires. It is fast paced and although not much happens, it is always nice to catch a glimpse of Harry between novels. I had forgotten Thomas' birthday was on Valentine's day and Harry's is on Halloween what a family!

    3. Nice story. I especially liked the Cobbs. Now to entice Cobbs to stay at our house, with my two boys they'd be quite busy; although, payment in pizza may be tough. There's never any left over when we order out. ;^)

    4. I'm always down for more of Harry and Thomas' relationship. One of the best aspects of the series. Also, Molly is in this one. And more of the Little Folk. And a trick that Harry uses again in Changes.

    5. Part of the Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files.It's Thomas birthday and Dresden's just wants to give him a birthday gift. Definitely a memorable birthday involving LARPers, Black Court Vampires, the Cobs (faerie cobblers that I hope show up more often in future stories), and the perfect gift for one's brother.

    6. I really liked this little short story! It goes to the Dresdin Files series that I have just started to get into. I really enjoyed the characters and the glimpse of the world the author has created.

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