The Mad, Bad Duke

The Mad Bad Duke London Miss Meagan Tavistock doesn t believe the talisman her friend purchases from a so called witch is truly a love spell that is until the love spell backfires catching her in it with the h

  • Title: The Mad, Bad Duke
  • Author: Jennifer Ashley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • London, 1820 Miss Meagan Tavistock doesn t believe the talisman her friend purchases from a so called witch is truly a love spell that is, until the love spell backfires, catching her in it with the handsome, ruthless Grand Duke Alexander, ambassador to England from the far off kingdom of Nvengaria The last thing Alexander needs is to be swept into a wild love spelled freLondon, 1820 Miss Meagan Tavistock doesn t believe the talisman her friend purchases from a so called witch is truly a love spell that is, until the love spell backfires, catching her in it with the handsome, ruthless Grand Duke Alexander, ambassador to England from the far off kingdom of Nvengaria The last thing Alexander needs is to be swept into a wild love spelled frenzy with an innocent miss He has problems of his own memory losses, strange and terrible dreams, and a shape shifting logosh called Myn following him around Alexander is honorable enough to ensure Meagan is not ruined by their love spell induced encounter He thinks to marry her, conquer his seeming madness, and carry on with his task of intimidating King George of England for the good of his beloved Nvengaria What he doesn t figure into the equation is Meagan a very determined and lovely young woman who seeps into his every thought Meagan is resolved to have a real marriage and a real family, and to see that Alexander does too She will ensure Alexander takes up his duties as her husband and father to his nine year old son, even if she has to resort to some very Nvengarian intrigue to accomplish it Alexander admires her resilience, but the secret he harbors about himself and his past is sure to endanger her and his son, two people he swears to protect and love even at the cost of his own happiness and quite probably his life Welcome back to Nvengaria, a land of intense beauty and wild magic, where shape shifters are real and fairy tales might just come true Each Nvengarian story is based loosely on a well known fairy tale Penelope and Prince Charming Cinderella The Mad, Bad Duke Beauty and the Beast Highlander Ever After Snow White and the Seven Highlanders The Longest Night Little Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf

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    1. As I had hoped, I liked this one even more than Penelope and Prince Charming. It was hot without having the over eroticism that I found uncomfortable in the first book. It definitely helped that I became drawn to Grand Duke Alexander in Penelope and Prince Charming. He is a very good villain turned hero, utterly compelling, with a charisma that grabs and doesn't let go. I understood his motivations even then, and I gained a deeper understanding of him in this book. Megan is the perfect heroine f [...]

    2. Well he wasn't Mad(well maybe about her), he was a touch Bad, and yes he was a Duke. This book took me by surprise as I just assumed it'd be a standard love story.A love spell has been put into place. The two affected by the spell will be not be able to resist the magic that pulls them together. Less than an hour after meeting each other the two are naked and wellNeed I say more? The problem with a spell like this is how can one tell if the feelings felt while under the spells grip are not what [...]

    3. And all-new reformatted edition of The Mad, Bad Duke, Nvengaria Book 2. One of my all-time favorites! What's new in this edition? Story is the same. I revised for sentence clarity and grammar, had it re-edited and re-proofread, and newly formatted. A print edition (trade paperback) is also available from online booksellers.

    4. 3.5 Loved The Leads stars I don't understand how Jennifer Ashley manages to write such wonderful couple , time and time again , and at the same time with different characteristics.I can't help but keep on emphasizing on how much I loved Hero & Heroine.Our Hero , the mysterious , the calm , wicked , alpha was just my cup of tea lolz I loved how he was so intense and at the same time so calm , fangirling ANd our heroine was just the perfect girl for him , the innocent , the fun , so understand [...]

    5. This review also appears on my blog at thegoldenruleof666spoThe Mad, Bad Duke was the perfect mix of historical and paranormal romance. This book was fantastic, one of the best historical/paranormal romance books I've read!Meagan is a resilient woman. After being compromised because of an errant love spell, being thrust into a world of political intrigue, thwarting assassins, and finding out the truth about her new husbands magical background, she still lands on her feet. She deals with all of t [...]

