Harlem Walter Dean Myers calls to life the deep rich and hope filled history of Harlem this crucible of American culture Christopher Myers boldly assembled collage art resonates with feeling and tells a

  • Title: Harlem
  • Author: Walter Dean Myers Christopher Myers
  • ISBN: 9780590543408
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardback
  • Walter Dean Myers calls to life the deep, rich, and hope filled history of Harlem, this crucible of American culture.Christopher Myers boldly assembled collage art resonates with feeling, and tells a tale all its own Words and pictures together connect readers of all ages to the spirit of Harlem in its music, art, literature, and everyday life, and to how it has helpeWalter Dean Myers calls to life the deep, rich, and hope filled history of Harlem, this crucible of American culture.Christopher Myers boldly assembled collage art resonates with feeling, and tells a tale all its own Words and pictures together connect readers of all ages to the spirit of Harlem in its music, art, literature, and everyday life, and to how it has helped shape us as a people.

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    1. Text SummaryHarlem: “A promise of a better life A place where a man didn’t have to know his place simply because he was black.” Those who came to Harlem brought with them a song, first heard in the villages of Ghana and Senegal, and now left flowing through this city: “a new sound, raucous and sassy.” Religion, music, and art fill the souls of the people of this city as they hope, and pray, and sing, and paint, and write. The voices of Langston, Countee, Du Bois, and Baldwin shape this [...]

    2. Winner of the Coretta Scott King award as well as the Caldecott, Harlem is a potent description of the Black American experience in this country. Students may not recognize the powerful prose as poetry but the word rhythms sing evoking strong emotional pictures. Myer's distinctive voice is supported and highlighted by the vivid and energetic pictures of Christopher Myers. Recomended for students K-8 this book is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to share superb literature with their student [...]

    3. My four star rating is not a personal reaction because this poem speaks of things so far outside my personal experience that there are many lines I don't really comprehend. Nevertheless I am glad it was written for those whose experience it mirrors or explains and for those, like me, that can get a little window into other experiences. The illustrations are impressive.

    4. A mix of evocative sections, sections you need background knowledge for, and sections that didn't make a lot of sense to me. Great illustrations.

    5. Harlem, by Walter Dean Myers, has a cadence to it that makes the reader want to close his eyes and just listen to the smooth rhythm of the words. The rhythm of of the poem adds so much to the poem, but the words are also extremely educational. Myers alludes to so many people and historical events, that this poem could be read and students could read and then pick a portion to do a research assignment. After reading them poem, Harlem becomes more real, and made me want to visit, and reminded me o [...]

    6. Harlem: A Poem is a picture book that is a free verse format, which does not follow a rhyme scheme or pattern give the readers a glimpse into Harlem’s past and present with references of famous African American such as Joe Louis, Sugar Ray, DuBois, and Langston Hughes. “Harlem” also has references to famous places and streets in Harlem like the Cotton Club, Lenox Avenue and 110th street.The illustration on each page are collages of small pieces of paper, hand drawing and photographs that h [...]

    7. Summary/Thoughtful Reflection:This book would best be used with upper elementary/middle school students. It's illustrations, for which it won a Caldecott Honor Award, are beautifully constructed with torn paper. It is amazing how the illustrator, Christopher Myers, created such intricate images of people, depicting their detailed facial features and expressive emotions. I personally read this text online (childrenslibrary/icdl/) at the International Children's Digital Library, and felt that much [...]

    8. I read this with my 9 y/o foster son the second night he was with us. He loved it - The poetry is great, there are always new things to explain (like who some of the historical figures are that are talked about in the poem). He loves looking at the pictures and listening to the cadence of the poem. The poem can be used, if you want to, as an opening to bring up various Black history topics. Or it can just be read and enjoyed for its rhythm and beautiful illustrations. My kid is a light-skinned m [...]

    9. The beautiful, strong, imposing illustrations depict both the beauty and the ugliness of Harlem, the joy and sadness, the strengths and weaknesses.

    10. Harlem is a poetry book. The author, Walter Dean Myers, uses a lot of descriptive words. It’s easy to visualize what is going on in the poem if you have some knowledge of Harlem. The author speaks of Sugar Ray as he does in Reverend Abbott and Those Bloodshot Eyes. The illustrator, Christopher Myers, did an excellent job capturing the author’s words and creating an image of Harlem by illustrating the tall buildings and closeness of the homes. The author used bold colors and the images create [...]

    11. Walter Dean Myers takes the streets of Harlem and using amazing imagery to bring the streets to life right in front of the reader. Christopher Myers aids Myers poem by adding deeply hued collaged pictures of people you may find on the streets of Harlem and what they are doing and feeling. Throughout this book, readers are told about how the streets of Harlem were alive with sounds of music from the calls and songs from home villages or immigrants to Sugar Ray and Jack Johnson, and finally with t [...]

    12. This book was very touching. It was about the African American people living their lives in Harlem. They like how Harlem feel like its one of the places in American where they are welcomed because they are highly populated there, and through out the book are their hobbies they like to do, Viking with each other to children playing in the street. This book is. very detailed its showing African Americans cultures. The literary of this book are simple pretty much everyday to day use of vocabulary. [...]

