Everest: The West Ridge

Everest The West Ridge Details the author and his partner Willi Unsoeld s ascent of Everest s West Ridge in

  • Title: Everest: The West Ridge
  • Author: Thomas F. Hornbein
  • ISBN: 9780898866162
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • Details the author and his partner Willi Unsoeld s ascent of Everest s West Ridge in 1963.

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    1. The first successful summit attempts of Mt. Everest occurred in the mid 20th century. Of course the first, and most historical, was achieved in 1953 by a British expedition when Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first to stand on the top of the world. Their route was up the southeast ridge, still the most used route today. The Chinese were the first to conquer the famous northeast ridge in 1960. Famous because because of the earlier, and unsuccessful, British attempts from that side. [...]

    2. "Here man seemed to be reaching for something. His grip was tenuous, inconsequential, yet full of beauty and meaning." -The AuthorI'm not a mountain climber. I read Everest books to grapple with the existential issues, and to contemplate how I might take my lifestyle up a notch using the climber's principles. I would not recommend Everest: The West Ridge for first-time readers of this subgenre. Start with Into Thin Air,Dead Lucky, or Touching My Father's Soul A Sherpa's Journey to the Top of Eve [...]

    3. Like all books about Everest I was riveted. This book is about the 1963 summit of Mt Everest via the west ridge. (Ueli Steck who just died this weekend was planning on summiting via this route). I really enjoyed reading this book; though I enjoy reading all books about Everest, so take that with a grain of salt. I struggled with some of the technical detail about climbing as I am not a climber. I also really wished there were more maps to reference. The pictures, even though they were from 1963, [...]

    4. Always enjoy reading mountaineering books. You can just feel the passion and drive of these individuals who seek the highest peaks despite the risks involved. This is the story of the first summiting of Everest by the west route. Meeting their goals and the interaction between the climbers, who each have their own agenda and big egos, is always interesting. Managing to achieve those goals while still getting along may be the biggest challenge on the mountain. Hornbeam is somewhat different as he [...]

    5. A recollection of one of the greatest achievements in mountaineering history, that is both meditative and funny. The 1963 American Everest Expedition put 6 people on the summit, two of them (including Hornbein) blazing a route up the West Ridge that has never been equaled. This book does utmost justice to the seemingly overused phrase, "a triumph of the human spirit."

    6. I wish he'd spent less time on logistics and decisions leading up to the climb, but it's still a very interesting account of the first ascent of the West Ridge. Also very interesting to read about a climb in 1963 since the technology available to them was so vastly different from today. They really had to rely on grit and experience.

    7. Winner of the National Outdoor Book Award Classics Award for 2013. One of the best books ever written on climbing Mt. Everest

    8. An impressive tale about some of the first bravesmen to mount the Everest through a never before taken route, in the 1960s, back when there was not much advanced technology, and people had to carry extremely heavy oxygen tanks with them, this book teaches you a bit about bravery, recklessness, endurance, and the mental battle with yourself, when faced with a seemingly impossible challenge, that somehow becomes possible. Written by one of the participants, it might be the closest sensation will g [...]

    9. Tom Hornbein and Willi Unsoeld are written into the history of Mt. Everest, being the first team to ascend via the West Ridge (in 1963), the first to traverse the mountain, and bivouac overnight above 8000 metres. The Hornbein Couloir on the North Face of Everest was named for Tom during the 1963 expedition. Everest : the West Ridge is Hornbein's recollection of that expedition, drawn from his diary notes and transcripts of meetings and radio conversations that took place during the expedition.T [...]

    10. I was fortunate to get a copy of the Sierra Club Exhibit Format version of this book from my public library. This is a big book - about 14" x 18" - with beautiful full-page color photographs. It's about 200 pages, with numerous short sayings, poems, essays, excerpts, etc, interspersed with the photos and with the text of the book. It's easy to love this book.And mostly I do. I did find the first third of the book, about the logistics, and about getting CLOSE to Everest, a little slow - I did ski [...]

