Slave to Love

Slave to Love Sweet nights no promisesAfter her year long affair with Solomon Maclaine it was clear to Roberta that she would never be anything but his mistress Mac s first marriage had left its scars on him but

  • Title: Slave to Love
  • Author: Michelle Reid
  • ISBN: 9780373117765
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sweet nights, no promisesAfter her year long affair with Solomon Maclaine, it was clear to Roberta that she would never be anything but his mistress Mac s first marriage had left its scars on him, but he still seemed to give most of his time to his ex wife and spoiled daughter.Roberta faced a hard decision if she were to have the commitment and children she craved, shSweet nights, no promisesAfter her year long affair with Solomon Maclaine, it was clear to Roberta that she would never be anything but his mistress Mac s first marriage had left its scars on him, but he still seemed to give most of his time to his ex wife and spoiled daughter.Roberta faced a hard decision if she were to have the commitment and children she craved, she d have to leave But could she really give up the love she shared with Mac A love that brought with it no promisesbut the sweetest nights of passion

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    1. This was such a sad, sad, disturbing book. Our heroine and hero have been in a relationship for one year. She is the Personal Assistant to his brother, and he is the CEO of the company. Ok, for me that is a major 'ick' factorSome author's have pulled this off, but not here. The "ick" really shines especially in one scene where she threatens him with sexual harassment and he outmaneuvers her by insinuating she is the one harassing him. Unfortunately, the poor thing falls for his flawed logic whic [...]

    2. What I liked: - the heroine has a trip to Vienna. It gave me some ideas for my holiday there next year.- the heroine generally is reasonably intelligent (at least emotionally). I actually felt like the position she was in was impossible. But that leads to the rest:What I didn't like: - the hero calls the heroine "bunny" or "bunny rabbit." A lot. And vomiting isn't enjoyable or good for you.- the hero is emotionally immature. I get really tired of the whole "I had one bad experience with somethin [...]

    3. 3.5 stars rounded up.I was going to avoid this one but heard it called "disturbing" and my draw to train wrecks pulled me in. However, I found this to be a rather fun story about a heroine, Roberta, who was fed up with playing second fiddle to an ex-wife and child (18 year old child), being chased hot and heavy by an overly amorous hero, Mac, who is unwilling to let her go. Lot of angsty moments dealing with with H as well as neglectful parents and angry, teeth-gritting scenes when you just want [...]

    4. 2.5 rounded up to 3Michelle Reid is one of my favorite HP authors, but this wasn't one of her best works despite the fact that it's one of my favorite plots: Heroine is mistress to the hero and leaves when she's finally had enough of being taken advantage of/unappreciated.Okay, so she wasn't "technically" a mistress. She worked (for his company, granted -- but you get the impression that she did actually do work there). I'd call her more of a live-in 'booty call'. He gave sex and lots of it, but [...]

    5. The heroine, if she'd been male she would have been accused of being led around by her you know what, is so in love with this nasty smarmy man, I honestly thought the brother was the hero when I first started reading the book.So she's in a relationship of sorts with her boss, and he's invited her to his daughter's 18th birthday party. She's so happy thinking he's finally moving forward in their relationship, but instead he ditches her on his brother and ignores her the whole time. Meanwhile, his [...]

    6. 3 Star Harlequin Presents Michelle Reid is a favorite Harlequin author of mine. When I stumbled across this book reviewed on by my friend Mia, I thought that I would give this a go since I was feeling a little bit blue after the recent high I felt reading A Lot Like Love by Julie James. Halfway through I did realize that I had in fact read this a long time back as parts of the book kept coming back to me. Though I don’t support overly much what happened in the story, nevertheless the rabid fa [...]

    7. She went through HELL with this guy and his ex and 18 yo monster child!! This guy was a real POW and POS! And the brother? What a weasel!!

    8. I think this has to be one of the worst "romance" stories I have read.The things you do for love - but you don't become a doormat to a douchebag. Weak female character - she capitulated too easy and a the male lead was just so over the top. He barked and she ran to him.The writing language was stilted e.g " I have decided to conclude our relationship" when she left him for about the hundreth time."I must accept that it can never happen to me because I love you and therefore must concede to your [...]

    9. Surprisingly i loved this book, everytime i read a harlequin i take sides either H or h but in this i just went with flow. Both H and h are really adorable and their chemistry is combustible. H is manipulative arrogant jerk which didn't stop me from loving him. And yes, H grovelled OK and the last 5 pages i read with a smile on my face :)

    10. So appropriately titled you wouldn't believe.I thought the antagonist in this story (which happened to be the 18 year old daughter of the hero) did not get an appropriate set down with what she had done. Might have been that drug history she had, wouldn't want to 'send her back' theree was a spoiled bitchy brat and really deserved more than making an apology and getting a few home truths told to her by the heroine. Quite frankly I wouldn't have taken it from her from the start, you start as you [...]