    13. • 1998 Caldecott Honor Book •I'm not a big fan of poetry, but I enjoyed this book. I think some of the poems would be easier to understand with some background knowledge, but maybe that will grab the readers interest to learn more. Some of the names are familiar like Martin, Malcolm & Langston, while others like Jack Johnson and James Baldwin would probably less familiar to children. Probably a book better for older kids / adults, or maybe a segue into learning more for younger children. [...]

    14. Poetry, MulticulturalAwards: Caldecott Honor Book, Coretta Scott King AwardSummary:This poem is written and illustrated by a father-son duo. The poem and remarkable illustrations depict a community and way of life. It has many cultural references mentioned throughout.Evaluation: I enjoyed the imagery used, however, I struggled with the poem itself. I am not familiar with the aspects that were mentioned throughout, but others may better understand these references. Teaching Ideas:Teaching about o [...]

    15. Harlem is a beautiful picture book that is a free verse poem. It tells the story, and history of Harlem, the neighborhood in Northern manhattan that became the center of African-American life and culture. The illustrator does a beautiful job at depicting the song, and dance of the people in Harlem. Having lived in New York City for a short period, I was moved by the images of people freely being themselves. Over the years Harlem has changed, but it never loses it's charm or character. I'd recomm [...]

    16. This book caught my attention because of the amazing cover art. The great illustrations continue throughout the book and really help to keep your attention. The text is just as cool teaching about the unique lifestyle that is present in Harlem. I can see why this book is aimed for older readers and this is because the issues discussed in the book are not necessarily for younger readers. The book goes into a lot of detail about how Harlem has shaped not only its residents but also everyone else i [...]

    17. Walter Dean Myers does an excellent job portraying Harlem in this free verse poem. His son, Christopher Myers, adds brilliant and bold illustrations. This book won the Caldecott honor as well as the Coretta Scott King award. It is geared for an older audience of children. It would be appropriate for grades 6 through 12. I love the language of the poem and how it celebrates the rich culture of Harlem. Myers describes the importance of many famous places like the Cotton Club and Apollo Theater. He [...]

    18. Collage art illustrates this intensely worded poem. I admired the artwork more than the text in this book. I found Walter Dean Myers' text to be complex and stilted in this book. It's unaccessible for elementary school aged children and when looking at books, that's who I am analyzing them for. I read books to see if my students would enjoy them and/or learn something from them. The artwork and s great and would be great to use in an art class.

    19. This picture book's illustrations are a stunning blend of painting and collage. Myers' poem about Harlemis complex and because of that, this book would be more appropriate for advanced young readers or even middle school students. I could imagine students writing their own odes to a place they love.

    20. The illustrations in this book are absolutely incredible, but what I find really memorable is the poem, the author's words about the community of Harlem and how much value and wonder there is there. I had this book when I was a little kid and it's still as amazing now as it was back then.

    21. I spent a lot of time in Harlem before I moved. Walter Dean Myers knows what he's talking about, but the illustrations of this book speak louder than the words.

    22. Amazing illustrations using paintings and collage to illustrate a beautiful poem tracing the history of African Americans to the Niger.

    23. Harlem is a poem written by Walter Dean Myers. I love the collage pictures done by Christopher Myers. There is no wonder why this won the Coretta Scott King Award.

    24. A beautifully illustrated story showcasing the life of African Americans in Harlem, this poetry book by Myers takes a reader through a day in Harlem with each page sharing the life of a new character. You read about children and adults that are engaged in activities from shopping, playing, riding the bus, train, or simply being their true Harlem selves. This picture books uses collage art to bring each poem to life for the reader while not ignorning facts about life as a Harlem resident.

    25. This story was a poetic genre that showed illustrations through a patchy collage idea in a children's style picture book. This story describes how life in Harlem was for families and how tough the conditions were through mini poems.

    26. 1) Caldecott Honor2) kindergarten- 3rd grade3 The book Harlem is a story about the same Harlem located in New York. The story is told through a poem and takes us on an in-depth journey throughout Harlem culture and History.4) I love the dark gritty illustration the book uses to install the mood of Harlem itself to us the reader.5) A lesson on where the child is from, or read the poem during black history month

    27. This is probably a book that should be read, I'm just really uncertain as to who the target audience is. Most of the references will not make sense to children and there is not enough background to make them make sense. This is a picture book/ poetry book for either older, well-informed children or for reasonably informed adults. Some of the names dropped in this book will be familiar, like Malcolm X, but, Baldwin, Du Bois and Langston are not likely to be recognized by elementary age kids simpl [...]

    28. "Harlem" is a poem written by Walter Dean Myers, illustrated by Christopher Myers. It's a poem about Harlem and the liberated black culture that is found there. The narrator of the poem takes the reader through the nooks and crannies of the city, looking at the culture of food, beauty, music, and women. The illustration style looks like acrylic fine art paint, collaged and layered together. My favorite line from the poem is, "Harlem was a promise, Of a better life, of a place where a man didn't, [...]

    29. Title: HarlemAuthor: Walter Dean MyersIllustrator: Christopher MyersGenre: PoetryOpening Sentence: They took to the road in Waycross, Georgia Skipped over the tracks in East St. LouisBrief Summary: Walter tells his story about being in the Harlem community. He shares his own personal experiences through poetry. The pictures in the book help depict his tale.Professional Recommendation #1:Jan Lieberman (Children's Literature) Walter Dean Myers and his son Christopher have created a moving tribute [...]

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