Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt

Generation T Ways to Transform a T Shirt Make it yours This inspirational guide with DIY attitude has everything you need to know about the world s great T shirt how to cut it sew it deconstruct it reconstruct it and best of all transfo

  • Title: Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt
  • Author: Megan Nicolay
  • ISBN: 9780761137856
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • Make it yours This inspirational guide with DIY attitude has everything you need to know about the world s great T shirt how to cut it, sew it, deconstruct it, reconstruct it, and best of all, transform it Features than 100 projects plus 200 variations for customized tees, tank tops, tube tops, T skirts even handbags, a patchwork blanket, iPod cozies, leg warmeMake it yours This inspirational guide with DIY attitude has everything you need to know about the world s great T shirt how to cut it, sew it, deconstruct it, reconstruct it, and best of all, transform it Features than 100 projects plus 200 variations for customized tees, tank tops, tube tops, T skirts even handbags, a patchwork blanket, iPod cozies, leg warmers, and Not a DIY expert Not to worry More than one third of the projects are no sew, meaning anyone who can wield a pair of scissors can put a personal stamp on her wardrobe But the sewing basics are here too backstitch and whipstitch, gather and ruche, appliqu and drawstrings And the mission statement for Generation T Ask not what your T shirt can do for you ask what you can do for your T shirt And then Do It Yourself

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    1. I bought this because I knew that if I checked it out from the library, my desire to do something about the piles of old t-shirts that I've been hoarding would disappear as soon as my month with the book was up. As I stare at this book on my shelf, I am reminded of all the shirts that need to be made wearable and/or useful. I've done a few projects, some of which are wearable and most of which were educational to me in some way.Here's what I learned from the book: -You're going to want to practi [...]

    2. I am SO glad that I didn't buy this book. It was more like 108 ways to look like a trashy hooker punk rocker from the 80s. That said, out of the 108 things to do with t-shirts, I found 2 things that I am anxious to try.

    3. This book is a very cool idea, it's just the that follow through isn't that great. Most of the t-shirt designs in this book are things that I would never wear. They are sketchy and a little too revealing for my taste. There were several designs that I also thought looked impossibly cheesy and hand-made. I'm all for making your own style, but not when it looks tacky and cheap. There were a couple interesting patterns in this book, but not enough to tempt me. I would not recommend this book, it's [...]

    4. T-shirts? Uh, yeah, I have a fewon, it seems. Despite the fact that I have donated seemingly a metric ton of them to the Goodwill, they seem to be reproducing in my closets. I did chuckle at this book's advice on where to find t-shirtsese days it seems like you sneeze and you get a free shirt.However, the dilemma eventually comes down to what to do with shirts you still genuinely like, but are too faded or threadbare to actually, well, wear anymore. I really want a t-shirt quilt featuring my fav [...]

    5. Two new shirts in an hour last night truly entertaining! As a seamstress, I am supposed to be above this. However, to the contrary, it's a great way to let out all the craziness and impatience that builds up working on bridesmaids' dresses and suit jackets. Wearing one of these t-shirt creations while stitching away at satin and tulle is a nice feeling. Not to mention how hot I look in that cover-photo halter top! Everyone needs to give this a shot

    6. Every single time I wear a shirt or skirt from this book I get LOTS of compliments. Plus, everything is made out of T shirts that you probably just have laying around the house. My only complaint is that many of the shirts or skirts are skimpy or seem to be designed for very thin ladies or aimed at young girls - for whom I feel many of this ideas are too revealing. However, it doesn't take much to lengthen a hem or raise a neckline. Either way, these ideas are fun and look great!

    7. Great place to start for recycled sewing projects. Projects range from beginner to experienced so there's a good mixture of difficulty levels in here to keep you entertained. The only complaint I have is that I think the finished projects look better and last longer with finished hems/edges, and I would use an iron to smooth down the seams. Other than that I really enjoyed this book. I get lots of compliments on my outfits. And once you've zipped through several of these projects you can easily [...]