    6. I decided to read this book for three reasons:1. It’s called the Mad, Bad Duke. Some people are seduced by a cover and some people are seduced by a title. I can be enticed by both. In this case it was the title that got me2. It’s by Jennifer Ashley, and Ashley has written one of my favourite historical romances of all time – The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenize3. I read the first book in the Nvengaria series years ago and it was about time I started the second book!So, did the book live up to [...]

    7. This is the second book in the Nvengaria series. The first book, Penelope and Prince Charming, was not terrible, but I never really specifically planned to read the next one. I happened to pick this book up because it sounded interesting and when I started reading it, I realized I had read the first book awhile before. The Mad, Bad Duke is actually better than the first book. It held my attention better than the first book and I liked the main characters from this book better than Damien and Pen [...]

    8. I love Jennifer Ashley's books and I've enjoyed the Nvengaria storyline but this book took me totally by surprise since I assumed it was a typical love story. Well it's not and I can't even tell you why. Though if you like paranormal romances, you'll love it too.No insta-love (which I hate) but a whole lotta insta-lust which is always fun to see how each party handles it. The sex scenes were tastefully done and yet very hot and sexy. I loved that Meagan brought out Alexander's kindness (regardle [...]

    9. My favorite genre is historical romance. My best friend's favorite genre is erotica.This book meet us both very very happy. Being a fictional place, the author had creative license to make the culture of this country anything she wanted it to be. And she made it hot and passionate. Bad guy turning good, and sexy as sin, Alexander was interesting to the last drop. Add in his other. er UNIQUE qualities and I just wanted the book to last forever.

    10. Well I read 1 and 3, then found 2. Early Jennifer Ashley, whom I love now. This is a paranormal sort of Regency, with a make believe Kingdom in Eastern Europe. The Duke was a bad guy in the 1st book, and Meagan the best friend of Penelope from the 1st book, so it all ties together. Thjis trilogy is fun, sexy and the paranormal parts are right in vogue now.

    11. I preferred this one to the first one. I found that Meagan lost some of her spunk, where she was vivacious in the first one, I found her lacking here. It made me upset because I really liked Meagan in the first book and would have liked her traits to carry on into the second.

    12. Quick read but include some paranormal elements that weren't well grounded in the text. Nice bit of romance fluff but I am not interested in reading anymore by this author.

    13. FINAL DECISION: Incredibly enjoyable for readers open to fusion romances.  This charming historical paranormal perfectly merges the genres to fashion a fairy tale about a former villain who can't help but fall in love (because of a love charm) with a woman he never would have chosen on his ownE STORY: Megan Tavistock gets unexpectedly snared by a love spell which results in her ending up married to Grand Duke Alexander of Nvengaria.  Alexander has been sent to England because he plotted agains [...]

    14. 3.5 out of 5 StarsBook Description -Meagan Tavistock can easily see how Alexander earned the nickname Mad, Bad Duke. His deep blue eyes promise sinful pleasure and his rich voice intimates that as soon as they are skin to skin, he'll fulfill desires she isn't even aware of. When a love spell misses its intended target, Meagan can no longer resist the temptationuntil the magic wears off, leaving the pair in a most compromising position. Their only option is a marriage that thrusts Meagan into a n [...]

    15. Dierdre is married to a wonderful guy but she wants to have an affair with the Grand Duke of Nvengaria, Alexander, however she is having trouble getting his attention. To remedy this small issue Dierdre decided to see a witch for a love spell but fearing she will be caught if she goes alone, Dierdre coerced her friend Meagan to go with her. Meagan is against the idea and really is against the idea of love spells in general but the witch has other plans. Then one night before the ball Meagan and [...]

