The Death Of Karen Silkwood

The Death Of Karen Silkwood This is the story of Karen Silkwood It begins with her death Why does her story begin from where it should end Certain people wanted her death to be an ending Why What were they afraid of Karen Silkw

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  • Title: The Death Of Karen Silkwood
  • Author: Joyce Hannam
  • ISBN: 9780194216715
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is the story of Karen Silkwood It begins with her death Why does her story begin from, where it should end Certain people wanted her death to be an ending Why What were they afraid of Karen Silkwood had something to tell us, and she believed that it was important Why didn t she live to tell us Will we ever know what really happened The questions go on and on,This is the story of Karen Silkwood It begins with her death Why does her story begin from, where it should end Certain people wanted her death to be an ending Why What were they afraid of Karen Silkwood had something to tell us, and she believed that it was important Why didn t she live to tell us Will we ever know what really happened The questions go on and on, but there are no answers This is a true story It happened in Oklahoma, USA, where Karen Silkwood lived, worked and died.

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    2. The book "The death of Karen Silkwood" is a story about a carcrash that instantly kills Karen. Afterwards the book continiues with the story of Karen Silkwood. Karen is a woman who works in a factory, in this factory they work with radioactive radiation like uranium. It is a very dangerous job because she has to work with this radiation. Every time she quits work she has to be scanned to see if traces of radiation are still on her hands, if this was the case an alarm would ring, and she would ha [...]

    3. The death of Karen SilkwoodThe book goes about a woman who’s changed her job and she went to a factory that works with uranium. But at the and she died in a car crash. She also gets a new friend Drew who also works in the factory. While she is working there she realised that the safety isn’t very well and she worry’s about that, so she went to the union committee in Washington and explains why the safety isn’t good. One of the managers said after the committee that he need proof before t [...]

    4. The Death of Karen Silkwood is a story about a 28 years old woman that starts a new job at a nuclear factory. She meets new friends and also her new boyfriend. In the beginning does everybody likes her but from the moment that she wants to become part of the Union committee everything changes. At first I tought it wasn't gonna be a good book because I thought it had a really boring cover and because I don't read that much I Always pic a book by his cover. So I wasn't really in the mood to start [...]

    5. i have read the book “The Death of Karen Silkwood” written by Joyce Hannam, the book has been published by Oxford bookworms’. This book describes how the death of Karen Silkwood was caused. The book started with an accident in which Karen dies, after that there is a flashback how it's all about it.Her story :Karen have a new job, she works in a nuclear factory. She’s compelety engaged on her new work. Every time she goes to work, she must be totally clean from radioactive things. They sp [...]

    6. ‘The Death of Karen Silkwood’ is a book about a woman who was looking for a job. She found a job at the nuclear factory, the pay was much better than a secretary’s pay and it seemed an interesting job. She got the job immediately but when she began to work more often, she became very suspicious. She worked with a lot of radioactive substances like uranium so the safety had to be at his best, but it wasn’t… I like the book because you don’t have to be good in English to understand eve [...]

    7. 1, OXFORD Level 2 2, 07/01 100 minutes3, Secretary Radioactive Vote Boyfriend Envelope AccidentDeath4a, Karen worked as a secretary. But she was tired of a secretary's life. She found a job at the unclear factory. She decided to work this place. However, this work place used fuel road and uranium which including much radioactivity. Therefore, Karen thought that it is dangerous for employees. She decided to show this dangerous situation to the world. She started to compile evidence photographs an [...]

    8. 1. OXFORDLevel=22.Time 11/25=80min3.7wordssummary:woman-accident-envelope-nuclear-scanner-radioactive-death4.If you had a chance to lose your job by searching for truth of your company, would you like to search for truth?-I'm not brave so I can't do things like the main character, but I want to know the truth.5.This is a true story and this story don't have ending so I wanted to know the ending. However, I thought this story was interesting, and I could enjoy it.

    9. Nice action story this story is full of dangerous and risks I recommend this story for who like action and adventure stories .

    10. Poor Karen. She didn't deserve to die like that, all she wanted was to do good, to improve the safety at the nuclear factory. I hope they'll find out who killed her.

    11. ‘The Death of Karen Silkwood’, a book about a young woman who was tired of her old job as secretary and who took a new job in a nuclear factory in Oklahoma. the pay was much better and the work was more interesting. She had to work with radioactive substances so there had to be enough safety, but was there? She went to the union committee in Washington an explained why the safety wasn’t good. Of course the committee wanted to see proof before they would change anything. She had to find som [...]

    12. Not bad writing, but it blatantly states that somebody murdered Karen because she was going to blow the whistle at the Kerr-McGee corporation. There isn't much evidence to suggest that the corporation had anything to do with her death. In fact, the evidence suggests that Karen stoned herself with a combination of pills and weed and passed out while driving, thus crashing on her own. I wasn't there so I don't know what happened, but I prefer nonfiction books to stick to fact rather than Hollywood [...]