    8. This is my go-to book on altering tshirts. It's got a great introduction with sewing techniques, 108 specific ideas with photographs of techniques, variations on many of the ideas Really great. The only thing which I think could improve the experience for me is some kind of an index. I feel the need to flip through the whole book every time I embark on a new project and it would be nice to have some kind of finding aid. Having a hard time thinking of a suggestion myself - maybe a few pages that [...]

    9. This is one of the most awesome craft books I have ever come across! It is an easy way to transform something so simple and cheap into 108 better things well, maybe 50 better things- some of them were a little over the top. But after going through it and making a few for myself, I realized I could make some of them for my 1 year old daughter, too- and they turned out super cute! Then I saw a couple I could make for my husband. Now, I see a shirt style that I like at the store- or on someone I'm [...]

    10. This book is more catered to a teenage audience, but it gave me plenty of inspiration and how-to. Also a decent primer on how to do basic diy and t-shirt surgery.Unfortunately a lot of the t-shirt modifications are more suited for small breasts, so some of these things will be near impossible for me unless I heavily modify the original design in the book. Which is fine for me tbh.I love diy and I love t-shirt surgery!

    11. I'm not generally a crafty person, but I decided that I wanted to make myself a t-shirt for the upcoming Nightwish concert. Also, that I didn't want it to be just any regular t-shirt. This book had several awesome sew and no-sew projects that turn ordinary t-shirts into all sorts of things. I chose design 18 "ties to die for" and it came out rather well. I think this would be an awesome book to pick a few projects from and do as a teen program. :)

    12. The best thing about this book is that it doesn't indulge the fact that I'm a terrible perfectionist. These designs are simple and fast, many of them don't even require sewing. I wouldn't wear everything in the book-- far from it-- but as someone who would wear t-shirts every day if they could, it's cool to get some inspiration to mix it up a bit. Design #33 was the first one I made, and I've gotten lots of compliments on that shirt-- which started out as a way-too-big $2 tee from Goodwill.

    13. I really love this book.I have a bunch of t-shirts that are too big for me, as well as a lot of men's shirts and I want to make them more feminine and better fitting. This book has wonderful ideas and patterns of what to do with said shirts. I've altered quite a few all ready and plan on doing more.

    14. Can't wait to try a bunch of ideas in this book. Some of them are a little to wacky for me, but some are simple ways to take either an old favorite that is too worn out or a new fugly T and make them wearable.I'd even consider making the 'wedding' dress (although not to get married in) It's fun and pretty.Will be on the lookout for more crafty books by this author.

    15. This book has SO MANY fabulous ideas for easy, crafty things you can make from old t-shirts. From changing the style and fit of the T-shirt to creating purses, quilts, rugs, scarves, etc and instructions are very easy to follow - most things are beginner skill level. I loved it. Now my husbands t-shirts are in danger.

    16. Yep, I needed this book. Pretty much every t-shirt I cut prior to owning it made me look like a lumberjack or a long-haul trucker. Now, with the book's help (it doesn't laugh at me when I still mess up) I look like a bootleg NHL player with girl arms. So that's better, I guess.

    17. Love this book. Need a quick way to transform that old T-shirt this is the best, quick, easy directions to do so.

    18. The Good: This book was fun to browse and had some cute ideas, although the projects would pop more if the photos were in color rather than black and white. Some of the styles were a bit dated while others, previously dated, have come back in vogue. In particular there was a modified "cold shoulder" project which, I understand, is the very height of spring 2017 couture. The Not So Good: While I like this book in theory, practice is a different story. I do like a lot of the ideas. Some are super [...]

    19. I don't know what impressed me more about 'Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform A T-Shirt" by Megan Nicolay, the myriad of ways the simple T-shirt could be redesigned or Nicolay's story about "the brooklyn tee party revolution". As I read her story at first I felt a kinship for a fellow thrifter, recycler and personal style advocate, then as I looked at her t-shirt ideas, I also became excited by this new chapter in modern dressing. I particularly appreciated the way she put her own spin on "punk [...]