    16. This one started out well. I was intrigued by a slight supernatural element, but since it didn't take up a huge part of the first half of the book, I foolishly thought it would remain that way. Perhaps if I'd read the first book and had some background on the logosh stuff, I would have liked this one better. And I did try to read the first one before I read this one. But I picked up this one and the next at the used book store. I tried to get the first one on the Kindle, but it's not available t [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book much more than the previous one in this serious. Where Penelope seemed a little disjointed at times because of all the traveling around, Mad Bad Duke flowed seamlessly. The romance between Alexander and Meagan (he he, you know I pretended this was me) was beautiful to read about. Just like Black Annie predicted, they were truly perfect for one another. I loved all the magic and love spells involved in this story transformed it from a regular historical novel to something far [...]

    18. What a great read. Alexanders story was wonderful and loved the lil twist w/ him. Meagan is funny in an innocent way but it didn't make her childish or aggravating at all. I really liked her! O' and I'd REALLY like to get my hands on that Nvengarian seduction book for women! lolI'm quite surprised by this series and loving the historical mixed w/ myth and magic. Has a bit of a fairytale feel to themJennifer Ashley is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.LOVED the ending!

    19. I hated Alexander in Penelope and Damien's story. His unfound hatred based on his sadistic father and his fear that the son was just the same. Alexander redeemed himself in this book, thanks in large part to Meagan. Their attraction may have started because of Black Annie's love spell, but the love between them that followed was all them. The secondary characters like Egan, Julius, and Nikolai are all entertaining and extremely loyal. Jennifer Ashley has done it again. Great read!!

    20. Beautifully written, interesting story, shape shifter hero (!!!), steamy and I could not put it down until I finished it.

    21. pretty good. fun chemistry and nice setup / ploy. A bit silly; again huge political stakes reduced to very simplified scenarios.

    22. I must admit, having loved everything written by Jennifer Ashley in all her guises, I was disappointed in the first of this series. Luckily I had Faith, and am so glad I hung in there to read The Mad, Bad Duke. I loved Meagan, so down to earth and with her wicked sense of humour, and the anguished Duke. This story is a true love story and now, having fallen in love with the Mad scotsman, Egan, I'm moving straight on to his book.

    23. I'm not entirely sure if The Mad, Bad Duke will become one of my favorite stories or not. I enjoyed the novel--and Jennifer Ashley's writing style--the characters were pleasant and there was an actual storyline, but for some reason it didn't grip me like I'd expect. It is the second of the Nvengaria series and is about the Grand Duke of Nvengaria, a fictional Eastern European country that is small, but powerful and alluring to the Prince of Prussia as a possible new territory. The novel does hav [...]

    24. A historical with paranormal elementsanotherlookbookreviewsspoI got The Mad, Bad Duke in paperback as a super good deal at a giant booksale. Hey a book just has to say it's written by Jennifer Ashley and I am buying it. You can tell that The Mad, Bad Duke is an early work of Jennifer Ashley as it is not as awesome as her more recent books but it was still an enjoyable read regardless. It is not too often I read a historical romance with paranormal elements thrown into the mix. As I had indicated [...]

    25. I did enjoy this book more. Alexander starts off as the bad guy then slowly shows that his heart with in right place just didn't quite follow through well. Damien appoints Alexander as ambassador for Nvengaria to woo English king and the ton. While their a love spell makes him compromise a English Rose and BFF of the current queen of Nvengaria meaganHe comes across as harsh and unloving and struggling at the same time with his lust and attraction to meagan. I really like that when Alexander take [...]

    26. Definitely better than the first book, this one tells the story of the not-quite-villain Alexander (from the first book) and how he fell madly in love with Penelope's BFF Meagan. Too neat? Yes, but the story has loads of magical twists and turns and it's a joy to read about how their love change him from a cold calculating man to a loving husband.What's to like:1) the heroine - never say die attitude, she's got spunk and a big heart2) the hero - tortured, brooding and hot (always a good basic fo [...]

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