Waiting for Tuesday

Waiting for Tuesday All I ever wanted was a home stability hard walls and roots so deep they could withstand the strongest storm Through long hours and determination I was finally on my way signing contracts for my b

  • Title: Waiting for Tuesday
  • Author: Taylor Sullivan
  • ISBN: 1537759760
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • All I ever wanted was a home stability, hard walls, and roots so deep they could withstand the strongest storm Through long hours and determination, I was finally on my way, signing contracts for my brick and mortar shop, and beginning to feel settled for the first time in my life.But the night I met John Eaton I felt that stability crumble His smile was a mixture of lAll I ever wanted was a home stability, hard walls, and roots so deep they could withstand the strongest storm Through long hours and determination, I was finally on my way, signing contracts for my brick and mortar shop, and beginning to feel settled for the first time in my life.But the night I met John Eaton I felt that stability crumble His smile was a mixture of little boy and pure devil at the same time Handsome and charming, I knew his type, knew the sort of games that came with men like him.So I pushed But he pulled harder I tried to fight it, to shove away the connection that clawed at my heart, but it was too late Roots dug in, grew deep, and twisted John fell for me, and I for him He was impossible to resist I was his.But a secret is a dangerous thing Held too long, it can rip a life apart Destroy the man I loved Destroy us.Waiting for Tuesday is a STAND ALONE NOVEL and part of the Suspicious Hearts series Each book is written to be enjoyed on it s own, while following shared characters throughout the series.

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    1. Wow! This was quite an emotional and angsty read. It went in a direction I never saw coming. While part of the switch in storyline might be something I would normally stay away from when choosing a book, I have to admit Ms. Sullivan did an excellent job maneuvering her characters into place. The first half kind of drove me crazy. There was so much push and pull which can be exhausting, but it’s easier to accept when the motivations are strong. I didn’t feel that that was the case in John and [...]

    2. Voy a darle 4 estrellas porque amé todo el drama que tiene el libro. También a John, no me gusta mucho la Martes pero puedo tolerarla Cuando no deseo golpearla con todas mis fuerzas.Hubo algunas cosas que se pudieron haber evitado, porque hizo que fuera too much pero como soy un alma dramática lo dejo pasar. Me gusto, bastante y ya.

    3. Breathtaking. Absolutely amazing. I loved this story so much. John was just HOT and he was so caring and loving. He didn’t think he could do relationships but when Tuesday walked into the club he was working as a bartender one night it all changed for the better. John could not quit thinking about her and then when he found out he would be the one remodeling her new business it was even better. Tuesday was shy and didn’t normally go out with guys. She had a one night stand with a guy that sh [...]

    4. What a Rollercoaster ride that Taylor sends us on with Tuesday & John the heat, the chemistry and the dancing around will keep you enthralled. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get looks from your family when you talk back to the book!

    5. DNF @ 77%. The story for me was just not appealing. Tuesday was just too much to an emotional mess when it didn’t call for it. I understand that this was her as a person, but it was a tad annoying and my eye rolls and sighs got the best of me. As for the story I couldn’t find the connection. Tuesday was a free-spirited soul raised by a hippie mom and almost like a gypsy since they travelled so many places during her childhood. She wanted a life filled with stability where she could plant roo [...]

    6. EnjoyableI'm really torn on this book. This is the third book I've read by this author and it was definitely the messiest in terms of typos and editing needed. I enjoyed the story, it was interesting, had depth and had some interesting turns. At the same time though,I feel like it lacked some of the magic her other books have had. In a way it felt like this book was rushed, the characters didn't seem as established in their traits as others. Overall it was a good read but not as good as her othe [...]

    7. I loved Waiting for Tuesday. This is the story of Tuesday and her struggles not just with her own fears but also with hurdles she never thought she'd have to jump. It made me cry and smile. A definite feel good book. I received a free copy for a honest review.

    8. 4.5 stars!!Here's how reading Waiting For Tuesday is going to go: First, you're going to be excited. Then, you'll be a little bit pissedybe a lot. Then, you'll be a little sad. Next will come happy and believing in fairytales. After that, your heart is going to squeeze and an ache will spread out into your chest. Then, you're going to cry.Not a simple 'that's so sad' little tear.Full on, ugly 'don't-read-this-part-in-public' cry. Granted, it could have been that I was super tired from reading un [...]

    9. Get ready to go one emotional ride, make sure you have tissues ready, and it wouldn't hurt to have a drink nearby.Waiting for Tuesday was so much more than I was expecting. I knew from the synopsis that it was going to be an emotional book, I didn't expect it to feel as emotional as I did though. I laughed, I cried, I swooned, and I even blushed. This was a sweet and steamy book that had the right amount of heartbreak thrown in there. Not only did I just find a couple of my new favorite characte [...]

    10. Good bookThis was a very good book. It was well written and moved along well. I did not care for the foul language though.

