Ethan and Michelle

Ethan and Michelle Before they were Nova and Noah s parents they were two friends in college getting to know each other and falling in love This is a stand alone interracial erotic romantic comedy set in the s Inte

  • Title: Ethan and Michelle
  • Author: Gisele Walko
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 246
  • Format: ebook
  • Before they were Nova and Noah s parents, they were two friends in college, getting to know each other and falling in love This is a stand alone interracial erotic romantic comedy set in the 90 s.Interracial romance BWWM Standalone with a HEA.

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    1. Ethan and MichelleWhere do I begin? For one, just look at my tags, lololBut seriously:This is a new adult, interracial romance unlike anything I've ever read. It's a page-turner because Michelle will drive you nuts! I wanted to shake this child til her teeth fell out, but I could not stop readingAs the title says, this story is about Ethan, the hunky, white grad student, and Michelle, the alt blerd psych major. They meet by chance, and it was love at first sight--only one of them is already in a [...]

    2. Well, what we have going on here is 'Ethan and Michelle', a clever story of a "back to the past" couple. If you've read it's forerunner 'The Vampire and The necRomancer' then you'll know what I'm speaking about and yet, I still can't decide which couple I've enjoyed the most the coolish and zany E&M as parents or this 90s lovesick E&M as young adults.What I do know is Ms Walko has shared with us another fun story about these two, a story filled with perfect humour, and other superbly def [...]

    3. Have you ever read a book that you just didn't want to end??????I just did.l I can say is I loved Ethan and of course Michelle.

    4. ARC received in exchange for an honest review.Ethan has a crush on Michelle but she has a boyfriend Derrick, so it's just not gonna happen. Ethan is patient so he decides to resign himself to the role of friend. The two hang out, eat and buy furniture together -- just like a married couple. Then one day, everything changes. Ethan finds out that Michelle dreams of him and he gets angry that she won't let go of a certain someone.So angry, that it causes a rift between the pair and they part ways, [...]

    5. ** I received an ARC of this book for a honest review. I was not paid for my review. **As the title indicates this story is about Ethan and Michelle, who are both at college. They meet by chance at Michelle's work place. There is an instant attraction but unfortunately, Michelle is already in a relation with a douche called Derrick. I never believed that Derrick ever loved Michelle by the way he tries to control and manipulate her. Michelle regardless of her growing feelings for Ethan won't dump [...]

    6. First off when I started reading this book it came out very natural. I could wholeheartedly relate to the characters Ethan and Michelle. The interaction between the characters was authentic and realistic. I also liked that both characters were both intellectuals, but faced challenges like any other couple in an interracial relationship. Reading this book throughout was in a lot of ways like going back in time revisiting experiences like these in this book that I've experienced in my own interrac [...]

    7. Rating: 3 1/2 starsEthan and Michelle is an insta-lurv sassy, at times smexy and humor-filled interracial romance that addresses everything from college life, friendship, family and relationships (all types). The Elephant in the room is racism of all types whether it's light-skinned black people looking down on darker-skinned black people, or it's someone "subtly" asking, "Why didn't you tell me so-so was black" or asking inappropriate questions. The way Ethan and Michelle meet and bond is flirt [...]

    8. I have never been so in love with a book. Ethan and Michelle romance had me at grinning like an Cheshire Cat around work. I was so hooked from the beginning to the very end. The sex was hot. The supporting characters was funny and cute. (Keke and Kelvin) The cock blocker (Derick), who I side eyed for most of the book. End up having me crackling like crazy. And Lord please don't let me get started on Ethan parents, let's just say they need some help. *arc* 1st pov dual

    9. Disclaimer: Gisele is my friend but this has no bearing on my rating.Ethan and Michelle follows a similar format as the author's novel Beignets and Fangs (except with no vampires). Two people meet, fall in love, overcome drama with exes, meet the parents, and have babies.The reason I'm rating this lower is because I really didn't like Ethan. He had his moments, but for the most part I found him kind of a jackass. First, he lashed out at Michelle for something she had NO idea about, which utterly [...]

    10. This story made me smile and feel good all over. It was reminiscent of my late teens early twenties when I first entered college and the fun I had during those early years of going to school, working, and meeting new people. I liked both Ethan and Michelle right from the start. Truth be told, I enjoyed the supporting characters as well (even the shady ones.) Ethan and Michelle is the telling of how life began for this interracial couple. Ethan Frankle aka White Lightnin' is a white rich kid, but [...]

    11. This was a sweet, satisfying read. I loved Ethan's sexiness and no-nonsense character, and I loved Michelle's sweet quirkiness. They are probably one of my favorite I/R contemporary couples, for sure.The secondary characters also fleshed out the story well - even the ones I didn't care for (Like Derrick The Robot, and 'I left my favorite sweater' Lucy *cough-cough*). And the visit to Ethan's family? What a hoot. To some readers, the dinner scene may come across as over-the-top, but for us black [...]