    20. Crafy books are hard to evaluate. I don't feel like I necessarily *read* them, per se, so much as flip through them. (There's generally not enough text to justify calling it "reading".) I'm not really a crafter, anyway, so I think I should rate them by whether they motivate me to do something. And this is the first one I've read in a while where I've actually done something about it. After having "read" the whole thing, it sat on my library pile for weeks, then one night I suddenly started to mo [...]

    21. I absolutely love this book. Unlike many 't-shirt surgery' books, this one includes very wearable projects, not just skimpy midriff-revealing halter tops. There is a whole chapter on skirts that could easily be worn to a casual office. The wedding gown constructed from t-shirts is absolutely gorgeous. Many of these projects are simple enough for older kids to try - a great way to teach them how to sew, a life skill for which they will one day thank you. There are projects for guys, too! And all [...]

    22. There are some good ideas in this book, but I've seen people manifest these designs in real life AND THEY DO NOT LOOK CUTE. Man, there are some people who get inspired to cut up a shirt as instructed.but really SHOULDN'T be wearing such designs. There were also some designs I tried that worked and really looked cute, but there were other ideas that just made me look trashy no matter what I did.I would like to try the rug idea one daybut that's it.There are other books similar to this out there, [...]

    23. Anyone who is into DIY, making their own clothes, or sewing MUST own a copy of this brilliant book. The ideas in here are easy, creative, and entirely unique. I found so many that I would like to make that I will actually need more shirts to do so! They are also easy to modify and combine to make something that is entirely yours. Most of the best designs don't even involve sewing, so it is great for large groups (like Girl Scouts) and beginners. But it is never dumbed down and has a valuable cre [...]

    24. i didn't think this book was that great. i had heard a lot about it, and i thought it was a cool idea, but the ideas in here are mostly impractical--at least, for me. i don't want to wear a shirt held together with safety pins. anyway there were some good ideas, like how to make a tote bag out of two t-shirts, that i liked. i made one out of two pairs of old pants (which worked the same way as shirts) and put a little owl applique on it and it turned out really well.

    25. All the internet tutorials in the world are no match for this book. Nicolay made t-shirt modification seem do-able, stylish, and fun. I made only modest changes to a volunteer shirt, but felt way less dorky than in past years wearing shirts with no or unsatisfactory modifications. Next year, perhaps something more ambitious, such as the scarf or the t-shirt with decorative razor blade slashes.

    26. This is still the best book I know about t-shirt reconstruction - it was my right hand man when I first started cutting up t-shirts. It has a great variety of designs that are in very concise, attractive instructions. The beginning of the book covers the basics of sewing and the tools you will need or might want to gather for projects. And the entire history of the t-shirt is printed in fun facts littered throughout the book.

    27. Ideas I’m interested in trying:5. Pleasantly punk9. Mix n’ match10. Shoulder slash21. Safety first23. A beautiful day in the ‘hood30. Greek goddess31. Queen of braids34. Punk’d72. Flapper frenzy82. Bag lady85. Is this seat taken?Page217. Pillow talk – “simply slip a pillow into a soft t-shirt” 88. Patchwork punk95. My ears are ringing98. Big hair bands101. Lace station 105. Pocket it

    28. In some cases I just wanted to yell at the book "hey! the 80's called, they want their style back"but for this most part this book gave me some cute ideas for personalizing a shirt. And alot of their projects are "no sew" - YAY! (although I do sew and amazingly well). I incorporated 2 or 3 of their projects (after completely mangling a t-shirt attempting one of their projects) and ended up with a really cute t-shirt I wore to an Angel's game and got a TON of compliments on!

    29. I haven't made any of the projects from the book yet because I checked it out from the library. I plan on buying it, and from now on I plan on keeping all the T-shirts that I would normally give away, to play with! I think it's a fun book that has many different skill level projects that all crafty people, at all different sill levels, can do.

    30. I just acquired this in a bargain bin. Based on my initial perusal, some of the transformations hold promise and some are not so much anything I would ever wear. I'm more drawn to the sewn options and not the ones that are only held on by tied chunks of shirt or are weirdly safety-pinned. But hey, anything that inspires creativity gets kudos from me.

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