    11. I liked getting to know John! He has a lot of back story and way more to him them what you see in Home To You. (PS I was grateful to have glimpses of Jake and Katie! I loved their story and was glad to get a couple snips of them in this one) He's strong minded and his generally light demeanor balances the stress that Tuesday constantly puts out. Their meet cute was fun and their instant switch from flirtatious glances to arguing was interesting to read. It wasn't what I was expecting after readi [...]

    12. FIVE STARSWaiting for Tuesday by Taylor Sullian is totally five star worthy. A great story about a man who had a rough and rocky start who meets a girl who was raised in a gypsy lifestyle and how they couldnt deny the attraction between them to the point that they couldnt stay apart no matter the curve ball that life threw at them.Tuesday Patel just bought a store and has hired a contractor to come and remodel it for her to make into her actual store for the products she has been selling on Etsy [...]

    13. Waiting For Tuesday - Taylor Sullivan – 4 StarsWaiting For Tuesday by Taylor Sullivan is the story of a woman named Tuesday who is more hippie than chic and loves to wear a good pair of overalls while mixing her own soaps and lotions. She is working towards her dream of opening her own store, setting down roots, staying in one place, making a permanent existence after being raised by a free-spirited mom. John is a contractor by trade who is a knight in shining armor, nurturer, a protector, a g [...]

    14. Taylor Sullivan just added herself to my “must reads” list after reading Waiting for Tuesday, the second in her Suspicious Hearts series. Lucky for me, Waiting for Tuesday can be read as a stand alone novel, as I was not aware it was part of a series until I finished reading. The story revolves around Tuesday, the daughter of a “hippie” with a wondering soul and a traveler’s heart and a father that disappeared before her birth. Having never known one place as home, she joins her best f [...]

    15. Waiting For Tuesday tells us the story of a girl named Tuesday who is desperately seeking some stability in her life. Born to a hippie mom and a dad who left, Tuesday and her mom traveled her entire child life. Tuesday has found her calling making soaps, perfumes, and other good smelling supplies for women. She has a successful Etsy store but wants more, so she purchases a small shop to put down some roots for the first time in her life. Though she wants her store to become really successful, he [...]

    16. Waiting For Tuesday by Taylor Sullivan is the second book in the Suspicious Hearts series, but can be read as a standalone. I read this book as a standalone and never felt like I was missing something or left out. Tuesday grew up living the life of a hippy with her mother. Traveling all over and not ever really having a home has made her desperate for a place to call her own and to set up roots. These feelings have lead to her wanting to open a shop for her business instead of doing everything [...]

    17. Waiting For Tuesday A Suspicious Heart NovelBy Taylor Sullivan ☆☆☆☆☆This is a novel. Full length story with a Happily Ever After.Tuesday a hippie child. Her mother was as well, she started it all. She has always had a nose for mixing things together, and presenting new smells. Also cares about her health and eating healthy foods. Tuesday is starting up her shop, to expand her in house business. She has started from the ground up, to fulfill her dreams. No time for relationships, none w [...]

    18. Fab!Just found Taylor recently, The boy I Hate, ( brilliant, BTW) being the first. So went on to read the Suspicious Hearts series, Jakes and Katie's story was wonderful, however, John and Tuesdays blew me away. John was always the joker, lots of women no commitments, very loyal to his friends . When he meets Tuesday though everything changes. Not liking each other too much at all, but a deep attraction. Over the weeks of being forced to spend time together, as John is the site manager at her ne [...]

    19. -Admito que mi lado dramático AMÓ todo el drama que contiene esta historia. Es una historia sencilla, sin muchas pretensiones pero las páginas están cargadas con drama, como dije. John nuestro protagonista es un amor de hombre pese a su infancia difícil y Tuesday quien creció de una forma poco convencional tiene sus buenos momentos también. Aunque yo amé fue a John, no me gusta mucho la Martes pero puedo tolerarla Cuando no deseo golpearla con todas mis fuerzas.Hubo algunas cosas que se [...]

    20. An excellent second book in the Suspicious Hearts series! The characters were fantastic, they had a lot of depth and character and were very likeable and relatable. The plot was well executed and the twist on the standard employee-to-lover theme was unexpected but I enjoyed it very much. I would love to see further books in the series be written but I can't see anything on the Authors page that suggests there are more to come. So I beg of Taylor Sullivan, please, please give us Em's story, I hav [...]

    21. I am fascinated by Taylor Sullivan! This book connected with me on so many levels and I can barely catch my breath. I am now reading her next book and I feel like I will be depressed when it’s done. Taylor please write fast and swift, I beg of you.

    22. Loved it. R. AIt's a beautiful love story about forgiveness and family. It's a must read. I can't wait to read more on this series.

    23. Wow. Great storyThis author reaches in your chest and pulls your heart out. The emotions and the passion she creates for her characters is truly a gift.

    24. ALERTA SPOILERPor qué Tuesday tiene que llorar tanto? No, en serio hormanas y todo fue agotador leer que lloraba en cada página del libro.

    25. Great readYou will love this book. It is well written and keeps you wanting more. You won’t want to lay it down!

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