    12. What a wonderful love story. After reading about Ethan and Michelle and I couldn't stop smiling, and it left me all dreamy eyed. I fell in love with this couple from the beginning and when the story came to an end, it left me wanting more. I found myself crying along with Michelle when she didn't know who to choose, fussing along with Ethan when it seemed he was fighting a loosing battle, and celebrating along with them both when they finally realized that there was nothing better than being wit [...]

    13. This is Walko's best book to date, and I've enjoyed all her other novels. This story is more adult than some of her others and the characters more mature in their characterization and actions. Walko creates, in this story, some of the most amazingly awkward moments between characters I've ever read. Literally mouth open in shock kind of moments, leaving me wondering how she wrote such scenes and not crack up. Because yeah, they are that good. Read "Ethan and Michelle" and see for yourself.

    14. This book was amazing as I knew it would be. I really wish it could have been longer because it was so freaking good. A love like Ethan and Michelle doesn't come by in life too often and the way, Gisele Walko wrote them made you believe that Ethan and Michelle were an actually couple in real life but who knows maybe they are? And Keisha and Kevin were awesome too really good friends to have in their lives. Good job again sista I can't wait to read your next book!!!!!

    15. *ARC received in exchange for an honest review*In my opinion, this multilayered story is proof, that Giselle Walko is one to watch for quality Interracial Romance with a twistAlthough it wasn't pitch perfect, I enjoyed getting wrapped up in Ethan & Michelle's world.Because of her passion for writing, this author is now on my auto-buy list of fantastic authorsGiving this one: 3.5 stars

    16. I was positively thrilled with this story! Ethan and Michelle were the cutest couple that just seemed like they were made for each other. That is until Michelle finally stopped fighting their attraction and dumped her terrible "robot" like boyfriend, Derrick. Who couldn't remember any defining aspect of her personality or preferences, even with a loaded gun to his head. And I just adored the cute little domestic scenes of Michelle and Ethan growing as a couple. Both of their pov's were equally e [...]

    17. Loved the humour in this book. That kept me interested the most. The main characters had dimension. All characters were given a voice-got to know a little about them. Sweet love story between main characters-and I loved that the setting was in the 90's. I identify with the setting and era and references to music.

    18. Love and friendship I really loved this book. The pacing was perfect. I'm a huge fan of friendship romances. I also love how fleshed out not characters were. I will definitely read more from this author.

    19. I loved the backdrop of this story of finding love in the 90's because even though I wasn't grown up, I remember the 90's fondly and I absolutely loved everything about it. The music, the time of excited changes, and just being alive. Michelle and Kevin are so good together. They felt that pull of attraction but kept it platonic even though they were emotionally entangled with one another as Mimi (as she is affectionately called by those close to her) had a boyfriend. Michelle's boyfriend Derric [...]

    20. I had fun reading this book, the romance is lovely and natural. Love Ethan and Michelle. Their romance felt realistic. I liked the friends to lovers romance.And the interacial aspect, the way their families reacted to their relastionship. It was well written and realistic.I'm looking forward to read Noah's book Thanks to Gisele walko for letting me read that beautiful book :)

    21. Thanks for this one Giselle, I enjoyed it and loved Ethan's and Michelle's progression from friendship to lovers, awesome read!

    22. A full review as promisedThis book was my introduction to Gisele Walko. After reading a string of disappointing books by authors new and familiar, I came across Ethan and Michelle and thought, What the heck! What do I have to lose? Turns out, nothing. I had everything to gain. I describe reading this book, like the moment you realize you’ve succumb to a new crush. What do the kids call it nowadays in bookland? A book crush. Yes! That’s exactly what this book felt like; a crush. I read it str [...]

    23. Minnie Rippleton's "Loving You" It's what I heard in the background while reading this book.Ethan and Michelle by Gisele Walko is a realisticly told love story and about two young college students. Though they are very much attracted to one another they start off. They decide on a friendship and end up falling in love along the way. Gisele tackles real life issues on blind trust, manipulation, forgiveness and unconditional love. I went into the book a little hesitate, but I ended up being wrong. [...]

    24. Ethan and Michelle is a great love story. I was thoroughly entertained throughout the book. I knew I was in for a good time when I literally laughed out loud on the first page. The writer did a good job with building the relationship between the main characters. I found myself willing Michelle to break up with "The Robot" already. She made me so mad when she went to the funeral, but she came to her senses. There were times when I wanted to smack Ethan's parents. The fried chicken thing was too m [...]

    25. Really good bookI have never read this author before but I have to say that I'm intrigued. It seems like there is a paranormal element that will be introduced to the series and I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. I have to say that Michelle irked my soul in so many ways. Frankly, I don't think she deserves Ethan. It's probably why I gave the book a 4 because the book is pretty solid all around otherwise.

    26. I loved it. Ethan could create likeable tension just by walking into a room, and there was a whole stretch of happy acceptance.

    27. Poderia até ter gostado mais desse livro se os personagens principais não fossem completavamente detestáveis. eu estava torcendo para eles não terminarem juntos, o que não é bom quando se tá lendo um livro de romance.

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