    11. Most Americans that care about writing of the outdoors, have probably read Jim Whittaker's biography, in which he describes the incredible assent of Everest in 1963, the first by Americans. While Whittaker's book is excellent, the real secondary and less known drama of that expedition was the amazing summiting of the West Ridge by two other members of the expedition. That feat, is still considered one of the most remarkable climbs of mountaineering history. Tom Hornbein was one of the two that d [...]

    12. Mountaineers Books Staffer: Another mountaineering classic on the Mountaineers Books list. In 1963, Jim Whittaker became the first American to set foot on the summit of Mt. Everest. While the summit team was pushing to the top, two young less-accomplished members of the team, sat in base camp wondering how they might make their mark."Everest: The West Ridge" is the story of Tom Hornbein and Willy Unsoeld's big idea: "Let's try summitting by the West Ridge", something that no one had ever done. T [...]

    13. Wow--still a mountaineering classic. More humans have walked on the moon than successfully summited Everest via the West Ridge---and to read how what was really a small splinter group of alpine-style climbers split off the main 1963 American Mount Everest Expedition (AMEE) and not only successfully climbed to the summit but accomplished the first traverse of Everest (they descended via the South Col route). Hornbein captures the tension between the "West ridgers" and the other traditional route [...]

    14. Articulate and inspiring, Dr Hornbein's written account of his and Willi Unsoeld's legendary climb is among the finest in mountaineering literature. Everest: The West Ridge continues to impact current-day readers as an entertaining story about what it is like to do very serious mountain climbing. It also continues to grow in importance from an historical perspective. The Khumbu has cell phone service now!! Hornbein's thoughtfully selected quotes and sayings are worth spending extra time to conte [...]

    15. This is one of the premier books about Mount Everest. It is the personal account of the members of the 1963 American expedition to Mount Everest who made the first ascent of the West Ridge.The book was first published by the Sierra Club with extraordinary photographs of the trek through Nepal (these were the early days of Everest expeditions when climbers walked from Kathmandu to the mountains)and of the mountain.I first read the book in 1967; it was a gift from my cousin Pat "For mountains alre [...]

    16. But to those men who are born for mountains, the struggle can never end, until their lives end. To them, it holds the very quintessence of living – the fiery core, after the lesser parts have burned away….On Earth there is nothing physically greater than the great unconquered peaks. There is nothing more beautiful. Among their barren snows they hide the ultimate simplicity of spiritual splendor…. -Elizabeth Knowlton

    17. In chapter 13, when Barry Corbet said "This is my first expedition. I'll be coming back again someday.", I googled his name. He never came back. In 1968 he was permanantly paralyzed from below waist in a helicopter crash. In the preface to the new edition, Hornbein wrote "8 of the 20 members of the expedition are gone." It leaves me speechless, pondering how this experience of one mountain could change the lives of so many in such unexpected and subtle ways.

    18. A big picture book with lots of long quotes interspersed with the story of the first American ascent of Everest. I got this from the library (thru Link+). It was amazing to hold a 47 year old library book (it was stamped 1966) that had been so respectfully handled over all this time history in itself. This book is an adventure, and I loved it.

    19. One of the most well-written, introspective and thoughtful books I've ever read. I've read tons of mountaineering stories and this one had by far the most lines in it that seemed to go to the core of what climbing is and what climbers are made of. If you enjoyed Jon Krakauer's "Into Thin Air" you will enjoy the descriptions of Everest climbing and mountain expeditions.

    20. Very interesting book about the first American's to climb Everest. Language was a little stilted, perhaps from the time period it was written. Despite that, there are a number of memorable scenes and descriptions throughout.

    21. 3.5 starsclassic read on summiting Everest from the West Ridge. Enjoyed it a lot- just wish it had a little more meat to it.

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