    13. “The Death of Karen Silkwood” is a mystery story written by Joyce Hannam.In this story first Karen died in a road side crash car. But, she did not cause the traffic accident and she did not plan suicide. This story is about Karen’s life to see and the truth of her death. This story’s main person is Karen Silkwood. Her occupation is nurse. She is very smart and kind. But, she has a spirit disease. She is a good character because she seems perfect but she holds darkness in her heart. I thi [...]

    14. 1, 100 minutes2, OXFORD Level 2 3, nuclear, new job, boy friend, true, dead, mysterious, uranium4, 'The difference between a true story and a fictional one is this: a fictional story has an ending, but a true story does not.' Yes, it's real story that was happened in 1970's. Nobody can know the end of this story and truth. Nobody knows it was an accident or an incident. This is real, there ain't no truth and end. So we can't know but we can guess from the story. However, it said this thing was r [...]

    15. Oxford book worms library-true story Level 210/10=80 minutesAuthor: Joyce HannamSeven words: a woman - death - mystery - 1900s - new job - nuclear factory - a blown envelopeQuestions:1, Do you know that in the nuclear factory if you check your hands by the scannr and there's any radioactive dust on your hands, an alarm rings?- No, I don't. It is first time to know that. 2,In Japan, it is argued that nuclear power plants are opend again. What do you think about it?- I think they are opend again [...]

    16. Book Title: The Death of Karen SilkwoodAuthor: Joyce HannamPublisher: OXFORD BOOKWORMSLevel: 2 Notes: There are some British English words and grammars, so it's little difficult to read. But, very interesting! Discussion Question: 1: Do you know uranium? - Yes, I know, of course. It's famous because of the problems of nuclear plants in Japan. It's very dangerous for human being. 2: Does the government should stop to use nuclear plants to produce electricity ?- I think it should do so because we [...]

    17. 1. oxford level2 Joyce Hannam2.6/22 90min.3clear envelope hot shower laboratory alarm radioactive-dust4. a【This story is the true story about the death of Karen Silkwood. She changed her job. She started to work on the nuclear factory. However the job was very dangerous. Karen tried to change system of that factory, but Karen was dead in the end.】b【Nobody ever found the brown envelope】5. This story was very interesting for me. At first, I think that Karen should have not changed her job, [...]

    18. 1.oxford 2rating2.6/29 50minutes, 7/1 40minutes3.karen silkwood, death, envelope, new job, proof, home, drive4.(a) I want to know the true about hers death.(b) This story is real story, so i cannot know which her's accident accidentally happened or not. And i cannot know the true about her's accident.5. This book is non-fiction story and Karen Silkwood's story. Karen worked at nuclear factory. One day she tried to tell people who works at newspaper company the danger about the nuclear. On the wa [...]

    19. 1. Oxford level2 2. 9/15 60minutes 3. Radioactive, labor, secret, dangerous, brown envelope4.Karen started new job in nuclear labour, but it is really dangerous job. She noticed that, so told it to the committee. After that, she was targeted by the committee and they tried to hide the truth. 5. Karen is really brave women. She tried to improve her laboratory's situation, but she could not do it. I was sad to read the end of this story. Why did she die?? She was brave women! I felt sadness for he [...]

    20. 1.Oxford level 22.10/25=40, 26=403w job, alarm, factory, radioactive, Union, accident, death4.a)Karen never arrived at her meeting with Drew, Oete and the journalist from the New York times.b)It was shocked for me. She really worked hard to make the people who worked at the factory, but she may be killed.5.This is one of my favorite books, so it is second time to read it. Karen didn't do anything wrong, but she was killed. It was really sad.

    21. There are interesting school books out there! This is for English lessons level 2 (beginners). It´s about the nuclear factory worker Karen Silkwood who was killed in a mysterious car crash. While working at a factory in Oklahoma she witnesses serious safetyproblems and starts talking about it. This book tells her story in a nutshell. Many pictures from the movie with Meryl Streep. Vocabulary pages. Questions. What an exciting way to learn English

    22. Oxford Readers, level 2.Time 4/20= 21min. 4/22= 35min.Seven word summary / a women, death, brown envelope, nuclear factory, dangerous, radioactive, secretQ. Do you think about working at nuclear factory?A. I think working at nuclear factory is dangerous. I don’t want to work there. But I also think that thanks to people working there, we live now.This story is so exciting. I want to know where is brown envelope.

    23. Prose style: 3Plot: 4Depth of characters: 2Originality: 4Entertaining: 4Emotional Reaction: 3Intellectual Stimulation: 4

    24. Muy recomendado para gente que busque una lectura ligera para un nivel alto A2 y B1.Me ha gustado porque es ligero y la historia es verídica.

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