    11. What did you think? That's what wants to know.That's what I think. The H was a JERK and the h was doormat.His daughter and ex-wife are horrible. I wanted to punch them both.I kept expecting him to apologize and when he finally "apologized" it was like half a page maybe. And then his daughter did a 180 puhleaze girl, who are you trying to fool. I couldn't feel his "love" for the h at all. I mean I know this is HQN but come on.

    12. Started off real good but lost me half way. I loved it when the hero told the heroine "to hell with you then" after she wouldn't take him back, but then by the next few days he was scheming to win her back and I was like what happened to "to hell with you then". It would have been more interesting if he was a little more unpredictable and it took him a little while longer to sort out his feelings since he had so much baggage.

    13. 4.5 Slavish StarsThis is a really exciting book! Roberta is in a relationship with the CEO of the company she works for. She loves him but he has an ex-wife and 18 year old daughter that demands his constant time and attention. It's gotten to the point where she realizes that he will never give her what she needs out of life as long as he is at their beck and call. She decides to leave him after she is repeatedly insulted by daughter, Lulu at her 18th birthday party. That sets off one of the bes [...]

    14. I hated this book. Nothing to say good about it. Except i normally enjoy Michelle Reid. That is why it received a two. But this one was horrible to me. The hero is awful ass from beginning to end. I do not believe there is a Happily Ever After because spots on dogs that big will not change And no amount of great sex is worth degradation to the soul . He called the heroine names such as bitch repeatedly put his hands on her and dragged her. Then allowed his daughter and ex wife to verbally abuse [...]

    15. Roberta and Mac's relationship never seemed to progress beyond the superficial (sex), especially on Mac's side. They either argued or had sex. Sequence of events went like this: Roberta breaks off with Mac, they spar, he seduces, spar, seduce, spar, seduce Roberta tries again to break from Mac, they spar again, he seduces more. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.Mac seemed more interested in continuing to bed Roberta while she was definitely a love slave to him, never completely following through with her thre [...]

    16. I decided to read this book after reading all the reviews here. Most of them are negative and I agree with their view point. However, I wanted to read an angsty, tear-jerker and feel wretched for the heroine. I did to some point but I wasn't all that moved. Basically, this is a good story and was written well. I found myself sympathising with the H somewhat even though he definitely is an arrogant jerk. So, basically the h has been in a relationship with the H for a year now but feels like she i [...]

    17. There are so many things I shouldn't like about this book, but I still read it like it was chocolate mud cake with extra cream and cherries on top.The heroine is so out of control around the hero. You have to wonder if they actually ever talk to each other because the moment they are together it's all on. Even when she's hating him, he can physically turn her on.Mac has an ex-wife and an eighteen year old daughter who is obsessed with Daddy and living for the day that mummy and daddy get back to [...]

    18. Completed this book a long time ago and this is on my "never read again"listswear yaar what a weak heroin even though she takes decision she always fails to abide by them which i hated a lot and she kept repeating same mistakes over again n again,one of my priciples of life is"Always learn from the mistake and never repeat it" but the heroin god worse than a doormat Hero i don't even wanna go there cause even if i wanna write i m so filled with anger ke i can only manage to hurl insults on him,i [...]

    19. The hero: F*ck that motherF*cker!The heroine: Run away as fast as you can!Supposedly the hero was so remorseful for treating the heroine like a two dollar wh0re for a whole year, but I'm not a big believer and would've liked the book to have continued for another chapter in which the author showed the hero treating her like a goddamned queen! I liked this book, though, 'cause Michelle Reid has got skills.

    20. Deus me livre das mocinhas burras e sem amor próprio, dos trogloditas com suas filhas megeras e irmãos covardes!!!!!!!! O título desta história deveria ser "Escrava da burrice" Muito mais apropriado!!!

    21. As I started reading this I realized I had read it before. The whole scene with her parents cemented it for me.I liked the story I just thought the daughter's change was very swift. Decent enough read.

    22. I thought the heroine was completely immature and a major bitch. Hero was also an asshole so I guess they deserved each other.

    23. The H has a magic penis which is balanced by an evil ex and one of the biggest brats in Harley-land. Which one will win?

    24. Roberta was hopelessly involved with Mac. But she realised that she was second to his former family his exwife and daughter. All her life she lived in the periphary of relationships and she did not want to spend the rest of her life playing second bestSo she takes her chances and she demands marriage or breakupWill Mac agree.

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