The Colour of Midnight (Secrets, #1)

The Colour of Midnight Secrets I m Stella s sister And Minerva Robertson wanted to know why with everything to live for Stella had chosen to die The only person who might be able to give her an answer was wickedly attractive Nick

  • Title: The Colour of Midnight (Secrets, #1)
  • Author: Robyn Donald
  • ISBN: 9780373117147
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • I m Stella s sister And Minerva Robertson wanted to know why, with everything to live for, Stella had chosen to die The only person who might be able to give her an answer was wickedly attractive Nick Peveril, Stella s husband But he wasn t the conventional grieving widower What was Minerva to make of him And should she fight the passion she felt for him

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    1. In reality, there were four protagonists here: the hero Nick, the heroine Minerva, Stella the dead wife of the hero who also happened to be the heroine’s stepsister, and New Zealand. The suicide of Stella was the story arc that spanned the whole 8 chapters. It compelled Minerva to visit the hero and quietly investigate the cause of death. It defined the confrontation in the story – when Nick confessed his (pseudo)impotence and Minerva cured his problem through (seduction)therapy. It delayed [...]

    2. I swear that I have read this before at one point or another. However reading it again just made my thoughts and review that much better because this book was FRICKEN AWESOME. I loved the hero and heroine, the emotional bond they had. They grieved, loved and cherished together. It was a pretty beautiful book. However the whole impotent thing was a little fucked up, just sayin!

    3. 4.5 stars. This was an intense and interesting story -- I really enjoyed it. The only reason I knocked off 1/2 a star is that it was a little slow at times, a little too focused on things like making dinner or going to bed, not enough romance. But, when the romance got going, it was great. At times the married-to-her-sister thing was a little creepy (especially because he did apparently love her sister), but overall I liked all the emotional angst.

    4. If you want a husband to love, as Minerva declares, you can't be hankering after your one-year-dead sisters husband. A sister who you allegedly loved and cared about. Minerva falls instantly in love with the husband and becomes jealous of her dead sister, needless to say I could not stand Minerva. She only knows the man a few days, but is prepared to destroy what could be vital proof of why Stella killed herself. Because it might reveal something she doesn't want to know about Nick.This book sho [...]

    5. This is an older Harlequin Presents (January 1995). Much of the story involves around finding out why Stella, the sister of Minerva (the heroine) and the wife of Nick (the hero), killed herself a year ago. And then, of course, there is the relationship that begins to develop between Minerva and Nick. Nick is one of those flawed heroes that I usually like; his flaws made him very sympathetic to me, but for some reason I didn't really like him all that much. Minerva is strong but with an underlyin [...]

    6. Minerva is a cook who was away when her stepsister fell in love and got married to Nick Peveril so She didn't get the chance to be acquainted with him. Unfortunately, when she came back, her stepsister had already committed suicide and Minerva had the urge to know the circumstances behind her death which led her to visit Nick, and from this point the novel starts.I guess it was okay as a harlequin novel, but a little bit extreme at times.

    7. Say what you want about Harlequin novels, but like all books or series sometimes you run into a gem of a story that goes beyond expectations. This is a well thought-out story with human characters that take on a sensitive subject and explores the grey areas of what it means to be in a relationship. Everything from sweet moments to heavy-hitting with the ordeal of Stella's (wife/stepsister) death. I will not give away the spoiler of why Stella died as the build-up to it is handled so well, before [...]

    8. A good read. To uncover the reason for stepsister's death, Minerva travels to the Spanish Castle and meet's a cold and controlled widower Nick. Minerva blames Nick for Stella's suicide because of his lack of emotions and rumors that she has heard make her believe he is uncaring man. But there is more going on here than it seems and she ends up fighting her attraction to him instead. Finding out the truth of Stella's death is an unbearable hearthache for all involved.A very intense and emotional [...]

    9. The story references sexual abuse and suicide which is unusual for a romance.This was written in the 1990's/

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