The Start Of The End Of It All And Other Stories

The Start Of The End Of It All And Other Stories Eighteen stories deal with alien worlds extraterrestrial invaders crossbreeds animals and lonely city dwellers

  • Title: The Start Of The End Of It All And Other Stories
  • Author: Carol Emshwiller
  • ISBN: 9780704342194
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eighteen stories deal with alien worlds, extraterrestrial invaders, crossbreeds, animals, and lonely city dwellers.

    One thought on “The Start Of The End Of It All And Other Stories”

    1. Quite a quirky and unusual collections of stories that are not easy to categorize, but are very good and thought provoking. Published by The Women's Press, the cover says science fiction, they won a fantasy award and they are most certainly feminist. A few are clearly science fiction, sort of, but they reflect on life and society now. Some are just straightforward short stories that are easily set in our present, many are open ended and have no obvious setting. Having said that, these are good s [...]

    2. This anthology is frequently dark and disturbing. It goes into some psycho-social places I for one like to avoid. It is full of the irrational- desires and cruelty and various asymmetries of power (which at times get turned on their heads). There is tragedy, inevitable break-down and pain and the reoccurring themes seem to be the ageing female body and smallness. The characters in these stories frequently make choices between the rational and commonplace and the mythic "other". These choices are [...]

    3. Yay feminism and animal rights! This book was full of unexpected perspectives, spellbinding weirdness, and startling clashes of everyday life with myth and history. The book ends with an exceptionally modest postscript explaining the writer's creative process. I put it down thinking that Emshwiller must be a very wise and compassionate person, to have crafted so many beautiful and haunting stories. She's able to speak truth to power while being entertaining and not at all heavy-handed.

    4.  やっと読み終えた。半年前からぼつり、ぼつり、短篇集なので、少しずつ。やはり私にはSFは難しい。奇想天外なSF的要素が強いと、しらけるのだ。字面を追うだけで、作品世界に入り込めない。大事なのは「心の動き」なのに、道具ばかりが目についてしまう。でも、比較的SF色の薄いこの本は読めたと言える。 好きなのはまず、最後のWisCon Speech。これを読 [...]

    5. This shit will blow your mind. Artfully, poetically, written. humanist spec/sci fiction. Just enough humor and absurdity to keep you smiling--but tragically beautiful stories. I can't recommend this collection of short stories highly enough. She will blow you away!

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