An Encounter with Venus

An Encounter with Venus When he was seventeen George Frobisher caught a glimpse of his sister s best friend emerging from a bathtubked In the ten years since that fateful day however the Earl of Chadleigh hasn t heard a w

  • Title: An Encounter with Venus
  • Author: Elizabeth Mansfield
  • ISBN: 9780451209979
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • When he was seventeen, George Frobisher caught a glimpse of his sister s best friend emerging from a bathtubked In the ten years since that fateful day, however, the Earl of Chadleigh hasn t heard a word about the dazzling Venus until now

    One thought on “An Encounter with Venus”

    1. Why does one writer "work" and another not? Why should a competently written book, no better or worse than many another RegRom, just not set the world on fire for me? To be fair, the first line does eveything to lure the reader in -Ten years earlier, when he was seventeen, George Frobisher had caught a glimpse of Miss Olivia Henshaw naked. It was a moment he never forgot.But then subsequent lines - fatally - allow the word "plodding" to take root in the mind: from there it's surprising difficult [...]

    2. Venus in the Eyes of the BeholderBest friend of the Earl's sister, Olivia thinks that she's a over the hill spinster and can't believe that the Earl is actually attracted to her. George, who could have any woman he wants due to his charming personality, title and wealth, can't forget seeing Olivia when he was 17 at his sister's wedding. They meet at another of his sister's parties many years later and George realizes that he is still strongly attracted, but Olivia is not cooperating. Absolutely [...]

    3. 187pgs, the future Earl, was thunderstruck when, at the age of seventeen, he accidentally glimpsed her emerging naked from her bath the day of his sister's wedding. That vision of a her, would fuel his fantasies for years to come. 10 yrs later she is caring for her uncle, and gets invited to a party. Reality meets fantasy when they meet again.

    4. : Hero saw heroine getting out of her bath when he was 17 and she was 25 at his sister’s wedding. Ten years later, he finally gets the opportunity to meet her. They strike sparks, but he comes to enjoy her wit and kindness and falls in love with her. Only she won’t believe he’s anything but fond. A couple of sweet romances in this one. Nice story.

    5. I rather liked this book. However, the way the heroine continued to treat the hero badly was quite frustrating. I do like the occasional older woman/younger man romance, though. And the secondary romance with the hero's crippled friend was cute.

    6. An Encounter with VenusThis is probably the best of her stories but I don't know for sure because I have not read them all. I'm going to try to read them all.

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